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  1. Weather Magick

    Btw, regarding that back and forth between Silent_Thunder and Walker, I would just add, even though it sounds quite obvious, that the Tao cannot be bought. The real teachings cannot be sold, I think this is a given. It also doesn't require a financial commitment. I mean, the Tao cannot be packaged into CDs and DVDs and marketed, and bought for $9.99.... And it's the same for workshops, even though they can be very useful at times. Personally I've been taught by some wonderful Masters for free, for years, and I've also spent quite some money with others. However I don't view the paid instructions as less worthy. What matters as Silent_Thunder said is who you resonate with. And the subtle truth is that Masters can only teach you as high as your level anyways. By this I mean, your progress is still up to your subjective effort and sincerity. You are the one, ultimately who decides how high you want to take this, no matter if the instruction you received is paid or non-paid. I think Masters just work differently, and we have to respect that, in the spirit of the Tao. Some would get offended if they didn't receive compensation. So pay these people. Others would never accept a dime from you, so don't confuse them. Maybe show an act of kindness instead. But ultimately Tao has nothing to do with money, that's for sure, and you can learn much from street kids or your grandma I agree. I think the more specialized a knowledge or skill becomes, the more likely you are to pay for instruction, but at the same time, a small skill or esoteric specialty can never be the whole truth, because it is limited by definition. The Tao that is in everything, he Sun, the air, the innocence of that little girl, will always be free. I have much respect for Masters that teach workshops and also for those that teach others relentlessly for free... I think they both serve a purpose.
  2. Weather Magick

    OK.... And to get back on topic.... here is a safe ritual that you can use to affect your environment - in this case the growth of trees. The little girl does it with innocence, curiosity and wonder. These qualities are already some serious "Magick" in my book....
  3. Weather Magick

    OK.... You've inspired me.... So here are two gentlemen that deeply inspire me, and what they wrote about the moon. Fernando Pessoa (on Wholeness) To be great, be whole: nothing that's you Should you exaggerate or exclude. In each thing, be all. Give all you are In the least you ever do. The whole moon, because it rides so high, Is reflected in each pool. Ni Hua Ching (on handling emotions) The moon waxes and wanes. Tides ebb and flow. Emotion moves up and down. Only achieved ones enjoy The smooth flow of nature.
  4. Weather Magick

    Wow, good memory. I had to dig that up, and even the link I had referenced at the time was broken. But because of your serendipitous thought I have found a way to bring it back alive. So thank you, and here it is in abridged format.... Although, this isn't my meditation, just something I shared in 2014 that apparently is used in some of China’s qigong hospitals, as part of treatment plan for a wide variety of emotional and psychological disturbances. It is beautiful though, you are right, enjoy.
  5. How/why does qigong work?

    Well the paddle at the beginning was encouraging.... but you need better rooting.
  6. How/why does qigong work?

    Wow, that was very sweet Yeah me too.... it’s for his personal touch - like a teddy bear I could place my head in between the pages.... and not for the multiple grands I would be making and driving around in sports cars.. with everyone waving at me, in Vegas... oh man, that would be nice... right, I’m with you on that one.
  7. How/why does qigong work?

    You can write this on my copy next to your signature. And if you do reach enlightenment one day the re-sell value would increase dramatically - so please don’t give up and keep practicing. I guess Earl Grey is way ahead of me with his 10 copies order though, clever move to call it like that. In gambling speak, Freeform is our horse, I got my money on him ! Don’t let me down man !! Don’t let these signatures go down in value !
  8. Weather Magick

    This was a solid overview of the forum and quite balanced in its approach. I just want to add one thing that I don't condone, for this forum or elsewhere, and that is flaunting. Flaunting of wealth for example. It's one thing to have material things, but to flaunt them is another. The flaunting of things is such a pervasive sub-culture, just look at the media. People flaunt their looks, material things, and sexuality, right in your face, all the time. The message we receive is that our ordinary life isn't rich enough, our looks aren't good enough, and we aren't enough. And this happens in spiritual circles too, people can come here and flaunt their spiritual achievements too. What good does this do ? I don't really see any. It makes people with less money, lesser looks, and less spiritual experiences, feel lonely and abnormal. I don't think we should come to DaoBums to strut our bling but to level with others, and help them out if needed, in the spirit of Dao.
  9. They have nothing in common. Osho's is like a cathartic dance were you subconscious takes over much like Zifgong. Did you read Walker's point here ? In contrast, Osho's "bouncing" looks like a dance in a mad-house.
  10. Weather Magick

    This is very true Luke. I was once put off by a particular Master because I knew he was driving around in sports cars. Apparently he had made a lot of money from TCM, establishing universities in the West and had various businesses. And I just couldn't reconcile the fact he was driving sports cars with being a Taoist lineage Master. I didn't have much respect for him to be honest, but I was wrong. Because his mind was not tainted. Owning luxury items is not against the Tao - what matters is if it affects one's mind. This guy was busting his ass off to make a contribution to the world in the medical field and deserved every penny he made, and here I was judging his preferred choice of cars, as proof he was somewhat still materialistic compared to me/us. And I wasn't doing even close to the contribution to the world than he was. Making money is just part of the path too. Contrary to the popular belief, it is not more spiritual to be living in the streets or relying on others. So although owning some green paper may have nothing to do with Dao or enlightenment, at the end of the day you still need to find a way to get some, and you don't want to be a burden to society. I also agree it's hard to get a clear picture of something when you only have partial information. One side of the coin is always missing. That's why the intellect is so active, it tries to extrapolate. Judging is like flipping a coin with imperfect information. Sometimes we are right, relatively right, but sometimes we are dead wrong. And one side of a coin or of an issue can never be the final judgment on a person's character. As Silent Thunder stated, only the Divine knows what's going on, only the Divine has information that isn't partial. I might have a personal opinion about someone, but I know that my opinion isn't the final judgement, and I am not one to judge that person's worth. People will come and go along the ride, in DaoBums and elsewhere.... Some will inspire you, others mistreat you. But personally no matter how I am treated, I vow to follow kindness as others have suggested. Only kindness is constant, only kindness is whole, impartial and Tao-like. And kindness is our common denominator, it is the universal heavenly heart.
  11. Weather Magick

    Nah..... This guy is way ahead of you guys
  12. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Very cool. Since your post is about embodying virtue, do you mind expanding on this paragraph. Not sure what the five lights are - you mean the 5 elements ? I was taught by my teachers that virtue can generate Yang Qi. Thinking positive thoughts about other people, doing good deeds without expecting returns slowly starts to build that good feeling inside your heart, and a healthy supply of light Qi that ascends to the higher centers in the body - the type of Qi that can fly. But this is undoubtedly a lifetime practice. You become a good person basically and let your goodness become the impetus of your spiritual development towards the higher centers in the body. It will slowly open the subtle channels in the head, and keep them open. This is unlike doing practices which involve the third eye immediately without worrying about your morality which seem a bit disingenuous in their approach. Unless you’re doing it with the right mindset of course. I was told it’s easy to do a good deed and get that good feeling inside your heart .... and the Yang Qi that comes with it. It starts knocking at the door of the higher centers, and it feels good. But can you keep doing it until the door slams open and you reach the Dao ? I think we all need to strive for that. Most teachers I met expounded the benefits of virtue in cultivation, so I think it’s great you have a specific practice for that. Dedicating merit would be a Buddhist example and would work the same, imo.
  13. Working Meditation

    Yup. This is bait for Spotless too haha... I know he likes to hammer that point down... That meditation isn't trance. Sucks cause I always thought you could meditate in a techno or rave party. Alright, couldn't help myself with that bad joke. Last one, I promise.... But yeah I agree with you and Spotless on this. Carry on.
  14. Working Meditation

    Bonjour Madame, If I may, let me try to help with this, from my limited experience. Although it seems Earl Grey just answered you, and has really good advice. So I can't add too much. But like him, I was taught working meditation as mind/body integration. So I thought the words you chose "intense focus" and "altered states" were a bit risky in this regard. "Intense focus" drives the Qi to the head, usually the forehead. So since you are a magician :).... use your magic wand and transform the words "intense focus" into "gentle concentration" and voila, you'll have "working meditation". A gentle concentration allows your Qi to drop, from your head into your hands, and into whatever activity you are doing. And you can stay with this "semi-interested" or passive focus, as freeform would put it, while doing every day tasks. The key is to relax (-> Qi goes down), and not to perform (-> Qi goes up). When you know the knack of this, you can do your activities with heightened Qi and energy. And about "altered states", I don't think they mean too much spiritually. But it sounds cool, I know, and just washing the dishes with an everyday consciousness sounds so boring.... so I'll give you another cool(er) term to chew on. "Spiritual tipsiness". Yup. If you have the sincerity to drop your inner dialog long enough to marry the Qis of your mind and body, and use your physical activity as the unifying experience (or the minister of the ceremony to follow this analogy), you'll start feeling a bit drunk inside. But the good part of drunk, where you'll be bubbling with Qi inside, and without the bad breath. So yeah, it's like a wedding were everyone got drunk.... Hummm, sorry went a bit overboard with the analogies here, but hopefully parts of this were useful to you .... Burp, a bit drunk myself, if I may.
  15. Storing Solar Energy in the Lower Dantian

    Hi Scholar, yes, he is 103 this year and doing well. Not sure what he would think about how this thread has turned out, but I think he would chuckle a bit. Solar butt jokes, well I guess we had to go there as DaoBummers.