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  1. Yi Jin Jing

    Haha ok.... Takes some acting skill to be a good corpse for sure. I'm sure you where in some famous series too... Respect. I think I see who you are now (with this added information). Thanks
  2. Yi Jin Jing

    By the way, JohnDoe2012, your sound very familiar...... Didn't you go to Virginia Tech with my cousin InsertSurname2019 ?
  3. Yi Jin Jing

    It is experiential for me too, but I didn't get there on my own efforts like you. For me it was an experience revealed by my Master, through some careful verbal cues when looking at the LDT one day. It was a bit like magic, he was saying things and they were becoming true, energetically, one at a time. The LDT opened up a void (behind the navel) and a very pure Qi that feels unsubstantial sprang forth from it, almost feeling like Light. Then this Pure Qi travels through the central channel and then the rest of body. We only had to do this once, and now I can access this space you are referring too, effortlessly. But it is in the early stages as you said and I'm still coming to grasp with what this is... thanks for your words. It's true the physical seems to disappear, relative to the energetic. At that point it feels like the energetic is "wearing" the physical like an article of clothing, if that makes sense. I'll keep playing with it.
  4. Yi Jin Jing

    This rings very true, from my experience and is a wonderful description of the mechanics of true centered meditation. Embodied, and integrated. The energy is no longer floating (the key point), and the central channel helps for that. Another way to say what you wrote is the entire body becomes the lower Dantian. For me, I first tap into the lower Dantian, then this opens up a void where I can access the central channel. Then I just rest in that space from the center of the head to the LDT. I'm not sure I would say I box my awareness into that space, but I reside there. The way I was taught is to merge my awareness with the wholeness of my body, evenly. That's why the phrasing "location of awareness" is a bit strong to me. We keep our awareness open, diffuse, and let it trickle down from the head to merge with the body, evenly, by itself. Practically when I enter the central channel, I feel a kind of mist inside, or a steam of Qi, something buoyant that is radiating from the central channel and removing blockages as it expands to the rest of the body. Then I stay focused on the sense of wholeness in the body. This is what Master Ni Hua Ching refers to as "natural meditation". In his book Spring Thunder, the describes it as merging your "pure form" with your physical body. It does feel like we have an inner self in the body - to me it kind of feels like the central channel with limbs and a head, if that makes sense, haha.... So the way I view this is the "mechanics" part is residing along the axis, but the flowering of the meditation is the integration of awareness and body that ensues, naturally, without manipulation or engineering, as the Qi and awareness come down and diffuses naturally and evenly. You have a great Master and it's incredible you can benefit from almost 1 on 1 instruction with him. It's also wonderful what he said about you...
  5. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    I really loved this quote from Master Ni's Mother, from the book Entering the Tao.... page 92. "If love is true, the experience of love and deep joy occur in the same moment. It is not joyful to reminisce about a particular moment of love in the past. The enlightenment of love exists in each moment. There is no search that can find love, nor any occasion that can create love. You know love when your heart is open. The music is silent, but its harmony pervades your entire being. In that moment, there is no separation. Love is the golden light of the sun rising within your being. It is the rose which has just opened its eyes. It is the freshness of the dew or the caress of a wave on the shore - all within you. In our tradition, we can enjoy the sunrise within us every moment. Our love is as free as the blowing wind and as enduring as a flowing river. Since we continually renew ourselves, we do not fear losing love. Our cultivation becomes our lover, for our love is Tao. Thus, love never withers, for it is continually refreshed."
  6. Just came across an amazon review of the yellow book that I wanted to share because the review was really wonderful. This rings true from my experience. Just by touching these books I benefit from them. I keep the yellow one as a treasure in my home, and thinking that it's there makes me feel safe in a way. It's funny I posted this in between looking for the eternal light book today, lol. I need to be more organized. But yeah you'll just keep coming back to these books. Here is the review link. He went on to say if he could choose only one book, for him it would be this one. This person's sincerity is really beautiful, just reading his review gave me goosebumps today.... and his energy is so clear and beautiful too. A testimony to the book's effect on him.
  7. By the way, I also agree with the first part of that statement, up to the comma. Afterwards, I think that conceptualization, by definition is a "formed" energy and can never contain or express the whole, or the unformed. It can give hints about it. No concept about God can describe God in its entirety for example. Thoughts, spiritual perspectives, can be helpful to an extent, but Tao is like the unformed energy before conceptualisation. That energy is 0, it is neutral and can go either way. It's just waiting on you. It's like when you erase the blackboard and have cleaned your conscience, and you are listening, attentive, patient, ready for anything. Brimming with intent and potential. The way I view things at this point in my cultivation is that concepts/thoughts are the intellect, or the formed energy, and originality/creativity are intelligence, the unformed. But it's true you can let intelligence animate your intellect if you want, I think it's possible. This might be great in the medical or scientific fields actually, but to express God or Tao, I think would be a slippery proposition. A lot of Masters caution about the risks of loosing your attainment that way, because words progressively take you back down. Unless the words you speak come from the heart or a higher source than the intellect. Intellect is certainly very useful, and we need it. But I think the most valuable part of us is like you said, intelligence, which is what is unique and original about us and everyone. What we didn't copy from someone else, what is authentic, new and creative. My Master would say what comes through you is intelligence, what comes from you is intellect. Often intelligence comes as a matter of inspiration, not through concepts or mental reflexion, but through release, grace, something above ourselves. I would venture to say that most of the greatest things in this world came from intelligence, like an "ha-ha moment".
  8. Here are a few recent videos of him (at the right time stamps, when he's done speaking you can close the video because it's unrelated afterwards) - His energy is really sublime. Video 1 Video 2 Here is a video of him performing Taichi at 101... still spry !
  9. Wow, a lot of wisdom in your post... and it rings very true. I wouldn't say there is anything wrong with neutrality, unless you make it an "ideal" that we just wear as an article of clothing and that has no practical use. I think neutrality is a very real tool that can help us become free of conditioning. Ever had a thought about conditioning ? And then some more ? It feels like sinking into a rabbit hole. If conditioning says X to you for example .... You can either accept X and live as a conditioned being, or you can reject X and live as a being that rejects conditioning. The second ones feels more free but is equally trapped doing everything opposite to a specific conditioning. By shrugging your shoulders and saying: "heh, I don't care, I want to stay neutral about X and see what X is really about" then you can respond as a natural being that doesn't get tossed around by your conditioning. And you're free to move again, organically, like a child. That's the value I see. Thanks for sharing. It's true that writing from intelligence is really difficult.
  10. It's funny, people in Master Ni's circle simply refer to the "workbook for spiritual development" as the "Yellow book", and it is yellow in color indeed. But that is actually a very clever name, because this particular book radiates a very strong yellow light - which comes from the Golden Light invocation contained within its pages. You can attune yourself to this Light yourself by reading the book. My energy is also attuned to it, at least I try to recite it daily and know it by heart. So it's a matter of resonance, maybe look at the cover of the book and see if you feel anything. Otherwise it's true this book is a little bit dry in terms of content, it is like a list of practices and rules to live by, but it is also spruced up by wonderful invocations that can reform your energy. I love the Sun invocation and the Moon invocation in particular and do these daily as well. Let me try to think of the most helpful books.... Stigweard had a great recommendation list here in 2008. Out of these three he is recommending, my favorite was "the gentle path of spiritual progress". Master Ni keeps answering questions with such wisdom I couldn't put the book down until I was done with it. But I also love his lesser known books. If you want personal recommendations, I loved "the power of the feminine". Maybe because Master Ni has great respect for Jesus and mentions him countless times in that book. I actually have markers at every page where he mentions Jesus, but the rest of the book was wonderful too. And this very old one "the integral way of life". This book is seldom spoken about but it carries an amazing vibration too, because it details an encounter and discussion that Master Ni had with Jesus. All these books are jewels. I do like the ones about his parents a lot, his Dad and his Mom too, this one, because they are written with great love and respect. And the books contain the energy of his parents. You can't go wrong with these I think Hope it helps. Happy reading.
  11. You bet. Just holding the book and looking at the picture on the cover will make you feel relaxed. Even if you place it on your desk, on the side, forget about it, the effect is the same. The reason is his Father's image is radiating light in every direction. One Master I know who is spiritually sensitive - his third eye is completely open - told me that he couldn't even make out the face of the person on the cover, because there was so much Light radiating from his face. It's a little bit like in the Bible.... Jesus says the Father's face is hidden by its Light. Of course I'm not saying this person is actually God, just that he is a radiant Sun. The Ni family books were the first I ever read where I felt a direct energetic transmission coming from the books. This one is particular. Really amazing books to own and study, for a lifetime. The Light will also protect you. You can take these books on trips for example.
  12. I recommend Master Ni Hua Ching. At 102 years old this year, he is still contemporary, esoteric as you requested and thorough in his portrayal of Tao. This is a good book to get started, about his father, eternal light.
  13. To answer that last question, here are some words I wrote from a while ago while I was taking Master Jim Nance's guiding Qi class. I found writing things down clarifies understanding for me. In any case, I hope me sharing this stuff helps some people, or sparks some helpful discussion. Expert vs Beginner's Mind In the Beginner's Mind, there are many possibilities. In the Expert's Mind, there are few. A beginner's mind is innocent, curious, and flexible. Only such a mind can be open and receptive to the gift of the Divine. When you learn something, your intent might be to accumulate. But to the beginner, the intent is simply to offer his innocent mind to the Divine. You may have read hundreds of books, but do you know that all their knowledge comes from somewhere ? Every author draws inspiration from the same Source, which is the Source of the knowledge, from the Divine. If you want to learn from the Source, offer your beginner's mind to the Divine. For one Moment, become the full expression of the Divine in you. You will experience learning in a new literacy. No matter how advanced you become, always remember to maintain this innocence. Forgetting your innocence is the source of conflict misunderstanding, and judgment. Remember that the intent of the expert, is to become more expert. The expert is like a hungry consciousness, that never gets enough because it has to constantly keep proving himself. When you truly understand your relationship to the Divine, then you understand the relationship to the true expert. In that relationship, you are always the beginner. The Divine is always the expert.
  14. (continued) When we react intellectually or label things we stiffen our minds. You could even say the difference between a child and an adult is how many conclusions we have drawn over our lifetimes. Compare the energy of a scholar to that of a child for example. Every conclusion progressively deadens us until we are just a huge container of perspectives. It's interesting that reacting intellectually also stiffens the energy of other people and situations, denying them of change. For example even if you have thoughts or emotions towards a certain thing or person, I think it's wise to put them aside and come back to the zero point. The neutral point places you in a posture where you can wait for change to happen. You've erased the blackboard (mostly of yourself and the past) and are ready for something new. A stiffened attitude would prevent change or improvement from happening. But an attitude of neutral or zero will provide the flexibility of mind to flow with a situation differently and naturally. That is the most compassionate posture you can be in, in my opinion. The question is .... Can we return to the curiosity of childhood ?
  15. Today I found myself contemplating Tao, neutrality and perspective. It seems our conditioned minds are constantly looking to establish a position to hold on too. For example - "I accept this, I reject this. I surrender myself to you, I close myself to you. I embrace life, I despise life. Things should be this way, things should be that way. This person is a Master, this person isn't..." In this thread, I just wanted to venture the thought that to embrace Tao, we don't need to establish anything. By not establishing anything, we are free to simply respond as natural beings. In other words, to embrace Tao, we simply learn to be neutral. By being neutral, we respond outside of conditioning, naturally and gracefully. We learn to move without the constant pressures and demands of our minds When we operate from a conditioned perspective, we inevitably draw conclusions. These conclusions greatly simplify things for us, but at the same time they take away from our curiosity. Neutrality usually gets a bad rap. It seems to be the weakest option out there. It can't satisfy the hunger of the mind in its quest for exactness. It is also the lowest number 0. It is also like admitting "I don't know". But I was thinking today, that neutral doesn't mean indifferent or inactive. Neutral doesn't mean passive or weak. Neutral simply means reacting naturally with intelligence. That's why I used the word "respond" instead of "react". To me, Tao is returning to the all-embracing innocent mind of a child. The original mind of a child is "0". Such a mind is curious, elastic and flexible. It doesn't try to elevate itself, it is content with being 0. It doesn't draw conclusions. A tree is not a noun to a child, it is a living thing, it can even change. Sometimes we even forget that people can change.