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  1. Curious if anyone is family with this sexual qigong technique in Ken Cohens book "the way of qigong". The book states whilst standing in qigong stance with palms open on inner thighs, inhale clench fists raising palms to naval region whilst whilst trying to raise testicles upwards and inwards... My question is do you have to clench the perineum, I've found clenching the perineum or pulling the abdomen slightly inwards raises the testes.. The book doesn't elaborate.. Any feedback appreciated.. Dan
  2. Meditation on the Lower Triangle

    Yes the lower three chakras are considered the lower triangle in the yogic system.. http://www.pinklotus.org/- KY Meditation for the lower triangle.htm
  3. I was browsing my book collection recently and came across Michael Frosts "choosing life, guidelines to avoiding extinction".. There is a practice in the book called "meditation on the Lower triangle", just curious if anyone has this book or has done this practice.. It looks like it could be a kundalini yoga kriya.. Thanks
  4. The Universal Form

    Amazing thanks for taking the time to reply in detail. I'll break the dvd out again and start playing around with it.. Cheers
  5. The Universal Form

    I just logged in yesterday after a while away and seen this reply, can't believe I made this post 13 years ago, time flys.. This has peaked my interest in the universal form again, would love to hear more about the benefits you received from practicing this set.. In the book he just calls it a form of exercise but doesn't refer to it as a qigong, he does state it can be applied as qigong but that is beyond the scope of that book.
  6. Damo 12 fist set???

    Here is a link with pics scroll down you will see pics and descriptions.. https://www.energygatesqigong.us/exercises-meditation/da-mos-yi-jin-jing-exercises.html
  7. I found this set in a book I have, the explanation isn't all that detailed, the set looks pretty static all done with clenched fists, it's part of the yi jin jing or a variation of that.. Is anyone familiar with it.. Ive seen it also under the name of sinew metamorphosis..
  8. thanks I'll check it out
  9. Hi, Just curious if anyone has any experience with Mark Cohen's "Inside Zhan Zhuang" DVD, how is his ZZ practice different to Lam Kam's, I love Lam Kam's simplicity in his books as its very user friendly.. What makes Mark Cohen's practice different, is his ZZ from a different lineage, different warm ups, postures etc etc.. Thanks Dan
  10. Qigong calisthenics

    Hahaha very cool, where I walk along the beach path I would end up walking into a cyclist or skateboarder..
  11. Qigong calisthenics

    Thanks for the suggestions, I actually just looked at a DVD I bought a while back "qigong recharge" and it's a mix of joint mobility and tai chi qigong, but will look into the other suggestions as well. thelerner, funny you mention breath holds, I'm getting into buteyko at the moment and practicing reduced breathing during my daily walks with good results.
  12. Qigong calisthenics

    Anyone know of a good book/DVD on qigong calisthenics , something that is easy to learn and is done for fairly high reps, simple qigong that doesn't require a lot of skill. Things like arms swinging , slapping, spine stretches etc etc
  13. Peter Ragnar weighted ball qigong

    I tried he said it's also unavailable , he has a new course now, but I've been told the older courses are the ones to get..
  14. Peter Ragnar weighted ball qigong

    Just bumping this again incase somebody missed it, I think the title of the book and DVD was "The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility"..
  15. Im trying to track down and old Peter Ragnar DVD or book which outlines his magnetic weight ball Qigong, in particular the Cranes Nest and Dragon Scooping Qi exercises.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. Dan