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  1. nahh, I don't think they'll be dropping slips of paper with that advice on war zones. I think its best affect is on thoughtful readers who come to understand that the roots of their aggressiveness lie in restlessness; little irritations, that they are the 'grit' that the match of violence is struck against. That's us personally. Gaining enough awareness and inner peace to control and lessen our worst instincts. The big problems, war crimes, general crimes, require big, indepth, long intensive solutions. From citizen to war criminal there's alot of dominoes being pushed over. To prevent the soldier massacre requires better recruitment, better training, better support, clear goals, rule of engagement and punishments and rewards for following them correctly. Ending the kid's violence begins before he was born. Better social safety net to keep kids out of desperation. Parental education, outreach.. etc., Social network to educate the kid and make sure he has a meal. Within the layers of needed help, Sadhguru's advice is excellent because the social services have a high burnout rate. One of the Aikido students we had joined because they were guidance counselors and hoped Aikido, as a less violent martial art, would help them deal with parents and situations where they wanted to punch people out. I think it did.
  2. Financial tips for the bums

    I'm not sure if anyone mentioned this yet, Goodrx the app is an excellent resource to find the lowest drug cost. In many cases its dramatic. Strangely enough there are cases when its dramatically lower then the Insurance Rate. You literally have to remind the pharmacy not to go through your health insurance company. There's a new service that might be even better. by Mark Cuban allegedly makes 15% profit on each prescription, often wildly less than big box pharmacies. I haven't used it yet, but it looks promising.
  3. How do we know?

    Been there. Called it Melancholy periods. Weeks of feeling dull and listless, depression-light. Covid has made things worse and limits possibilities, but for me, the solution was joining groups and showing up. That's half of life's battle, showing up. In College it was a service fraternity, afterwards a martial art, but it could have been any group that met weekly. The way out took momentum. Going whether I felt like it or not. It helped that the martial art had few members and there was pressure to show up, participate and eventually teach, to keep it alive. Force yourself enough, with reminders and preparation, and it becomes habit and you end up looking forward to going, and reap the rewards. addon> course this lift yourself up by bootstraps can work with melancholy, but for full on depression, not so much. Having a professional to talk to can be lifesaving. The brain itself can get out of whack and the right medicine can be miraculous.
  4. How do we know?

    imo It's not about knowing, or being 'right'. It's about passion and resonating. It's important to find something you can believe in and be passionate about. For some its religion, finding a niche, sometimes a re-evaluation of what they grew up with, but seen with new eyes or with a new dynamic modern leader. Or the passion goes into a hobby. From art to martial arts to nearly anything that has depth. Take time to see what's offered around you. What might peak your interest. Be open. Give things an honest try. For me, the God stuff is mostly about noise and silence. Trying to get quieter and quieter, so I can hear the universe better. Or listening to silence after sacred sounds. Course sacred is what we make sacred, still some sounds resonate. So does some wisdom. When you find that resonance, go deeper. I think we better when we have a prayer or chant.. even if its just so we can listen deeper to the silence after.
  5. Cargo cult

    Larry Niven the sci fy writer wrote a book which involved the Cargo Cult phenomena, Dream Park. It was pretty good. I visited Cargo Cult, way back in 2013 and know John Frum. It was a blast. 2013 Art Theme: Cargo Cult Theme by Larry Harvey, text by Larry Harvey and Stuart Mangrum, illustration by D.A. of Black Rock (aka Dominic Tinio) β€œAny sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke Who is John Frum? He is known to us by many names, this Visitor from Elsewhere, dispenser of endless abundance and wielder of mysterious technologies: John Frum, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, β€œBob.” His cargo is splendid, his generosity boundless, his motives beyond our understanding. But across the ages and around the world, the stories all agree: one day he will return, bearing great gifts. Our theme this year asks three related questions; who is John Frum, where is he really from, and where, on spaceship Earth, are we all going? The fascinating lesson of the Cargo Cult phenomena is how history becomes legend. As events fade, they're colored by hopes and resentments or are never correctly understood in the first place. Who's to say the imagined past is not more useful than the actual. Maybe we're living in the imagined past, right now.
  6. Filling up the lower Dan Tien- How and Why

    bump. was reminded of this thread recently. it's pretty good, well worth slogging through.
  7. Ch 3 - a totalitarian dark place?

    I get the feeling this is highly studied by communist party leaders. As a personal code, its got benefits, but as a strategy of ruling people it can turn Orwellian.
  8. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    There must be.. 50 ways. addon> I read the book 'Life 102, What to do when your guru sues you'. The author, Peter McWilliams, a smart guy got sucked into a cult, and the difficulty getting out. Cults and marketing, prey on our elitist instincts- that we are the few exceptional ones who will really understand this. The smarter you are the better you might be at rationalizing bull shit. We all need friends honest enough to tell us when we're going astray, and the wisdom to believe them.
  9. Thank you DaoBums

    Any book that influences our lives, is worthy to write commentary about. Let the purists read elsewhere. And kudos to those discussing the DDJ on group interpretive threads.
  10. Original Dao Bums

    I too was wondering what I may have said. I assume it was quite awhile ago. added (unless it was about the practice that must Not Be Named..for fear of vast wasteland of redundant pages) I haven't been active much. I haven't been to the Original Dao in a long time, not sure I've ever even posted there. My past is a mystery, even to me. Anyhow, it's a loss. Running and modding a site is work, sometimes anxious heart rending work. My compliments to Zhangzhi for keeping it going for so long, all sites tend to be uphill battles. I'd love to start skimming the Original Dao site while its still up. I'm sure there's much gold there, as the OD admin said politics made it darker. Many of the TB members who migrated there were excellent, eccentric, problematic at times, but they had heart and knowledge. I'm not a mod but personally I wouldn't mind them coming back to the site. I'd certainly ask them to acknowledge that politics, clingy one sided, insulting politics are poisonous. Sometimes you gotta say, what you gotta say, but WE'RE NOT A POLITICAL SITE- RIGHT OR LEFT OR WRONG. If you have to say something political, spit it out, and leave it lying there like turd, don't defend or keeping going back to educate others. This is not the place to 'OWN' anybody. At our best we're an eclectic philosophy site, who's member shoot the shit and respect each other. Been watching the series- Godless on Netflix. Lately my verbage is filled w/ old West cliches. apologies, now git you doggies.
  11. Learning with Master Bruce Frantzis

    I forget who said it, maybe Michael McAllister of InfiniteSmile podcasts. That dis-illusionment w/ your teacher was part of the game. A widespread phenomena. He experienced it from both sides. I think his advice was if the teaching is worthwhile, move through it, suck it up, you'll develop a mechanism to get past it. In time you'll get back into the groove.
  12. I'm just impressed he was human being. I dislike when wise men are made into gods. The tendency to need miracles to prop up holy men.
  13. It's an old Michael Winn/ Healing Tao practice from his Basics CD (, specifically the Ocean breathing and 5 movements. I learned it 25 or 30 years ago, from him live and got his CD. Probably a bit cheaper then, hell it was probably on video cassette. Couldn't find a youtube video of it. As a consolation here is his version of Pangu form, nice simple energetic qigong form. When the mood strikes me, I'll do Pangu then do some of the 5 movements he taught. One of the 5 is a Crossing the Ocean move, that is imo, very good for the back.
  14. man made stuff

    Cool.. Where are the dice? How do you play?