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  1. what's cool is when you find something amazing, that you might be able to come close too. This is one of the rare Almazan recipes I might be able to get to make. (I'm glad he didn't grab Mr. Ramsay and start de-feathering.)
  2. Surf's Up !

    If angry, be angry but don't feed it. We can honor emotions, feel them, be human, but don't obsess. Let it pass. Don't let your thoughts be like a dog chasing its own tail. That's with the negative emotions. Positive emotions, love, beauty, respect, cheerfulness, sharing, helping, a smile.. don't obsess but be willing to go out of your way to find and appreciate them. They are all around. Don't ignore the ugliness of the world, understand them, pick a problem, roll up your sleeves and do something, however small. And know you recharge your energy with proper rest, nutrition and a bit those positive emotions. We stay sane with balance.. honoring the Middle Way.
  3. Surf's Up !

    I think you jump to extremes at the drop of a hat. That's is a little bit crazy. Especially if you do that constantly in your mind. Someone listens to a speech on wisdom.. thus.. laughing at alcoholics (just like the Buddha?? where the heck do you get these things?) .. being kind is extinguishing yourself?? If they catch you you're crucified?? Wow!! Do you live by your exaggerations? Sorry for setting you off by mentioning kindness, thoughtfulness, respect.. not following the first selfish impulse are all good things. Not because you get points or are being watched, they simply make for a better life, imo. To some extent we reflect the kind of world we want to live in. Being helpful, courteous, the cliche Boy Scout ethics (dropping the homophobic one), strive for them and there are rewards. Life, while perfect is happier, pronoia. Your friends, neighbors, family.. often even strangers reflect those values back at you, it makes for better living. I suspect if you live by the paradigm mankind is filled with monkeys, zombies and horrible people. You repeat that to yourself, and write it out 8 or 9 times a day, tell it to everyone who'll listen to you; how much people suck. While one's ego may blow up, since they're a wonderkind in a world of rot, that for the most part, they will be very unhappy.
  4. Surf's Up !

    Often its good to do better then your ordinary self. Take the time to see when potential actions are motivated by the ego(anger, selfishness), take a step back and act with a little more patience and kindness. Perhaps not in a fight, but I don't fight too often, matter of facts its pretty rare. I do have situations daily where given a little thought, I can act thoughtfully and feel better afterwards. Its why I study dharma lessons from the wise. Wisdom, kindness, respect for others and a little discipline make life run smoother. Giving in to the moments anger, impatience.. harshly judging strangers make life bumpier.. easier at the moment, but in the long run, thoughtfulness pays off big time. Is it fake? I don't think so, rather its maturity. One that increasingly becomes the ordinary self.
  5. Welcome Post

    I like Rawn Clarks stuff, more Hermetic then Daoist, but many free unique energy practices. I like the Archaeous, CSM and YHVH canticle. .. note the site is down at the moment.
  6. What happens to suicides?

    Here's what I know. Suicide hurts family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors.. horribly. It creates sadness and despair for them. It also kills off the person you could be. The one who's snapped out of depression and is happy. There are countless stories of those who've come out of hard times, depression, melancholy and found happiness and purpose or at least a reason for going on. things change and they do get better.
  7. any good gin and tonic recipes?

    Maybe G & T is a health drink!?? Tonic water gets its name from Quinine- ( Quinine is a medication used to treat malaria and babesiosis.[2] This includes the treatment of malaria due to Plasmodium falciparum that is resistant to chloroquine when artesunate is not available.[2][3] While used for restless legs syndrome, it is not recommended for this purpose due to the risk of side effects.[2] It can be taken by mouth or used intravenously.[2] Malaria resistance to quinine occurs in certain areas of the world.[2] Quinine is also the ingredient in tonic water that gives it its bitter taste.[4] Common side effects include headache, ringing in the ears, trouble seeing, and sweating.[2] More severe side effects include deafness, low blood platelets, and an irregular heartbeat.[2] Use can make one more prone to sunburn.[2] While it is unclear if use during pregnancy causes harm to the baby, use to treat malaria during pregnancy is still recommended.[2] Quinine is an alkaloid, a naturally occurring chemical compound.[2] How it works as a medicine is not entirely clear.[2] Quinine was first isolated in 1820 from the bark of a cinchona tree.[2][5][6] Bark extracts have been used to treat malaria since at least 1632.[7] It is on the World Health Organization's List of Essential Medicines, the most effective and safe medicines needed in a health system.[8] The wholesale price in the developing world is about US$1.70 to $3.40 per course of treatment.[9] In the United States a course of treatment is more than $200.[10]
  8. Buddhist pride and Narcissism

    @WHITEROOMENERGYMINE1 , I enjoy your writing. Just wanted to suggest breaking it into more paragraphs would make it easier to read.
  9. First experience of Mantak Chia at Tao Gardens

    I never went into a seminar with too much enthusiasm or high hopes. They all tend to advertise miracles and produce less. Thus I haven't gone to one in a decade or so. Yet, I don't regret the ones I've been to. If I pick up a technique or two, its worth it. Meditating with some higher level people is worth it.. soaking up some wah. Also, when the student has a totally bad time, they need to accept some of the blame for it. Teaching is a two way street. I hope the rest of the seminar, if you're still there, goes better for you. A problem I found with Healing Tao is they focused on so many techniques, when to me, going deep is better then going wide. What I'm working on these days in my meditation is 'no intention'.. a paradigm change from the past.
  10. any good gin and tonic recipes?

    Use Citadelle, a french gin. To me, hands down the best gin. Clean, dry, citrusy and herbal. don't forget the lime either. if you wanna be fancy, give the wedge a half squeeze and rub it around the cups rim before dropping it in. tastes good and protect yuh from the scurvy. lastly, because some find tonic water too sweet, you can add quite bit of ice to it or add 1/3 seltzer. To make it visually interesting you can add a few drops of grenadine on top (don't mix), to make it bloody good. A few drops of blue curacao make it Martian G & T, drops of Chambord or any colored liquor make it a tad more interesting, plus you can buy mini bottles. addon> you could serve it deconstructed, ie little bottles of chilled tonic (Schweppes is good), glass of ice, lime wedges, and shot of gin then have them mix there own. That way they can taste the individual ingredients separately before making the drink. The bar at the Drake hotel used to serve them that way. Very classy. Course I could be over thinking it. Sometimes a gin & tonic, is just a gin and tonic.
  11. What animal are you?

    I think I'd be happiest as a goat. One of my sensei's said 'Don't act like a tiger. They're tough, but gang members score points if they take one down. Neither be a sheep, they're soft targets. Be a goat, they've got horns, awareness, flexible, tough to get at. Not so much a target.' So maybe a goat, somewhere on a relatively uninhabited mountain range. Where the sun is bright, the air is thin, enough food if you know to look, and a great deal of peace abounds.
  12. The Advantage of Evil

    The word unnecessary is slippery though. What is necessary? We just justify many a self serving action with the word.
  13. The Advantage of Evil

    Mae West lived in a pretty restrictive time. Her 'evil' was speaking her mind, doing her thing, being sexual and willing to party. Paraphrasing sci fy author Robert Heinlein 'the only evil is hurting others unnecessarily'. Not bad in a libertarian manner, though I'm sure one can poke holes in it. I mostly agree with it. Don't hurt others, yet be open to new things. Judge societies taboos for yourself, neither mindlessly follow or rebel against them for the sake of rebellion. Its a shame if you life with only one hat on. Know yourself and that takes time and experience.. and mistakes.. with sprinkling of regrets.
  14. robert peng yi jin jing

    penquin university is supposed to be good, except for all the damn birds.
  15. robert peng yi jin jing has some of his courses. Including his Lotus meditation on sale for 60 cents. Just a tiny bit of the course but might be a way to see if you connect. addon and as zerotao link below points out. You can sample the 14 week course.