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  1. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    @Taomeow is brilliant. I've always thought of her as being on the same planet, different world, because her knowledge, experiences and viewpoint are so different then the tic toc world. @Megamind, If I was in a fox hole Megamind would be a great person to have beside me. He's calm under fire, grounded and has years of dedicated meditation experience. Beyond the OP, there are so many people on this site I consider friends. Ones I'd love to visit, have a beer with, invite over. Wonderful people with great insights, knowledge and compassion. There are also people that I've insulted, been rude to and made fun of. To them, I apologize, mea culpa. I get hot headed and stupid, loosing perspective. Please take my annoying and/or Pollyanish writings with a grain of salt.
  2. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    hmnn, I'm not much of a Daoist, other then admire the philosophy (as I see it), ie seeking harmony with ebb and flow of nature. Which I don't do a great job on. I'm not much of a Jew, other then admire the philosophy of trying to see the sacred in the ordinary. Where the most frequent prayer isn't the Shema calling out Gods unity, rather its the brachas. Baruch atta.. which states (to me) The spirit (breath/ruach) of God is everywhere, his mystery infuses everything, Wow- Noun(person place thing event)
  3. Hopefully the long process of gaining siddhis results in gaining spiritual maturity.. thus ones goals change along with it. Without humility and respect for dharma (wisdom teachings) one can go out on dangerous tangents.. paranoia and egomania. <<I did say hopefully :)>>
  4. I hear it and it sets up barriers to having a good relationship. They become the male version of the 'man-eating' feminists they rail against. Complete with long lists of hand picked internet anecdotes that perfectly prove there point.
  5. What counts as Idolatry to you?

    I like to keep things simple, most old school Kabbalah gets sophisticated very fast, though much of the modern 'pop' stuff is on the new agey side of things. Not necessarily good or bad. Thus the Kabbalah I do is Abulafiah, a form of chanting, thus it wouldn't be considered Kabbalah at all, rather sacred sounds. Not dissimilar to the kotodama of Shinto, with concentrations on long vowels. My shower practice is Rawn Clarks YHVH canticle, which is Hermetic, done in Hebrew and has a mantra of the famous Rabbi Nachman Ribbonno Shel Olam (Master of the Universe), within. Talk about a hybrid. Nachman was wonderfully practical mystic. A practice he had and recommended to others was talk to God. Daily. Establish a relationship with him, personal in your own tonque. Tell him your problems, your successes, pour out your heart to him. Not an easy thing to do. Easier to blog
  6. new member having trouble posting

    Or at least an authorized gatekeeper to let people in. (&keep the bots out)
  7. Most everyone wants to be rich but few have the luck, plan, ability, discipline etc. to achieve it. @Heartbreak do you have a plan? Any particular fields of discipline that you're following?
  8. Would it change my perspective? I'd wonder if things would be better or worse then if Humans ran it. then realize- They're mimicking human behavior with its pandering and chaos so well that it makes no difference. so, no. it wouldn't change my perspective.
  9. I like the book 'Mindfulness, Bliss, and Beyond' by the Ajahn Brahm ( Great teacher. He's a head monk, funny down to earth. He says Siddhis shouldn't take multiple life times. They are available here and now, but take work. Course the low level ones are deep calm.. true seeing. Higher levels ones are possible but not dependable and generally not targets but he lists them. He also tells stories of seeing into other dimensions. People here do too. A world with dragons and other beings. Yet, like the zoo, here they are, there they go. You end up back home where we chop wood, carry water, complain on internet. As to the question- do we want to spend 6 hours meditating or 6 hours making love to a beautiful woman? I'd say 6 hours making love; which would leave me a 5 1/2 hours to grab a bite, catch up on Netflix, meditate a bit and depending if the Netflix was movie or TV show-make love a 2nd time.
  10. I suppose nothing if thats your chosen path. Its got benefits and problems. The end game of the householder path isn't sex, its about leading a good life, being a decent person, raising a good family, working.. having fun.. having sex, kids.. one can do chi gung and meditate.. as serious hobbies but not the 6 to 8 hours daily of the hardcore. The point of life is not to be Osho or Neeson, its to be your best self. Odds are thats not a movie star or guru/cult leader. There are many good role models for the householding path, ordinary folks, millions of them. On the Siddha path, you're kinda hoping to be a rare superstar. A one in million or maybe that's ten million, if you want something big. You're likely to be misunderstood or poor. If you fail due to lack of talent, dedication, attracting the right teacher or picking the wrong sect then you're forcibly back on the householder path. There's probably much middle ground. Seeking a spiritual life; nothing wrong with the road less traveled.
  11. Learning to Burn

    Burning Man is not an ecological event, though there are groups increasingly pushing for that. Speaking of regionals- I signed up hoping to score tickets for the Midwest Lakes of Fire, Burning Man Regional-, its done by lottery. If anyone else cares to share the experience. Degeneration is option but recommended.
  12. I think I've seen enough episodes of Dr. Who and Terminator movies so I could 'Take On' most the AI. My Amazon Echo A.I. smart speaker knows who's boss.. the worst its ever done is order some accessories for itself. lets see if I can encapsulate it in brief.. loneliness, meeting, doing stuff, rubbing sticks, commitment, kids, doing stuff, ups, downs.. days, months, years, score and a quarter..uh and a lovely valentines day dinner on 2/13 because I didn't reservations earlier. That brings you up to date.. on my wonderful/terrifying relation. Concentrating on things within one's circle of influence seems calming. Focusing on things further out, that we have no control over can be very upsetting. Probably best 80/20 90/10 for the sake of ones sanity.
  13. Chewing on a dollar

    from James Clear: You are richer than 93% of people. Not in money, but in time. 108 billion people have lived throughout history. 93% of them are dead. You have what every king and queen, every pharaoh and ruler, every CEO and celebrity of the past would give all their wealth for: Today. on the other hand: If you have just $4,210 to your name, you’re better off than half of people around the globe. That’s according to the 2018 Global Wealth Report from Credit Suisse Research Institute sadly: If you have a single $1 free and clear, you are wealthier then 15.1 percent of the households in the US. report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York- We estimate that 15.1 percent of the households in the U.S. population have net wealth less than or equal to zero, while 14.0 percent have strictly negative wealth.
  14. We have a section here that deals with sickness and pain. If you post there you'll probably get more answers- good bad and irrelevant. So use your own discretion. Caveat Meditator, especially for hard long term problems.. which often require hard long term solutions. Still there's a chance someone here has been in your shoes and can offer good advice. How part is knowing which one Here's my usual 2 bits of advice. Before doing anything too strange, make sure your fundamentals- sleeping, eating, exercising, equanimity are sound.
  15. Greetings Everyone

    Welcome. I'm reminded- Everybody plays the fool, sometime There's no exception to the rule I suppose we need to be the whole deck. But being colorful, being foolish, taking chances, laughing.. playing. not taking the world so seriously That stuff should be near the top of deck, imso addon 2/13> Amazing job. After a harsh reception, you won the crowd over. Frickin fantastic. Your calm cool knowledgeable presence is most welcome. Michael