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  1. Well, it's very nice of you, Starjumper, to share with us here on DaoBums... You know, it's really annoying in that video, it cuts off just before he's explaining what that seizure is for lol. But he says it's to expel sick Qi. So I kind of view it like shaking a wet mop and expelling droplets of water around in the environment. I've been mostly shrugging shoulders in that one, doing it differently, so it will take me more time to figure this part out. Shrugging shoulders violently/repeatedly like this in order to shake the whole body as the arms flap up and down opens the shoulder's nest, opens the top back of the spine and gets Qi at C7 point. The arms start to be weightless after 3 repetitions. We did this only 7 times, but apparently the Masters who were practicing this set would do it 49 times. That's a huge amount of shoulder spasm. And the entire body would move from the shoulders. It's kind of like a shoulder generated body bounce, lol. It feels great energetically. But the movement in this video is more subtle, maybe it's after a different effect.
  2. Oh just posted the right time mark here, sorry, of the vibration part.
  3. Interesting... Did you see the strange wriggling of the hands in the exercise you are referring to, it's in the latter part.... like a kind of "energetic seizure", up and down. What do you make of that ? He says it's to expel sick Qi, so I guess it matches what you just said about getting rid of energy. But the raise on toes and thump on floor part is not for getting rid of energy imo. The vibration removes blockages in the spine, and combined with the arm movements it opens up the central channel, as well as further opening up the MCO from exercise one. The way I was taught that one is to have the energetic seizure from the shoulders (not the wrists) and the shoulders would rattle and shake the entire body. It's like a very quick succession of shoulder shrugs, as the arms come up and down. It's very strange and I also never saw this in any other set. It makes the top of the spine quite warm, and the arms start to float rapidly. Here is the strange arm movements, which I refer to as seizure like (it links to the right part in the video).
  4. Thanks Starjumper, it's great to get feedback from someone as experienced as you You are right, flapping wings is for the central channel. The way it's laid out is like this movement 1: MCO movement 2 (flapping wings) : central channel movement 3 (baseball pitch in slow mo) : yin wei, yang wei, heel meridians movement 4 ( belt channel) So all 8 meridians are addressed, but there are only 4 actions, you are right.
  5. You're welcome Toni. I learned it 7 years ago or so. Both Masters teaching this form were Taiwanese, if that counts for anything. This form is very unglamorous, and not a lot of people are going to care or even notice it. It's like a vulgar rock on the side of the road. But when you pick it up, you realize that it's like a diamond pretending to be a rock, and it does exactly what it's designed to do. And I don't really know of other forms that open up the 8 meridians like this. It's apparent that the people who created this had a very deep understanding of Qigong and energetics. It's hard to work with the interlinking meridians for example, I don't think anyone can confidently say they understand how these work 100%, even doctors. But the third movement that resembles a baseball pitch in slow motion achieves their opening, at least gradually, every time you do it. The Master I learned it from did state that in his opinion, it was the most powerful / expedient way to open all meridians in the body, and I heard he wouldn't teach this for many years, because it was too powerful. But he eventually changed his mind and told his senior students it was OK to start teaching around. That's when I learned it. That's why if you want to learn this, I encourage you to contact the Master from the video. He offers seminars, things like that. Some in Russia, others in Hong Kong and Washington State in the US. Otherwise I would need to guide you personally. Or if you understand Chinese, the Master in the video does an excellent job explaining everything in this video. It's informal and he's teaching friends, but it's high quality advice.
  6. OK.... to the people who clicked 'like' .... I challenge you to do exercise 1 then... and let me know what you think. Your experience is valuable to me.
  7. Bump..... This is really a wonderful set. No one knows ? OK, if anyone feels adventurous, try out the first movement and tell me about it Just click play on the video, it's linked at the right time, and let's do the first one. This one opens your small universe without any visualization, just body mechanics and a mental cue. Breathing is natural. As per the video, you bow the back slightly as you reach your arms towards the back, gathering Qi from above and them come down towards the lower Dantian, as you bend progressively forward. When you come down towards the Dantian, your palms will become really numb as you press down on the Dantian "ball" (its invisible auric field). This pressure and movement makes the Dantian Qi overflow to the back, and the effect is compounded by the fact that you're progressively bending forward. This feels a bit like deflating an open balloon by pressing on the sides. The Master in the video does it 36 times, but I was taught only 7 and you will already be sweating and feel energy coursing up the back, through the neck. And then this is just FYI about the rest.... Movement 2 opens the central channel, and makes the arms appear completely weightless although I was taught slightly differently than the video. Movement 3 is quite rare because it opens all the interlinking meridians (yin wei, yang wei, and heel vessels) in one shot. I've never seen a movement do this specifically, but I assume there's others out there though. Movement 4 opens the belt channel. But 2,3 and 4 are in Chinese.... So try 1) and if you feel inspired I can provide more info for the rest. I'm open to feedback, if you feel like these movements are average or over-rated than that's fine, please let me know too. I'm just curious what people think, because they are so rare.
  8. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    Okay but make sure you don't sacrifice enjoyment for discipline... The state of mind you do your practices with is significant, because they will amplify whatever 'input' you bring to them. If you do your practices in a calm and enjoying mood, then the result will be most agreeable to you. If you do them as a performer or in a rushed way, then the result will be more of that energy. Wanting "provable results" can come from the performer's perspective. It can lead to doing practices with expectation and attaching to outcomes. Your Qi will start to float. Spirit is the beginner's mind, it doesn't need tight control or validation along the way, it needs you to repeatedly offer your innocent mind and trust to whatever you are doing, ideally something greater than yourself. Can you reconcile the too ? Use your mind to find efficiencies, I think that's good. But when your practices are set-up, allow and don't perform. When the practice is done, forget the outcome. Forgive yourself for wanting to attach to outcomes. Don't judge yourself for not living up to your expectations. If you can practice like that, you will slowly harmonize your three entities of body, mind and spirit. Softening the mind is a good first step in this regard. This includes softening your perspectives to become more curious and allowing. It includes trading hard thoughts for gentle thoughts. Soft thoughts is like when you take a step back and see everything in your experience as a day-dream. Thoughts come in as a breeze and you don't apply strong force or direction to them. Remember that when you hold on to your practices too tightly, this tightness will reflect in your energetic body. Hope it helps
  9. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    Does this Teacher live in Taiwan ? Something about your description about his garden, the statue, and his physical attributes really match with a Teacher I've encountered there. He was also classically trained, and it felt like he was "omniscient" as I think you've referred to. He lived in a mansion with pretty courtyard, with many statues. He was short and chubby in his 50s too. With long hair and a pony tail. But he was secretive and so I won't mention his name too.
  10. Safety and Efficiency of the Daoist Path

    Just expanding on Dawei's question to you.... When you view everything in your life or practices as an equation to solve, like a math problem, that's what we call "hard thoughts" in my tradition. When you take a step back, sigh, decide to just go with the flow, and remedy all your doubt, that's "opening the heart". Practically, this is an 18 inch journey from your head to the heart. Where are you right now ? Which direction do you want to go ? Personally, I wouldn't say that only classical Taoism is safe, or efficient. I'm also not sure if I would equate Damo with classical Taoism. It's common knowledge that he pieced his system from various, sometimes opposing lineages. He is also quite candid about it. We exchanged about this subject once or twice together, I remember he said something about the body energetics or technologies being the most important things to him, because they are the fruit of the traditions. And the outer coating wasn't that important as long as the body technologies worked or something like that. I'm certainly not criticizing him or his approach, he's a good guy and very friendly, just saying that what Welkin is doing isn't all that different. But even if you don't follow Damo's system, can you really say that the classical Taoist "boot camp" approach is the safest ? Who is to say what is really safest ? What matters most is your naturalness, in my opinion, during and especially outside practice. When you are natural, you are safe. How to be natural then ? When you run, just run. When you meditate, just meditate like you were taught. Don't try to do something extra to be natural. Don't over-think things and start changing the way you run or meditate to make things more natural, especially from advice you receive in a forum, that's how you deviate. Use your routines as way to maintain mind/body integration during the day. Don't use them to get "high" or make yourself feel safe. If you want to reflect on what you are doing, view your routine from the perspective of naturalness and common sense. You don't need to have your practices be 'vetted' by different lineages. Each lineage will have a different recommendation or emphasis, and you will start to question everything. With so much information, you won't know how to run anymore, or even walk. When you decide to be eclectic with your routine, why force yourself to follow the perspective of a traditional and strenuous path ? When you want to be spiritual, why force yourself to follow a perspective that places spirituality at the very last rung of the ladder ? Why not be integrated now, mind/body and spirit, and do everything from this unity of being. You don't need to make this the reward of standing 8 hours a day if you don't want too. Can you quiet your mind and come back to the heart, while remaining subtly aware of the body ? This is a gift that was given to humanity, not just to classical Taoists. The truth is that your sincerity, common sense and subjective effort can take you far, even without a Teacher. This sincerity will start to call out for a Teacher and he will find you at the right time. Nothing you will have done before will be in vain, if it was done naturally. It was the impetus that drew the Master to you. And from your spirit's perspective, it doesn't matter how much of practice A or practice B you do.... what matters is "how' you do your practices, what kind of a person you are, and how peaceful and loving you are. Spirit really doesn't care about taking sides about practice and lineages. It doesn't ripen based on repetition of movement, strength, or power. Truthfully you can have all these things and never develop your soul in a lifetime. Just wanted to provide another perspective.... and good luck on whatever path you decide to take.
  11. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    This is a great post about residing along the central channel. Do you experience a sense of inner-self as well ? Like a light being within ? When I connect along the central channel, I find I have a sense of inner-self too.
  12. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    I gotcha.... so it's like a suicide that doesn't completely kill you then. Sorry to hijack this thread by the way, please go on....
  13. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    Strange coincidence.... with all this talk about being "unkillable", dying and coming back etc.... I googled "unkillable" and found this animal. Apparently they are literally unkillable and will see our human Sun die. I also couldn't help but see the resemblance to freeform's avatar. Am I onto something here ? Is meditation about being unkillable then ? (I revise my previous view that meditation was basically suicide). Is it about being like this bug ? The original article was here
  14. Meditation - Doing vs Non-Doing

    Wait.... are you guys saying that meditation is basically suicide ??
  15. I learned this set 7 years ago in Taiwan, and had never seen it since, in parks anywhere or discussed in Qigong circles, even online. But I recently found a video of a Taiwanese Master performing the set. It's a very old video but it rekindled my interest in finding out more about this form. As per the name, the set opens the 8 extra-ordinary meridians in sequence. I was wondering if some the Bums recognized or practiced this set, as I would like to share observations, tips, things like that. I am also interested in the history behind this set. I emailed the Master from the video but he didn't provide any additional details, other than writing to me that they weren't offering seminars at this time. The Master I learned it from 7 years ago didn't share details, as he was highly secretive in general, other than he learned it from his Taoist Master when he was quite young. That's the extent I know, although I believe it to be a traditional Taoist set. It's interesting I know so much about this set, energetically, but very little intellectually. It's not a big deal, but I wanted to reach out in case some others knew this set and wanted to share observations.