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  1. I'm not sure how much money you have, but if you can save up and invest in aqua-ponics the return will be worth it. These basically use fish to fertilize the plants because their poop contains bacteria that converts ammonia into nitrate or something useful for plants. It may take a while to properly set up but it is very efficient.
  2. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Thanks everyone. I know not to be greedy, not to abuse anything, enjoy moments of life, not to crave power, etc; all fantastic advice from multiple sources. I have found an answer so thank you all
  3. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Okay, thanks for your advice and criticism. I understand what you're saying but I'm still going to find something else. From what I've been reading, I need to be able to go into deep meditation states and must get better at that first, so before I even start practicing mo pai I have a long way to go. Probably a few years before I actually start attempting this training, so in the mean time I've found something pretty interesting to occupy my time. Anyways thanks for the insight, but I'm not ready for mo pai yet. Haha thanks for the encouragement. People actually started asking why I'm so happy which I'm assuming is due to my recent meditation , I never noticed until this post. Alright thanks for your wise insight and great analogy. Worry not, I won't abuse any power I may attain. Hopefully I will find this key through meditation and self-mastery. If not, I'll simply destroy this door... just kidding I've gotten to probably a lower version of that state only once when there were absolutely no thoughts, but only once (It's hard to reliably get into that state). Thanks for advice Haha okay, I know that stuff will take a long time, maybe not even in a few years. However, regarding meditation, I just don't focus on breathing at all, sometimes I'll notice it but other times, I forget I'm even breathing and just notice it slow down considerably. But I'm not gonna focus on the lower dan tian, at least not until I make some progress with other things Thanks for the quote, very inspiring. I'm actually focusing very heavily on realizing my mistakes, flaws, bad qualities, and transmuting them into something better. I respect most religions like Christianity, but that's still not my thing. Sorry Woah, I don't even notice my heartbeat in meditation
  4. Does Anyone Have Power?

    True, but most people does not equal everyone. What I'm getting from this is basically deep meditation outside for the first step. I want to try this, bu But assuming after say ten years I complete this, where would I go for instructions then. This makes sense and I like it, thanks for the advice. I'll do both, enjoy the moments of life while still working towards my goals. Lol what? Okay, but what if after 2 years you can meditate easier but that's it. If nothing happens I'll still be meditating because I enjoy it, but I want something interesting to happen that will show progress besides simply being a better meditater. Yes power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Regardless, I still want it. I know having power doesn't make one better than another, but it can allow for some interesting stuff to happen. I respect a lot people who can't astral project or heal. However, I still want it. I'm sorry that I'm not able to fully explain my reasons or if they seem childish, but don't worry, my ego is quite tame. Lol Wait a sec, who mentioned putting out candle flames or shooting fireballs. I hope you're not talking about me.
  5. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Okay I see what you're saying. In a way, I basically already am practicing mo pai level 0. The only exception is in meditation, I don't focus on my lower dantain, I don't focus on anything. You're saying that I should consider mo pai because that by itself will have take up most of my time. However, I forget the level but eventually I believe that you're supposed to fill and compress the dantian, move it in multiple directions, cut the cords of karma and then mix it with a yin channel. What does this mean specifically in English?
  6. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Okay I will, and if you find something with documented proof that also fully explains its system, let me know . But seriously, I'm not trying to argue with you, I just don't want to waste my time. Sorry some grammar mistakes.
  7. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Perhaps I should rephrase that, I believe that SOME systems have a grain of truth to them. Also, you never know what someone is capable of until they actually try. Maybe what I'm searching for is unrealistic, but I'm still not going to waste time with something that won't fully explain it's system.
  8. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Well, that's in Missouri in I wouldn't be able to travel there, but I'll make sure to research him, thanks. The thing with this is that although I'm about to go church this morning, I'm not religious. I love the values of Christianity, but I don't consider myself one anymore... I don't know what I believe about religion. Lol, I guess I interpreted that very wrong. I see where you're going with this... Well what is real "meditation"? I'm not actually throwing it out, that is why I continue to do horse stance when I have time along with daily meditation. I believe that this is a valid, legitimate system. Also, I wouldn't say that its the only thing that's real, I heard that there were other masters in hiding that also had similar powers as John but didn't want to reveal it. These people probably teach different systems or perhaps they don't teach at all. I believe that all systems have some grain of truth to them, like religion. I know mo pai is real because it has documented success, however, in my opinion it is not worth fully pursuing because it only explains the first 3 levels.
  9. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Lol Well I wanted lucid dreaming first since that would be the most useful tool. I would be able to meditate in my dreams and practice martial arts and various other teaching while being able to effectively communicate with my subconscious. Perhaps your right in that I need more patience ... anyway, I will attain all of these eventually, I just wanna make sure I'm on the right path.
  10. Does Anyone Have Power?

    I dislike specialization, as Robert Heinlein said, specialization is for insects. That being said my ultimate goal is to: go deep into meditation at will, lucid dream at will, astral project at will, heal others, control my energy, expand consciousness(I see this as basically seeing the truth in life), and a few other things. Now, I may seem like a glutton for power, but I couldn't really care less for how long this takes because I know that I will achieve this. I just want to know that I'm on the right path, which is why I posted this topic. Sweet, I'm doing something right. So the moral of the story is that I should help people... I do that quite often
  11. Does Anyone Have Power?

    The qigong exercises I did for about a month because I'm busy with school, clubs, etc. I recently found out about meditation some time last year or maybe in 2012. Anyways, when I began I meditated on and off but for the past month, I have and will continue to meditate at least once per day. Although, this is zen meditation and just emptying the mind and no breath. My meditation typically lasts for 10mins to 30mins if I'm lucky enough to go deep into meditation, then I sort of loose track of time. I *meditate* two times a day.
  12. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Haha I need something physical to supplement mental training but I understand. When you say mind training, what do you mean specifically. I understand/like this. Don't worry, I don't intend to be able to KAMEHAMEHA things and have unlimited power. I do however, wish to master myself, expand consciousness, see the truth of things, be happy, and help others.
  13. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Okay thanks, I actually used to do some qigong taichi exercises which are great for health, but I don't think that they What specific type of meditation do you suggest? Wow I must not be able to type, I keep on making mistakes lol.
  14. Does Anyone Have Power?

    What do you mean by precision? I just don't want to waste time with something that doesn't work. Anyway thanks for the advice but could you elaborate on precision. That's another shame then. I thought emptying the mind led to results. I'll still be doing this but what type of meditation would you suggest? Thanks for the advice. Now that's a big surprise, people actually teach for free. Okay, I'll look for people around my area. Thanks for the advice. Oops didn't mean to type that.
  15. Does Anyone Have Power?

    Well that's disappointing, do you know of anyone who teaches something that actually works and has youtube videos for a person to watch and learn from them.