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  1. Is that in this video? Don't have time to check out the whole thing but would consider checking this section out if you have a timestamp.
  2. Thoughts on Authentic Neigong / Damo / Chen Taiji ?

    I agree with @freeform. check out Mizner's school there if you are interested in Tai Ji - I've met a few of his seniors and they have real skill and know how to teach well. The training is intense and rewarding. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Waist qigong

    You're welcome! this is part 1, some explanation that probably will help to engage the exercise properly
  4. Waist qigong

    You may want to try practicing this daily for a few months.
  5. Waist qigong

    You may also wish to seek out a practitioner of Mayan Abdominal Massage (Arvigo). Could be helpful.
  6. Delson Armstrong - Kriya Yoga, Dzogchen and Theravada

    Yeah I’ve heard mixed reports about Bhante V, but there is a beauty to the 6R’s method. May it work for you!
  7. Questions

    Hey man. I saw your other post where you indicate that you're 14 years old. It's cool that you're interested in Qi Cultivation, but if you're looking for something like Nei Gong or other internal cultivation, there are good reasons that you should wait to do that kind of thing until your body has finished going through the hormonal and physical changes that come with the teenage years. If you want to prepare for Qi Gong, get yourself physically fit. Don't need to go crazy with heavy weights but push-ups, pull-ups, squats, some cardio like swimming, some kind of martial art could be good. Stretch, get in good shape, spend time getting to know your physical body. You could look for some basic breathing meditation stuff and practice that as well. What's the root of your idea about your ideal teacher's strictness?
  8. Newbie.looking for tacher

    Hey bro... a teacher of what?
  9. This questions seems so general as to be really hard to answer. In what context are you talking about opening and closing? In a martial arts context? In a meditative context? In a social setting? Can you be more specific?
  10. In Appreciation of Damo Mitchell

    Squirrel have you taken a workshop with him or is that material available on youtube somewhere?
  11. Teaching authentic neigong

    Any chance this will be recorded? Would love to attend but I will be working at that time.
  12. Beginner question on Tan Tien breathing

    @freeform should I avoid Tai Ji in general too? I'll probably spare myself the arduous standing nei gong practices but what about some song gong practice or form?