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  1. We're whole, but maybe it's a tiny kind of wholeness. Our circle is too small, filled with Me me mes and what we seek is a bigger circle, with lines less distinct.
  2. What Knowledge is Actually Sound ?

    Course none of that guarantees you have an accurate view either. You're desperately clinging to your image of society. Really desperate, you post about it several times a day. How everything and everyone stinks, is monkeys.. Being negative about everything, doesn't mean your right about anything. Didn't see the movie, but being a good guy, with good morals is to me, reward enough. Bad guys, bad luck, shit happens, for me, its still the correct route. Course to me, good should include smart. Seeing reality is important too. Getting both sides and not being stuck in a single position, though I will side a bit towards optimism because there is a human bias towards pessimism, ie the grass and past were greener then it is now. Course sometimes that's true, but often its not.
  3. What Knowledge is Actually Sound ?

    PHD monkeys? Really.. a person who has passion and goes on to an advanced degree and you call them monkeys. I get the feeling the people coming up with these ideas like say Crick, had degrees in 2 fields and doctorate. They were very well educated. You diss the very people you earlier complimented. Course you game is to pretty much diss everyone, all of mankind, constantly. That's not a good mindset to wallow in. Makes me wonder if its really yourself you're so mad at, that you require constant criticism of everyone and everything. back on subject You seem to think scientific advances are 'just' dreampt up. No, like the RNA they are most often hard working scientists who've studied for decades. Been involved in the cutting edge research and correspondence and used all there faculties, logic and reverie to come up with new discoveries. As Einstein Bernard of Chartres said advancing science by '.. standing on the shoulder of giants'. There's more research and books on esoteric dream work then ever these days. Tons of free stuff too.
  4. What Knowledge is Actually Sound ?

    imo, we need both, long hard scientific study and dreams/reverie. Famous discoveries and breakthroughs (& poems) have been created in dreams. Some have been created while relaxed bathing. That doesn't mean bathing is the secret. Rather, imo it takes both, the hard study, hypothesis, long drawn out thinking, years of foundational study.. as well as times like dreams and reverie when the mind is set free. For example it does no good to dream of double helix's if you haven't studied proteins and how they connect and work, send information. The genius is more the visual, you have to know your science understand what you have. The best scientists and thinkers seem to use both. I imagine dissing one, and only using the other would lead to less results.
  5. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    My breathing sessions, doing 3 rounds at 30 breaths plus retentions are done pretty quickly. It only takes about 10-15 minutes start to finish. I do it a couple days a week, first thing in the morning Doing it for an hour + is pushing and stressing quite a bit. The method is all about stress but you gotta find your sweet spot. Haven't experienced hair loss, matter of fact I think the cold showers have my hair & scalp at there healthiest. what else.. taking a less yogic approach I figured the 'secret' of the strangely long retention after exhaling is that the rapid breathing, not quite but similar to hyperventilation, tricks the brain. Tapping into some deep survival mechanism where you don't breath (ie good for sprint) and you get pain is reduced, maybe endurance enhanced. Its is a stressor though. It was interesting putting on a cheap finger pulse/0 2 meter and seeing the the pulse go up a bit, then during the latter stages of retention it starts dropping along w/ the Oxygen reading, waay down, into the 50s. Kinda like watching your life force ebb away.
  6. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Bored with blandness, you seek escape. Not uncommon. The most common two routes would be finding a passion. Some new challenge physical, mental, spiritual, artistic.. kind of thing to give some uumph to your life. The other route is what you've guessed, acceptance, but to get out of the rut, do your roles better. As a boyfriend, strategize, plan how could you do it better. romance, fun, massage.. new activity, . At work, at home, define your roles and figure out how to do it better, really shine. Not for forever, but for a month. Define a role, and hit it out of the ball park. This also takes you out of me me me mode. Which can also be helpful. Movement creates opportunity.
  7. On a quest to make sense of things

    Letting such emotions be and settle is good but after that.. thought is energy, a good hard work out helps. Gets out the knots in the body and mind. It hard but we feed our fires, our dark thoughts chase themselves like a dog after its tail. Distraction and moving on to something productive can also help. Throw your mind elsewhere.. when possible.
  8. I wrote this question to one member and thought it'd be worthy of a larger discussion. What metaphor do you use for chi? how does that work with accumulation and circulation?
  9. Who is Loneman Pai?

    that works for me. Sorry if you mentioned it earlier, is there any particular metaphor you use for chi?
  10. Who is Loneman Pai?

    maybe.. but there's also the thought that the 'secret' isn't accumulation but circulation. Be a river not a lake.. ??
  11. The Doomsday Scenario

    Why didn't God listen? Here's one answer by famed Rabbi Jonathon Sacks- ( "God created humanity because God has faith in humanity. Far more than we have faith in God, God has faith in us. We may fail many times, but each time we fail, God says: “Even to old age I will not change, and even to grey hair, I will still be patient.” I will never give up on humanity. I will never lose faith. I will wait for as long as it takes for humans to learn not to oppress, enslave or use violence against other humans. That, implies the Talmud, is the only conceivable explanation for why a good, wise, all-seeing and all-powerful God created such fallible, destructive creatures as us. God has patience. God has forgiveness. God has compassion. God has love. For centuries, theologians and philosophers have been looking at religion upside down. The real phenomenon at its heart – the mystery and miracle – is not our faith in God. It is God’s faith in us." *note in the folklore, God doesn't necessarily see people destroying the world, but the angels do see mankinds history laid out. I've been watching an Amazon Prime show, Good Omens, dealing with a demon and angel, who are secret friends who live among mankind for a millenia. There's a quote in the show I liked; that people don't do things because they're good or bad, they do stuff because they're people. Life is complex.. I also like the thought 'Don't blame God for the acts of man', course that still leaves plenty of natural phenomena to grouse about.
  12. Farewell true internet

    these days I'm more scared about the lack of "'real'" intelligence, not the abundance of artificial ones. Course that might change. On the third hand, computers as boogey man has been a staple genre since the 1950's. I've over come my fear of vampires and zombies maybe Skynet/Matrix attacks will be next.
  13. Farewell true internet

    I am also extremely polite to my Alexi units. Matter of fact I just said Alexa 'Thank you' for no reason at all, just currying favor with our Amazon Overlords, and she was polite back.
  14. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Thus there are charities like One can set up monthly donations, whereby every month 2 families get flock of chickens or some other source of continual food or productive means of feeding themselves. Not a perfect solution, but hopefully very helpful to some. It's also a 'pass it down' kind of thing, if there flock of chickens, or bees, rabbits etc., get large. Over the years and decades one hopes it can make a difference, one that pays dividends, sustaining people along with there sense of self reliance.
  15. Farewell true internet

    My agents have found the AI is spending most of its time watching porn and buying junk on ebay, so it looks like for the moment, we'll be safe.