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  1. Weather Magick

    My knuckle buster was a shorinjiryu sai v bo form. Knuckle slicer was wing chun staff v bart jam dao form. Good stuff!
  2. Weather Magick

    I’m not as enthusiastic as I once was but I get the excitement.
  3. Weather Magick

    I didn’t mean to sound comprehensive, just referring to a few Chinese forms I know - wing chun, taijiquan. tian shan pai. Our xingyi and bagua are more close quarters. Several leg lifts in our bagua staff.
  4. Thanks Anand Sorry all, these weird winds whirled me around a bit Bye
  5. Weather Magick

    Absolutely, think naginata!
  6. Weather Magick

    I do In the Okinawan and Chinese polearm forms I’ve studied the Okinawan bunkai is definitely more one on one. The Chinese tend to be more battlefield spear applications.
  7. Sorry I know I'm being a bit of a dick... it happens sometimes It must be because it is a Fire/Fire day today on the Tibetan calendar...
  8. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    I just came across a poem that made me think of our discussion here... It says what I was thinking and so much more! (PS - I fixed all the errors where he accidentally wrote He/Him rather than She/Her) The Living God She who is in you and outside you, Who works through all hands, Who walks on all feet, Whose body are all ye, Her worship, and break all other idols! She who is at once the high and low, The sinner and the saint, Both God and worm, Her worship - visible, knowable, real, omnipresent, Break all other idols! In whom is neither past life Nor future birth nor death, In whom we always have been And always shall be one, Her worship. Break all other idols! Ye fools! who neglect the living God, And Her Infinite reflections with which the world is full. While ye run after imaginary shadows, That lead alone to fights and quarrels, Her worship, the only visible! Break all other idols! ~ Vivekananda
  9. I hope you don’t delete. Once out these little poems (can feel trite or presumptuous to the discursive mind but they ) have a life and may serve as a little yeast cell for someone.
  10. PS - science can be a bitch! 😉