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  1. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Perhaps a worse tragedy then the painful senseless deaths of hundreds or thousands of innocent King's Landing children is that before hand, 1,000's of real children had been named Khaleesi. A now poor decision seeing the last 2 episodes portray her as a mass murderer, killed ignominiously by her lover. On the other hand, it might help all the girls named Cersei. Seeing their name sake, though a conscienceless murderess, has a lower body count.
  2. Are you a Shaman

    Well.. I don't like to get squeezed, so maybe*. *note you have to be at least this old >46, to that joke.
  3. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Some people get a little too involved. Its about 6 or 8 shows over a year. Well done, mostly. Great acting, good writing, amazing production values. So good that that it can be hard to appreciate how all the little details lure you in. The costuming itself requires PHD's in Westerian history, Sociology and agriculture. I was wondering if anyone had listened to the book audios? I've got a 4 or 5 day car ride ahead of me, and wondering if I should borrow them from the library? Or any other audio book recommendation? I've found the right audio makes the time fly. You don't even want to leave the car.
  4. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    didn't mean to re-post that video. deleted. I thought the ending was alright. Didn't leave me with shock or wonder or very impressed but ending things is hard. Its hard to keep things going for 8 seasons. I wonder what people would have thought of a classical happy ending. Almost happened, if Danerys hadn't done the last dragon attack, instead locked eyes w/ Cersei and flew up to the castle and blasted her. Or simply allowed her troops to enter, arrest then kill her. Thus happy ending w/ Danerys and John. Everybody lives. I wonder if that would have been overly criticized as too trite. Did we get what we came to expect? instead of the soft porn of earlier seasons, we got over the top violence and body count?
  5. New Here - Looking for a Teacher

    Hi Matthewm, Use the search function, you'll find many Mo Pai threads, the good, the bad, the ugly and the hidden. Being a closed system to Westerners there is controversy on who can teach and authenticity, safety etc.. Good luck with your search. The author of the book Magus of Java, Kostas gave an interview here. You may want to start there- You can find the interview at the end of the thread. He's seems to be a well balanced individual. Some who are attracted to esoteric arts just to gain 'powers', not so much. (imo) Without equanimity, self control and self knowledge, the more power, the more wobble and imbalance in mental & physical systems.
  6. Did The Sun Come Up ?

    hmnn, if true this would make me a bit more omnipotent then I thought. In that you, Rideforever are a self-conscious construct running through my head, that I can read/access every now and then. Thus the world may be in your head, but you are in mine. Thus any disorientation you (& your world) may have felt Saturday night was due to $5 whiskey at Wooly's bar in Des Moines.
  7. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Tis over. Long shot Fiber wins. Who even knew he was in the running. What surprised me was that there were any Dothraki left, seemed like they all went down in the initial charge against the dead. Similarly I'm surprised there were so many unsullied alive too. For that matter seems to me the population of the entire world was pretty much decimated. If Thanos had killed half the of GoT's population they'd still be ahead of the game, compared to all the deaths over the seasons.

    Sometimes its good to give up the questions and just be. Do be, Do be, doo - Frank Sinatra, Strangers in the Night '66
  9. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    I like it. It's amazing what google has online. Thanks for the link. Wonder if there's a way to zip this into my kindle app. That'd be too good to be true. addon>> that was easy. Saved as Docx and emailed it to my kindle address. By saving it as docx, I can change the font size. I wonder if I could do this to another book, an expensive one that I just ordered, but its also on google somehow.
  10. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    piece of advice, don't get too attached to anyone. this will explain everything.. in song
  11. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    in some ways its all his fault. He can 'warg' into other people and animals, take them over. Thus he could potentially have 'warged' in Danerys (or her Dragon) and kept her from murdering 10,000s. With great power comes great blame. Heck if he knew as much as Varys he could have caused some sort of intervention, even along the lines of simply telling Jon to have sex with her, thus saving a city and keeping her off Arya's death list.
  12. The Doomsday Scenario

    AI, as a computer science guy in the 80's I'm surprised the field has moved so slowly (along w/ moon bases & flying cars). Being such a great unknown we tend to project our hopes and fears into it. The early results might be underwhelming. On the other hand, like GMO's and virus's we'd better have solid international protocols in place before things get too intelligent. Which of our old sci fy horror movie realities have come true? If there are aliens amongst us, they haven't conquered us or had much affect, that I can see. No zombies, no nuclear wars or fall out. No giant monsters or insects invading. Scary stuff like Ebola and Aids are under control. No world wide pandemics or killer epidemics like there used to be.
  13. I wonder what this would do to the universe

    I eat my Tres Leches cake with a spoon, in order to get every drop and my avocados with salt or salsa. What happens to the universe when random factors align? nothing, but humans get surprised.
  14. The Doomsday Scenario

    They're all wearing different pants. I like the way the Pharaoh (or god) on the right's pants, jut out left for a projected 3D affect, originating below gifts of water (nile), fish and fertility(?). Instead of being displayed as warrior he's a measurer, projecting wisdom. Feels like the eyes are somewhat almond, oriental(?), whereas I know the kingdoms were African and later Greek. The Bird gods hat is reminiscent of the pope's. There's a good chance it was originally colored in, and all we see are the etched remains.