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  1. Weak Back Aura

    You know what I meant. A lion does what it does, because it is meant to do what it does.
  2. Weak Back Aura

    I get what you are saying. But she must be held accountable also, right? I mean, I'm not god. Are you insinuating that I'm this guy?
  3. Weak Back Aura

    Yeah, and all I'm saying is that my button is at the back of my head (weak back aura). I'm very stabbeble at the back.
  4. Weak Back Aura

    Funny, because the only one here who's insulted someone is you.
  5. Weak Back Aura

    I have a strong presence that can make certain people uneasy. But the effect is stronger from the front as I imagine it 's always the case for just about everybody. And I think what happened is that I went in there (the salon) and my presence made her uncomfortable--she avoided eye contact, put her head down, and showed me to my seat. Now my back is facing her and I'm in a seated position, completely different from before. Everything was completely different: she wasn't as intimidated of course, and I was sitting and she was standing, obviously. So since my back was turned towards her she felt emboldened ans started asking me these weird questions and probing and making me feel really uncomfortable. It offended me, but not because she tried something on me, but because she did it when I was with my back turned. She knew what she was doing. And then when the whole thing was over and I got up out of that chair and faced her she again couldn't look at me. And when I say face her, I mean it in the most litteral sense. I was in front of her. I didn't do anything. I was just in front of her, didn't say a word, neither with my lips nor with my body language. I didn't even notice she was doing what she was doing until later when I walked out of the salon, and I had time to think about it. I couldn't think straight, and I had to lie down, and I was exhausted. You know when someone messes with you and you only notice afterwards and you feel exhausted. And you think what just happened. That's how I felt.
  6. Weak Back Aura

    The salon had its rules, and I loved the challenge of trying to master them. I learned how to smile and be polite with the people surrounding me, and prided myself for noticing details that they missed. The salon was a jungle of complex, and often bizarre, cultural and political and social activity, and I appointed myself its daytime Tarzan. I'd know when to sit still and let her do her job, and when to speed up the chat when silence threatened emptiness. Betrayal of trust was hard to take. How could she use soft words like that.
  7. Weak Back Aura

    I'm not attacking hairdressers. I'm just saying it IS a good position to be in if you happen to be someone like that. Think of the power they have. Because even though I can see them in the mirror, they're not looking at me; they're cutting my hair like you say. But certain professions do attract certain types of people. That's a fact. The cliche of the hairdresser that likes to gossip, talk behind your back, who's superficial, who's dramatic, who's loud. You're obviously not like that but in every cliche you will find a grain of truth and it is that grain of truth that I want you to explore. Think of this, what happens to your hair when you lose energy? it falls off, right--cancer for example. What is the first thing people tend to do when they cut themselves off from society, cut their hair. They shaved the heads of these poor women who benefited from or consorted with the Nazis as a badge of shame. What I'm saying is that hair is important. Hair has always been a symbol of beauty and power, starting with the story of Samson and Delilah, where Samson’s strength was apparently measured by the length of his hair. Once his hair was cut, he no longer had any of his superhuman strength. In ancient times, there also appears to have been a link between hair as a symbol of beauty and female deception. In fact, Delilah deceived and betrayed Samson when she cut his hair while he was asleep. With the thousands of hairdressers you've met, I'm sure you mustv'e seen your fair shair of clever manipulative and not so innocent I'm-just-cutting-your-hair-because-I-like-it situations. As many times the material world serves as simply an acting out of the immaterial. It is not inconceivable to think that perhaps many people who choose to act out this profession do so for different reasons then yourself.
  8. The last three times I've been to this barber I've felt stabbed in the back: vulnerable in the back, more precisely in the back of my neck, at the base of my head, like someone had hit me with a karate chop, and my head all wobbly with this overwhelming feeling of confusion. I conclude my back aura is weak. There's a weak point at that spot that these hairdressers exploit. It happens way too much to be an accident either. They know what they're doing. I could hardly listen to someone speak after I went yesterday. When someone is standing in front of me usually that never happens because I'm alert but since these people are standing behind me the whole time they're doing what they're doing they can just chip away at my neck whenever they feel like it. After all is done, I have a chance to show myself to them which makes them cower into submission. But from behind, they get away with it.
  9. What is this ability?

    I imagine you gravitate towards strong personalities a lot.
  10. Commonly Closed Chakras

    There are people on this forum who could tell you if someone's heart chakra is open just by looking at a photo of that person.
  11. Commonly Closed Chakras

    I am curious. Who'd be a heart chakra opened person in your view? And, maybe more difficult: which famous person has a strong 3rd chakra?
  12. Black Mark on Solar Plexus

    It was Apeiron, it was. I took this photo with my cellphone and as you can see the quality isn't the best. For one thing, the colors seem pretty dull here, as opposed to how it looks in real life. And if you think this doesn't look like much, than that means I've done a good job because this is all there is left. Just imagine those three marks (Which, if linked, would form the corners of an invisible triangle. I'm not saying this is important but it helps to locate them, especially the black mark closer to my belly), as much darker--to the point of appearing black. I suspect there has been some black magic going on, maybe not intentional, but something definitely obscur has happened in my life. It seems so obvious to me now. I noted that everytime the marks would dissipate, the more these people would experience a sense of weakness--their drive would be gone, their determination would evaporate, and their self-confidence would vanish. There was a conexion between my weakness and their strength. In my later years, I realized that they were using me as some sort of battery, and I suspect this is the case in many homes, where parents feel they're lacking something in their lives, and thus have children for the singular purpose of feeding off of them. I realized my mother was only happy when I wasn't, and only strong when I wasn't. My life had no meaning. I was a tool. I've never seen anyone so attentive at how my energy levels fluctuated throughout the day: as soon as they went up, there she was to bring them back down again; as soon as I discovered life, there she was trying to deny me that possibility. The thing to understand is that I wasn't just tired all the time; I was exhausted. For two weeks I even entertained the possibility that my own mother could be poisoning my food, drugging me to keep me subservient. I could not explain such unexplained exhaustion. Of course, that wasn't the case. She did it in a much more sophisticated way; one I couldn't see with my own two eyes but knew deep down it was happening. It's dificult to talk about these things, since we're entering in the realm of the unverifiable. But the need to share this experience was strong and I figured that on a forum like this it would be easier since no one actually knows who you are. I thought the distance might help.
  13. Black Mark on Solar Plexus

    Here's a photo of the black mark I was talking about (Two others appear as well). Those marks only appeared when I started doing bioenergetic work. Also the mark that finds itself closer to my belly (I was lying down in that photo) was 2 times bigger and was much darker before I started my practice than after. It gradually became smaller as I kept on doing my exercises. And "coincidentally" the lower dark dots emerge right on top of the solar plexus chakra, completely covering it. Of course, the solar plexus chakra is where energy vampires like to feed off of us because that's where kundalini rises. It's our energy center afterall. My thoughts is that someone has drained me for so long (by fixing his energy cord onto my plexus) that in the process of getting that energy cord out of my system I was left scarred, litteraly.