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  1. Interval Timers for Practice

    I like Insight Timer too. Course having a smart speaker like Amazon Echo Dot or Google one, both around $35ish, mean you can set timers by voice. Speaking of ZZ, I like standing to Rawn Clarks Archaeous series, and the lessons are about 15 minutes long, so they act as a natural timer. I wonder if you could find 3 minute music segments, even better if they somehow relate the posture and string them together in a playlist. Might make for a pleasant experience. I suppose even the same 3 minute piece repeated a few times would act as a timer
  2. Moon Phase

    I believe its supposed to be a very reddish full moon too. In that it'll rise close to the sun's set. Here abouts in Chicago, moon rise 4:26 pm, Sunset 4:50 pm. Which can mean a spectacular moon rise over the Lake Michigan.
  3. Just seeking my path

    I thought that too but a preamble I often do before meditation is I'm not my body, it is the vehicle I inhabit and a prized possession. I'm not my thoughts, they are like clouds passing in the sky I'm not my emotions, I acknowledge and let them settle.. I'm not my past.. future.. possessions, family.. ..I strive to be breath and awareness. A couple years ago, I had a heart procedure, a stent was put in. I was doped up, but not completely under. I heard the surgeon say, 'well this isn't going well'. Because I so often repeated I'm not my body.. not my thoughts, I could accept the moment gracefully. Keep calm and be with whatever happened next without fear. or maybe it was the drugs but holding things too tightly, creates tension and fear.
  4. Weapons training with PVC pipe

    I've had fun moving in the opposite direction. Having a metal pipe as a jo and using a suburito, extra heavy bokken. Heavy creates respect. Slows you down, enforces proper body mechanics, especially if you want to control the weapon rather then have it control you. It's nice to whirl around a light instrument, hear it whistle as it moves, like a cheap kung fu flick, but heavy has its rewards and honesty to it. As does old fashion striking (repeatedly) a large tire. Striking the air, no matter how fast or pretty does not substitute for hitting a hard target.
  5. Attainment of the Tao

    To live well centered with a sense of flow. To have grace and shibumi, simplicity and efficiency.
  6. Meditation sickness and related deviations

    Some traditional teachers, particularly from Japan, were very strict, and off putting but.. thats window dressing, a cultural flavor.. how they were taught. It was important to look beyond it, play by there rules and thus learn from them. I'm sure our Western flippancy was just was just as hard for them to stomach. I think its good for people to be exposed to ye olde strict traditional. No nonsense, little instruction- see and do, then shut up and listen. Not everyones cup of tea, but good to be flexible enough to deal with it. back to OP. I don't think most people have problems with beginning energy meditation, but some are energy sensitive and too much too soon, screws them up. Thus for them and most, when things go sidewise, heat up, its best to slow down or stop. As people advance, I've found getting more energy without getting more equanimity, balance, te, means they wobble more. Bad traits become worse. Most traditions have dharma lessons for a reason. Without wisdom, power, internal, external- corrupts.
  7. Just seeking my path

    funny, I was just thinking that my favored style of immortality would be to grow old, and at some point have control to set myself back to say, 22. At which point the clock starts again. No healing powers, or super powers other then that reset button. An accident could kill or cripple me, but risk adds spice to life. Growing old is an integral part of the human experience. Just seems one life time is too short, but after a few, I think I'd call it quits and see what if anything comes next.
  8. What's a problem you have? See if you can break it down into 5 elements. Which ones are there, which are waning, which ones are complimentary or warring? Giving some time for analysis, what strategies, also based on the 5 elements can you employ to solve the problem?
  9. Violet Flame

    In Glenn Morris's work he'd recommend people pay attention to the colors they saw behind there eyes. If/when you saw purple, he indicated you were doing something right. Course in the Chakra system purple is the top heavenly color. Similarly its the color adopted by Western royalty too.
  10. Five Important Themes of the DDJ

    Not sure you understand Buddhism. You might want to get gain some clarity by talking to one. I don't think they'd agree with most of things you've said. At least not the Buddhists I know. With such vitriol towards them, I have to wonder if some Buddhists robbed you or beat you up lately and its coming out in your writing.
  11. Years ago, maybe a decade I did research into sun gazing. I got the impression its energizing but on the dangerous side of things. Seems like watching the sunrise or sunset is on the lighter safer side, great spiritual practice too. I like watching the sun when its moonlike behind thick cloud cover. And brighter sun through closed lids, soaking up the colorful phosphorescence. But its a practice to be careful with. There was at least one guru who claimed vast health and powers available through longer and longer staring the sun. I believe they left quite a few damaged acolytes in there wake. With some practices, more is definitely worse and dangerous.
  12. The Shocking State of Human Insanity

    Maybe how screwed up we are, might help with enlightenment. But imo telling other people they're screwed up might be moving in the wrong direction. In that, isn't that what everyone does now?
  13. The Shocking State of Human Insanity

    The OP wastes alot of time and mind on people and things that make them angry. One could buy a cheap finger heart rate monitor and see how your heart responds to posts about who and how much one hates. Not just your heart, you're probably triggering an array of hormonal soups that's triggering bad stuff, inflammation etc.. So.. they're very slowly killing you but it's kinda suicide. In South Western Malaysia there's people living on a peninsula in a 3 flat apartment who really really piss me off. But I don't know there names and nothing they do affects me so, I don't give these bastard peninsula 3 flatters any mind, cause it's be insane to waste my time on them. But for you people going to Malaysia, the south west part, and get to a peninsula, and get to a street with lots of 2 and 3 flats. Know that the 2 flatters are fine. Just look out for the people in the 3 flats. Note was typed painfully slowly on a phone, letter by letter w my thumb. You probably don't care about that, but maybe you should. Something something bout wastin time.
  14. 3 day water fast.

    Think I'll join you soon. Last year I was using aTim Ferris short fasting protocol. I'm overdue for another trip.
  15. Please leave ego aside to read this

    Thanks for sharing with us. One day see if you could dig up a copy of Pathnotes of a Ninja Grandmaster, silly title, great book. Lots of discussions on enlightenment, bujinkan, Maatsumi. Full of adventure as well as specific exercises. The stuff the KAP system was created from.