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  1. Mental Rituals

    That reminds me of Tibetan 'Chod' meditation. Where you offer up your body to a demon to help it and rid yourself of some karma. I've got a guided meditation and it always feel to me like an extreme version of a metta meditation. So loving you even sacrifice for a demon. Here's one I've used. I think it starts about 8:30 minutes into it
  2. My theory, and its a bit of a skeptical one, is if ghost hunting Youtubes are like the ghost hunting shows on TV then I wouldn't give them too much credence. In that they play games like putting microphone sensitivity to the highest so any vague sound is loud and spooky. Maybe some are valid but they need ratings and imo are playing to audience expectations. Same with Big Foot 'hunts' on TV. Your finding 70% of Americans to be into witchcraft is interesting. I don't doubt that 70% of the people you run into may be into it, but thats not a representation of the US. Like if you were into bird watching you'd mention it and find lots of Americans are enthusiastic about it, but that wouldn't mean it was a majority, rather it'd be selective bias at play.
  3. Canna Bums

    It's been recommended to me starting out with much less, the 3 to 5 gram, or rather closer to 3. Though since I'll theoretically I'll have fresh for a week, perhaps try 2 or 3, which while 30 to 50 grams, the whole are supposedly 1/10 the potency of dried. Rather, I'm willing to take it slow, probably make a tea. Rallis-I would advise never buy anything like that online! Sources are always suspect. Good advice. Nowadays it'd be on the Dark Web. I'm going back so far, that it was legal then. The place had good reviews and delivered what they said.
  4. Canna Bums

    No, though strangely an older member and I purchased some dried Amanita muscaria, when it was still available on the net. And like some other things I've tried at Burning Man they didn't have much affect. Other then wives throwing out our 'stash'. Which could be the end result of my present endeavour.
  5. Canna Bums

    may as well intermix it. I think you and Nungali are exactly right. It should be viewed and respected in a religious sense, strange as that sounds. Religious as in the prepare yourself, quiet mind & body, focus within and on as aspect of the positive & holy. If you can't get to place of peace and serenity then don't go there. I expect there's a couple of vitamins and mineral, kinds of things to take before the shroom to ease the trip. Good or bad, don't go there often. Physically you're developing tolerance, spiritually you're abusing a spiritual method for kicks. Course I'm writing like I have experience, which I don't, other then what I've read. The hope is warmth in my stomach and the ecstatic, mystic sense of Oneness.. Or throwing up, paranoia and sense I've made a mistake. For me, at this point in my life, its worth rolling the dice. There may be bad karma with purchasing drugs. Bad things are happening in other countries because of US hunger for them. Maybe growing my own side steps that.
  6. Canna Bums

    I'm thinking of growing some mushrooms(B+). Matter of fact I have some supplies coming to me. If this thread is inclusive enough, anyone have advice?
  7. Taoist Immortal Monarchs: Alchemy in Nature

    My neighbors grows a couple varieties of milk weed. He'll also capture certain caterpillars, cage'em, keep'em fed, wait til they chrysalis, and turn to butterflies then releases them. Says they have a better chance that way. I don't know. I do like butterflies though. They are perhaps our true Phoenii, correction phoenixes, ..'If talking about the mythological bird, there is no plural. Only one existed at a time.' Fini
  8. I have it. Well written, packed with information. Wang Liping is the genuine article, his retreats are very expensive, so in comparison his books are a bargain. More importantly, members here who've studied with him are impressive. For a dabbler myself, who likes things simple, the book for the most part is overkill. I'll open it now and then for insight or to try one of the dozens of exercises for a bit then go back to something simpler, but thats me. For anyone interested in the Daoist esoteric energy arts, its an excellent book by one of the worlds foremost practitioners. Its a layered practice with the secret being long years/decades of dedication.
  9. Any interesting plans for June?

    For 20 38 years I thought it was- Bring me to Manny's . I thought Manny was the bad guy in the song. That he was incharge of the chain gang. Loved the video. Come to think of it, Manny wasn't in it.
  10. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Thats not an altogether bad idea. Let me bring it up to Trunk This thread got pretty ugly pretty fast, way too much mockery. Then a few bright points that could be just as well made elsewhere. <for the record I'm sorry to see Void not active here, eccentric, knowledgeable, manic, troublesome, always interesting, rarely malicious>
  11. What you guys working on in June? Anything strange or new? I'm gonna take a step back meditation wise. Simplify, work on breathing exercises. Particularly those on a youtube Breathing Mantra. They have some nice 30 minute practices with tones. Start with the tri sets of 7-7-7 (in, out, hold)and see how high I can get comfortably. And they have quad sets of x-x-x-x, In, hold, out, hold.. 30 minutes w/ nice spiritual music going. Maybe supplement with my old Silent Grounds tones that were x,x or 1,4,2 rhythm, ie 6in, 24hold, 12 out. At one point I'd worked up to 10in, 40, hold, 20 out. Such breathing practice is a bit of crutch, in that real meditation isn't listening to things outside. Yet good breathing makes for better meditation, so why not refresh myself; see if I can get back to longer breath cycles of a minute or so. I want to work on strength. I've been turning into a Covid potato. So, at least 100 (easy) pushups a day and a 100 squats, maybe 50 squats if done w/ kettlebell. Maybe one day of rest, if I've done 6 days in a row. That along with long walks. With pushups I should build up to 200 (easy countertop) pushups in two weeks, but not if I don't start. Lastly, I want to raise some mushrooms. The mundane, like oysters, and the exotic. Supplies coming.
  12. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Too bad saunas are closed. To me they're a cheat for better sitting. Not that you want to spend too much time in one, but the heat relaxes all the muscles. It's like an instant flexibility upgrade. One that only lasts while you're in the sauna. When the world opens, and you wanta work on full lotus, hit the sauna. On the other hand its good not to be too reliant on a position. Meditation at its best should be accessible, without formal sitting, ie don't leave it on the zafu.
  13. On walking

    Sometimes on long walks, I wonder what my next thought will be then like magic thinking stops. And I just walk.
  14. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Since we're talking about sitting. This reminds me of a sitting style Glenn Morris used. It was half lotus with the under leg tucked in so much that it pressed against the perineum, thus putting some pressure on it, 'locking' it. I tried it a few times, wasn't very comfortable. At my (low) level, I assume the mental leaking is far more important then the physical stuff. At times its good to push, other times its good to go for comfort.
  15. New Dao Bums world map created

    The only person I've excluded is silent thunder, everyone else can.. can't do anything. Apparently from Google- You can't share: A map with your saved locations, which are private A map with a distance measurement Unless someone wiser then I figures out how to share pins? It may not be a feature anymore , which is why our original map went dead.