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  1. SFQ Small Universe

    Hi Niraj, I found this for you, I hope it helps. If you have awakening issues, make sure to be very gentle with your awareness and intent. If you feel the mind becomes tight, you're doing it a little bit too strong. The Dantian contains a Qi ball and you are moving this ball from point to point, back to the lower DanTian. Master Lin does recommend this exercise for those experiencing kundalini issues, and you could also consider getting a healing from him or going to a retreat. Hope it helps.
  2. If you want to cultivate peace, cultivate trust first. Feel the bond between you and the energy animating your form. Relax into it, drop into it. Your digestive channels will open, and you may feel a sense of peace. It is not forcing peace. It is trusting and bonding with your inner Jesus, Buddha, Qi or Dao. If you want to cultivate gratitude, hold reverence for your vital energy, for all the things it allows you to do day in and day out. Your kidney channels will open, and you may feel a sense of gratitude or tenderness. It is not forcing gratitude. It is like being a delicate flower experiencing a breeze. Let the breeze be like the weeping sensation that you experience in your heart when you realize the beauty of your life. Gratitude can be so gentle and tender that you only know it's there when you experience its absence after the meditation. If you want to cultivate contentment, remedy doubt in your life. If you doubt the presence of the Divine, or doubt the value of your own existence, you will carry unresolved grief in the lungs. When you feel embraced by the energy that holds you, you feel like you are home. Your lung channels will open, and you may feel a sense of satisfaction. It is not forcing contentment. It is like knowing you can receive a hug from a wise old friend every time you need him, and that he is nearby. If you want to cultivate happiness, think of happy things that happened during your day. Maybe you ate some delicious chocolate, had a relaxing cup of tea, received a phone call from a relative. Nothing is too small to cultivate happiness. Your liver channels will open. It is not forcing happiness. It is reviewing the good things that happened during your day using memory. If you want to cultivate joy, forget happiness. Joy is happiness for no reason. You might feel a vibration, a warmth inside. You can't explain the feeling, but it feels like you are expanding from within and want to reach out and hug people. Your heart channels will open. It is not forcing joy. It is being deeply moved inside to go outwards for no reason. These emotions will be personal for everyone. So there is no definition. Gratitude is not gratitude for example. It is not simply a word. It can be an energetic process that opens a door for you to access more energy, it can change your perspective so much that it starts to heal your physiology. Emotions have different signatures and act as keys to unlock certain blockages, so they can be valuable. To reply to the OP, I think emotions can be a spring-board to higher states, but you wouldn't be focusing on them anymore at that point. Have fun experimenting with emotions and finding what they feel like for you !
  3. Positive Emotions ? Fake Practice

    From Master Ni Hua Ching, The moon waxes and wanes. Tides ebb and flow. Emotion moves up and down. Only achieved ones enjoy The smooth flow of nature.
  4. Personally I do it like this. I start by concentrating my mind inside my skin. Then I make a prayer to the Light or the Divine. "Light, at this Moment, I would like to breathe through my skin, the energy of You". Then you call onto your Master or higher power and imagine them by your side for the length of your meditation. After your prayer, you relax your intent, and focus on your sensations. You might feel sensations at the surface of your skin, below the skin, but all you do is follow along the path of sensations with the Divine leading the way. Because you've made your statement or request clear upfront, you just trust it to unfold. Always imagine Light with you, in front of you, or looking at you while you're doing this, so you're not stuck with being a performer or doing it on your own power. Try it out and experiment, it's fun and sort of magical. You can breathe in different qualities of energy too: Light, Qi, air, electricity and see how you react for each. In other words, first be willing to let the Divine breathe you, and then tell the Divine how you would like to be breathed. It's always listening to you. Then trust it. You can ask to be breathed the YJM way, or ask to be breathed an optimal way for you. I learned this method from Master Jim Nance of Spring Forest Qigong. I enjoy it and recommend it.
  5. how to stop spontaneous movement?

    You could get a phone healing from Master Chunyi Lin at He's a wonderful healer, and has experience with spontaneous Qigong and also has experience rectifying deviations too. He might be busy though, if you want more personal and quicker access, you can try his most senior student at, Jim Nance. Same, he is a great healer and also knows a lot about spontaneous Qigong and teaches it.
  6. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    Agree with you Chesire Cat.... You seem to be referring to quality of Qi flow, of energy. I think Mud-foot was referring to quality of form. And yes tactile sensations would probably rank quite low on your scale of quality, and mine too. By Qi-flow, I meant a real flow of Qi, something you might feel like a cascade when lowering your arms, holistically in your body. Something that will make your body sway and move if you relax your form and mind for just a moment, like a current of energy inside. That's the kind of Qigong that can make these claims, at least in my opinion... But there must be other good ways too, healing is a vast subject.
  7. So Many Qigong Traditions : How To Approach ?

    I think I understand where he's coming from... Qigong at its essence is not about forms, lineage, or how good you look in the park. The real payload of Qigong is "Qi flow". People have many energetic blockages inside them and by virtue of the word "energetic blockage", the main path to recovery is to generate a Qi flow gain. The Qi flow you generate will progressively soften the blockage until it loosens up and disappears. He's right in saying you can generate good Qi flow by butchering some forms. And it's also true you can perform a Qigong routine perfectly well, and for a long time and have no energetic sense whatsoever, little Qi flow. In that case you're doing it as gentle physical exercise, as many people do in the park in Asia.
  8. Most Powerful Blockage Clearance Technique ?

    From my experience with SFQ, I was told by Master Lin and Master Nance that their preferred way to remove energetic blockages is based on two key ingredients: Light, and an open Heart. Practically, you visualize yourself as a glass bottle, completely transparent, in the Light. Master Lin also uses the image of test tube for you scientists out there (thinks of Drew :)), but the thinking is the same. You are a transparent vessel, and placed in an ocean of Divine Light. The open heart part means resting in the recognition of the presence of the Divine, as opposed to doing something only on your own power. It means being sincere and praying to the Light to remove whatever blockage you need removed. And then trusting that process as it unfolds. When you do this, I was also told that it's better to focus only on the Light in front of you, and not on the body as in the Bruce Frantzis meditation. This is because there is a lot of ego involved in wanting to remove your blockages, it seems to make them more real in a way. So you visualize a bonfire of Divine Light in front of you, and trust that it will trickle to you, because you trust the workings of the Light. One elegant way to do this meditation is to pray to your preferred deity, for example Jesus and imagine his energetic body in front of you, completely transparent and radiating Light. If you use Jesus, you can use his words from the Bible "My yoke is easy, and my burden is Light" which holds the essence of this meditation. And then pray to the Light to remove whatever blockage and visualize his transparent body in front of you. This is how I was taught this meditation. Just a final note that you don't need to 'actively visualize' and keep feeding the meditation with imagery. If you say that Light is there, it will come to you, as long as you know its true. Whether you actually see light or not doesn't matter, if you need to see Light it will be shown to you. Hope this helps
  9. What does everyone practice :)

    I practice Spring Forest Qigong.... although I could interchange it with anything else that takes me back to the Divine. Recently my Master framed correct practice as being a leaf in the wind, as opposed to someone driving a Volkswagen and needing machinery, fuel, and some type of external mechanism to go forward. When you drift, you practice being guided by the Divine. When you drift, you practice being a beginner, open and willing to go anywhere. When you drive your Volkswagen, you practice accumulating things to get somewhere: like fuel (energies, blessings) or repetitions of movements & meditations, and you drive along your own limited spiritual perspective. And you try to go fast, often thinking you've got the Divine figured out. You are indeed an expert in that case, and there are fewer possibilities in your mind. The Divine has less room to maneuver in you, because if you are already perfect, what use do you have of the Divine ? So always stay a beginner. Some last thoughts from things I've learned from my Masters in recent months.... Setting up a practice pattern is a good thing for your body to sort of know what to expect. So I have a practice. Being attached to the brand of your practice isn't as helpful. Being attached to your spiritual perspective is deceiving, because everywhere you look all you see is your perspective. That's why profiling people based on energies can never be done. No expert mind can ever grasp the Divine fully. So always stay a beginner and establish a relationship to the true expert, which is the Divine nature in you.
  10. I've learned a lot from my interactions here. Every exchange with my fellow bums was a learning experience, no matter good or bad. I found we're all students and teachers at the same time. When you learn from others, you act as a mirror to them and they might not like the reflection. Likewise maybe you choose to walk away from certain perspectives or energies. All this can make it seem like you are falling out with members but remember that every interaction was not random and a greater energy is at play. The DaoBums is like an interplay of collective energy seeking to enlighten itself. You should thank every player in this interplay, and remember that you might come full circle one day and get closer to the people you grew apart from. The truth is you've never moved from them, and that all perspectives dissolve into Oneness. No one can preach that his path to Truth is the only correct path. That is sure to alienate this person from others. There is no need to argue in the forums or prove others wrong. Only to learn from each other. Remember that when interfacing with Intelligence there are infinite possibilities, and only a few when using the intellect. That's why you can learn from everyone here, and everyone has their place. No one is lower than you and everyone here is your spiritual friend. So just follow your interactions, respect everyone as much as possible, and see where it leads you. Hopefully to a place of peace and acceptance of yourself and others. Of equanimity.
  11. leg crossing habit

    This leg crossing issue is real unfortunately. At the meridian level, it blocks the circulation of Qi along the bladder meridian if you do this at the knees. Substitute it with this This is how my own Master sit when they feel the need to cross. It's a little bit annoying at first, but you get used to it quickly. Hope this helps !
  12. New Spring Forest Five Element DVD

    Yes, I enjoy the new movements a lot too. Especially connect to Heaven and Earth. I found the new system goes very deep. There is an entire science behind the addition of emotions. They subtly recondition you to see yourself as an energetic being. You will realize that whatever disturbance comes to you, you can shift your inner energetic arrangement into a posture of peace. You get used to shifting. You start asking what's real ? The story in your mind, or the posture of peace/happiness you just created ? You realize that you can subtly sculpt your energy into any way you wish. I mean you're already doing it with the movements, so why not try in daily life ? Then you need to drop the shifting altogether, and just watch as any external disturbance dissolves into that posture of peace. You're not doing it anymore, you've conditioned the energy. It's all prayer and the energy following your intent at that level. Each emotion will also strengthen your organs. Gratitude is especially useful because it strengthens the communication lines between organs, between the kidneys and the four organs. When there's any illness, you can be sure there's kidney energy not flowing correctly to an organ. You can even imagine being into the kidneys and sending love to the four organs. They will be grateful for it. Peace is the second most important emotion for the connections between organs. Imagine you are in the pancreas and sending peace to the other organs. Because the pancreas is the energetic switchboard of the body, as described by Master Chunyi Lin. Once the connections between organs are strong, the best exercise to actually strengthen them is Moving of Yin and Yang. The hands hover over the organs and slightly massage them along the front channel. After a while, the five Qi from the organs will gather to become Divine medicine. It's an entire system.
  13. Of course I'm serious. My granddad used to be a zoo keeper. I can't believe that no one noticed that the Monkeys were giants too. I mean.... compare them to the wolves on the left and the man doing some Taichi... At least 15x their size. So I would to revise by saying they are Giant Monkey Spirits symbolizing Yin and Yang that ate the pineapple of immortality.
  14. It symbolizes Yin and Yang. The monkey to the left, Yin, has a mostly sedentary lifestyle and a diet consisting primarily of bananas. The monkey to the right, Yang, has a mostly active lifestyle and a diet consisting primarily of apples. They are both levitating over the Mountains because they are Level 5 Mopai practionners. Also, there won't be a rooster this year, because it is in the belly of the Yin Monkey. Sorry folks !