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  1. Death of Sogyal Rinpoche

    This dove tails on another thread we had on how celibacy can lead to stagnation, can lead to mental demons out of control. Does it happen more often in clergy due to celibacy. Due to fame and ego? Or is it part of the human condition, happening to everyone to some degree and but its the rich, famous and clergy who get the press.
  2. Random thoughts. Words are expensive.. especially vowels. loose lips, sink ships but are good for kissing. Everything has its price Except Greenland, it can't be bought or sold.
  3. How to avoid wet dreams ?

    A worthy focus. Real balance is dynamic and that means sometimes going far to one side, cause thats how you gain momentum. The teachers who influenced me tended to be more into flow then savings. Not that 'savings' is unimportant but that wide channel, flowing energy was as important. if things get unbalanced or over heated, imo, don't worry too much about some jing release, conscious or unconscious. Even the evergreen sheds a few needles, now and again.
  4. Humans Without Souls

    I was thinking of adding a line saying that aimed at an individual, it might be accurate and as you point out, diagnostic, not necessarily a slam. I just find when aimed at groups, it tends to say more about the accuser then the accused.
  5. Kabbalic diagrams are a bit to cerebral for me. I like practices like Rawn Clarks where during a chant yud hey vav hey, the letters are imagined on the body. Where feeling of internal, universal, temporal are felt and placed during the chant or rather canticle. A kind of We are Tree of life. It included healing variations too. Sadly doesn't seem to be active anymore. hopefully thats temporary. Some great practices on it, including some sophisticated 32 level tree of life stuff.
  6. Humans Without Souls

    To me, accusing groups of people of not having a soul, most often means you don't know them and you don't like them.
  7. me too. Up at 3:30am and that was that. Double the energy cause big storm was going on. Got in some meditation though.
  8. Continuation

    Its kinda silly for me to keep posting here but.. When you write elders of the school, don't you mean Spirit Elders (literally), who came to him in a dream and told him to stop or else. Which I can dig.. some lineages reputedly have such things happen. If you are referring to Jim McMillan, isn't that hard to measure? Didn't he write that after a year and half John Chang told him he was doing the breathing the wrong/opposite way? How long did he spend studying directly under JC? Was it years or more of catch as catch can during long vacation stretches? I'm sure he was good dedicated student with talent, but Eastern teachers have been known to flatter naive Westerners cause they got money and connections that might be needed later. Westerners can have a hard time separating myth, legend and leg pulling, which happens in the other direction too.
  9. Continuation

    Do you really know that? Eastern Mo Pai has living masters who teach and give feedback based on a lifetime of dedication and study. Seems to me, you don't. Have you talked to any current senior students or instructors in Asia? Given the chance to study under a Mo Pai master, you wouldn't need to because you're sure there's no difference between what you do and those who train under the arts current leaders do. Its the exact same, no lessons.. forms, techniques, devotions they could teach you? Powerful arts have subtleties, endless depths and some dangers to them, if done improperly (at higher levels). Lineage isn't just a history of who taught, there's a spiritual dimension to it. One can't know things one has never been exposed to.
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    James Clear- paraphrased. author of Atomic Habits. When I'm anxious to resolve some big life problem, often What I really need is: 1. A glass of water 2. A 10-minute walk outside 3. A good night of sleep
  11. Greetings my fellow Magick Beings

    Magic isn't my cauldron of tea (other then Bardon style Hermetics). It'd be good to the see the 'Esoteric & Occult Discussion' section here re-invigorated. Its always a fascinating to read. Plus insights from magic touch on most other disciplines.
  12. Continuation

    I'm more tolerant of the watered down, the eclectic, the mish mash, then most. I think such things give newbies a taste of the real thing. Maybe a small one; an introduction to a deep subject they otherwise wouldn't have a clue to. Community center yoga is a fraction of whats taught at an Indian ashram, but its healthy. Some may fall in love with it and there path will take them to those ashrams. Those who don't still gain flexibility and insights into yogic mind/body solutions. Similar to community center Tai Chi. There are worthwhile gains to balance and control, even though its a far cry from studying with a master. A problem is when such versions claim to be the real authentic thing when they're not. Learning Aikido, my senseis would fly to Japan every couple years, and study under their lineage masters. Lineage teachers would come to the US and we'd have the privilege to train under them. Things evolve.. even with that, there were cultural things that couldn't be transmitted. For true authenticity you needed to go there and be dedicated enough to be an ushideshi, live in student. Otherwise a kind of telephone translation game creeps in.
  13. The Korean spa I go to has wooden 'stool' pillows in its many strange healing rooms (Gold, amethyst, charcoal, hot, cold..). It takes awhile but once your relaxed enough they work. Latest sleep habit I'm doing is just before bed, sitting at its edge, consciously relaxing.. head, face, body. Then letting my thoughts run down, while keeping an awareness of my body being deeply under. Its works pretty well, especially since its on the bed, just before I go to sleep. Not much movement or time before I tuck in. shades of 'Cai Jitong 蔡季通, a scholar in the Song Dynasty, suggested that calming down the mind was the key to falling asleep in his text ‘Knacks for Sleep’ 睡诀. Overthinking and overexcitement of the mind are linked with the activeness of Yang, which could keep one from sleeping.'
  14. Chat Room?

    I liked the old chat room. I think it was a good source for getting people together. Under used though. I never got the hang of Slack. I messed up the password and seemed too much of a bother to set it straight. I'm getting old, passwords are my nemesi.
  15. Continuation

    .. .. So.. how's the Western Mo Pai group doing these days?