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  1. SFQ Small Universe

    Like to be normal as I was previously because this seems as normal day to day chores does not interests me actually..
  2. SFQ Small Universe

    Do you actually think that i will be cured. It seem as there is no treatment for this. People are suffering for 20 years or more. I am doing five elements and moving of yin and yang and will further start this small universe..I don't know i will be cured or not as it does not feel like as i did in past. NO motivation to continue the regular work. Don't know.
  3. SFQ Small Universe

    I am going through awakening issues and trying the five elements and small universe of Spring Forest Qigong, where there is a confusion that in the guided meditation that i will consider the lower dantian to be a ball of energy moving through the orbit or only the spark of energy moving from dantian to other locations of the orbit. Further, the area of location really hinders. Like where the baldder is placed, lower back (probably above hips), then kidney area, etc. Could anyone guide me through this areas and state what way it should be performed..??
  4. Male Deer Exercise

    where can i find the male cultivation forum in tao bum, not able to get the forum in the topic creation portion.
  5. Male Deer Exercise

    Hii, i was doing deer exercise only the stage two last year and that resulted energy blast in head and from that time i am mad man..:P.. What was the significance of the first stage actually??..was the dantian massage lead to grounding. It is said that the exercise is quite safe. Would i be fine again and perform the deer exercise in a safe manner in future..??..
  6. Hello, I was doing the deer exercise (but only the second stage not the first one) and it made a blast on head last year and from that time i am like a madman. Firstly i was not aware what has happened but afterwards through googling i came to knew that it was kundalini and it has trapped in the head. I did some physical exercises, salt baths and walking. But still there is main and something stucked in head. Will i be completely cured. I am thinking to start microcosmic orbit and may go for Micheal winn online system of training. I think as i not performed the first stage of the deer exercise thats why there was a short circuit. I don't know further. There are huge suicidal thoughts going on. Kindly anyone who has gone through this thing and could help me to resonate with the information will be helpful.