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  1. Impunity Watch

    We need to pick our battles, pick our charities. Otherwise one's energies get too scattered. Though in most daily activities one can at least go for the low hanging fruit, the easy stuff, the easy substitutions that make sense, without going whole hog.
  2. The part of you that has never suffered

    hmnn.. I don't focus consistently on my consciousness. I don't want to set up a cycle of being so self conscious I end up with 'feed back' always second guessing. On the otherhand it's good to spot check it, see where I'm at.. some judgment of my actions and emotions. My sense of inner peace, comes and goes. I think its always there but I'm not always connected to it. Maybe I shouldn't be. The world requires some emotional responses- good bad ugly.. thus I screw inner peace and reach for inner child to express my distaste for the worlds madness and inconvenience.
  3. Do What Thou Wilt

    I guess the hope is that the basic human being growing up in a loving family without deprivation can Do What they Wilt and its all good. No worries. Lying, stealing, hurting others is not our true nature. Its artifice.. a sign the system or civilization is broken. Similar to, The best government has fewest laws. When people are educated, civic minded and care about there neighbors you don't need 10,000 laws keeping them in line.
  4. Hello

    When it comes to Franz Bardon I think I've learned more from Rawn Clark and William Mistelle interpreting his work, including there extensive notes on IIH then from the original writings.
  5. I consider element theory to be Chinese rather then Taoist. Not that Taoist don't have a rich repertoire of use ie connecting elements to organs/gods and charting how they interact. A great introduction is The Web that Has no Weaver, which talks about how the 5 elements are used in traditional arts. When I have problems I try to break things down elementally and see what strategies present themselves by aligning or opposing the forces involved. Another practice is Ron Clark's Archaeous series, which is Bardon inspired hermetic which stacks the elements onto the body, getting into astral and mental realms. Great practice because its experiential rather then reading theory.
  6. How lazy are you?

    I am so lazy.. I bought a wireless charger for my phone. I no longer need to spend the 2 or 3 seconds poking a plug into my phone to charge it, instead I just lay it down. Over my lifetime this should save 15 or 20 minutes that I will spend on some other foolish unproductive tasks.
  7. Do What Thou Wilt

    I liked her short book Anthem. I don't think Ayn Rand would be half bad if she hadn't taken her philosophy to such an extreme. however you reminded me of this video-
  8. manifestation

    I like the study of kotodama, ie sacred sounds. Many cultures have practices, often similar. How the vowels (&consonants) feel and vibrate in our bodies, organs and mood. It doesn't have to be esoteric or theoretical either. Every day in the shower, we have a chance to find our mantra, our song, within the resonance of a tiled chamber. Hit the right notes and we are rewarded. Shinto, Abulafiah's (Ecstatic) Kabbalah, Rawn Clarks work are some of the types I work with, but any singing/chanting/prayer in the shower, particularly long vowel notes are easily turned into the spiritual. note. had one of my favorite forms of kotodama, the YHVH canticle lessons had disappeared. Just found a copy of it that exists as .
  9. Paradoxes are the nails Tao uses to build its house.
  10. Qiqong exercise for increased focus?

    I like the fresh air, exercise and sleeping well. A caffeine boost before the test sounds smart too. Course Qigong isn't magic and we're not in an 80's movie montage. I'd recommend trying some self hypnosis routines for memory and test taking. You can google it; I'm sure youtube (ENtrance, Michael Sealy, Jason Stephenson..) has a wide variety. Find one or two that you like, transfer them to mp3's (google it) and listen daily. By definition a light hypnotic state is concentrated and relaxed.
  11. What is your favourite exercise?

    I like big compound exercises that work the whole body. Such as with a medium heavy dumbbell or kettlebell goblet squats to overhead press. Also with either db or kb doing straight leg dead lifts to bicep curl. These days I do sets of 8. Short enough so my form and will power are good and keep me fresh for another set or two ie it feel much better to do 3 sets of 8, then 2 of 10.
  12. Qigong techniques for better, longer, deeper sleep?

    ditto. I've been playing around with an Oura sleep ring which tracks sleep types, ie REM, light sleep, deep sleep, night wakefulness (by heart rate, body temp,movement). And Deep Sleep seems to be the holy grail of rejuvenation. Which echoes some Taoist traditions of not going into exotic states rather literally deep sleep.
  13. The part of you that has never suffered

    I like to think that at my inner core there a place of peace and serenity. Sometimes I find it and its big and easy Othertimes its a small ball in a great ocean.
  14. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    That's one of Jeds favorite tricks, I saw him perform it on a youtube. He reminds me of an insecure martial artist who picks a girl out of the audience, one way smaller then him and demonstrates his 'abilities' on them. He intentionally picks inexperienced people so he could tear them apart verbally infront of an audience to prove his ?? ego. It's a skit he's perfected and it relies on choosing inexperienced people from the audience. A real master or senior student could answer calmly with good answers and would undoubtedly ask him the same questions and let him humm and haw. Silly ego game. A teacher wouldn't allow the rude interruptions and could lecture for hours about the benefits of their art. Which is why its so important for him to pick someone he could fluster and who'd defer to his authority and not question him back. This stuff we do, is about getting better, living better.. Enlightenment, whatever that is, might be the very top but its the trip, the learning and the people along the way. Cause even after enlightenment its still chop wood, carry water.
  15. Energy rich guy seeking advice on choosing a method

    Glad to have you here. Close is good. Take a look at Mr. Blow's classes. I've heard good things about Wild Goose. Talk to some of his senior students, see how they carry themselves and what they like about the classes. Cause they are what you're most likely to become.