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  1. Automatic Yoga

    Awesome, thanks! Sooo, where to start? The amount of information seems a bit overwhelming.
  2. Automatic Yoga

    Can you explain what you mean with Shiv Asna and with the recapitulation?
  3. Automatic Yoga

    wow this is great! Sounds very intuitive. See my post above for my "awakening". I am also interested in your grounding techniques!
  4. Automatic Yoga

    For everyone who wonders, i described my "kundalini awakening" in my Introduction Thread: Also after this experience my body changed quite dramatically from being weak and unenergetic to very fit and strong. And girls suddenly where interested in me that was nice too :D
  5. Automatic Yoga

    Thank you for bringing me to the conclusion that i over identify with kundalini and that it is probably not the case. It was the first thing that i found that described my symptoms but i will leave this narrative now. Thank you, very insightful. I'm sure that i didn't reach the end, my body feels quite restless far from ease and stillness. With what practice should i continue after i reach this stage? If i had to choose between Agenda and Letters on yoga, wich one should i choose?
  6. Automatic Yoga

    What would be the benefit of doing so?
  7. Automatic Yoga

    Since my Kundalini Awakening some years ago i developed something that is described by some as automatic yoga or spontaneous yoga. When i let go, my body begins to move on its own. When i am lying down, my body slowly twists, bends and sometimes shakes. Sometime my body goes into classic hatha positions, but most of the time it's a dynamic blend between different kinds of stretching and yoga. Most of the time this is very pleasurable, sometimes even blissful. But here is something i noticed. When i do this longer than 50 minutes, i go very deep. I am not too experienced, so i get scared when i go to deep. I worry about not doing it "right" and screwing something up. Because i go freestyle, without any guidance or rules, i worry that it could be damaging to me in some way (it definitely feels great and develops without force) I just let it happen as my body pleases. My question is: should i trust my body completely? Should i just let myself "fall" into the pit, fall so deep as my body wants to? Or should i be cautiousness with these kind of practices? Maybe only follow a teaching and don't go wander on my own?
  8. Hey guys, i have the opportunity to go into physiotherapy and get my spine corrected. I have my doubts and i thought the best way to gather different perspectives is to ask here. My main concern is that through forcefully straightening the spine, my body gets damaged. I have strong tension in the neck area and i am certain that it is a result of blocked emotions and trauma. Heal the trauma and the neck is free. But maybe through physiotherapy i get faster relief, maybe even helps with the healing process? So has anybody done something similar or can share his experience or point of view? I would highly appreciate it.
  9. Yes Yes that's it, thank you - this is my wish. Man do i love this forum. This sounds very interesting, though i don't quite understand it. Do you mean "information" in the esoteric knowingness sense or more literal, like i could download information about how to cook an Omelette just right? Niice, thank you will check it out.
  10. Greetings, I have the feeling that most yoga courses, especially the mainstream ones, are crazy fast. This one instructor jumps from one pose to another and i can't even get 3 breaths in between let alone become more aware of my body. It is so hyperactive! But the thing is even the more spiritual and consciousness focused courses and videos are still way to fast for me. To be honest it annoys me a bit. I am a rather slow person, when i walk to buy some grocery even old granny's are speeding past me So my question is, are those courses, especially hatha yoga, supposed to be fast? Is there maybe a reason for the speed, has it an effect? Or is it just a product of our hyperactive and restless culture? I would love to get some outside perspective on this.
  11. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    I always thought it's the other way. First you accept, then you feel bliss...
  12. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    Nice, will do. It's a bit off topic but i have a related question: Can i practice meditation like "sitting still" while lying down on the ground? I find it more comfortable and can focus better, but i heard that the spine must be straight and upwards because of energetic reasons.. What about that?
  13. Reaching Deep Relaxation

    so basically i should sit still and accept existence as it is? Don't know if i got you right.
  14. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    To be honest I already got that, i'm a music fanatic and love writing songs and producing music. But lately the purpose of all behind is lacking. Sure it feels nice and is fun, but sometimes it feels kind of meaningless. Sometimes i think it's even something like masturbation, i just do it to pleasure myself. Of course there is nothing wrong with that per se, but i want to create music with a real purpose. To really help people and give something back.. So i want to slowly make a shift to contribution, away from soley self pleasure. And it's kind of hard and scary because my sense of meaning and purpose is radically shifting... but it seems to me that this is the path i have to walk.. I will figure it out.
  15. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Now i'm intrigued. When i could only start with only one and add the second later, with wich practices should i beginn?