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  1. Blue aura people

    The Rosy Cross ritual. That's from the Priory de Sion if I'm not mistaken. And they believe, if I'm not mistaken in the reinstitution of the Merovingians who were descendants of Atlantis. Anyway, that's what they claim. But I had read stories. And they've got a hidden hand in the catholic church - the Merovingians. Or had at least at one point. Changing things from within and infiltrating old beliefs inside current beliefs, but disguised. Putting in a bit of Atlantis and ancient culture in the new. All of this is very interesting. You can start reading. You never stop, really.
  2. Why is Krishna Blue? "Sadhguru: Blue is the color of all-inclusiveness. You will see in the existence, anything that is vast and beyond your perception generally tends to be blue, whether it is the ocean or the sky. Anything which is larger than your perception tends to be blue because blue is the basis of all-inclusiveness. It is based on this that so many gods in India are shown as blue-skinned. Shiva has a blue skin, Krishna has a blue skin, Rama has a blue skin. It is not that their skin was blue. They were referred to as blue gods because they had a blue aura." Article: https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en/wisdom/article/why-is-krishna-blue So, my question is simple: what are your thoughts on that? To me and I'll tell you my opinion it seems like the most reasonable and realistic explanation that I've come across just surfing through the internet. Is he right - because gods might've been regular people that emanated something of an aura, and the people who painted them picked up on that. And that's how you get the blue skin. What is it with the color blue. And to push it further: how do you link it with Platos description I think of Atlantis being this idyllic heaven where Poseidon as it seems got to it or made it in his own image. And Poseidon just happened to be the god of the sea. I'm not going to advance myself but it seems to me there might be a powerful link between Poseidon being a blue and the Hindu gods like Krishna, in that they were blue aura individuals; now that's just my take on it. And the gods in general, their color, could be - not symbolic - but an actual manifestation of their, aura. I'd especially like the history buffs to get on this, and tell us. If there's a link on this.
  3. Blue aura people

    I don't see who could come off as a pedophile of all the people I've just mentioned. But it's true I didn't ask them. I thank you for your kind answer, in your previous post. I actually do that. Analyze. And look at what triggers me. But that's not the problem. I explained it to another member through private messaging that, I wasn't interested in blue aura people because I thought they could help me. Using other people for personal advancement is always wrong; what I wanted to do is find a group of people I could resonate with. It's not that I'm looking for these people to be at peace; I'm already at peace. I just want to share it with somebody. And feel that I belong. And I was hoping to find people over here who were like that.
  4. Blue aura people

    I think that's pretty good indication that you might be a blue aura. So, you think you're a blue aura? Would these people come on here, to share their experience?
  5. Blue aura people

    Why Is Krishna Blue? "Sadhguru: Blue is the color of all-inclusiveness. You will see in the existence, anything that is vast and beyond your perception generally tends to be blue, whether it is the ocean or the sky. Anything which is larger than your perception tends to be blue because blue is the basis of all-inclusiveness. It is based on this that so many gods in India are shown as blue-skinned. Shiva has a blue skin, Krishna has a blue skin, Rama has a blue skin. It is not that their skin was blue. They were referred to as blue gods because they had a blue aura. " " Krishna being blue-bodied need not necessarily mean his skin color was blue. Maybe he was dark-skinned, but people who were aware saw the blueness of his energy, so they described him as blue. " LInk: https://isha.sadhguru.org/global/en/wisdom/article/why-is-krishna-blue I think what happened was, that, people at that time idealized, easily. They see someone different they already have to put it as something. That person is not just a blue; that person is a god. Or an extraterrestrial. And in those times they used allegory, metaphors - freely. They explained things how they could, now. Like the article says, we could believe that the people at that time saw their gods as blue for some symbolic reason, maybe ones the deity of water - just to say something. Or, we could say, they had a perception of some people, and decided to paint these people as blue because that's how these people felt at that time, or were seen - by aura sensitive persons. So what I'm trying to get to, is that perhaps the gods that we think are gods are just regular fellows that have been idealized. Highly likely. And instead of going towards the explanation of super powers, we just go towards the realism and say these were regular people but who emanated a certain vibrance. Soul energy. Whatever you might want to call it. Because at that time if a king was a lover of squirrels then they'd invent stories about how that person was a god of the squirrels, you see what I mean. I'm just bringing it back to earth. So, I'd love to hear your reactions on that. And Sadhguru, he's a respectable guy. So. Leave your thoughts on that.
  6. Blue aura people

    Lets play a game where you do use my ridiculous criteria based off of intuition. And lets say that I'm your captain. And you're my lieutenant. We're both looking for Atlantis, and we know it's here on this desert island. And the only thing we have to work with, is just what I said, in the first post I wrote. And. That's all we've got. Now. There's no use in saying "this isn't something we can work with" because it doesn't change the fact that this is what we have to work with. Forget about the term "blue aura; I'm talking about turtles. And together, you and I, are looking for them. Now, we know it's here, because my granddad got it from a fisherman back in Egypt when they were dating together. And he got it from a Mandalorian. And this information. Nobody has better. We're in the position of trying to interpret Plato here, and he's left us with a dirty old napkin where he got a vision from the gods that turtle people not only existed but were, and he gave us directions of what it would look like. We looked everywhere else. We know it's here. Nungali is with us; we haven't been able to find turtle people with what we thought before was the truth; it didn't get us anywhere. And the only reason we're here, now, is because we've looked everywhere else and it wasn't there. The napkin - we had other evidence. We used all of your and Nungali's tricks, but the blue people or turtle people still evade us. We aren't getting anywhere. And all of a sudden the circumstances and the desperation make us go back to the one thing we got fro somebody who knew or says he knew somebody that knew somebody that turtles lived here, and we take it seriously. Now i can't interpret this. I have the napkin but I'm not a interpreter. But you Earl would be my best interpreter if only you dropped what you thought you knew and took what's written on this napkin seriously. And we would get somewhere. And so we're in the situation - we've landed - we're on the island. And. I'm telling you: interpret this. And you tell me: I can't; it's not Qigong certified, and it's got a bit of mustard on it. it's not even flying in the air. Nothing. And I open the napkin a bit better and wipe out the mustard and tell you. And I gently tap the badge on the jacket. A few times. And I tell you there's more than one place discovered by an explorer that was previously thought to be a place of fiction. But what they did was, is use their intuition to maybe guess where it might be. And once on the terrain try to make it fit. And then use the tools, to make it fit even more. And you excavate, and stuff like that. So you start, since we have so little, by drawing random things that comes to mind just on the style and information the napkin has given us; and we work from there. And because of your extensive experience it's easy for you to get images, and you link it with that. And that awfully looks like a symbol that only these folks know about, and you know that every time that symbol has come up in your head it lead to this. And every time it has happened you were right. You don't know why but it has happened. Now, you don't know why you just know it does. And it bothers you because you know that on the steps you're so far standing no one would have an explanation yet, of why this might be. So you juggle a little. With what you have. And the teachers, they tell you: fine. But don't get ahead of yourself. So you build an alternative stuff in your head, until it gets to the point of your training where you know you can retrieve this, in your mind, and have a use for it. To come back to the story. Thanks to that. How Albert Einstein did it. Your imagination got us from a dirty old napkin to a pond in the middle of the jungle that just happened to be blue. Like most ponds are. But this one had a turtle. And that turtle has a growing back, and it gets bigger the second it starts filling itself with the water - you conclude the water is magical. We made it. Give me back my napkin.
  7. Blue aura people

    Okay. So just to make it clear. Because this is fairly complicated. When somebody. The most general description of a blue aura. How did they come up with these descriptions. What do you imagine, as I imagine you've met several people. What do you imagine they mean when they talk about blue auras. Because it has to come from somewhere. Or are these descriptions a bit too simplistic. Have you met, anybody, you'd say, yes, that description could fit this situation, or these people. I haven't read a lot of the thread you're right. But I've read other threads in the occult section, and some people talk about certain places having a certain energy. So I want to ask a simple question if that makes sense. Would there be a place, on the planet, where you wold say, yes this place is very blue-i, and has this kind of energy that could fit this description. Or is it - because I can't use qigong terms because I don't know them. Or what you answer to. The criteria. Because. I have to say for a non-qigogn person it's very difficult to understand, how you couldn't understand, what I'm saying. If you had to guess what a blue aura person was and you had an assignment, and had to write an essay or a description, what would you put on that piece of paper. Using your intuition and nothing else. Connect with me. What comes out.
  8. Blue aura people

    I apologize then. I thought the term blue aura, because it was on the internet, was something that was known about. As some people seem to be able to see auras, and recognize diferent colors to someone's aura, I thought it'd be fairly straightforward. But apparently it is not.
  9. Blue aura people

    Yeah, I don't know what it is but I've yet to get an answer from the guys on that other thread: the flying phoenixs. I don't know if you've been following, from where you've been following, but a guy on here suggested I try my luck on some thread where they could possibly be, people of a blue color. Qigong. So I did that. But no answer. Have you all gotten together and agreed to not answer my posts? Very strange - and supposedly one of the most active threads on this forum. So. It's hard. Hard not to get a bit paranoid. From what was just initially, the question, what is it, and where can I find a person with these characteristics. It would be no different than somebody asking for directions on the street. I mean, usually you'd get a, somewhat of an answer to where you need to go, or maybe the person saying they don't know. What I'm saying it's a fight where it didn't necessarily need to be. I'm particularly talking about you: Nungali. But if there was anybody here who identified with my descriptions they would've raised there hand by now in my estimation. And this thread would've been a lot shorter. Perhaps I should try my luck with the indigo children. Because from what i understand the indigos are a lot more sensitive than us. And if there's something I know is that blue aura people are very sensitive. But like i said in a none caricatural way. So where can I find these indigos? Anybody have a tip?
  10. Blue aura people

    I think we all want to fit in; I'm no different. When you meet somebody, that makes you feel, and I would say I felt more in my chest than usual I think it's only natural to pursue it. I came here in the hopes, that somebody would identify with these feelings, and say something, yes I get what you're saying, there's these guys in this other place they're like that. Unfortunately it didn't happen. Oh. Some guy he sent me to another thread. I don't know if they answered yet. The reactions of sarcasm I don't understand them. I'm probably not the last or the first to make such a request. I was looking to understand, what I felt. This, is a spiritual forum. People feel things all the time. They talk about it. Not everyone understands everything they feel. That's why they ask questions. We try to understand. Discuss. If nobody can help me, or relate, than I don't see what's the point that I keep on hanging around here. You're not going to help me. If somebody has news. Like a, hearing of something. Then let me know. Write here. It gets to my email box I'll check it out. So, thanks to the few who answered. Lets stay in touch for the ones who want to.
  11. Blue aura people

    Thanks. But I don't quite understand what you've just said. I don't have problems connecting with these folk. I just need to know where I can find one. Others. To know if maybe they started a cult somewhere. Because I always figured that if they knew what they were they'd think it a could idea to start a secret group. You know. Where they can be themselves.
  12. Blue aura people

    I'm glad you're safe. The reason I brought up jasmin, was because the people with this distinct energy I felt reminded me of her. It was a way for me to exemplify what I felt. I didn't, like you seem to suggest, project my desires onto other people, and go on some sort of journey where i would find my ideal twin soul of blue energy. What happened is, I met these people. And since then, well at the moment I didn't realise but after thinking about it, and reminescing, I thought to myself, they must be blue. I just felt they were blue. I had already noticed something distinct about them, but didn't really research it further. So basically I know these people exist I just wanted to meet more of them. And on your comment with actors. Well, maybe in theory, but most actors play a close version of themselves. It's better to choose somebody who can play the part convincingly, than to ask somebody who isn't like that to play the role. I know it happens. But most actors will gravitate towards roles they know they can play to a perfection. And that means play themselves. What they do in interviews is pretend it's just a character, and not admit they actually relate to the man, or woman. Steve martin, for example, I'm positive he's one of those blue guys. He's the best example i can come up with. And I'm not talking about his persona, but who he is. Which incidently is the same thing. That man was born to play those roles. Not any man or comedian would or could give a performance such as this. Of the same nature. Or else they'd just ask anybody.
  13. Blue aura people

    There's two things that I picked up in what you said. And that was "Christ." And Atlantis. Because one of the people I know who has blue elements is a fanatic of the series, I'm sure you know it, "stargate atlantis." Also the other word "christ," has been on everyone's lips lately, because over here (i live in latin america) they started with a series called Jesus of nazareth. And I've noticed in general, and it was just a thought, that maybe this was an introduction. To what you're going to say. I've been obsessed with jazmin lately; I don't know what it is about her, but she's the bluest person I've ever seen, even though she's a caracter in a cartoon movie. But she's real. She's been brought to life by somebody. And you can say no one is like that, but that possibility exists, manipulated, to form a caracter - i doubt the person doing the voice acting is like that. But a person like that could exist. I've met two. But two if I count only the ones that had the most pure energy. There's actually a group of people I hang out with that had blue elements, but it didn't come out of there chests. It's as if they safe guarded it, and kept it somewhere. So they had the appearance of blue, but it was only the light of the lampost that was blue, but the rest of thte structure wasn't. Two of them, had the light. And the big part of the lampost that was blue. And the rest, normal. Hybrid beings like you say. Christ, let me tell you why I think that was interesting. It's because christ came after the roman empire. And the roman empire was very energy of today - it was very bombastic. And they had the intention of impressing. With their might. And power. The middle ages squashed that. That energy. It drove it to the ground that's why historians call it the dark ages, because in their view it was a cultural slump in human history. But what if the intention was to squash the fire in order to get to the water. Going through bad times to get to the most best of times. And you have this Christ energy pushing us towards Atlantis. The blue heaven. So these times are bad for everybody else; except for blue people. Blue people they can rejoice, and we're living in, suposedly, in the age of aquarius. So. What's happening. Here. Really. That's another thought that came to my mind, I had to write it.
  14. Blue aura people

    No, not really. Or maybe, yes. I'm not sure, but it's a kind of energy you would normaly associate with children. I think the best example is dragon ball. Yeah, but it might be what you're referring to. Yeah. Like a natural joy that almost doesn't depend on what's happening around them. But it's not just being happy. Because some people they really try to convince you, with a performance you see, that they're happy. But no, what I mean is a kind of happiness that lasts even when you're alone. dragon ball. Pokemon. Those kinds of things. Also a frank sinatra energy that massages your insides and not just makes you burst up. There's really no better way than to imagine than to think of what it would be like to live in the 1950's or 30's. I, never distinguish the two. can't you feel it when you're watching a cartoon that's blue? Well, that's how it feels like when you're talking to these people, I've only met two. Or three. I can't remember.