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  1. Best qi Gong To Tonify Shen

    What is the best qi gong sequence to tonify/increase shen?
  2. Best classic routine to tonify yin

    Alright excellent I appreciate your response. Any good books on xin zhai?
  3. Best classic routine to tonify yin

    Xin Zhai is essentially presence meditation correct? And any good resources on Yang Sheng Fa?
  4. Best classic routine to tonify yin

    Any yin tonifying qigong guys?
  5. I suffer from kidney yin deficiency. Already on high dose herbal formulas to combat this. What is the best classic routine to tonify yin? (Prefer older practices as opposed to those invented in the last 100 years) Also side question. Does eating kidneys tonify jing? Since that is where prenatal jing is stored I would think that but I could be wrong.
  6. Experience with tcm - Not qi gong

    Greetings everyone. I am an experienced tcm practitioner here are some pictures of my herb garage: https://imgur.com/a/3M8MVCR And that is only a fraction of what I have in storage. I have tested almost 300 herbs in my body at this point. Not including mineral substances. I used tcm and herbs to completely occur extreme anxiety and psychosis that was ruining my life for years. Through this herbal journey I have become very very in tune with how different substances affect my body. At this point I can ingest herbs outside of the Chinese pharmacopoeia and with decent confidence say what their classical categorization would have been. The reason I am joining this forum is I want to add qi gong to my daily practice to enhance the energy manipulation I am achieving with herbs. Primarily I want to enhance kidney yin as that is the main deficiency I suffer from. Any classic routines for the enhancement of kidney yin?