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  1. Healing the wounded child within

    Even if we're not aware of the inner child, we can still see her effects in our actions, patterns, feelings, and so forth. Why would people engage? Perhaps to feel better, to adjust better, to know themselves better, to heal old trauma. How? Lots of ways. In my approach mainly through being open and quiet. When he is ready, he shows up and I host him in openness, clarity, and warmth.
  2. The wonders of Indian civilization

    It’s the other way ‘round from what I’ve read. Cherokee tell the story of the Pleiades and pine as being children of the Cherokee, they say Ani'tsutsa - The Boys In the Māori creation story the Pleiades are the eyes of Tāwhirimātea, one of first children of Mother Earth and Father Sky.
  3. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Perhaps you are using the wrong pronouns?
  4. Bullshit Mr Han man!

    Shih Kien, actor from Enter the Dragon
  5. Seeking personal power - Good or bad?

    My own take is that there are two things here, personal power and seeking. In terms of growth there is a need for seeking and for personal power when we experience indecisiveness and lack. There must be some fuel and strength of ego to recognize and engage in the process of transformation, and a lot of dedication to see it through. And at some point what is sought is found and the seeker can rest in certainty and confidence. At this point the idea of personal power is moot as the true source of power is experienced and is not limited by persona. For many focusing on personal power can become a major obstacle, feeding the factors that cut us off from the source and objective. This is where a teacher, wisdom teachings, and a community of practitioners can be invaluable.
  6. simplify

  7. The full moon is considered an auspicious time to engage in spiritual practice in Bön and Tibetan Buddhism. I've also heard some say that the merits of practice are amplified on those days, also new moon days. I can't say I feel more energetic per se but perhaps more sensitive and alert, empathetic.
  8. Am I being led towards a path?

    I agree it is good for many and I think there is still a fitting of symptoms into theories, even in TCM and all other conceptual models. The only exception is resting in non-conceptual awareness which is, in my teacher's words, the true source of healing. I have a foot in each of two worlds - Eastern and Western - when it comes to medicine and healing. I feel there is great potential to do good in both and I do what I can to integrate the two in my practice.
  9. Am I being led towards a path?

    I would look also to your heart, be open and patient. Sit with the thoughts and feelings of what medicine and healing bring up for you and stay with it, quiet inside and alert. So many different directions one can go. Being motivated and skillful at helping people is a great blessing, the connections that are made as well as the merit and wisdom you gain over time - priceless. Also possible to succumb to the pressures in any number of ways. Only you can know if it's worth it.
  10. I saw many practitioners who spent many years in the [Dzogchen] Community, and succeeded in learning to avoid an honest look at themselves. And I'm convinced, even now that I wrote these lines, many of you have already read them and say to yourself: ′"This is not me, he is talking about another." Here is a good awareness practice to follow: once in the mind will arise a critical assessment of another person, switch up immediately and try on this judgment on yourself. Then, instead of developing your negative judgements, you can really succeed in the development of your awareness. This is one of the meanings of the symbol 'mirror'. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu
  11. Sleeping qigong and lucid dreaming

    If you want more on Bön dream yoga, this is a good book- Here is a good series of free online teachings - And a great paid course -