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  1. Storing Solar Energy in the Lower Dantian

    Hi Scholar, yes, he is 103 this year and doing well. Not sure what he would think about how this thread has turned out, but I think he would chuckle a bit. Solar butt jokes, well I guess we had to go there as DaoBummers.
  2. Storing Solar Energy in the Lower Dantian

    lol ! Nice one Jumper.
  3. I didn’t know how to do it, until I saw this. You’ll need to get up at sunrise..... and two dogs apparently. Why the dogs ? Because in Chinese the word Tao is pronounced the same as “theft” - so as a Taoist, you need a way to protect yourself during your solar heist. But when you load the energy in the trunk of the lower body, you use it to help people and the world. That’s the difference. Collecting solar energy at dawn was one of the main practices of Yosan Ni, Master Ni Hua Ching’s Dad. That’s the inspiration for this post. May the Sun shine brightly on all DaoBummers, and all those (myself included) that don’t have the discipline to get up at dawn to collect it. Well, sometimes I do, haha Peace,
  4. Is spiritual qiqong a thing ?

    My 2 cents (from a beginner)... I heard it said that Qi is like the semi-material substance of life, it bridges the physical to the spiritual. It is like a raft, something you can build to take you to whatever shore you want, in the case of OP, to the spiritual shore. But however useful your raft may be, it also has the ability to sink, and send you back to the earthly sphere. Case in point. You develop a lot of Qi and use the high that comes from that power to abuse others. Some people might think you would still qualify as “spiritual” because of your opened up channels. “Wow ! His third eye is opened, he has to be Buddha.” But they fail to see that Qi is just a means - something you can cultivate after all - and in this case they just used it to abuse others. What matters most and what defines you as a person, is how you use your Qi. How you use your Qi says more about you than the Qi you have cultivated. In other words, your morality and conscience speak loud in the spiritual world. A lot of Masters I met in Asia were like this unfortunately, they build Qi, open third eyes and then prey on you. Often they are after power/money or recognition/fame but sometimes it’s worst. Ask yourself if you can truly be a quote spiritual person without morality, even if all your channels are open. You do need Qi to reach the higher spiritual realms, there is no doubt, but that doesn’t mean that Qi is the end. You are the end, who you are as an individual. Otherwise there would be no spiritual growth, just techniques like a 1-2-3 cookbook recipe. Although I’m not denigrating these, they are quite useful to build your Qi. I’m just saying the soul needs to ripen too. My advice is to align your good conscience and virtue with your Qi cultivation practices. Then I think Qigong can support your spiritual growth and be very empowering. But you don’t need Qi cultivation practices to start being a quote spiritual person - you can be kind and gentle to others and do good deeds for others even before having Qi. Qi might just make things a lot easier for you. Sometimes it’s the people who have it the worst that surprise you when they do a good deed, truly selfless and from the heart. If you can do that now, without swimming in the bliss of your own Qi already, then you are truly ahead of most of us. I’m sorry I’m mostly parroting those who taught me. I’m no Master and can’t see this like they do with their opened up third eyes. But I see the point they are making, and I vow to live up to it in my own cultivation. Hope this helps you take your Qi to higher levels ! Take care,
  5. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    I think so too, and he’s gifted at explaining esoteric concepts in every day, plain language. I especially like what he writes about Ting, Song and Meditation - (the DaoBums search function is handy to revisit his perspectives on them). His teaching is as clear as it gets from my own exposure to these arts. And also his level of sincerity is very high when he’s helping people I found.
  6. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    Well, he’s definitely not a tease if that’s what you mean - he posted very helpful practical advice, countless times on this board, explaining his perspective on cultivation (search for “Ting” especially). Other times he just says things as they are, but I would say that’s also being helpful. And he graciously answers PMs and shares most of what he knows too. Don’t be so quick to judge someone by a few posts...
  7. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    That's some serious dedication to practice Freeform ! I think OP will follow in your footsteps, I mean, how many people can say that they stuck with a practice, let alone a random resolution for 405 days ? Most of the successful people I met in life were persevering, often to a fault. Wanting to come down to the bottom of things, discover the truth of things and be willing to put in the work is something that should be commended. Great job guys !
  8. Letting go of attatchments

    I agree with this, the first paragraph you wrote is how it works. And then as you said, we want to do more than reveal. Personally, I don’t see how bringing light to something is fighting and denying it. It’s like turning on the light in the room so you see what’s there in the first place, it’s practical. Often we don’t want to bring our deepest flaws to Light, we prefer to bury them and never speak to anyone about them. It is said that some people with deeply immoral pasts can’t even look into the eyes of a Qigong Master. It takes courage to expose our deepest selves to the Light. I’m not saying it’s the only way to do it, with Light. And I also think that what you said it true, you need to deal with it directly - not deny, or reject it. So I agree the first part of my post was useless - the reveal part - if you don’t act on it.
  9. Letting go of attatchments

    Maybe Ride is getting at something.... I mean, working on oneself is great, but up to a point. How do you work on your blind spots for example ? Don't you need Light to uncover these blind spots by definition - what's dark and hidden from you in your box ? You may have a glaring flaw or have an obvious problem, but maybe there's a lot more things going on "under the hood" of your box. I mean, it's always good to see the dust in one corner of your box and be moved moved to clean it, that's self-development and better than what most people do. But at the same time, it's hard to predict if fixing your obvious flaws will take care of everything else in your life, like the perfect chess move. Because when you're operating from your own angle or limited perspective looking at the box, it's hard to have all the information. To get a better angle of vision, you could ask your friends to help with your blind-spots, because often you're the only one in a group that can't see something glaring about yourself. But I think Ride is saying that Light is also a trusted friend that you can call on... it's been here for a while, knows the geography of your box, and it works wordlessly and without pay... If you tell it to remove the garbage with your intent, it will do so. It will also go the extra mile to seek and destroy new garbage that you didn't even know was there. That's why some people say spiritual Light is "sentient". Sounds weird, lol, but it does seem to work like that in practice. You can call it what you want, but it does seem that something is always listening, something that understands the language of intent. So, I say.... Why not put it to work when it's free.... At least, I'd weigh the use of prayer and Light against the costs of working with various psychotherapists that operate on the mental level only - which can be represented by the outer corners of the box with the analogy Ride chose. But personally, I'd recommend a balanced approach of self-development + help that comes from the grace of heavenly energies, at the risk of becoming lazy and depending on the Divine too much. But that's just me. Anyways, just some thoughts to offer another perspective, from a simple beginner that's quite curious about these arts. Fun discussion.
  10. Hands hurt after trying to feel chi

    Just wanted to add that this tuning fork image was really good, thanks a lot for coming up with it, on the fly like that. Or rather ... thank you to your open channels and dedication to practice for making a strong connection to Spirit within you, and helping you come up with many uncanny ways to explain spiritual concepts, effortlessly it seems. The tuning fork analogy was great because it shows the power of connecting to high vibration sources. Because scientists have also found that there is an auto-tune function when being in proximity of a singing tuning fork. So It’s not your imagination when connecting to Masters energy, Jesus, Buddha or Medicine Buddha. It’s really practical stuff. Let’s say you’re a mess one day and are wallowing in the mud. It’s really hard to work with your own blocked energy, and you can’t lift yourself up. What can you do ? Well, you’re not forced to, but if you wish, you can invite a very pure tuning fork to join you in your meditation. You hold it in your intent, then let go of your intent, yourself, and only the pure tuning fork remains. With your invitation and your embracing / receiving posture, your rusty tuning fork starts to vibrate very strongly all of a sudden - and a seemingly foreign energy magically enters you. Some align with Jesus and call it in the Holy Spirit. So in these cases of bad days, instead of working on yourself with a bottom-up approach, you forget yourself and dance with the achieved Masters for one moment, and the grace of that dance unblocks you in ways you couldn’t do yourself. I said “dance” to give another example, because you don’t have to meditate, you can also move with a pure tuning fork guiding you. Truly if you enter in pure resonance with Jesus or Lao-Tzu, then all channels will unblock right there and then. But how you collect yourself from that moment, will determine whether you block yourself again or not. But even if your thinking or perspectives are faulty and you end up with similar blockages a few hours down the line, the memory of that state of pure dance with the tuning fork will have affected every other part of your day. And if you keep doing it, it will slowly chip at the rust in your fork. As my Master’s Master says, what vibrates is not blocked.
  11. Hands hurt after trying to feel chi

    Thanks. So if I’m following correctly what you said, at that point you’re looking directly at energy itself, and not someone’s energy, or how someone’s energy is bouncing off yours - it’s undifferentiated at that stage. Because if you individualize energies with ego/self, you lose the union with the original spirit that you are using for accurate sensing (which is better than rusty tuning forks). It’s interesting you still used the word “measure” and I know very advanced Masters that sort of size you energetically and spiritually. I guess that would come after the energetic snapshot, because measuring and sizing are always an interpretation of energy and require mental ability. So is it a bit like diving really deep in the ocean with a scuba tank, seeing a pattern or formation of sea shells at the bottom, and then coming back to shore, to your senses, and the world, and then speaking about what you saw ? Or could you reach a point where you do it all at the same time.... haha ?
  12. Hands hurt after trying to feel chi

    Hey Freeform, Thanks. This “one step removed” concept re: energetic reading sounds very interesting, and advanced. Because energetic reading is free already, anyone can connect to anything. Just think or set your intent to something, like the sun or a potted plant, and you will align your energy with the source. Done. Like reading your post, I align with your energy and I feel certain things. If I keep reading you for a while, my meridians might start to open in specific ways that mirror your own energetic structure, and make me feel certain emotions too. For you, you seem to be happy guy, so I often feel happy reading you. So aligning yourself with people energetically, you imprint yourself with their qualities. So I guess you are saying that these things that we feel energetically when connecting to each other is one-step-removed then ? So what does it mean to go direct ? I think you’re talking about using your third eye and zooming in on a person energetically ? I wonder how you can do this objectively, because you’re still the one doing the viewing right ? How can what you view be independent of the viewer ? That’s the limit I see of energetic reading. Some say that a person can only see as high as they have reached spiritually - so they basically can only see their level in others. So you would basically need to be peerless to have an authoritative energetic reading that is quite “objective”. Although I guess you’re perhaps not talking about spiritual development of a person and only meridians/energy. Peace, Seb
  13. Merry X-Mas all !

    Wishing all DaoBummers great holidays, a warm X-mas full of love + sharing a short piece inspired from some writings of Master Ni that I adapted today. It's basically Xmas wishes weaved through the story of 2 famous people that you may know about... But it's not really about them, it's about the spiritual realities that they point too... And the poem belongs to the Integral Way tradition, not any one religion in particular. Enjoy ! Jesus & Santa Jesus stands for the Son Spirit. His Mother is the Spirit of Universal Nature. Santa stands for the wishful thinking of people who expect gifts from an external force. Santa is said to live in the North Pole. He comes from the coldest place and can give you the warmest of feelings. Son Spirit lives everywhere. He's said to be so high, you can't get over him, So low, you can't get under him, So wide, you can't get around him. Gift giver rides in a sleigh. Son Spirit rides on the wind and walks on the water. Gift giver comes but once a year Son Spirit is always by your side. Gift giver fills your stockings with goodies and snow flakes. Son Spirit supplies all your deepest needs. Gift giver can come down your chimney uninvited, Son Spirit stands at your door and knocks and then enters your heart. In the mall, you have to stand in line to see the Gift giver. Son Spirit is as close as the mention of his name. His real name is an open human heart. Gift giver lefts you sit on his lap. Son Spirit lets you rest in his heart. Gift giver doesn't know your name, all he can say is: "Hi, little boy or girl, what's your name ?" Son Spirit knows your name before you were named. Not only does he know your name, he knows your address too. He knows your history and future and he even knows how many hairs are on your heads. Gift giver has a belly like a bowl full of jelly Son Spirit has a heart full of love. All gift giver can offer is "Ho ! Ho ! Ho !" Son Spirit offers health, help and prosperity. Gift giver says: "You'd better not cry". Son Spirit says: "cast all your cares on me for I care for you". Gift giver's little helpers make toys. Son Spirit makes new life and mends wounded hearts. Gift giver may make you chuckle but, Son Spirit gives you joy that is your strength. Gift giver puts gifts under your tree. Son Spirit is the life of the tree. It's obvious there is no comparison between what is man-made and the real spirituality of the universe. For this coming year, let us remember the word evergreen. Let us put Christ, the Son Spirit back in our lives. Son Spirit is the evergreen strength that we need during the cold season of our lives. May the Lady-in-Blue, the Goddess of the Sky, bless you with moral strength and watch over you and your loved ones in all the seasons of the coming year. May you recognize Mother Spirit as the nature of the Universe, and may your Son Spirit produce love for all. --- Add your own X-Mas wishes/poems/inspirations here !
  14. Is there an "easy path" in Daoism?

    I would say the Tao is easy when you follow the path of gentleness, of softness. Like Thunder said, you follow the path of water, you take the lowest position, and you don't hold positions. When you don't hold positions that bind you, then you are free to drop freely as a snowflake, naturally, guided by the gentle caress of life, of the Tao. The Tao is difficult when you follow the path of hard thought and speed. You have expectations, goals and positions. It's like you engineer chains that bind you and your snowflake falls like a dead weight, because your trajectory is man-made. The spot both snowflakes will land is different. How to follow the path of gentleness ? It starts with your mind, be gentle there. Don't grasp at thoughts. When they come in, don't apply strong force or direction to them. Let them come in as a gentle breeze, as in a day-dream. Don't become serious about them or hold a strong idea about something. When you're stuck in a strong idea, notice the circular pattern. You'll notice you keep repeating the same information - so, just take a step back, and enter the center of that circle. That center is like the hub of your mind, it is neutral. It doesn't care about Yin and Yang or taking sides. Then you can see clearly, and make the right decision from your deepest conscience. And from there, you are free to extend your loving gentle energy to the world, in a way that is unbiased and natural.
  15. The Soft Power of Totoro

    Anyways, there's nothing sweeter or softer than an enlightened Totoro... We had one in the forum a while back.