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  1. I had to re-read a bit what I just said because I couldn't understand where you were coming from, but, what I meant was that, motherly love was more immediate nurturing, and being uplifted no matter what. All of this taking caricatures just to make it understandable. But that in opposition to that: male nurturing was more about nurturing your character - which had a slow burn to it. I said that aftewards I believe. Of course. At times: a male abuser can use that as an excuse just to hurt somebody. Different disguises, by different abusers. Women can use the nurturing facade to keep hold of a child, and not let him go. You can nurture somebody - make them feel fantastic - but what you're actually doing is breaking their character to control them - different ways to control - different ways to break somebody - whether it be up. Or down. But ultimately you drive them down. PS: the second video in my previous post explains how I see it.
  2. Well, if you're speaking from experience, I'm sorry. But what I was getting at. Was that you can find just as many cases where women impose their law - and it's not reported. Precisely because their modus operandi doesn't involve physical violence. So there's an unknown - that's what I was getting at - not dismissing the cases of abusive men. But to idealize women. That's wrong. Human beings are just as capable, whichever side of the aisle they come from. That's all. I sense. Strongly. A deep wound in this thread when it comes to abusive men. There seems to be some kind of resentment and perhaps underlying hatred and misundertandign towards men. In my opinion, this comes from a lack of understanding of how an archetypical male loves. And I see this. It's tied a lot to morality because that's a typical male way of caring for somebody. You want that person to be well - but not in the sense of just being lifted. Which is hard to convey when you oppose it to the female way of showing love which is more about nurturing. Being lifted. Christianity cares about you in the type of person you become. It doesn't lift you whenever you want to be lifted; it lifts you where you need to be lifted, where you must. See the difference? So if you have too much of that you get resentment. Mothers have to act as a counterbalance and if you get too much of one or the other you end up imbalanced - perhaps even as a fanatical dualist or non-dualist. I believe that is the expression of that. My view is that non-duality is inside duality, as good and bad is the ultimate duality in my opinion. The father giving you the correct shape. And the mother earth filling it - with her love. But both of these are loving, just in completely different ways. I see; the love of the father as one that is appreciated after a long life and you get it. Whereas the mother's love, is more instantaneous. Like Penny singing soft kitty to your ear and you feel soothed. Lets get it straight: all of us need a father and a mother to be present even if at least in our hearts to know the full extent of what love is. We just can't do without. That's my take on it. Room of spirit, and time
  3. Try this meditation for the heart. I've been working this week with my subtle body and I found that it was instrinsically linked with my arms and legs. I've been working the fingers. And the toes. Which are like the fingers but at the bottom. And it's like letting the subtle body progressively in. Highly recomend it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D-RjlJ6vWw
  4. You're coming from the belief that physical violence is always worse than a well- placed word. That's exactly what people used to say about incest and pedophilia. And how did that turn out. Turns out it's a huge problem. By the way I'm not attacking women, I love women. But it would be foolish to think that they're any less capable than men of inflicting damage. Let's not be naive, or idealise them. They're human. And therefore more than capable. Besides, statistics only make sense if people are willing to denounce them. It's still an unknown, in my opinion. Men have been getting a bad rap because you can't call the police for someone throwing a dirty word at you; no matter how much it hurt you. So; the whole thing is skewed. But; you might see it differently.
  5. Masculinity and rape, have nothing to do with one another. The reason people might think so is for the simple reason, that, female perpetrators are never denounced. It's for the same reason we tend to associate domestic violence with violent men and never think of more passive forms of violence. Women do it just as much as men. Whether they get caught, is another question.
  6. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdJzqYlJYcT/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  7. How do we know?

    Give it time a bit; it's ajusting to your heart.
  8. I think the light body develops as you develop your hands and feet. And then your elbows; joints. And the diferent chakras around the arms and legs that you can find. Like putting on a coat. That's what I'm sensing.
  9. It's still nothing compared to michael jackson's.
  10. You can see; a car; as something containing petrol; or as something running on petrol. Depends what you value. A car is a car no matter what. You could probably dismantle it as long as you have what looks like a car, most people would say it's a car. If you put petrol on the floor there's no way people would call it a car. A car uses petrol, petrol doesn't use a car. The essence of the car if you go by the soul of the car you could argue. Is the petrol. It lives by it. But still. Nobody would call a car just by looking at it's petrol. Without shape you might as well call every car petrol. You distinguish things; you care about things because you prefere one shape from another - I'm responding to the idea that seeing everything the same leads to greater compassion and empathy; in my opinion it doesn't, because everything is the same. Your likes; and dislikes must be as strong as each other - even for enlightenment: you must "hate" not being enlightened. You clearly don't like it, why else would you be doing what you are doing? You want, this and that and the other thing. And you're not doing anything that isn't that. You couldn't move if you were not dual.
  11. How do we know?

    Could this be a test?
  12. How do we know?

    Could this be a test?
  13. How do we know?

    Not a small thing. Considering your situation.
  14. How do we know?

    And just at this moment? Still feeling low?