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  1. Let me throw this in. Somethings don't have to be true or logical to be useful. The concept of past/present/now being the same can be an powerful mental tool. Abiding there gives a deep sense of patience and peace. It knocks causality on its head and opens the mind a bit. So.. very useful. Best to time things with an hour glass. When we want more time we can always flip it over.
  2. Welcome to the site. If you want to go beyond logic. Think of a question that's bothering you, then open the DDJ to a random page and read. See what insights (if any) the passage has for your problem.
  3. Some of the best guided meditations are from the Indian tradition called Yoga Nidra. There are dozens if not hundreds of them available and they are wonderful for putting you into a deep state of openness and relaxation. They tend to be less visual then most western scripts, so work well with people who don't visualize as well. Here is a link to a short simple 16 minute one- Here's a nice one for sleep- Here's a long one with nice tibetan bells I encourage people to go to and try out a few, find one they like, download it and work with it. Often there are bits we miss the first few listenings that have experiential teachings. For those with Amazon Alexa units, you can Open up the skill Yoga Nidra, then anytime you want to hear a nice one you simply say Play Yoga Nidra and it plays. I notice the Yoga Nidra network changes there selection. One of favorite longer ones Beach and Stars is no longer available. So if you like one, download and why not throw them the organization a pound or two for it. Google or search youtube for Yoga nidra and you can find many other sources for them.
  4. Moving away from Qi, Darkness training- days spent in the total darkness seems to activate different centers in the mind. Melatonin production and inner eye awareness is greatly enhanced, many report psychic centers opening. It's fascinating to read accounts of those who go through the Healing Tao Total Darkness Retreat. info on it- One guys experience-
  5. Its infamous to hear one people lament he spent 2 bitcoins on a pizza, and hear someone else chime in, yeah, except I bought 2 pizzas for 4! Bitcoin spent all of 2010 under a buck, first 3 months of 2011 under $2.. then it exploded.
  6. I'd also say take it easy. Perhaps, dinner, movie.. Don't be too forward or move too fast. After all, you can't teach an old ttc manuscript new tricks.
  7. I find the Bum part as important or maybe more important the Dao. In that we are an eclectic board, filled with many traditions and practices. Bums can be pretty cool. Open and traveling.
  8. I don't know, if local currencies fluctuated like bitcoin does, it'd be disastrous. Hyperinflationary and a host of other problems. To me the most interesting global currency is the one we have in our pockets now.. the credit card- Visa, Mastercard. Amazing stuff, useful throughout the world; buys, sells and converts easily and effortless. It's not there for speculation rather its an amazingly convenient tool for trade.
  9. Thanks for bringing this up. What am I waiting for.. responsibilities, to wife.. kids.. I've compromised my integrity enough so that one more dream delayed is par for the course.. Responsibility is as much a cornerstone of life as dreams. The plain unglamourous redundant work.. that builds something.. trust.. daily bread. Little things that shouldn't be belittled. Still, I'll get something like it some day. In the meantime, I'll hit Burning Man(s) and could probably put some work into pieces of the dream.. working on hammocks and terrariums..
  10. Paradoxically it'd be a better investment if it held its price or went up (or down) in a slow predictable manner. That's what a currency, alt or not is supposed to do. The way the price behaves means its not fulfilling its design. Rather its a speculative, erratic and well.. balloony. Yet there's times dumb money beats smart. This is one. If a person is willing to gamble with money they don't mind losing 50% of then.. maybe? but if you can't afford to lose half quickly, don't. In truth the regular old stock market has some good wind behind it. Slow and steady wins races.
  11. This is common sense, even instinctive, when walking in the winter there's a strong connection between warmth and heart rate. A higher heart beat, not racing, you don't want to sweat, just higher, creates much more warmth then a calmer one.
  12. The first mask-like image struck me as part African, part Cirque de Soleil. They had some amazing artistic skills. I wish the pictures had something so we could reference the sizes of the objects. That eye popping mask is also interesting, shades of Hermes, god of optometry.
  13. Morning Meditation is interesting because its mostly empty and there is no particular induction. Rather it begins with a call to remember that you were recently in that twilight area between sleep and wakefulness. That deeply relaxed hynagogic state where the body is supremely relaxed, the mind slow and open. I've always found it to be one of the greatest luxuries in life, staying in that state. So the induction is remember that state, feel it, go back to it. Then imagining it's night and remember what a good day it was, what goals have been accomplished. Mostly blank except for the ending. Very NLPish.
  14. I'm not sure we'd actually want to have little Dalai Lamas running around.. but I can see it coming true as a self fulfilling prophecy. Kids tend to glom onto one's expectation, and there can be spirituality even in the midst of rebellion.
  15. Aloha, I'd love to hear about the state of yoga and esoteric practices on the Big Island. It strikes me as an amazing incubator between east and west for many arts, including one of my favorites, Aikido.