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  1. Cultivation in chinese comics

    I like in Dragon Ball where they have these hi-tech glasses that tell you the "Ki" power of various opponents. Imagine if we had this in Qigong. "Hey dude, I was scanning John Chang's level with my new Qi Polaroids, and my glasses blew up and melted on me. Not sure if this covered by insurance, but his level was at least 50,000"
  2. Thanks for sharing your perspective on breathing Freeform... I found it very interesting. Would you mind describing the 5 stages in more detail, for inspiration mostly, and also to be exhaustive with this thread ? You mentioned there were signs. Also, for those that don't know, and since this is relevant to this thread, Freeform shared some breathing instructions with Ting here... I thought they were great. I can't contribute too much to this thread, but I was told by one of my teachers that the practice of listening to pauses in between breaths is what the Buddha taught his son Rahula. With this understanding In-breath out-breath pause/rest yang yin non-conceptual awareness I haven't practiced this perspective enough to contribute meaningfully to this thread. But mechanically, and energetically there does seem to be a complete relaxing or reset of tension to change the mode of breathing, between the in and out breath. When the OP wrote that his pauses increased, I didn't see that as conflicting with Freeform's advice, unless he imposed the mind on the silence by stretching it somehow. I prefer the non-doing approach of Ting and Freeform's approach, but even in non-doing, I think we all have that switch to neutral gear between the in and out-breath. I think it's significant, especially because I can't grasp it. You can grasp everything else in your Ting, almost like engineering work - German Bosh style - but there is still that unknown agent, like the spoke of the wheel that is allowing everything else to work. That's where I think Buddha was coming from, but it's hard to stay... I need to practice more to know.
  3. The Power of Spiritual Affinity

    Well yesterday you were mine. Seriously, I enjoyed your post thank you.
  4. The Power of Spiritual Affinity

    Loved this, thanks. Shows that sincerity and innocence goes a long way in the spiritual world. Is your friend Jeremy Winborg ? I ask because he also draws Native American scenes and people with a modern touch, like you described. Check him out at least, I like his work. One of my favorites of his is this one, which goes hand in hand with the spirit of your quote. I don't know if you recall, it's the story of the daughter of Jarius in the Bible, she was deathly ill. She was also convinced that just seeing Jesus she would heal - she had a child's-like innocence and faith about it. Then one day Jesus happened to be around her in a crowd of people, and she mustered all her strength and secretly touched the hem of his garment. Instantly Qi flew by and she was healed. Jesus felt it but he didn't know what happened, so he asked the person who touched his robe to stand forward in the crowd. Then the lady came forward, embarrassed, and told the whole story. Then Jesus saw her sincerity. He explained that he actually didn't do the healing, he didn't do anything at all.... he said something like : "you healed by yourself through the power of your faith and sincerity of heart". This is true in Qigong too. If you image a Divine Light in front of you, and you make a sincere prayer to it, with an innocent and receptive heart like that girl... energy will start to shift, very strongly.
  5. The Power of Spiritual Affinity

    Powerful quote Everything. I know I tend to get caught up with this. As you write, I become "like them", which at the same time is becoming like Me. It feels wonderful, so then I feel grateful to them, and then I feel I need to follow them to pay respect or something. So that's where I get caught up sometimes. Spoke to me as well. Perhaps these specific Masters we each resonate with are literally open doors to our higher selves. That would be the true meaning of an "open door" - A port hole, somewhere in the universe, where energetic information comes through effortlessly. And this happens between two people who have spiritual resonance. So we each have different doors. You can still connect to anyone of course and receive some energetic information as well. It still works. But I'm saying there *might* be some special people in your life, or magic doors if you will, that will just heighten everything about your own experience and speed things up for you. You just have to be lucky enough to find them somehow, and then tap into them, effortlessly as you become like them, effortlessly. That's how it feels to me at this point, at least. Heck yeah... I know of no other Qigong enthusiast that connects to Raccoons to build up Qi. Mostly during mating season though, that's when their Yang Qis are rising. By the way, that sounds like a typical Blink 182 chorus, lol.
  6. Scott Meredith

    What book was that out of interest ? He has quite a number of them. Can you explain what you mean by Niwan, like the center of the head ? No matter the teaching style or the way this guy chooses to engineer everything, you've got to give props to this guy. Just for the fact he's an MIT PhD who speaks both fluent Mandarin Chinese *and* Japanese, and also went quite deep in the internal arts, even if he's doing his own thing "McGuyver" style. Hope I can be like him one day, at least meet him half-way haha. Although I don't like engineering my practices at all, but I'm sure he has many valuable things to say. I enjoyed one of his books a while back. It's very interesting the image you choose Cheya. I know a Master that is quite far along spiritually and she also showed me that image, the same as your avatar, because it matched her own experience too. Out of all the images she had access too, she chose that one, just like you. I think it's significant. She also gave me that image on a postcard, so when I see your avatar I think of that. You know what they say, great minds think alike, haha.
  7. Hey Bums Recently I've been thinking about the power of spiritual affinity, and its real-life effects. Let me begin by showcasing what I mean by "effects". It is said that Saint Francis developed stigmata in his hands and feet because he was so connected to the image of Jesus on the cross that his physical body was imprinted with the information. It is also said that one famous counterfeit painter that had a deep affinity with DaVinci re-created his paintings and they were almost as good as the originals, at least to the untrained eye. When he was caught and asked how he could do work so exquisite and precise, he just said he imagined he was the Master Painter when he was drawing them. He was mostly uneducated and didn't have access to advanced tools, but he was sincere when he pretended to be DaVinci. And his sincerity somehow led to perfect forgeries. These two examples are for inspiration, so please don't take them at face value, although these stories have been passed down. But they illustrate the point I'm trying to make - namely, the power of "spiritual affinity" between two people. A less fantastical example would be someone I know that sincerely connected to her Master, and then found herself waking up at 3:30 am in the morning for no reason. She only knew later that this was the time that the Master used to rise. Anyways, I could go and on. But it might be more helpful for you to gain a feel for this. So let's do a small exercise. Think of all the Masters and people that are very close to you in your life. And then think about the times were you caught yourself speaking like them, imitating them, or behaving like them. You might be surprised. You might say you respect such and such, yet you never caught yourself acting like them. But every time you read a certain author, maybe a scholar or a columnist you enjoy, you might notice that their energy carries into your day-to-day and you might use the same words or style of writing as them later in the day. This is what I mean by spiritual resonance. In other words, effortless transmission of energy between two actors that are somehow closely linked, yet could be miles or times apart. I still can't pin-point what this is, maybe it's karma related I don't know. But it seems people have it or they don't. And what I know is that it opens a huge door for spiritual development if the person you have affinity with is achieved spiritually. Personally the person I resonate with most is someone I met around when I first joined DaoBums and who guided me briefly. It's not an intellectual conclusion, weighing all the qualities of that person and then making an informed decision. No nothing shallow like that. It's just an objective observation. I notice that when I connect to this person even briefly, I find I speak like him, I write like him, I think like him, I organize my day like him, even without knowing what his day looks like. Basically, these things are "taught" or revealed to me by the energy, which has a life of its own. I easily learn new things from it. Somehow the door for transmission is completely open, like for that fellow that was learning from DaVinci as he was counterfeiting the paintings. Anyways, sorry to get "new agey" with this observation, but I thought I would share as it may have some value for you. Think about all the people that you resonate with in your life, and see how much of them are in you, or "are you". This might be the path you need to focus on, even if your intellect is reluctant. And maybe the spiritual game is not only a matter of choosing the most powerful Master like Buddha or Jesus or Medicine Buddha, but finding the one you resonate with most. And being sincere to that Master like the DaVinci painter, who also evidently admired him. These things usually go hand in hand. Anyways, I'm rambling. Do any of you guys resonate with certain people or have any stories to share ? Thanks, Seb
  8. Hey Guys, Help me understand these qualities, and how they relate to spiritual development. In another thread someone quoted the wonderful member "Dao Zhen" as saying that the "hun gets strengthened" through practice - what does that mean exactly ? When I write natural meditation, I mean a form of meditation were you marry the body and the mind without doing anything. So more like wu-wei meditation, not sitting practice. Although I'm also interested in the effects of any kind of 'active meditation' on these groups of spirits, and how they might relate to spiritual development, just to gain a better understanding. One famous Master & writer in the West writes poetically that the marriage (or intercourse he says) of the mind and body gives birth to spirits. From his view-point, natural meditation gives birth to new spiritual lives inside of you. He also writes that you become pregnant with them, and you can communicate with them. Perhaps these new spirits end up into your hun ? It's a bit esoteric, and I'm no Taoist expert, so thanks for explaining your experiences or thoughts about hun and po to me. For example, does strengthening hun mean adding new spirits to it ? Or just strengthening the energy. The Master's personal experience was that hun and po are actually "groups" of spirits, or collections of entities, which is interesting, but way above my pay-grade... Thanks all Seb
  9. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Hey Doctor Bacon.... good 2 cu.
  10. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Anything weird about you Zork ? Looking at your avatar and your penchant for Latin.... did you know that 'insect' in latin is 'insectum' ? Well, I think we all learned something today. Although it's only a semi-brag because I just Googled it. Thanks, Sebby
  11. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Not my type man.... mostly interested in raccoons in the 15 pound-ish range. But I think your avatar is quite good looking.
  12. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    What about all the members here that have third eyes opened. Did you think of that ? When mine opens, you're gown down man ! 👋 Please proceed.
  13. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Very interesting.... Sean may have been a bug in a past life. 👋 Carry on.
  14. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Weirdo !