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  1. Seeking to understand.

    Welcome to daobums Sakura! Curious about your name too. I love sakura flowers but when I googled it just now I saw an anime drawing with pink hair. Cute. May I ask, what's your exposure with Taoism and Qigong? I don't feel I'm that deeply immersed in it but I've done some Sheng Zhen and Flying Phoenix qigong, also a bit of Taichi in the past (that's where I started). I've also done golden flower meditation and currently looking for a teacher to mentor me in this path. My suggestion is to check out the personal journals. I've discovered a treasure trove of insights and experiences from people from documentation/sharing of their practices. Some people have also reached out to me who were generous to share their insights from my own reflections in my personal journal. At the same time, you might bump into some tricky discussions, funny posts and sometimes sharing of music and art. At least that's from my experience. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and maybe your personal practice journal (hopefully when I've adjust to my work schedule!) Enjoy!
  2. A Path of the Light

    Thanks for the response @Daemon. I'm wondering if by talking about Light, shadows come up. I don't know but I actually find comfort and ease in accepting I have my shadows. It makes the experience of Light more real, and unpolarised. I any case, I might likely be talking about something else. Or maybe we all are. I discovered in the process of working with a friend, that at the end of the day, words fail us many times. I feel it's only in our hearts, that we can truly see the truth of the other.
  3. A Path of the Light

    I haven't but thanks for the idea I might just check that out.
  4. A Path of the Light

    Hello @Daemon! I just saw this now because of moment's post and browsed through the first 2 pages but couldn't find the definition or more details about your path of light. Sorry it's hard for me to read through the whole thread. Could you care to expound what you mean by a path to light? And welcome to daobums! I'm also new here. What I've noticed is, there's value in using the personal practice journal in sharing your practices and thoughts. It's a great way to reflect and also possibly find people who might be drawn to your vibe or have a similar flow. Just my 2 cents. love and peace!
  5. Proper Meditation Practices

    Hi Aaron! I have to admit, I actually felt the same way as your partner, when I was in a relationship with someone who was doing qigong and golden flower meditation. What helped me understand him better was when we did the meditation together. :-) If your partner is open, why not share the practice with her?
  6. taoist and qigong resources for women

    sorry can't access. What book/resource is it? :-) thank you
  7. What resources are available? So far what I have is the taoist yoga for women by Oleg Tcherne and Elena Lazaro.
  8. yin yang in qigong

    Hi! :-) I'm quite new to the practice of qigong (I've been doing Flying Phoenix and 8 Bedside brocades, also have experience trying shenzheng qigong). I'm wondering if there are practices that are more yin or yang and how these practices have different effects or implications for women or men.
  9. Haiku Chain

    Come back as flowers Open up to the sun's rays Relish the moment
  10. Hello - Just Joined

    Hi Lex! :-) I resonate with your focus on love and going beyond fear. Thank you for sharing! I for one, am quite an anxious person. I realize, this comes from not having a completely safe childhood, which I am still healing from. I personally believe, fear has it's own gift. And courage -with "cour" meaning heart in French - is something I want to embody, which I feel is fear with Love. Thank you for sharing your links! It's interesting to read your conversations with Roger. I'm fairly new here and I haven't really participated much. Have you heard of shengzhen qigong? It's qigong of unconditional love by Master Li (https://shengzhen.org/). I think it's something that you might also find interesting. cheers!
  11. where to start

    Hi LimA, Thank you for your video! It has this Moana feel to it haha reminded me of the volcano story before the movie. I think it's dancing with the Dao. It's not so much of a destination as to being an ongoing journey. I'm putting aside feeling that I have 2 left feet by just showing up and practicing. I'm motivated by the horizon and the possibilities but I also want to find joy in the dance/flow even if there are days when it's an effort to do so especially since I'm new. Hoping to get more motivation from engaging in this community too emptycup = reminder for myself to empty my cup and to suspend judgment
  12. where to start

    Hehe still want to be anonymous but you caught me!! hahaha fine fine fine. I will listen to my teacher even if his styles are a bit harder and I complain that I can't do it!! I guess, that's why I need to empty my cup. Or maybe, to think that there is no cup but a lot of possibilities. And hopefully, at some point in time I will be as confident as my teacher is and I'll figure out my flow.
  13. where to start

    I resonate with ShengZhen qigong. I also like shibashi. Are there discussions for these forms? Thank you for the tip WayofChi!
  14. where to start

    Hi! I've been practicing a bit of qigong the past 2 years. I first discovered taichi and wushu back in 2005 and I've been drawn to learning more about these movements. I discovered ShengZhen qigong in 2012 and I love the gracefulness and peace that it brings me when I do it. I also met someone who is a qigong teacher who taught me a bit about fragrant qigong, flying phoenix, golden flower.That's how I learned about the dao bums. I also like shibashi. I've been wanting to really take it on as a regular practice but I don't know where to start. Is it alright to mix practices? What do you suggest for someone who is new? I realize, I need to put aside my expectations and see where the Dao will lead me. Just want to get some words of wisdom and insights in terms of venturing into this discipline. What is important to keep in mind? Thank you! :-) I'm looking forward to learning and sharing in this community.