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  1. What happens to suicides?

    There is no escape. Only an even more liminal space of seeming meaninglessness after death. Many souls would love to incarnate, but they don't have the privilege yet to come through again in this plane. Do not waste this opportunity. There is light at the end of the tunnel. WIth permission from your Higher Soul, I am sharing the Light that is within our access. Everyone's access. You may not possess anything of this world, but your gift is yourself. Your life. Always remember, out of nothing, we can choose to create anything and everything is possible. Once we reach zero point, the only way to go is not to press game over. But, to realise that as long as you're in the game, your soul still has something to learn from this plane.
  2. ADD or ADHD

    Hi! I appreciate your willingness to date someone who has ADHD. I've felt bad about myself for my tendencies and how it affects my relationships to the point that, I wanted to "fix" myself first before dating anyone. At the same time, I realise I need to be kind to myself and accept my tendencies while still doing my best to be a good partner. A psychiatrist friend told me that I might have ADHD and I've been in four romantic relationships. I wish my ex-es knew how difficult it was for me to pay attention for a prolonged amount of time without thinking I was doing it on purpose. Because of the lack of filters sometimes (to help focus), there's a tendency to take on everything and easily be distracted. It doesn't mean that they don't care for you or what you say is not important. For people with ADHD, (atleast from my own personal experience of myself), there are many different factors that allow me to listen and pay attention better - such as diet (no sugar), environment (less stimuli, like maybe when you are going on a date, try to go to a restaurant where there's not too much noise or pick a spot where there are not much distracting things) and what's going on in my life (sleep, stress, meditation practice). There's a lot to share but in a jist, I think what would be helpful to ask yourself is what are your needs and what are you willing to give, as well as what your partner's needs are (given her/his limitations) and what s/he is willing to give. Usually (at least in my experience), women who have ADHD really feel bad about themselves for their tendencies and want to do better. It will help to be encouraging and also forgiving of them. With a good set of routines, acceptance and some laughter along with it (not taking situations too seriously), it can be possible to make things work. That is, if you are up for the challenge. Sometimes, I think I'm better off on my own and just having friends because I don't want to hurt anyone with my tendencies. But something tells me (my friends) that it's a matter of meeting the person that I can work with and accept me for who I am while I do the same for him. Anyways, thanks for listening. I hope this helps! Good luck!
  3. Thank you for all your contributions @Earl Grey! For sharing yourself so generously and also offering resources and help. Know that you are deeply appreciated. Despite having to admit that I may have had different views with you on many things, I am grateful that you've shared with me about this forum. I discovered your love for the taoism and writing in your entries. <3 It makes me sad that it's gone (hopefully it is just hidden). There are a lot of gems in your posts. Take care! 

  4. I just recently started the basic Sheng Zhen meditations (Gathering the Qi and Awakening the Soul). I'm curious if there is anyone who has practiced this system for a longer length of time. Any tips on this practice? I'm on my first week of doing Awakening the Soul. I've noticed significant shifts in me, a feeling of peace. I hope to practice Healing Gong 1 by September.
  5. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    I love kombucha too! I mix mine with pineapple, passionfruit and ginger and it gives that extra sweetness and zing. I just started a brew which involved using lemongrass tea. Lemongrass ha a potent taste, so we'll see. I have some hibiscus (roselle) tea and I'm wondering if I can use this as my tea brew with sugar and add the SCOBY directly or one needs to stick to black and green tea. I'm glad I discovered this thread! :)Thank you for this!
  6. Hey from the inbetween

    Hi @Reverence! Welcome to daobums! Cool interests. I am also drawn to dragons! In spontanous form one time, I saw a dragon in my mind's eye and when I closed, my friend told me it seemed like I was doing a dragon form he knew of (which I didn't even know). Metatron, I hope to connect with in the future (when I am ready for the energy) since I work with the Akashic records and in our lineage, the highest level is Metatron's and not everyone will be able to access it. As for the dead, also curious about your experiences and what I can learn from it. Someone has told me I am a channel and I've met someone who wanted to train me, before S/he left this earth with his/er job of accompanying the dead to transition smoothly. I've had some weird encounters of death (near death experience when I was 19, tasting/experiencing the reality of death when I was 27 which led me to accept my weirdness, having dreams of deceased people both close to me and not so close, like the deceased father of a friend who I never met. I haven't fully made sense of these things. Anyway, enough about me. I'm looking forward to your posts and reading your personal practice journal if ever!
  7. Seeking to understand.

    Welcome to daobums Sakura! Curious about your name too. I love sakura flowers but when I googled it just now I saw an anime drawing with pink hair. Cute. May I ask, what's your exposure with Taoism and Qigong? I don't feel I'm that deeply immersed in it but I've done some Sheng Zhen and Flying Phoenix qigong, also a bit of Taichi in the past (that's where I started). I've also done golden flower meditation and currently looking for a teacher to mentor me in this path. My suggestion is to check out the personal journals. I've discovered a treasure trove of insights and experiences from people from documentation/sharing of their practices. Some people have also reached out to me who were generous to share their insights from my own reflections in my personal journal. At the same time, you might bump into some tricky discussions, funny posts and sometimes sharing of music and art. At least that's from my experience. Looking forward to reading more of your posts and maybe your personal practice journal (hopefully when I've adjust to my work schedule!) Enjoy!
  8. A Path of the Light

    Thanks for the response @Daemon. I'm wondering if by talking about Light, shadows come up. I don't know but I actually find comfort and ease in accepting I have my shadows. It makes the experience of Light more real, and unpolarised. I any case, I might likely be talking about something else. Or maybe we all are. I discovered in the process of working with a friend, that at the end of the day, words fail us many times. I feel it's only in our hearts, that we can truly see the truth of the other.
  9. A Path of the Light

    I haven't but thanks for the idea I might just check that out.
  10. A Path of the Light

    Hello @Daemon! I just saw this now because of moment's post and browsed through the first 2 pages but couldn't find the definition or more details about your path of light. Sorry it's hard for me to read through the whole thread. Could you care to expound what you mean by a path to light? And welcome to daobums! I'm also new here. What I've noticed is, there's value in using the personal practice journal in sharing your practices and thoughts. It's a great way to reflect and also possibly find people who might be drawn to your vibe or have a similar flow. Just my 2 cents. love and peace!
  11. Laboratorium Piesni - Celebrating the Feminine

    <3 sharing this to all of you Dao Women!
  12. Laboratorium Piesni - Celebrating the Feminine

    Thank you for sharing these! :-) I was experiencing paining and emotional sensitivity since it's my first day, coming out of spontaneous five animal qigong, I realise the need for me to heal from the wound of not accepting my femininity. And listening to these songs after my nap, was uplifting for me. I am not alone.
  13. Proper Meditation Practices

    Hi Aaron! I have to admit, I actually felt the same way as your partner, when I was in a relationship with someone who was doing qigong and golden flower meditation. What helped me understand him better was when we did the meditation together. :-) If your partner is open, why not share the practice with her?
  14. taoist and qigong resources for women

    sorry can't access. What book/resource is it? :-) thank you
  15. What resources are available? So far what I have is the taoist yoga for women by Oleg Tcherne and Elena Lazaro.