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  1. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    I would say the Tao is easy when you follow the path of gentleness, of softness. Like Thunder said, you follow the path of water, you take the lowest position, and you don't hold positions. When you don't hold positions that bind you, then you are free to drop freely as a snowflake, naturally, guided by the gentle caress of life, of the Tao. The Tao is difficult when you follow the path of hard thought and speed. You have expectations, goals and positions. It's like you engineer chains that bind you and your snowflake falls like a dead weight, because your trajectory is man-made. The spot both snowflakes will land is different. How to follow the path of gentleness ? It starts with your mind, be gentle there. Don't grasp at thoughts. When they come in, don't apply strong force or direction to them. Let them come in as a gentle breeze, as in a day-dream. Don't become serious about them or hold a strong idea about something. When you're stuck in a strong idea, notice the circular pattern. You'll notice you keep repeating the same information - so, just take a step back, and enter the center of that circle. That center is like the hub of your mind, it is neutral. It doesn't care about Yin and Yang or taking sides. Then you can see clearly, and make the right decision from your deepest conscience. And from there, you are free to extend your loving gentle energy to the world, in a way that is unbiased and natural.
  2. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Anyways, there's nothing sweeter or softer than an enlightened Totoro... We had one in the forum a while back.
  3. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    By the way, thanks for lending me these books Nungali. It’s a bit tedious to read, but the pictures make it all worth it.
  4. The Soft Power of Totoro

    I once tried that strange pipe and had a vision of the Raccoon God. In the dream, he gave me a golden acorn. But the initial euphoria quickly turned into a “bad trip” when Nungali came out of nowhere and stole the small nut. He even made a rap song out of it to spite me. Then he buried it somewhere in Australia, never to be seen again. It is said that a 1000 year old tree grew where he hid it, and of the shape of a raccoon. But we’ve since patched our relationship over our shared interest in random critters and various rodents. Although I contend that American possums are superior in subtle ways to their Australian counterparts.
  5. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Shining in the dark sky, the clear pure moon is waxing, splendid and bright.... it is so full and lucid, it cannot be covered by a single speck of dust..... (excerpt from Master Ni’s workbook for spiritual development) When your thoughts become gentle and transparent, then you can see the full moon. It is the original energy of your mind, it is your unspoilt spirit.
  6. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Totoro’s mind is clear and lucid like the moon because he has soft thought. A lot of us, like myself, have a tendency towards hard thought. Well, I’m an engineer, so it comes by the trade of the business, but so do a lot of lawyers or politicians, or anything that requires heavy mental work. Hard thoughts mean tightening the mind and seeing the world and your problems as an equation to solve. Artists, enlightened ones, and very gentle people often see everything like a day-dream. Like Totoro, they enjoy soft thought. The thoughts still come and go in their mind space, but as a soft breeze. There is no strong control or direction applied to them by the thinker. Ask yourself, can you really be a soft person if you have hard thoughts ? Can hard thoughts change the world ? Remember in DDJ, “no violent force can last long”. The symbol of hard thought in the West is “The Thinker” by Rodin - Look at how much tension is in his face. Maybe Buddha or Totoro could be symbols of soft thought in the East. And one last thing. Curiosity is a good foundation for a soft mind. Look at Totoro’s big eyes. He doesn’t say much, but he is taking in so much. He is listening, curious. Open to any possibility. And open to any opportunity to help. This makes his thoughts gentle and flexible. Then his outer actions reflect his inner gentleness. But his actions are unpredictable, they could be anything, even a random weird sound like a growl because he is coming from a deeper place then hard thoughts, deeper than the intellect. But to be like Totoro we need to learn to be gentle with ourselves first. If Totoro was still judging himself with hard thoughts, then I don’t think his spirit could shine like the full moon, like it does now
  7. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Just updating this thread with something my wife shared. They have a Totoro tree in Japan. Apparently it's a cedar tree that is over 1000 years old. It's located in the village of Sakegawa in Yamagata Prefecture, and is unsurprisingly nicknamed "The Totoro Tree" (トトロの木 or Totoro no Ki). There is a legend that if couples visit the tree and hold hands under it, they will have a child.
  8. What would be your superpower?

    Softness is a great one.... it got me thinking, what is the foundation of softness ? In this realm, I would chose perhaps the words non-judgement and forgiveness, which is coincidently what Jesus taught. When I’m with someone dear to me or not, I personally don’t think I could be soft if I still judged certain aspects of them, or if I didn’t see myself leveled with them in every way. Because you need to be leveled with someone to be sincere to them. Not think you are higher or lower, or come from a biased perspective towards a relationship, you just need to be same. Like my child when he wants to play. To me, tenderness is like the sweet aroma that comes from interactions with others, when they are done with the same care and reverence as what you would do for yourself. The aroma comes when the acts are done from the heart, and for no reason. Just because you see others as yourself. And just because you can. Not forced or as a service based on a spiritual perspective, for example during missionary work. That is agressive and far removed from softness. So, as my super-power for 2020, I would like to forever see the equality in all things and beings and never hold any resentments or ill feeling towards anyone, because I know we’re all made of the same stuff, and we’re all working towards the same stuff, even though we may be using different ways to get there. But even the ways are also stuff. Call stuff Love if you want, I don’t mind, but we are all brothers. And the less we see each others as brothers, the more hard we become, we harden our hearts and place everyone and everything in neat little categories, where the light of our hearts can’t enter. Because we’ve erected walls around our brothers. So may softness and tenderness erode these walls, so we all become brothers again, that’s my wish.
  9. Releasing suppressed emotions?

    Wow, you kept the fireworks for the end my friend. That’s one heck of a sentence. To be honest I laughed out loud reading it. I mean, read through it again... it’s a mouthful. I don’t care what forum or where this is posted, that was awesome. At least it takes some guts to spill open like that. Could sound as gibberish, it’s true, but how do you really describe the Truth with words, when they are unfit to convey the deepest meaning ? That’s a deeper question. You use words in your own way to describe spiritual truth, and I have to respect you for that. It’s personal at least. Some people borrow words. You go for the passionate firehose approach, which is unique. To OP, I know he has good intentions. Maybe it’s not helping you much but also think about the absurdity of reacting emotionally to this. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back from emotions or the circumstances that created them, and laugh at the whole thing. Because there’s humor everywhere if you look deep enough, even in the darkness of times. If you can react with humor, it means you keep your human dignity, that good feeling inside your heart. Don’t let emotions bog you down, but always come back to that good feeling inside your heart. It’s your right as a decent human being.
  10. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Haha... OK... Well, funny because of the questions, and then some statements and their implications. One of the statements implied that women loose at competitive games that are heavily based on odds and probabilities, because they were cooler (yin) in nature than men. That's a formidable statement, and one I want to investigate further. We could try an experiment, one woman and one man, and one dice. The game is roll the dice. When you hit a 6, you win. Obviously the woman couldn't possibly roll a 6 ever, or beat a Yang male at ping pong, unless it was a serious fluke shot. Well we could make this two experiments then.
  11. box life

    What is in a box though ? You mentioned material things, which make us feel confined and it’s true. But spiritually the boxes are also containers. They are full of the invisible Tao. Tao is like the water of the Ocean and each life is like water in a container. Truly, we are containers in containers. Look at your physical body and feel it. Then see if you can feel the room you are in. You realize you can’t decouple the room from what you feel because you “wear” the room on yourself like an article of clothing. It has a subtle weight on your energetic body, it has to be there. Then see if you can become your house. Then the city, then the country. No matter how much you expand or reduce your container, your energetic body can still travel there, fill the container, and sense everything. From this perspective, it’s hard to know where you begin and where you end. To come back to that water analogy, the water in your container is totally free to travel anywhere, and it is everywhere. Call it a matter of perspective. As material beings we live in boxes and are bound to them. But as energetic beings we live in containers which have porous walls and we are free to travel anywhere, much like a fish in the Ocean. It’s a bit like that Leonard Cohen quote, there’s a crack in every container, that’s where the light comes through. When you’re in a dark container, you don’t see the cracks and you can’t move from room to room.
  12. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Good suggestion ilumairen. You could even make that into a great opener. “Hey, you don’t know me, but I was seated next to you in the bus earlier... and I felt waves of heat come out from your body. You were on my left side, and I felt like my left side was on fire... yeah. And I was wondering if you wanted to talk about it. Because I study Daoism and was wondering what it is about the female form or body that emits waves of heat. Is it a polarity thing you think ? It’s weird, cause you should be more Yin and cooler as a female (and hence lose at all competitive sports when facing men) but somehow I’m getting heat from you... What does this mean ? Do you have the hots for me or something ? Could you actually beat me at ping pong ?
  13. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Lol, some threads on DaoBums are just too funny.
  14. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Thanks. Which Master or book is this from ?
  15. Some people emit heat, is this chi related?

    Interesting. Anything else going on deeper in the body, maybe some softening or hardening ? Or just heat ? Maybe they are not particularly attractive but they still resonate with you... So maybe they are your type so to speak. Do they all share certain features ? Or certain attribusts you can identify ? Would be interesting if they all had something in common.