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  1. John Chang - Jesus

    This was a good thread a while back about esoteric Christianity.
  2. John Chang - Jesus

    So trading the beauty of your own soul for a sense of security and safety weaved by the intellect. This is the crux (not the cross) of the matter at least for me. Universal Spiritual Reality. It exists. And Jesus has a faint spiritual pulse for anyone to access.... .... something that is constantly being drowned by the noise of the world. It's there, and it's as real as your experience. Your inner experience is valuable, thanks for sharing.
  3. John Chang - Jesus

    Haha good point Nugali. I'm usually not the brightest raccoon in the shack myself. I guess since I'm a raccoon, I do things differently. I eat spiritual books as good nutrition. Merely looking at them is too boring for me. Maybe it means I just like food...
  4. John Chang - Jesus

    How can you doubt in the existence of your Spirit though ? How can you doubt in a sublime energy that somehow reconnects you to the Father, in other words the Spirit inside you ? I don't proclaim to understand the Bible intellectually, but to me, it is besides the point. Let the scholars argue about it, let the skeptics make fun of it, and the intellect doubt everything that's written. But it's never been about the words. The Holy Spirit just Is. Jesus Was. We have a Spirit. He discovered it and called it Father. Everyone has the opportunity to be with the Father, to be whole in body, mind and spirit. It doesn't matter how rusty the sword of the Bible is, what matters is that you can wield it to reconnect yourself to your Spirit. But you have to be willing to read from another place. Put the intellect aside, wipe the dust off, and read it as a child. Offer your innocent mind to the Bible. And call on the Holy Spirit to help you unlock the full potential of the words for you. Without becoming fanatical about it. Because there is nothing to be fanatical about Spirit, or any religion for that matter. If you read like this you won't add much to your knowledge of the Bible, but to your depth. And with this depth, you'll find you don't even need the Bible, because its intent lives in you. The energy is just there when you need it, just like Jesus said. / Just to provide another perspective on this book.
  5. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Well the teacher can be at peace, but choose to act wrathful when teaching students too. In the West a lot of teachers are very soft, so as you say there is also the risk of becoming complacent. I have nothing against wrathful teachers, in my opinion they can create changes quicker in students. You don’t need to “be a nice guy”, or “be polite” to be a good teacher. I don’t think so at least. But you need morality though, you need to have good intentions for your students. It may seem like a fine line but there is a world of difference. You can be wrathful and helpful or wrathful and destructive. I have a lot respect for teachers who are brutally honest when they speak, if it’s their style and they have genuine good intentions for the student. It’s definitely refreshing in this Western culture too. Even if a genuine master speaks poorly to me, I don’t think my respect would waiver, because they are great people helping the world. They just have their own vibe, and it’s cool by me, everyone is different.
  6. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Just a random idea to build on these tangible physical markers that Anshino mentioned that are so helpful. Since we don’t have any like that for the spiritual sphere, maybe your family members can help set the marker for you. You might laugh and call it un-scientific, but your Mom knows you. Your grandma knows you. They know your evolution better than anyone, they are perceptive. For example you might think you have earned a spiritual black belt recently, but they might notice you lock yourself in your room a lot and have lost contact with the outside world. Instead of socializing like you used to, you perform weird esoteric practices instead. All you talk about is esoteric stuff. Or they might notice you’ve changed in a positive way, your moods have mellowed out, you’re more helpful and patient towards others. It’s like you became a better version of yourself. You’re more sincere to them, they feel grateful for it. Throughout my own cultivation path, I had many ups and downs and my family always mirrored them to me. Intuitively they knew if something was good for me or not. This is the same if you bring a new girlfriend or boyfriend home — your family will always know if this person is the right one for you. Call it sixth sense I don’t know. Our dog would growl every time when my brother brought a strange girl home during his teenage years. She was into black magic and various devious things. Even your dog can notice a change in you. In general I think we are more perceptive than we think as humans, and we should give more credit to others to reflect our own evolution, especially those close to us. I notice after a good Qigong session my son likes to come to me and cuddle, maybe because I’m more receptive and open to him at this time. So depending if he comes or not, I can see how I am doing. I’m just trying to say that self-reflection is important too, if you’re going to dedicate a huge part of your life to this. And that family members can help in this regard. Instead of focusing on the Divine only, view them as the Divine and go from there. It’s more practical, and you might learn some things, while improving your relationship with them.
  7. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    I recall Damo shared a dinner he had with a Chinese Master where the said “Master” threw the bill on the floor at the end of the meal and expected the waiter to pick it up in a defiant show of ego. Everything was going fine until then.... So it was totally unexpected and Damo was in sort of shock. Damo just stayed completely silent and quietly left and never spoke to said Master again. I can understand. His conscience reacted. But others who are only after power might view that as a sort of humorous or cool authority thing and still learn with them to gain the same powers. To me the things you wrote about, namely kindness to others, virtue, and conscience (in Damo’s case) are all close to the spirit or soul of an individual. This would be more the “hun spirit” in Taoism rather than the “Po” which ties in to our base and carnal desires. I don’t proclaim to understand what happens after death, or to understand hun and po, but I know one thing. What is light flies to the Sky, and what is heavy sinks. After death, where are our lower emotions, base desires, greed, and ego going to go ? (Where is our Qi going to go ?) And where is the Spirit of our being, the sum of all our good deeds, our love for others going to go ? (Where is our shen going to go ?) When you think about this deeply you might choose to focus on your cultivation differently. You might wonder what you can you do in this lifetime that will really refine your soul and spirit - and not just your Qi powers and sensitivity ? This doesn’t mean to say that all Qi practices are not useful, not at all. It might just mean to place your Qi development practices in the right context. They can be a very useful too in this regard. I’m no expert and only sharing my own observations that I matured after some years, but the message I am sharing also comes from my teachers. They would rather you be decent human beings first than to try to be spiritual for the wrong reasons. And to them, doing no cultivation and being a good moral person is a higher achievement than being a fallen Qigong Master preying on the innocent. Of course the ideal is to be a powerful being helping others, and Qigong can be a tool for that. Just some thoughts.
  8. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    Imo this is where it gets tricky, for spiritual assessment. Often what these Masters can demonstrate are various spiritual kung-fu, like knowing private things about you with their third eye. I’ve met teachers like this in Taiwan and it can be quite impressive, and chilling in an awesome way. The issue with this approach is you might equate these super-natural powers as proof that they are enlightened - I did this myself for a while - but it could also be due to them having done a huge amount of Ming practices, and little Xing or virtue work. Actually Damo Mitchell shared a few horror stories of this he experienced in China and he once told me he regretted never having met someone who displayed Ming and Xing in balance. So how can you judge who is a real spiritual teacher on top of their Ming level skills ? You can’t really, I’ve come to this conclusion - you can only see as high as your level of development. And virtue isn’t something you can demonstrate, like in a lab experiment setting. Personally I equate morality and virtue with spiritual development. I know some others might not, and see it as the ability to se spirits. But to me they go hand in hand. Because I’ve seen some “masters“ with all the super-powers you can imagine abusing students, in a demon or hellish sort of way. If you tell me they are spiritual, I might reply they are spiritually irresponsible, or spiritually immoral. And I think the adjective matters more than simply their ability to access the spiritual sphere. In other words, it’s not your spiritual gift that matters, it’s what you do with it. Will you use your gift to light up the hearts of others, to help this world ? Or will you use that power to abuse others for sex, money or ego purposes ? That’s like taking the best part of you to do the worst to this world, it’s so sad. I think this is why these arts are so dangerous. Often the people with some spiritual attainment use that to abuse their students or control them. Spiritually they have lost their attainment, they are leading others astray and committing the worst spiritual crime. And I’m speaking from experience having been involved in well disguised spiritual cults and the like. So for the Ming stuff use the markers Freeform recommended, and as he said as you go higher spiritually from there, it gets murkier. How the Master conducts himself in private would be the most important, at least for me.
  9. "closed system" vs "open system"

    I'll share something then.... About how open and closed systems can go together to draw in energy. From my experience, you need to be Song and relaxed before you can draw in Qi from the outside, optimally at least. Another way to say this is you need to be empty before you can be filled. So let's say you're doing a closed approach first. You first Song the tissues in the target body area where you want to draw in Qi. Tangibly, Song for me it fees like "creating space", "loosening" emptying out of blockages. Then if you follow the open system approach, you take that relaxed part of your body and subtly emit the intent to draw energy in, from the outside environment. This formula: "Song target area of body + draw in outside Qi in to target area" is from my Master's Master, which I guess you could say comes from an open system, but a system that still understands body mechanics. I think some people might say only the first part of that formula matters, and 2) would happen automatically or is not needed. You can argue either way, but Song seems to be the crucial component. Anyways, just some of my ideas for the conversation. I don't think open and closed is cut that dry... but I may be wrong !
  10. "closed system" vs "open system"

    Ha.... you alternated the title keywords.... I see what you did. Well, more power to you. Hope you get more viewpoints then.
  11. "closed system" vs "open system"

    You posted the same stuff/question here....
  12. At midnight when the Yin Qi is at its max, and the Yang Qi is sprouting, you can do any gentle movement to help that energy rise. The main thing is to be awake, sit up for a few minutes. Then go back to sleep. This is mostly for inspiration though. This is how immortals from the Integral Way tradition practice. They understood that natural sublimation of sexual energy is required for high level cultivation. I think for most people, when Qi is at the sexual organs late at night, some of it will convert into sexual fluid later. You might have some dreams that go with this. This is natural and nothing to worry about. For cultivation sometimes you just re-use that energy before it becomes fluid. Other traditions have different ways to deal with this, some involve MCO, others practice in sleep etc... This is not important though. I think following the natural cycle of the Sun is more important than sublimation of sexual energy at this point. Just don’t abuse your sexual function late at night when the Yang Qi is sprouting. And be calm and relaxed around noon. Do most of your intellectual work in the morning, and progressively wind down in the evening. Just common sense. Don’t use the cell phone blue light very late too. Most modern people have this reversed. They stay up all night and abuse their brain function playing board games or something like that. Then they dose off until early afternoon. Theres a reason that traditional cultivation is mostly from 12:00 am to 12:00 pm — these are the Golden hours were the Sun is shining on you — and your Yang Qi is rising. Good luck.
  13. This is so important. Our body's energy follows the cycle of the Sun. Where is the Sun at noon ? Above our heads. And where is the Qi at noon ? In the Bahui region. Where is the Sun at midnight ? Literally under the earth from where we sit. And the Qi ? At the perineum. So ... When the Qi is already at the top of the head at noon, you don't do strong Qi cultivation practices to raise energy. When the Qi is at the perineum at night and your body is winding down, you don't stay up and stimulate yourself with video games. What do you do instead ? In general, it's good to something that opposes the natural movement, but gently. At noon, you can relax and wind down. You can take a nap. At midnight, when the Qi is reaching the sexual organs, you can do some brief standing practices to sublimate that energy into a more refined form instead of being transformed into sexual Qi. Then you can sleep. Just some ideas.
  14. How to find the lower dan tian ?

    True.... But there is also the overarching mind in terms of our perspectives, how we handle emotions, our existential views on life etc. These matter a lot. You have the classic example of someone dying in a very long term relationship and their partner loses the will to live, and dies in months afterwards. But not nearly as romantic, our perspectives in daily life matter a great deal. It's almost like we carry their weight energetically, and we cap our spiritual and energetic growth with them. Examples ' But I'll never be a happy person again without her' ' Things will always be different now that my business failed' ' I will never be fully able to heal from this disease' ' I'll be forever crippled by my early childhood life circumstances'. ' I am a person with low... (insert anything: libido, intelligence, money, etc..) Perspectives like this are insidious, and they will keep harming us energetically until we break the pattern. So healing the perspective is really important. For example a person may keep praying and asking for "health" but at the same time view themselves as a deeply unhealthy person. In that case, I'd say healing the perspective is more important. Don't have time to finish typing this unfortunately, got class right now, to learn Chinese lol. But it was a sort of tangent anyways. The message was to first clean your ways of thinking otherwise you will be doing Qigong with dirty water. You can open your channels, or pipes in one instant - acupuncture can help, and various modalities, but if you don't clean your ways of thinking they will clog again. This is common sense, and I guess true in the plumbing world too lol. But working on the body to address this issues can be used in conjunction, or even by itself it will directly affect the mind through the organ channels.
  15. This is a real important question. I don't posit to have the answer unfortunately, and I would enjoy it if more experienced folks could chime in. I will tell a tale and entertain you though. Once, a super advanced member of this forum wrote "What is the LDT ?". I won't say whom. That is something to ponder. I will say that in the more traditional systems of neidan, you need to focus on LDT. Look at Wang Liping's system for example. According to Nathan, his lead Western instructor, you need 6 hours of meditation a day to create the (first) elixir in the LDT. Might take a year or more. And then they have 9 elixirs in total in their tradition. Nine. And that's not even the fetus yet. Got a few decades to spare ? >> Got LDT ? That is the question. Maybe it's like that "Got Milk ?" commercial. At first, the company wasn't selling much, until they posed the question to their target audience... Got Milk ? Suddenly they needed it, because they felt something was lacking. Isn't it the same for cultivation ? Some early Masters didn't even know what a LDT was, and it would come as a by-product of meditation and sitting practice. What I gathered from Master Ni Hua Ching in particular, is that sublimation is more important than LDT, although they can work hand in hand too. But the LDT isn't the end I mean. As long as energy sublimates, it is alchemy in that you are refining your gross sexual energy to subtle energy. And I think your question is only natural. We're conditioned to return the Qi to LDT, and it is safe too. But I would venture the thought that if you keep your mind still on your whole body, and don't specifically focus on LDT, I think you can still be fine, if you follow the principle of naturalness. In fact, I think not knowing what the LDT is, and not worrying about it, is sometimes more natural than having pre-conceived ideas about returning all the Qi there (and "packing it there" whatever that means). In other words, if you don't look for it, let it find you. Keep the mind still and one day you will feel heat from the lower abdomen region. Then you might say, "Hi LDT !" If your family and friends are around, they may send you to a psych ward though, so be careful. But if you are following a system, then please follow every step along the way. Creating a LDT is the starting point for many systems. I'm just saying if you practice in a natural way and don't impose any frames on your practice, then you're in a good place. At least you can learn and move from there to any system if you want too, and eventually build a DanTian if needed.