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  1. Retro Tech

    Belgian Balance Brewer coffee maker. Fill the copper steam reserve w/ water. Put coffee in the glass cup, light the alcohol burner. Wait for the reserve to steam enough to slowly fill cup. When the reserve is empty, it rises, shifting the balance and turning off the heat. Coffees brews a little while, then gets siphoned back into the reserve tank for serving. The very definition of steam punk cool.
  2. An opinion or observation of madness

    For what its worth - Biden administration puts Arctic refuge leases on ice as it asks for new environmental reviews Tegan Hanlon, Alaska's Energy Desk - Anchorage June 1, 2021 The Biden administration Tuesday took its first steps toward reversing the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain to oil drilling, by suspending leases issued in the final days of the Trump administration. Biden, on the campaign trail, had vowed to adopt permanent protections for the refuge. And then, on his first day in office, he ordered a “temporary moratorium” on oil and gas leasing in the refuge’s northernmost slice, called the coastal plain. His Interior Department now says it will conduct a new environmental review of the Trump administration’s oil and gas leasing program for the coastal plain, while addressing what it called “legal deficiencies.” Interior Secretary Deb Haaland signed the formal order Tuesday. ..All activities related to the program — including the first-ever oil leases for the land, approved under Trump — are suspended until the review is complete, the Interior said. The department will then decide whether the leases should be “reaffirmed, voided, or subject to additional mitigation measures.” .. Me- so not exactly ended, but postponed during a no doubt long environmental study and review.
  3. Haiku Chain

    Portuguese Sherry French Pear-in-Bottle Brandy Life best uncorked.
  4. "Higher" vs "Lower" lifeforms.

    Interesting question. It seems like you're coming from a place of compassion. Song birds are rare, one legged mothers, even rarer. Somehow the thought to help it came to you. I'd say go with it, too often we argue ourselves away from initially compassionate decisions.
  5. Tired of endless daily grind of cooking dinners, I've ordered out a bit more then I like. Thought I need to re-energize myself and the best way to do that is to plan out and share menu ideas. So what you guys got cookin?
  6. How to strengthen the mind

    Even if you get some advantage of self satisfaction out of giving to charity, imo, do it anyway. Cause its still needed. Selflessness like most human qualities runs a gamut. imo most of us could use a bit more. I don't aim to be a saint, but I'm culturally conditioned to think me me me, more more more. Can't help thinking it's not good for me or society. Even what I consider middle ground is probably more egoic then it should be.
  7. How to strengthen the mind

    There's a system of Gong. Doing 100 days in a row of something challenging. There's willpower needed, even if its physical, overriding the minds instinctive want of pleasure/laziness. The practice I've done that really pits mind against body is Wim Hof program. The daily cold shower is a test of willpower, especially when they get longer or require a long breath hold under cold water, where the body's stressed. With any strenuous martial art, you have the mind overriding the body.
  8. has hundreds of online learning courses. They're having a Black Friday discount. For example I'd been thinking of trying there 100 Days of Python computer course, now its on sale, down from $94 to $9.99, it's a no brainer. They have a wide variety of classes, from Chi gung to cheese making. Drawing, musical instruments too. During this long covid winter, online learning might be just the thing. Especially now that may courses are 90% off.
  9. In the same vein, for an easy dual sexual practice- One person, usually the female, on top, and as one breathes in, the other breathes out. Large relaxed belly breaths. There's a nice feeling, maybe some energy exchange as it goes on.
  10. Damo Mitchell? tell me what you think

    I see some wisdom there, in that you don't want pieces of information to get all 'telephone' game- Spread out and mis-repeated or done in the wrong steps. Maybe its my American conceit, but I don't see anything wrong with using better English words to describe processes to English speakers. Especially in the beginning and intermediate stages. Some people seek the scholarly route and that's great, but for those looking to experience and learn a system, foreign words are less important than the teaching.
  11. Wonder if the problem isn't really a cure. We're closing on 7.8 Billion people in the world. That's alot. If population growth slows or stabilizes I won't shed any tears. An organism grows until it overruns resources or begins to poison its environment. This is a warning shot. We can sustain, even grow slowly but we need to keep our environment clean. In any case if it becomes a real problem, people will demand cleaner air, food and water. Which is not a bad thing. Mother nature kicking us in the balls to wake us up. random thought. I wonder if Space isn't the next frontier, but planned created islands? With cheap energy and good desalination maybe it's not other planets but our own that we'll start colonizing.
  12. What brought you to your current path?

    meditation to mysticism. that got a little too out there, went for grounding in the martial arts, moved to softer martial arts, back to meditation, swerving every now and then into esoteric energy practices.
  13. Haiku Chain

    Bowing down upright I find myself upside down Must set my soul straight.
  14. Regarding books...

    I'll second all of these and raise you, Ajahn Brahms who has wonderful books and dharma lectures. Haven't read Midnights w/ Mystics but I've enjoyed Sadghuru's dharma talks. Most authors have indepth articles, interviews and writings available on the internet, so its a good start to see if the author connects with you.
  15. A book I was reading delved into this (Everything is F*CKED by Mark Manson), that we are more comfortable than ever, but also more anxious and depressed. The Paradox of Comfort is going on. Without meaning and real struggle we blow minutiae out of proportions and make ourselves crazy. We are a society aiming at the wrong targets.
  16. I'd like to think so. Course I'd be happy w/ silver or bronze
  17. It is known

    hopefully they didn't have to drown too many to come up with that statistic I think the authorities should keep their eye one Dr. Grachyov. I was walking near Lake Michigan recently. It holds one quadrillion gallons (though I'm always suspicious of such round numbers). Its said if you drained 400 billion gallons it would go down one inch. Looking at it, is entrancing. Like the sky there's a feeling of infinity in its glittering vastness.
  18. Can I still cultivate with my condition

    I'm another w/ poor visualization. Yet as an avid reader I get swept up in books. I get swept up in guided meditations and yoga nidras.. its generally not imagery I see, rather its feelings brought on by the words. With practices like microcosmic orbit it may be just as well one can't imagine, it makes you rely on the sensations going on.
  19. simplify

  20. Not at all. Good point. When my wife complained of my snoring I bought a wedge pillow that keeps your head and shoulders angled. It worked nicely, but wasn't that comfortable. Later I found I got the same affect by placing my pillows in a T, which also raised my head.
  21. Tinctures

    I noticed the PIne Pollen tincture I get from The Rural Apothecary says that '.. Before my pollen is tinctured, it goes through a quick freeze to crack the cell walls as well, again allowing more of the essential nutrients to tincture into the alcohol.' which I find interesting. The recipe for the last tincture I made required recommended 190 proof and wanted you to freeze the herb and the Everclear before sealing up a small jar. In Chicago not only was Everclear strangely cheap $17, but the place had a knockoff for $14. Cheap for potential poison. Everclear should not be messed around w/ lightly. It was banned at my college due to deaths. Anyhow I used 6 oz, and when done let about 1 ½ oz of that evaporate, to concentrate it. A dropperful burns pretty nasty beneath the tongue. Next time I wanna experiment w/ ice chips for a few minutes before using. Before the last one, I simply bought cheap herbal tea bags, in this case Ginger/turmeric and left 6 or 7 of them in ½ pint of vodka. Left it there a week or two. Worked nicely. For health and digestion.
  22. The question to ask ourselves every now and then is 'Am I being played?' Is a person or group feeding one's vanity or insecurity in order to manipulate? It can big or small. When the Vietcong would 'brainwash' captives often it wasn't dramatic torture, it was little things. Little capitulations done step by step. Like a good salesperson, moving from yes to yes, til the person was bought and paid for.
  23. Let what you're doing evolve, the qi gong and zhan zhuang. There's a world of variations. When the time is right you'll find a teacher and method.
  24. I wish I was less concerned about my nostrils at night. In bed, I feel one is open, the other side is closed, so I switch the side I'm sleeping on until the other opens. Then go to my back.. til I feel one nostril closing then switch to that side.. The concern tends to work against sleep. A piece of qi gong I do is moon/sun breathing. You make a 'chi ball' breathing up, the hands move up the right side meridian to the shoulder. Breathing out, they move down it, to the lower dan tien, then breathing up the left meridian to the shoulder and repeat. What I like is, moving the hands up the side opens the nostrils, breaths in and out thru each side. So its a non-yoga-ish style of alternate nostril breathing.
  25. simplify