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  1. it's like the fundamental tree needs to be drawn - it's beautiful.
  2. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CdJzqYlJYcT/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY=
  3. I use several systems - I think you have me confused with someone else. I just put that quote because it made me feel he was talking about the heart somehow; I was connecting it to Bindi's post. David's star.
  4. - What is behind the compulsion to be correct? Ego? A very fervent interest for the truth. I'd say.
  5. Is a car running on petrol or is your car just a vehicle to hold petrol in a warm place? Like a blanket. Because if you turn what you say in a practical way - what does it mean? It means since the body is devalued so are the attachments that that person has in relation to that body; what that means is that my energy is your energy and vice-versa; what that means is if you think you have a right to deny me access to you - then you are wrong; why do you put these fake defenses and imaginary walls in front of you: we are one. One indistinguishable from one another and therefore the real crime becomes to defend oneself. As everything that happens to you doesn't happen to you unless you give permission, on some level which turns you into a collaborator. A collaborator of your own demise since everything is an illusion. You see? Nothing is done to you unless you permit it and to put it more exactly nothing has happened to you because "you" as an entity, doesn't exist; just a funny word we've invented. So suffering becomes a choice; that you: individual, have decided to put on yourself through ignorance that you've chosen to perpetuate as you fear change. Put your arm down, and quit punching you in the nuts and your life will be better. Just realize that that's what it is. Or suffer. Thank you very much
  6. I feel absolutely like this. Every day. I guess I'm more on the blue side - really resonate with that color. I like to sing along, and change the lyrics; and I go: In my heart I know what is right... I feel the power of the law...etc... Love it.
  7. What's the weather like in your heart @steve?
  8. I think what we're having is fundamentally different people in their most basic functioning that are claiming that the normality is theirs. it's funny because I'd say the opposite. You don't realize how dual you are, but I guess that's a point of view and it's clear this debate can't possibly be resolved as each has chosen (I know you don't believe in that) a different way of functioning. My view is clear. Non-duality is the road inside two points that are dual. Corresponding to traveling between absolute ignorance to absolute knowledge (god).
  9. Would that be a good representation of a non-dual awakening, or realization?
  10. You're saying that you have a mind but it's part of a much larger happening. That is non-dual.
  11. So I'm the same thing as you - I just don't know it yet: I'm denying my true nature. What's the percentage of duality left in you at this present moment? How much, just to function a little? And do everyday shores.
  12. And you've attained that.
  13. @stirling you'd concead there's no gradiant when it comes to non-dual realization; you're not half-way in or half-way out. You're fully living through what is called the higher self and there's no way back for you. Correct?