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  1. What you guys working on in June? Anything strange or new? I'm gonna take a step back meditation wise. Simplify, work on breathing exercises. Particularly those on a youtube Breathing Mantra. They have some nice 30 minute practices with tones. Start with the tri sets of 7-7-7 (in, out, hold)and see how high I can get comfortably. And they have quad sets of x-x-x-x, In, hold, out, hold.. 30 minutes w/ nice spiritual music going. Maybe supplement with my old Silent Grounds tones that were x,x or 1,4,2 rhythm, ie 6in, 24hold, 12 out. At one point I'd worked up to 10in, 40, hold, 20 out. Such breathing practice is a bit of crutch, in that real meditation isn't listening to things outside. Yet good breathing makes for better meditation, so why not refresh myself; see if I can get back to longer breath cycles of a minute or so. I want to work on strength. I've been turning into a Covid potato. So, at least 100 (easy) pushups a day and a 100 squats, maybe 50 squats if done w/ kettlebell. Maybe one day of rest, if I've done 6 days in a row. That along with long walks. With pushups I should build up to 200 (easy countertop) pushups in two weeks, but not if I don't start. Lastly, I want to raise some mushrooms. The mundane, like oysters, and the exotic. Supplies coming.
  2. I have it. Well written, packed with information. Wang Liping is the genuine article, his retreats are very expensive, so in comparison his books are a bargain. More importantly, members here who've studied with him are impressive. For a dabbler myself, who likes things simple, the book for the most part is overkill. I'll open it now and then for insight or to try one of the dozens of exercises for a bit then go back to something simpler, but thats me. For anyone interested in the Daoist esoteric energy arts, its an excellent book by one of the worlds foremost practitioners. Its a layered practice with the secret being long years/decades of dedication.
  3. Any interesting plans for June?

    For 20 38 years I thought it was- Bring me to Manny's . I thought Manny was the bad guy in the song. That he was incharge of the chain gang. Loved the video. Come to think of it, Manny wasn't in it.
  4. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Thats not an altogether bad idea. Let me bring it up to Trunk This thread got pretty ugly pretty fast, way too much mockery. Then a few bright points that could be just as well made elsewhere. <for the record I'm sorry to see Void not active here, eccentric, knowledgeable, manic, troublesome, always interesting, rarely malicious>
  5. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Too bad saunas are closed. To me they're a cheat for better sitting. Not that you want to spend too much time in one, but the heat relaxes all the muscles. It's like an instant flexibility upgrade. One that only lasts while you're in the sauna. When the world opens, and you wanta work on full lotus, hit the sauna. On the other hand its good not to be too reliant on a position. Meditation at its best should be accessible, without formal sitting, ie don't leave it on the zafu.
  6. On walking

    Sometimes on long walks, I wonder what my next thought will be then like magic thinking stops. And I just walk.
  7. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Since we're talking about sitting. This reminds me of a sitting style Glenn Morris used. It was half lotus with the under leg tucked in so much that it pressed against the perineum, thus putting some pressure on it, 'locking' it. I tried it a few times, wasn't very comfortable. At my (low) level, I assume the mental leaking is far more important then the physical stuff. At times its good to push, other times its good to go for comfort.
  8. The old one died when Google changed its format. Here's a new one. Started today. If you'd like put a pin near your abode. *note the pin doesn't have to be close (anywhere near your town) and ofcourse pinning is purely optional . I'd recommend using your DB handle but its all optional. I'm seeing how this works. Consider it a beta.{"ids"%3A["1OAtgZd91G_F0P0GX_y-yrSEhSQvrHDjl"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"105547066867148873474"}&usp=sharing Note new shared link above
  9. How does your Garden Grow

    I was very disappointed to learn that the Whole Foods which was my source for coffee grounds has stopped giving them away. Awful since they were organic and had filters in them which were good for the soil and holding in water. Hopefully I'll find another source. Covering my gardens in coffee grounds and dried leaves over winter has been my secret. This year I want to trellis 'tall'. I'm thinking of 6 foot poles, maybe pvc pipe for my tomatoes which are mostly grape type. So instead of the usual 3 or 4 foot 'cage' I'll train them to grow tall. Two other things, once plants are established, I want to put good mulch down, and I want to remove the sprinkle end from my watering hose and water plants low and at their base. Not sprinkled from above. I'm thinking this will use less water and create less weeds. I'll do my usual gaspacho garden of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Maybe try Brussel sprouts this year. Maybe do a small garbage can full of potatoes. I had a video which showed an easy way to grow'em and continually harvest them. Its in my PPD, I should try it this year. Nothing like fresh taters. You guys, any gardening plans?
  10. New Dao Bums world map created

    The only person I've excluded is silent thunder, everyone else can.. can't do anything. Apparently from Google- You can't share: A map with your saved locations, which are private A map with a distance measurement Unless someone wiser then I figures out how to share pins? It may not be a feature anymore , which is why our original map went dead.
  11. How does your Garden Grow

    Another year, another garden. Have 2 small plots in the front yard, both started by covering up grass with bags of soil and planting into it. This year trying to grow fewer plants and keep'em safe, loved and well tendered, til I eat them. Tomatoes, I got a sweet 100, a hybrid grape yellow which is even sweeter. I want to grow them tall, so instead of cages I have a tall pole. I intend to prune them at the bottom well. I also have an Early Girl and Big Boy. Have 2 cucumber plants, a Giant Jalapeno, which I find have less heat and a Salsa Pepper. Just 8 plants. The plan is what I can't eat, I drink as gazpacho. For planting, I dug each hole deep, put some Scotts Miracle Grow soil on bottom, put in plant, topped it off with more SMG. The soil was pretty good because it was carpeted last fall with leaves and grass. Which composted over winter. What you guys doing garden wise?
  12. New Dao Bums world map created

    @C T @moment @silent thunder Try this link:{"ids"%3A["1OAtgZd91G_F0P0GX_y-yrSEhSQvrHDjl"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"105547066867148873474"}&usp=sharing I like that it ends with sharing. I'm gonna change the link on top to it. fingers crossed.
  13. He may check in from time to time. Perhaps try PrivateMessaging him. His handle here is @Ya Mu <after looking it up Looks like he hasn't posted since February >
  14. Very often people's practice of the Golden Flower is very different then others. Being outside the culture and time its hard to know what's authentic. Or even, as some suggest, a part of the practice was kept verbal and somewhat secretive. I've written a bit about it. Here's a post that is one of the most modern action oriented takes on the practice- I started meditating simply, after years got involved in Healing Tao, which led me to more active meditations, esoteric energy stuff. After a decade or two, I went to simple. Just sitting. The last few year or two I've been doing this style of meditation from Spotless-
  15. An opinion or observation of madness

    I'm concerned about covid19, (over 100,000 80,000+ (at the time) US dead and counting). More so for the elderly and at risk people. Fear?? I'm not so scared about getting it, in that I'm not in a high risk zone, but I'd be scared about being an accidental carrier, to my immediate family or to an at risk person who's chance of dying is much greater. I take mild precautions, wear a mask in stores, but that's about it. I'll leave the conspiracy side to you. bye
  16. An opinion or observation of madness

    Or you may want to try a mask that doesn't cause hypoxia. <I'll probably add to older posts then feed Conspiracy person> Otherwise they post 5x for every post you do.
  17. An opinion or observation of madness

    I remember reading about that attitude in Africa under Sars. People there thinking its a conspiracy, these doctors don't know nothing. Such people died, horribly. If a doctor prescribes you an anti-biotic for something easily curable, take it. Or not.. your life..
  18. An opinion or observation of madness

    Aren't you one of them? A person or journalist writing often about the virus? Are you being paid to make dozens of posts about it? If so, by who? <kidding, your posting because you're as caught up in the new deadly virus as everyone else> It makes the news because its new, its as deadly as a 9/11 every 2 or days or so, its very catchy, perhaps 10x deadlier then normal flu, somewhat airbound.. you can have it for a week and be contagious to others and not know it. Its widespread enough so that the horror stories of personally knowing people who died or were hit severely by it are growing. There's reasons why its in the news and why you post about it so much.
  19. An opinion or observation of madness

    I kinda applaud people who change there mind when the facts on the ground change. You think Fauci said no masks maliciously? As part of CONSPIRACY!!! That clip's from March, he's certainly in favor of masks for the past month and a half. Poorly made masks protect others from you, more then they protect you from others but thats still protection. Populations that use masks slow the spread.
  20. that reminds me of an urban taoist I ran into. He lived in an apartment and didn't pay for electricity or heating, never had them connected. There was enough ambient heat from the floor and ceiling to keep it from getting too cold. He lived according to the light outside; up with the sun and relaxing, meditating & sleep when it went down. In tune with the seasons.
  21. The end game here is to justify punishing and blaming China? That's not necessarily wrong but shouldn't be a major focus right now. Other then for political purposes, ie wagging the dog, to divert people from judging how Trump handled the crisis and reaffirm he has no blame or responsibility.
  22. An opinion or observation of madness

    I think Americans who are older and poor often don't have jobs, at least not ones that give picture ID's. Don't have cars or drivers license and that as a whole individual voter fraud is relatively rare. Institutional/Political shenanigans done by both sides are responsible for most voter fraud/suppression. I think voting areas and mail in ballot should have the penalty for falsification printed loud and proud in the front; how many thousands of dollars in fines and/or possible prison sentence (cumulative) for any false voting. As well a public data base and/or public outing for anyone who's guilty. That being said, the question is, In reality is there more voting fraud then people excluded because they have no ID? With limited study I get the feeling that ballot fraud is quite rare, and would be even more so if the penalty was advertised louder. I assume ballot fraud is fewer then those disenfranchised by not having a picture ID. It'd interesting to get data on it, though I don't care enough to spend time on it, though it'd probably only take a minute or two. Activists on both sides could find out areas and groups at risk and create some sort of sanctioned and cheap ID. It's too bad getting out the honest vote is tied so much to politics.
  23. Where is Jeff? I would like to contact him

    I'm sorry a few people had problems with him but Jeff was always considerate to me. Not that I was ever in his 'group'. Seems like a person can both listen to the warnings and contact him, see for themselves with openness and caution.
  24. whether happy or sad.. life happens and often requires an action. Not just chopping wood and carrying water.. at some moment you're hungry and the rent is due. That doesn't have to put you off your happiness but it requires action. I don't aim for 100%. Batting 500 with a couple of walks is good enough for me. and damn better then my average.
  25. The Skeptic thread

    For me its a question of what can I get out of this 'map'/paradigm? I don't know if science has found the dan tien, but after years, decades really, I've found mine. There's times I breath deep and hit it, and times I don't. Your scientist may not necessarily be a very healthy person, but odds are your Taoist practitioner is. The good thing is we can reap the benefits of both.