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  1. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    This was part of new member Stewart's intro- Stewart Posted 7 hours ago Second I would like know more about (Tao) Sages. Are there any Sages today and if so how does one access them? What constitutes a Sage and how does one know the qualifications of a Sage. Great Question. Who do you consider to be living Sages these days? Names.. books.. At various times I think we all spout sagely things, but its not all that predictable and the real trick is living it, not spitting it. Otherwise we'd worship fortune cookies. I'll answer Ajahn Brahms as living Sage. A monk (that's head monk to you) who walks the walk and has great sense of humor. I'd point people to his book Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond: A Mediator’s Handbook, many podcasts see brahm He can get pretty deep, but I love him at his funniest such as -
  2. A Pure Tao

    A. Welcome to the Dao Bums B. That's a pretty interesting group of questions. I think I'll steal it and make it into a thread, for greater discussion. see how it works. thread started in the Daoist Discussion area.
  3. Emergency situation, seeking advice (content may be triggering)

    Easy and quick, I recommend guided meditations. Just got to listen to them, nothing else. See There are short of chi gung forms on youtube he could persue, see if any strike his interest. Easier to learn then a Tai Chi form. Personally I like Pan Gu. One could look up Michael Winn Pangu and find a version (*note not the 'official' one).
  4. The true path of the warrior wizard

    I think one has to be careful with the term warrior. I think its a word oft repeated by the ego and whispered into the ears of the bad as often as the good.
  5. I'm reminded that knot tying was an art of the samurai, a martial or post martial I should say. Relatively forgotten but one with depth of technique and many levels. Even today in Aikido there are ceremonial knots worn on traditional clothes and woe be it to the newby who unties them, cause to redo them takes quite a depth of knowledge. Undoubtedly because beyond there intricate beauty there are deeper symbolic meanings to them.
  6. Chaos

    that's the story of the Universe. makes you wonder how much of our life, how much of our future is chaos? Unknown, unknowable, randomness. So I say, Get used to it & learn to enjoy it.
  7. Thought experiment to bring the Truth out?

    Here's one. Pretend you've got a friend, a pen pal. You know all about him, his strengths and weaknesses. A nice guy, you know his history.. he writes you with the problem. Take your time, write back what you think he should do. Literally write it, freehand or type. It slows you down a little and hopefully gets a little deeper into your subconscious. Doing this takes the 'I' out of the equation and may give a little more clarity or toughness to the answer. Cause this isn't to just anyone, this is to a friend much like yourself. What they can and should do.
  8. Pressure Cookers & Protein Powder

    I like my Instant Pot and its been real good for soups and stews, but can't say I make anything particularly ketonic in it. For a good dose of protein how do you feel about eggs? They can be controversial but I find them great packets of protein and a whole lot more (including dietary cholesterol). Hard boiled they take on the herbal flavorings sprinkled on. As omelets they're cooked in a few minutes and make handy pouches for whatever proteins you put in the middle (my latest is spicy bean dip from jar). If the cholesterol is concerning there's not using the yolk or using less of them. I don't use it but these days the variety of protein powder seems really diverse, from egg white to pea powder, its not just casein based anymore. You could experiment with something tastier. Maybe even hit a juice bar kinda place and see if they'd set you up with some mini-experiments with what they have. Or find a place where you buy by the ounce and try a few in various recipes and see what you like. Sometimes just changing the type of milk in shakes makes a big difference. Lastly for recipes and information on protein powder is a good source-
  9. Emergency situation, seeking advice (content may be triggering)

    When things go off kilter slow down or stop, take a break. Leave the manic cycle. Stop the social media, go for walks in nature. Disregard signs. For a while anyway. Sometimes we overload our systems, get disturbing feedback and need to reset.
  10. Good evening Dao people..

    Your English is very good. Glad to have you here and look forward to your insights. Many people here have desires to escape to the forest or mountains, at least for a while and would love to hear how you manage.
  11. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    The idea of an alternative semi-underground currency is a decent one. But the point of it is to hold value steadily, not be a vehicle of speculation. It's ironic that's what they've become. Too often newbies in any kind of trading forget the value of diversification and risk control. I know I did, my first foray into the investment world had me putting all my money into one stock, buying and selling. Success too, for awhile but odds catch up. I'd have done much better diversifying and not being so greedy, ie I moved on to buying on margin. It's not just eggs in one basket, it's balancing all your eggs in a tiny nest. The worst thing that can happen to a person walking into a casino is winning big at first. They get the idea it's easy or that they're lucky. It can set them up for an expensive bad trip or lifetime of losses. Versus the person who breaks even and sees whats going on with the odds. These cryptocurrencies are fragile and ethereal. Invest if you want.. but control your losses, don't get emotional or suckered in. It's a horse race where the horses don't really exist. Let's see if I can offer any semi-solid advice.. Looking at charts, imo, volume is as important as price. It's part of the pulse. I like to think of it like piano music, price is the rising or falling of the notes, yet volume is how hard the keys are played. I don't do day trading anymore, but I like to see if I can hear the music of individual stocks, and the price is rising, yet the intensity (volume) is falling, I reckon the tune(& price) will settle lower. Looking at the daily movement of bitcoin I see that phenomena happening now. That's one of my things.. certainly its not precise, but neither is music, yet sometimes, there's a predictive flow. Create your own metaphor, see how well it matches the reality of the movement. Don't trust it completely, the market gods punish hubris, but trust it a little bit, give it some action. See how it does.
  12. Excuses, excuses...

    Sometimes, the Universe isn't trapping you, its giving a gift. that's one fortune cookie in my bag of excuses anyway.
  13. Financial tips for the bums

    If you find yourself buying much from Amazon it makes sense to look into a Amazon credit card, especially if you're a prime member. The prime rewards card is free and gives you 5% back. We've been buying (& renting) college text books from Amazon and its expensive but cheaper then the university book store. The card gives 5% back on Amazon purchases, 2% back on gas, restaurants and drugstores, and 1% on everything else. It has no yearly fee and no foreign transaction fee (rare, most other cards charge an ouchy 3 to 5% outside the states). If you shop at Target, they also have a 5% back credit card. In my view, this is free money. As long as you'll be responsible and pay the debt off on time. If you can't, then maybe having a single card (lowest interest is most important then) might make life easier. Or in that case, perhaps play the credit card swap game, swinging from no interest for 6 months card to the next as long as is allowed, knowing that debt is tricky and out of control it can turn you into a penniless indentured servant. So be careful, better to limit buys to needs then go into debt. On the third hand, as my sister often points out to me, if we don't support local stores, they and there jobs, and the financial eco system of our towns will dry up. So.. that's a counter reason not to buy from the big box corporate mega opolies Still for some things, they do make sense.
  14. I liked Andrei's advice. I'd add, let the past die. No more blaming actions on the past. Your body has an amazing ability to recover, just get out of its way. You don't want to play games or see porn, delete them from your computer. There are apps and programs that can keep you from going there. Similarly, to clean up your diet, keep the crappy stuff out of your house and only eat in, or brown bag it. Keep things simple and eliminate choices.. for a while.. a few months of discipline and you should see your life turn around. Also, don't be too hard on yourself either. Seems to me it's the going overboard that's tripping you up. See if you can enjoy some small releases without tripping yourself up with excess. Find the skillful means that allows that and you're on a solid path. Skillful means = having strategies in place; plan a, b, c & d.
  15. Difference between imagination and reality? Reality is more stubborn. What is enlightenment? To me, losing 10#'s. For others its gaining perspective ground in reality. Your relationship to all things are put in their proper perspective, thus aspects of ego are dropped, certain freedoms gained. What is awakening? Dropping ones programming/karma. Seeing the world without the perceptual filters of culture, emotion and desire. What is is? Yes.