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  1. Sorry, I think that was sarcasm to freeform statement.
  2. It will continue until you start to think and decide which of the side of conflict to choose.
  3. Hi, I was like you, doing what was written in textbooks, waiting for months for effects, Results changed when I discarded other people interpretations and kept only real/objective material (for example acupuncture points) and made my own analysis. The thing is that results for me should be immediate, seconds from action, otherwise it is not working. I have sort of tight schedule in my mind, how much can I wait ? 3 months here and there a year, year here and there a decade. I think vitality will be accessible to you if you expand your consciousness in the topic of vitality. Best regards.
  4. SoTG lineage

    Yes, my friend, it takes quite a being to withstand knowledge, that is why you are stuck at this low level of yours. I think if common person suddenly would be given much deeper knowledge, they might go in panic, get crazy or kill themselves to alleviate stress. I remember reading comment in Youtube where a person described his experience after psychedelic trip, after that he said he was watching children movies with zero negativity all month to recover.
  5. SoTG lineage

    Then I do not understand the meaning of your previous post. My understanding is this: if a person gets a thing which he need, that thing is beneficial to him; if a person gets a thing which he do not need, that is detrimental. But you seem to separate concepts of need and benefit, could you correct me and expand on this ? What are the elements you refer to ? Could you explain them ? I am familiar with metal, water, wood, earth and fire. To me, these "elements" are helper terms for TCM to remember or understand human body organs behaviour. Also, these elements terminology could be used to categorize matter pre-technological way. You seem to say that humans are single organism with earth(roots), and then you say that we are child of earth(mother), am I correct ? Could you expand on what is fundamental and not fundamental nature and why you call them this way. Is our fundamental nature to be apes hanging in trees ?
  6. SoTG lineage

    I am sorry, I think this would be detrimental to my health.
  7. SoTG lineage

    It seems I understand you. You desire less materialism. To clarify, I did not meant specifically farm animals, I meant all animals, stating farm as an example. It is like, I would feel more relaxed around furniture, electronics, cloth, but not around biology: plants, flowers, animals. I agree.
  8. SoTG lineage

  9. SoTG lineage

    Respectfully, I think you are not correct in a sense that this is for everyone, if I understand your statement correct. Looking at the trees, sea, lake is somewhat distressing for me, but looking at plain and mountains healing. Also, being surrounded and dealing with material things is also relaxing for me. For example it is disgusting for me to think about living around many animals like in a farm.
  10. Side effects

    I too have experienced unwanted side effects, tough. But I like to think that there are no side effects, only effects and people not understanding what the heck they are doing.
  11. Allergies from a tcm/daoist approach?

    Hi @-_sometimes, I would advice caution when dealing with information provided by other people, For example: And I find elsewhere in Face Reading in Chinese Medicine 2012: "The first place to look for constitutional lung strength is the nose (see Chapter 8). The ancient Chinese called the nose the “Gate of Breath.” The size of the nose in the overview of the face is proportional to the size of the lungs within the body cavity. Bigger noses are considered to have more constitutional lung strength, whereas small noses have smaller lung capacity. How the nose functions for breathing is even more important. Because the nose is the first filter for air and temperature, respiratory allergies are considered a sign of a very active immune response to seemingly innocuous and microscopic substances. This is actually a sign of very strong lung Qi, when the onset of allergies occurs in childhood. As irritating as allergies can be, people with severe allergies are less likely to get cancer, because their immune systems are so good at eliminating unwanted cells and pathogens. They have an almost overactive shield to external pathogens and are very sensitive to things other people’s bodies disregard. When the allergies occur later in life, or are systemic in response to environmental toxins, it is a sign of lung deficiency caused by the breakdown of the shield and the early warning system." So, the treatment should be to reduce Lung ?