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  1. This reminds me that as meditators, if we enter 'the state' purely neutral without at least a little positivity, that cultural forces (certainly in the West) can push us negative. We need, at least some slight positive push to keep us neutral. A small smile, a blessing, an ideal, a short visualization of a beautiful place, person or value.
  2. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Again, you're writing from auto dial. You realize that. right? never mind. If you didn't include "Most of these other schools and practices don't do anything, and don't lead anywhere.".. ie insulting all other traditions so much, it wouldn't get bounced back on you. See, now I'm doing it, writing what I've written in the past. You can't help it, insulting other arts is part of the Western Mo Pai tradition as taught by More Pie Bear. If you ever break away from there influence, consider writing positively about your art and insulting other ones less. You'd be surprised. Or maybe not. I think Mo Pai is unfairly attacked, though imo some of its proponents writing styles almost guarantee to keep negativity alive. clap clap out.
  3. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    You've got that quote on auto dial, right. No, you can do better. Chang doing something that Western Mo Pai students can't is not good evidence.. of anything. But never mind that. Instead you could push the positives of the practice and there are many. Its an old genuine form of nei gung. It has both similarities and difference with other old respected traditions. Its got a unique indepth take on yin and yang theory, step by step collection of chi. The emphasis on long practice, celibacy and meditating on the ground. Lots of good aspects you could push. What students get out of the practice..kind of stuff. If I recall properly in an old interview Kosta talked about how it improved his life, his relationship with God, and his wife (which can be a tougher trick). But going that route wouldn't allow you to fight page after page, writing the same thing over and over, showing 10 or 20 year old videos that then create the usual circular tits for tats and ridicule.
  4. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I like Wim Hof, been doing his stuff for years. Found them rewarding (& difficult), gained surprising amount of skill in breath retention and cold tolerance, which in turn probably boosts my meditative depth and immune system. Bottom line is you can take his program and be like Hof(not his extreme). But if Western Mo Pai's selling point is do this and be like Chang.. ie telekinesis, pyrokinesis, then its problematic. I don't want to see John Chang go to every university to be tested. I'd prefer to see his students be tested or rather see if they can do anything. I've always said if you want to join a martial art, look to the top students, they're what you'll become. You're unlikely to become ask skilled as the art's masters or grand masters because they're most often a unique combination of incredible dedication, great teachers and inner talent. Helps to be born into a culture that promotes and rewards such an art too.
  5. Some more advice needed on practice

    I've been working on my lower 1st chakra. after several years of focus I have to say my mouth tastes like balls and my nose feels much longer.
  6. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    Right, in that the scientific method is also very big on reproducible evidence. After a hypothesis proved, can it be re-proved, double and tripled checked in other places. I'm reminded of a story that when Judo was new, it was widely challenged for the audacity of being a new martial art. The founder of modern Judo Kano Jigoro was excellent but not phenomenal at Judo and quite the gentlemen and promoter. He would send challengers to a friend who'd quickly beat them. But the thing is, his friend was a top Jujitsu man. What I'm getting at is pointing to one talented man in the past as proof is not the best or most logical method. Better to have people who practice now show there abilities.
  7. Haiku Unchained

    It won't croak again Nor ever be green again Sit, on pad, alone
  8. Went through old <Messages> and found my last PM's with Marblehead. What a great sense of humor. It started with my mis-use of 'there' , and for a grammar lesson was very enjoyable.
  9. Some more advice needed on practice

    The parties have made there positions and animosity clear. So, at this point are there any questions or statement that move the original OP along, ie advice on esoteric practice? Without getting back into personal tit for tat? My general advice is marry one art, commit, practice with integrity. Later on flirt with others. I also had the bad habit of getting too intellectual. Too much reading and thinking.. too little time on the mat. For awhile I did an interesting fire practice I picked up from 5elements. Very interesting and kept me interested in the tumo practice. Which would later lead me to Wim Hof. Practice.. evolves but is best when it goes deep.
  10. Just what I said above. I see some friends here online and it'd be nice to chat live with them but seems like there's no easy way. Its a cold winters day..
  11. checking back

    Old or new 2 bobs or 3 Good to see you back. For me its nice that the politics, especially the the hyperpartisan stuff has died down. It brought out too much bad will and anger here. It sucked too much air out of the site.
  12. Actually, it seems like many of his posts are getting shorter. So, there is hope. Always hope, the stuff that springs eternal.
  13. Let things be

    Amen. Don't push the river
  14. How to be on topic?

    @Everything, love you man but you should seriously think of getting a PPD, personal forum here and lay low on other threads for a bit. Be sensitive to those who have found your additions disruptive and well trolling to there discussion. Especially Taomeow where it was more egregious. In a PPD you can keep your flow and ideas alive. Which is great, they'll be easy to find and track. There's good stuff there. But if you keep going the way you are, you're going to get a suspension or banned. Again I beg you, get a PPD, let your thoughts flow there for a few weeks. Let the dispute simmer down. After that maybe write long flowing posts in your PPD and shorter pithier ones in the regular sections. On the net, short and to the point gets the attention and the eyeballs. Loong posts are ignored or worse found annoying.
  15. President Trump

    This is like what the old Talk Trump thread was like, except that one leaned more proTrump (and at times alt right) and went on for 250-300 pages..100s anyway. Wasnt our site at its finest, quite the opposite. It's a seductive topic but we can't seem to discuss it without anger and division. It'd be cool if we could. The sides are so far apart. Probably the only wsy to do it is piece meal. Judging the policy and action independent of the actor.