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  1. Which Qigong/TCM/Acupuncture/ Etc. ?

    To accept one part of self might require to discard another. For example, if you accept to steal or injure someone, you will become a person which you do not want to be. I am not sure if acceptance leads to control. I think control means that you remove that which is unacceptable.
  2. Which Qigong/TCM/Acupuncture/ Etc. ?

    I want to add, that if I would really know fully, then I wouldn't engage in personal discussions, because there would be no need for discussion per se. I would simply make a thread and share what I know.
  3. Which Qigong/TCM/Acupuncture/ Etc. ?

    Denial is when one is but think he is not, so, either he is not aware, delusional, or deny on purpose. Doesn't want to be is a direction a person goes to.
  4. What ? Yes. What is the difference you see ? Oxford languages (through Google search): vengeance = punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong. punishment = the infliction or imposition of a penalty as retribution for an offence. So, the meanings are: vengeance is infliction done for injury; punishment is infliction done for injury;
  5. Are you stupid ? It is written "toss a tank" (which means throw a tank) not "be like a tank"; "tank a nuke" (which means to be unscathed by nuke explosion). No ... your "discourage others" is my "preventive action". Your "punish" is my "revenge". It seems you did not even understand what I write. Cannot answer this now. I meant that you should stop writing, because your posts are disruptive and lack content regarding the topic. You prefer discuss in a conflictual and personal manner and trash threads with many posts. If you stop writing, there will be less threads out of control. What about the last question ... about the , where is the answer ?
  6. What was the plan ? Wow ... you reiterated the meaning of my statement. You are retarded ? Don't write then. By the way, why do you like empty spaces, empty lines and lack of order of symbols like (" logical " ?) so much ?
  7. Being more powerful than nuke might not help, because you are just one person and the world much bigger. So those who oppose you might unite and might find a way to get you somehow, intoxicate you or use your weaknesses like desire for power, love, sex, foods and buy/deceive you this way. Also, you can be only in a single place, if your tools to fight are only punches, then your reach is just a single person at a single time. You will not be able to track know what is happening in other places. To keep everyone in order, you will have to form an alliance with others. To form an alliance power is not sufficient, so you will need either supporters or mercenaries. The way I describe this already feels evil.
  8. That is basically the Dark Side of the Force. Machiavellism. Oppress or destroy the arrogant, corrupted, retarded to advance civilization, order, peace, security. The cruelty I think is retardation and unrefinment. The advanced evil like Nazis actually value refinement, hence they want to create refined culture, order, peace, eradicate disabled and confused. So one way I think would be to let the kids learn what is good the hard way. But when those who are creating destruction with understanding about the effects, then that is a green light to fight against them if one wishes. Also, evil like to sacrifice certain individuals without their approval for the benefit of certain group or population.
  9. I think thoughts about revenge works this way. Someone does something to you, which you do not want to be done and would not do yourself to others; the frustration appears and revenge are actions to remove the frustration; If revenge is not done, the frustration is converted to something else in the body or kept; Law enforcement basically is revenge - pay money, become imprisoned or die. When someone does harm to others, the offender gets revenge and is made as an example for others. So, revenge is sort of an preventive action, not only frustration removal. To not get thoughts about revenge I think one has to understand the motives and circumstances of offense, hence one likely will approve them and do the same in those circumstances.
  10. deleted

    Maybe, it is written in book that several poses photos were taken, but I am not aware of other than this one.
  11. deleted

    I don't know, but I feel that this is ginseng.
  12. What would be wisest to do?

    I have a book about him "The Immortal: True Accounts of the 250-Year-Old Man" by Stuart Alve Olson. If I remember correctly it is said that there were official Chinese government documents regarding his age. There is a photo of him. He looks like a normal old man. It is written in book that Li had long finger nails collection and there were some calculations done about fingernail growth rate and his age. I can't see clearly in the photo if Li has long fingernails, if he does, then the story might have more validity. It is told that he was already more than 100 years when he did meet Daoist master (who was more than 500 years old), so his longevity should have come not from Daoist methods at first. Also, the methods which are presented in the book seem to be very simple (6 healing sounds, 8 brocades, microcosmic orbit) and easy to find in public.
  13. What would be wisest to do?

    If immortality is not external induced (herbs, technology, beings), then immortal most likely is wise, because he achieved immortality through self understanding. When he understand self, he likely understands others, so he can determine if sharing will have positive effect and is possible. Also, there is issue about keeping it secret. If one wants to live in society (friends, community, job, marriage), then people will notice that one does not age and the legal tracking (property, taxes, ids) also will show age. So, this person will have to hide legally somehow and do not have long lasting relationships or trust very selected few. Or share know how, maybe secretly, to raise other people longevity.
  14. 0

    you have to justify ethical behaviour somehow for thick shits. too intense I think.
  15. deleted

    I think it is a mistake to think that community can only be positive. I have seen in media, school, job where people who are friends or colleagues accept insults and negativity from each other, deliberate effort to humiliate, as normal relationship. Usually the offenders call their behavior "humor". I think it would be better to use word "respectable" or "polite" than social / friendly / community.