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  1. I have a lot of tension in my arms these days and am looking for exercises to relax them. Because I have some chi deviation issues I can't do too much stretches because stretches put I´me in a meditative state which sets of the energy imbalances. What works well is the mobility exercises from intuflow. They help but I need more. So does anyone have tips about mobility exercises, rotation exercises for the arms or similar that can help reduce tension?
  2. How Do I Build a Strong Foundation

    Freeform has some good posts in this thread about building the foundation and the "Qigong body": Damo Mitchell has an online course in Nei Gong that is specifically aimed at helping you build the foundation for later alchemy etc. Damos books are also very good for helping you get a theoretical overview of the path. This is a book written by an enlightened woman whom I am lucky to know. It is more like poetry than a conventional book. It tends to impact people emotionally and spiritually and not just appeal to the mind:
  3. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    This explains it quite well: And this explains how they see the difference between Chias methods and Karezza:
  4. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    It is kind of a western tantra invented by a woman in the 1800s: The couple who wrote the book Cupids Poisoned Arrow has done a lot to make it more known these days. They have had a site and forum at dedicated to Karezza but its down for maintenance and upgrades at the moment. Karezza in practice is very similar to the very simple tantra described by Diana Richardson in her tantra books. Her books are usually recommended by the reuniting people.
  5. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    According to the Secret that works though
  6. Suicide?

    I had a similar experience in meditation once. My legs started falling asleep but since I had decided to sit entirely still for the duration of my sit no matter what I didn't adjust my legs, which would have solved the problem. And since I made no adjustments the falling asleep sensations eventually turned into extreme pain. Probably the worst I have ever felt. I sat noticing my awareness try to dissociate from the pain but kept bringing my awareness back to include the pain. After about 15 minutes something shifted and I started to accept the pain fully. 95% of what had felt to me like purely physical pain vanished. There was still some form of experience of intense pain there but it was more like it was a movie experience I was seeing rather than something that was bothering me. I haven't been able to use this for a big shift in my relationship to pain in daily life though. I think I need more meditation time for that.
  7. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    This sounds very interesting but I don't understand it. What kind of openness internally? That having an increasing openness with equanimity towards all aspects of your internal experience is seen as good? What kind of contraction? Can you elaborate?
  8. Looking for wisdom on semen retention

    I can definitively see how this has been the case for some people I have seen in online forums. And many members of a certain tantra organisation that has a lot of overlap with parts of my social circle. And when I have played around with this it has seemed to me that when I have had sex that is more lustful and explosive and desire driven and orgasms of the more conventional kind, it would lead down such route if I kept retaining the leftover energy. However, it does not at all seem to fit with those who practice Karezza. Those who practice Karezza generally say they practice pre orgasmic sex. They stay FAR away from the point of no return. So if ejaculation happens at arousal level 100 and people can have multiple orgasms at 95 they stay more around 80. And they always put connection above arousal. So if they feel like sexual energy becomes more central then connection/heart then they back of a bit and reconnect until this balance is correct again. They DO have what can be called orgasms in the form of what is often called valley orgasms. But they stay far away from the more explosive conventional (yang) orgasm. Not only the man but also the woman stay away from conventional explosive orgasms and stay either in pre orgasmic bliss or have valley orgasms. Which seems to differ from Taoist advice where womens orgasms are seen as less problematic (maybe that is just from Chia? I don't know but I see it repeated so often by qigong people and "Taoist" sex books). What couples tend to very consistently report is not only more energy and the types of benefits typically claimed for semen retention. But they also claim to experience a drastic drops in addictions of all kind. Porn addiction, sex addiction, chocolate, nicotine, social media, anything that stimulates dopamine type addictions. They also claim to loose interest in kinds of various kinds. And they claim that where sexual attraction and love often dies out for couples after a few years those who practice karezza experience a stable and consistent sexual attraction and a stable and consistent love for years and years. The love they feel tend to be more like the companionate love of long lasting couples (more endorfin and oxytocin based I believe) and less of the early romantic infatuation type love (more amphetamine and dopamin based as far as I understand). The difference between most couples and Karezza couples is that their version of the more companionate love feels as strong and attractive as most peoples early romantic infatuation based love. And unlike couples who love each other after many years but have lost the spark and the sexual attraction their love still has strong sexual desire coupled in. I read through years and years of posts in the Karezza forum at because I found this so interesting. And it really does seem that those who practice this way get these results with a high degree of consistency. It looks to me that the type of damaging results from semen retention you describe comes more from have conventional orgasms and keeping this energy that from having sex and keeping the energy. It probably depends more on how on has sex. I can't recall a single instance of anyone in the Karezza forum reporting things like what you warn about but I can see it being highly prevalent in certain tantra groups that practice forms of sex that goes much closer to the 95 arousal level and have explosive orgasms and retain. This all matches my personal but limited experience. When I have experienced with "tantric" type sex it eventually felt like staying in the cooler less striving less lust driven zone and putting connection above sexual desire was the way to go and led to deeper sexual satisfaction and much more powerful states tend letting lust take over and run the show. And the after effects of retaining with more explosive sex seemed destabilising (though sort of high energy) while the after effects of the cooler more connected karezza like effects seem to provide all the promised benefits of retaining and none of the dangerous downsides. I haven't practiced this and retained over long periods of time though.
  9. You can also contact Tao Semko for help. He is known to be quite skilled at helping people work through those kinds of imbalances:
  10. You can also try this technique: Bring your awareness towards your muscles and skin. Notice that there is both sensations that feel physical, gross and sort of "meaty" and there are sensations that feel more energy/chi like wherever you feel into your body. Then focus your awareness more and more towards the gross, physical, meaty, flesh like sensations and NOT the feelings of energy. Whenever awareness goes towards the movements of your energy, bring your attention gently over to the physical, flesh sensations in your muscles and skin. This CAN work. But it may also initially work a bit but then make things worse. The key is are you able to switch awareness towards the gross physical sensations and away from energy. When I manage to switch towards the muscles almost all the energy imbalances just disappear. But doing any sort of awareness exercise might still make things worse if you can't properly switch attention. And then you need to rely on doing lots of physical activity over a long period of time to have this awareness shift happen by itself through activity.
  11. I have also found that standing for long stretches while fishing helps in a similar way as standing meditation but without the aggravation of energy that can come through standing meditation. They key is that when I stand while fishing I don't bring my mind to my energy as I do when I do standing meditation, so the energy isn't stimulated in the same way. But because I do stand energy starts to go down as it normally would in standing meditation. So try fishing or anything else that makes you stand for fairly long without going into a standing meditation "mindset". Just do the activity and focus on that not the energy. Walking for (reasonably) long stretches also helps a lot if it is regular enough.
  12. Damo Mitchel has made a video with a series of a few stretching exercises and a short self massage sequence designed to help people with Chi Deviation. This is the link to the video but in order to access it I think you need to subscribe to his monthly Nei Gong program. If so then subscribe for one month, learn the sequence and then cancel the subscription as Freeform is likely right that you need to step back from energywork. Damo advices that as well: I highly recommend exercising core muscles and gaining precise control of your core muscles they way you do through for example Pilates. The more you are connected to and move from your core muscles the more your energy will sink to the abdomen and through that stop bothering you so much. It takes time but it works. Very slow ankle rotations builds a rooted energy and pulls your energy and awareness towards your ankles which helps ground you. Intu Flow by Scott Sonnon has, at least for me and one other guy with serious chi deviation, helped with grounding, embodiment, reducing tension and increasing relaxation and unblocking energy in a way that did not exacerbate energy imbalances. Squats help ground me a lot (but I can't do them much because of my knees) but I know at least one other person that found it increased his energy imbalances. Try them out and see how they work for you.
  13. Hello

    I`ve mostly been away since then too
  14. Hello

    I remember you. You had recently come of drugs and where doing KAP at the time:)
  15. Well, I wrote teacher A does look kinda puffy and baby like and teacher B a bit also. But Wang Liping and Nathan Brine (who he has certified to teach don't so maybe there is still hope I can keep my muscle definition and avoid looking like a baby. Or something like that. The problem was that teacher A and B are western teachers that may show up here so I thought it rude. In my mind I kinda treated them like I would when we are discussing all these teachers that live in China or are dead and then I would just be blunt about it. But I don't want to do that with those who may show up here. I did think to myself "he is just fat" haha. And I could have written that no problem. As long as its someone dead or that would never come here. The shoulders too?!! Argh. To be perfectly honest this is stressing me out a bit. I used to be very happy with my body. Then I got a fat belly because I was prevented from exercising and my sugar intake became insane. After I became able to exercise again I have exercised diligently and cut sugar drastically. The belly is soon entirely gone and muscle definition is coming back and then doing something good for me like Nei Gong is going to make me look like a chubby baby AND mess up my shoulders?!! My shoulders are the part of my body I am most happy with. They are broad and exactly like I want them. And then they get messed up too. I thought this art was supposed to make one more attractive