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  1. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    I'm working on something. it goes like this- f l u s hhhhhh <you do realize, because I don't respect you, your insults are.. not worth the paper, they're not written on. And thats sad because you genuinely have talent, but you're rude, abrasive and egotistical as hell, so not worth peoples time>
  2. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    We're bums man. Just bums. Nothing special, except maybe to each other. You are too good for us, We don't deserve you. You should leave and find a forum that does. One that gives you the accolades & respect you deserve.
  3. Greetings Everyone

    at this point, Your commentary is kinda a parody. ie what would a really nasty person write.. i'm just throwing out crazy ideas here, but would you want to take a hiatus to get your groove back? A little more equanimity..
  4. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    All this talk of You're a troll, No, You are, gets silly. Though it may serve a purpose. I thought reminding people to be nice and respectful was the answer, when instead, maybe this is a necessary nasty period. One I hope peaks and goes away. A very wise man (ST) once told me- "Honestly, I see it as a pressure release valve at this point. Folks will out their bile and panic in some way, perhaps venting here keeps them from shitting on whomever may be couped up with." This forum isn't real life; so better the anger here then at our mates. Still we'll have to let it pass. Live and let live, leave the trolls under the bridge. All of us.
  5. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    I envy you. thats an attitude worth shooting for. i gotta renew work on the Secret Smile practice.
  6. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    hopefully I'm on everyone's ignore list, but can't help thinking this kind of thread would be better in a PPD, then the New Comer corner. rubs mud on belly, does the hokey poke and turns self around- SEAN, Sean, if you can hear me, We Could use Some Moderation (I sent an (digital) SOS to the world)
  7. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    Thanks for sharing. I am so glad you and yours are feeling better. I assume your family is pretty typical, and sadly 100,000's or millions will be following in your foot steps. Hope they, and we, do as well.
  8. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    Whoa, so you had it. How are you now? How's your family?
  9. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    This site ha good information if you catch it. Including Home Isolation. As time goes by it may be good to plan some 'What If..' scenarios. ie if someone gets sick what room they should be in and how to handle and keep the rest of the house as germ free as possible. In other news I've learned how to use Grub Hub.. free delivery from local restaurants. Supports them, gives us a cooking break and brave new world, they leave it at the door. Tonight is Thai
  10. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    thank you GStroll. Keep writing 'I am not a troll'. I know one day you won't be
  11. Blessing food and water before consumption

    As an aside, I find Chinese and Thai restaurants that have a well defined shrine (in some corner), with fresh fruit and drink, usually have the best food.
  12. The perfect weapon

    looking for a place for this-
  13. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    frig, the GStroll is still at it.
  14. The perfect weapon

    Actually according to, St. Corona is the saint of ..' Corona is invoked in connection with superstitions involving money, such as gambling or treasure hunting..' ( The Wikipedia also says that. Corona's memorial day is 24 November (11 November in the Orthodox church calendar) though her & St Victor's feast day is May 14. was asked if she was connected to plagues and diseases due to meme/conspiracy theory going around the internet. There research was - Nope. ( . Humorously, they theorize it was created by the same 'logicians' who believe Corona beer is connected to the virus. Note- It isn't. The fact that something was named Corona, doesn't mean its connected. Or if something happens on May 14th, its doesn't mean it's connected to Israel. Many things happen on that date cause things have to happen sometime. The Pope's meeting doesn't seem too nefarious. Matter of fact its amazingly tolerant and a 'more open and inclusive education' is one its themes. A call against discrimination and towards fraternity. Seems worthwhile, don't know if it'll actually go on due to the Virus but I applaud its goals. Not that it has much power, any more then the usual yearly such meeting does. 'To this end, I wish to endorse a global event, to take place on 14 May 2020 on the theme Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance. This meeting will rekindle our dedication for and with young people, renewing our passion for a more open and inclusive education, including patient listening, constructive dialogue and better mutual understanding. Never before has there been such need to unite our efforts in a broad educational alliance, to form mature individuals capable of overcoming division and antagonism, and to restore the fabric of relationships for the sake of a more fraternal humanity". "There is thus a need to create an “educational village”, in which all people, according to their respective roles, share the task of forming a network of open, human relationships. According to an African proverb, “it takes a whole village to educate a child”. We have to create such a village before we can educate. In the first place, the ground must be cleared of discrimination and fraternity must be allowed to flourish, as I stated in the Document that I signed with the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar on 4 February this year in Abu Dhabi." With a tiny bit of research, now we know the rest of the story. That if searching for treasure, Corona's available and that the Pope's meeting on May 14th, if it happens, is surprisingly inclusive and progressive.
  15. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    I was just wondering about this myself. From my limited reading starting around 103 is good, but much seems to depend on the person's overall health at the time.