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  1. How to be on topic?

    @Everything, love you man but you should seriously think of getting a PPD, personal forum here and lay low on other threads for a bit. Be sensitive to those who have found your additions disruptive and well trolling to there discussion. Especially Taomeow where it was more egregious. In a PPD you can keep your flow and ideas alive. Which is great, they'll be easy to find and track. There's good stuff there. But if you keep going the way you are, you're going to get a suspension or banned. Again I beg you, get a PPD, let your thoughts flow there for a few weeks. Let the dispute simmer down. After that maybe write long flowing posts in your PPD and shorter pithier ones in the regular sections. On the net, short and to the point gets the attention and the eyeballs. Loong posts are ignored or worse found annoying.
  2. President Trump

    This is like what the old Talk Trump thread was like, except that one leaned more proTrump (and at times alt right) and went on for 250-300 pages..100s anyway. Wasnt our site at its finest, quite the opposite. It's a seductive topic but we can't seem to discuss it without anger and division. It'd be cool if we could. The sides are so far apart. Probably the only wsy to do it is piece meal. Judging the policy and action independent of the actor.
  3. Daoist Dieta

    Whispers in ear.. plastics I mean soup. Learn to make soup. Great way to use veggies. For cheap healthy meals nothing beats soup. Protein, veggies, broth.. heat up..done. Lately I'm playing with Blender soups. Veggie.. broth.. starchy veggie blend til pulverized and then heat and eat at your leisure. Very healthy. Great for people who don't like vegetables. Bouillon can make for very cheap broth. So can Miso. Healthy food begins with healthy cooking. Start looking at recipes and cook some. If its not loaded with sugars and simple starches or cyanide, its probably pretty healthy. During the winter its Genmai tea for me. Green tea with puffed rice, filling and a little sweet.
  4. I don't mind his stuff. Some I ignore, some I read part of, enough to get the gist. He's eccentric, wastes space, but he's also consistent and has a good heart. my two pesos.
  5. New Member

    Is this the stance you mean? Santi.. Bruce Frantzis teaches it- "At the very heart of the martial practice of Hsing-i and its Five Elements, is Santi, or the “Trinity Posture.” Santi is done holding a static standing posture, with your arms extended. In the classic schools of Hsing-i, the posture is held in Pi Chuan, which is the first of the Five Elements. There is a common story about the best people in Hsing-i that says they were made to do Santi for between one and three years before being allowed to learn anything else. Many interpret this type of demand as a useless hazing process. However, this process of standing is the most foundational power training in Hsing-i, and without it, the training of the Five Elements and the animal forms could easily become nothing more than movements with minimal internal power. Aside from the martial aspects, Santi teaches how to make the mind calm and how to free it of accumulated stress. The process that Santi sets in motion for balance, health and healing is expanded and fulfilled in the Five Element practices. Santi focuses on cultivating five critical processes: Breath Legs and waist Arms Unifying external connections within yourself Unifying internal connections within yourself reminds me of a Ki Aikido practice to hold a bokken/wooden practice sword steady, point focused on singular spot, working up to an hour.
  6. Phosphorus in internal alchemy

    Good chance you're right. Phosphene (a ring or spot of light produced by pressure on the eyeball or direct stimulation of the visual system other than by light.) would make more sense then phosphorus, once nick named the 'devil's element'. Still in daoist alchemy internal and external theories move in strange sometimes unexpected directions. When I have Glenn Morris's book 'Pathnotes..' near me I'll double check the exact wording. Odds are you're right.
  7. Limahong Posted 3 hours ago (edited) Any songs that you like to share with others? I will try and have them downloaded. Any requests from anyone else? me- I've always found When I'm Old and Wise by Alan Parsons to be meaningful and haunting.
  8. New Member

    must confess, not sure what samm choy is. Not sure if its a position in standing meditation or a feeling/focus.
  9. Jesus from Siberia

    Computer Viruses. I wonder if Facebook, youtube and the like aren't computer viruses that humans pick up and get infected with.
  10. Phosphorus in internal alchemy

    For awhile I didn't but they're there, often shifting around. Particularly apparent as we move from normal consciousness into deeper ones, as we awaken or fall asleep. Or for an automatic hit, there's a practice where you keep your eyes closed and face the sun. You'll become aware of phosphorus colors then. I believe the Healing Dao practice was to envision the colors seeping into your skeleton. They'll change from lighter neons to darker purples quickly and wash each color down, while keeping your eyes closed.
  11. Phosphorus in internal alchemy

    This probably isn't the direction your thinking of, but I remember Doc Morris talking about paying attention to the phosphorus (colors, particularly bright neons) behind your eyes. What mood and levels create which colors, and when you get purple try to stay there. Again probably not the physical phosphorous your thinking of, but daoist terms can sometimes be quite multilevel.
  12. To a great member, A welcomer, a rock, a man who lived life on his own terms, and lived it well. To Jim your wit and wisdom are missed.
  13. Climate Change

    as well you should. Course, both sides should look at the science and should in my humbled unstudied opinion see that both sides have decent points that don't conflict. In that there are sun (ie natural) cycles that highly influential our weather, and that human pollutions are clearly changing the composition of our atmosphere and that has consequences. Put a dome around some unfortunate city and it'd be clear real fast. Without the dome, our pollution gets (mostly) blown away but it's still having a dire affect, just slower. <addon> this summer my sons Lake Michigan Triathlon was turned duathlon at the last minute because the Lake was too high!?
  14. Climate Change

    uhmn no.. just shooting the breeze, not the messengers.
  15. Climate Change

    In the Midwest we have Lake Michigan at record highs and flood warnings (like this weekend) along its coast and many tributaries running to it. Lake front water view properties are more and more threatened..underwater per se. Course 7 or 8 years ago the lake was at a 20 year low. So things change but it behooves us to figure out the patterns, the reasons and likely longer term patterns. Cause its to easy to see a dip or raise and draw a chart that shows it'll go on forever. The whole system, the El Ninos and El Nanos, air, water currents and moisture pressure. Weather is complicated, climate more so.
  16. New Member

    That's great. Is there any particular exercise, breathing, form or meditation you feel helped you the most? thanks
  17. Dog pee

    or maybe something to wet our whistle? <addon> I don't think 'it' ferments. If it did the practice of drinking urine would be much more wide spread. We'd have beers called Piss and Piss light. Maybe one called Pizt- now with extra piss. If you drank too much of it you'd be considered beered.
  18. I'll throw in, have the basics down well. I'm talking eating, sleeping and strong flexible body. Before the esoteric stuff, work on the ordinary fundamentals. Otherwise you're building a castle on the sand. That said, see whats available around you. Any worthwhile teachers. Yoga, martial arts, qi gong.
  19. Dog pee

    I believe he was following tradition and the reasoning as I recall was for purity?? The first third had more contaminants. Better then my memory, here is the actual article, which is fascinating. Living in Daoist cave for 5 days in bigu. Here's a quote- I recalled that one of my western friends had a Taoist spiritual guide who taught him how ancient adepts drank their urine and then refined it with internal alchemy. Since this put no new water into my system, and was a well tested method used by sailors to survive at sea, I began drinking my urine. No need to feel squeamish about this, if you’ve never drunk your urine. Urine doesn’t stink until after it grows cold. It was my first time, but I literally guzzled my yellow fluid down the next morning. I found it to be warm, salty, and like a very mild and tasty broth – and very satisfying to my kidneys and heart, which cooled off. I had no more problem the rest of the time, and had the feeling I could have continued for a very long time. There is also a homeopathic effect also created by recycling one’s urine repeatedly through your system, as it concentrates many subtle essences that can have healing properties. There is a large literature on people healing serious illnesses with urine drinking. I also noticed something unusual. Every time I urinated, I would pee on the ground the starting and ending urine flow, to remove toxins accumulated in the bladder. I was losing about 30% of my urine each day, a gradual loss of body water. Curiously, the empty water bottle I used to catch the urine always refilled to the same level each time. This meant my body was either producing water from thin air or it was converting blood or body fat into water. This continued the entire five days, and since I didn’t grow thin, it felt like my kidneys were producing new water, in the same way my spleen chi felt like it was producing new food from the chi field. Of course scientists would say I was deluded and just consuming myself on a fast. But what can scientists say about others who rarely eat for months or years on end? I recalled a conference sponsored by another nei dan teacher, Yan Xin, attended by a number of his scientist-students who themselves had stopped eating for long periods without undue weight loss.
  20. Dog pee

    Pee drinking.. not a practice I'm interested in taking up. There's always a chance that at the end of the book or video is a small disclaimer 'I was just kidding'. If it was that healthy wouldn't everybody be doing it? On the other hand. When Michael Winn did long term meditation in ye olde Taoist caves reportedly he, like them, drank urine. He recommended not drinking the first or last third of I recall.
  21. Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing help

    I've been around some long time practitioners (example Michael Winn) and they gurgle and burp throughout long meditation periods. Interesting phenomena which may or may not be what your experiencing. No suggestions other then it might be a good sign. I'm interested in how people interpret the Golden Flower Method (ex Can you tell me what your practice is like? ie the breathing and focus. Thanks.
  22. Dog pee

    There is a question of what is worse. A pesky ghost rattling windows and doors or an exorcist who's throwing bowls of chicken blood and/or dog urine in your house. After seeing the potential mess, a person might decide to live in peace with the ghost. Maybe they were there first anyway.
  23. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    I believe it closes some of the lower meridians (leg) thus enhancing circulation of the higher ones. I think. Ultimate fruit seems to be legendaries who've gone into caves hit the position and stayed in deep meditation for weeks/months.. becoming saints.. kinda thing. See India Holy Men. But more to the point voidisyinyang is eccentric (aren't we all), but rarely insulting, he's sharing his point of view, trying to help people. Like it or ignore it, he's a fellow member and these insults beyond a comment or two are mean spirited and not what this board is about, imo.
  24. Cushions for meditation

    That reminds me of how we were taught to sit seiza, ie kneeling sit. From an upright position on the knees to go down half way, stop, then half way again, stop, then again and again.. so always half way never all the way down. Proper was to have the butt 'float' above the legs, not sitting on them. Course we could do that for 5, 10, 20 minutes then inevitably the weight came down and it was only a matter time before our legs grew numb. Unless you were a natural or born doing it.
  25. Cushions for meditation

    What are the benefits you've gotten as you've gone longer? Are there any sign posts as you break certain time barriers, 2, 4 8 into 16?