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  1. Anchoring the breath - regarding attention

    Translated Google version: You are very patient and have a very elegant temperament, but there are also problems with your practice. Judging from this paragraph "this is when the sense of self begins to disappear and the energy body moves powerfully. Then physical breath stops and other stuff happens." , you know you are doing it wrong. When the energy body starts to move powerfully, the sense of self has not yet begun to disappear. In fact, the sense of self at this time is only in "one state of mind", and there are still several steps to disappear, so I say you are practicing wrong But I'm still the same, I don't want to convince you, I just want to keep a record, and see if you will find out that you really practiced wrong in the future. I have seen your situation in many people. This is one of the most obvious mistakes in practice. It is called "stubborn emptiness", but here, no one seems to know what "stubborn emptiness" is. thing. One of the great features of stubborn emptiness is that there is no second meditation in Buddhism, that is, the phenomenon of black liver in Taoism. It goes directly from the movement of energy to a state of rest. This is a very big feature. After entering this state for several months, I realized that something was wrong and walked out. No matter what kind of gong you are practicing, the Buddhist four meditations and eight meditations, or the Taoist inner alchemy, you must follow the same procedure. Cultivation is also known as "dead wood turning ashes", which means that it is like a pool of stagnant water, and it is impossible to practice "the wonderful existence of a vacuum". Maybe some people will mention the seven-chakra system of the central channel in India. I also tell you that the seven-chakra system of the central channel also follows the same route. The geometric figures of the seven wheels are the inner scene of the yang generation in which the negative pole generates the yang. What I want to use, that is the real interior scene of yang life, and it is not a fantasy. If there will be a second stage of the interior scene of yang life, it must have passed through the fantasy world of desire, but I can't say too much, because I can't see it. Young people, in the early stage of the second stage of Yang Sheng's interior scene, they were blocked by the illusion of the Desire Realm. But this is not the point, the point is that you practice this method, not to mention the illusion of the desire world, you don't even have the qualifications to produce the illusion of the desire world, you will be dead wood and dust directly behind the first meditation, which is actually worse than the illusion of the desire world. divergence. Let me add that the shen you mentioned is God. If you use deep to say it, you are already wrong here. You think it is deep here, but in fact you are fake deep caused by "repression". The true transformation of consciousness is not by suppressing God, but by allowing God to produce a series of chain reactions of evolution. No matter which step is taken, there will be no suppression and sinking. Therefore, you have practiced wrong in this key part, and It is horribly wrong and totally contrary to the Madhyamika way. If you want to practice meditation, "viewing the truth" must be a very important principle. Whatever state you are in, you should accept that state. You should not set a goal and then suppress your consciousness to your so-called goal. It's 'control', and that kind of control is enough to destroy all the evolutionary mechanics you're supposed to have.
  2. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    Wonderful explanation. Appreciate it. Much clearer now.
  3. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    Okay that makes more sense then. So it's essentially related to the mental state. Which kinda begs the next question: Is anchoring the Qi in the abdomen then a cause or an effect? In other words if someone works on the aspects you just mentioned "seeking stimulation from the environment… or your mind starts to daydream or run through thoughts, ideas, events… if you feel uncomfortable, fidgety, bored and not at ease - then you’re probably unanchored" would said person still be anchored in the LDT? In other words a person that never feels those emotions you described when they sit down - they're just naturally anchored? If I understand correctly we're trying to "lull" the awareness to sink under its own weight into the lower abdominal space (aka lower 'tien', no dan) - but any mental action (effort) will have the Qi rise again. Isn't the most important thing then just to still the mind and the Qi will naturally sink? Ala emptiness meditation. What does interacting with the abdomen do specifically that allows for the mind to be settled? As you mentioned one can do mental work - but still be "anchored" in the LDT. Like is there then a degree of anchoring? Where we say "Well if the person is feeling slightly uncomfortable well then they've already moved out of being anchored in the LDT" - which to me then seems to suggest well that's a major part of training right there. No one except those that then have achieved something similar to absorption and complete emotional equanimity would be able to stay anchored at all times. So most practictioners would essentially throughout the day then be moving through "anchored"/"unachored" continuously cycling like that? Yes it is showing blood flow. Blood and Qi is connected I would imagine? So is having anchored Qi in the LDT a stage of training? I would imagine (if the criteria is as listed above) it requires quite a lot from practictioners since most have some degree of afflictive emotions such as "uncomfort, anxiety, not at ease, bored, daydreaming, distracted, etc." when they sit - at least until they are at a certain stage of proficiency of having cleansed/purified both mind and body. I hope my questions are making sense. Thank you
  4. Neigong on History Channel

    Oh my god! Yikes... what a time to be alive. Imagine chasing some guy and cowtowing to him for years on end just to find out he's using a device to create his "Siddhis". What a let down.
  5. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    I am still a bit confused about what it means, but maybe I am just overthinking this... How do you know if your Qi is anchored in the LDT or is situated in the heart or head? What are the clear signs of either one of those being the case? You say most people are stuck in heart or head - but do you mean that their awareness operates from within those spheres (the UDT and MDT) or rather that due to emotional afflictions there is simply more "activity" operating from those spheres? For instance this is a heatmap from a study described in "The Neuroscience of Emotion" by Adolphs and Anderson. Is this what is meant by people's being stuck in the head and heart? See sadness/surprise/fear/anger/anxiety, etc. Would it be correct to assume that in someone with anchored Qi - we would see a uniform flow such as in the happiness example but perhaps also at the same time increased activity in the LDT area? Maybe I'm thinking of it all wrong - would appreciate the input - thanks
  6. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    You're probably going to have to use Google translate for your response and then quote Awaken rather than me to reply to that
  7. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    Google translate: "Of course, it is necessary to move the gong. It is impossible to only practice the quiet gong or only to enter into concentration. That is impossible. Yin and yang must be alternated repeatedly. If you use standing posture, the effect will of course be better than just sitting still, but if you also practice movement, the effect will be better than standing, but if you also practice movement outdoors, the effect will be better than indoor movement, but If you not only practice kung fu outdoors, but your kung fu is spontaneous, the effect will be even better. In short, if you want to grasp the actual situation, you have to keep a diary, otherwise I can't help Originally, I opened a QQ space, and there were nearly 20 people who came, but the communication effect was not good, so you are still on this forum, go to my space, open a topic in it and write your practice diary, so that It may be easier to interact"
  8. What exactly is stored in the LDT?

    Google Translate: "Originally, the body will have its own language, so in the process of spontaneous, standing, Tai Chi, gossip, body print, mudra, will all occur naturally, including meditation of course"
  9. Its Time To End The War On Salt

    Don't blame salt for the harms of sugar.
  10. Do right and wrong / good and evil exist

    I was under the impression that the Amrit is something that is produced endogenously as a consequence of the correct causes and conditions being in place that would allow it to be produced. I wasn't aware that it can actively be directly activated by a Master even if the conditions were not in place for that to happen? But I guess at the higher levels an authentic master could literally transform your physical body if he wanted to (but your karmic hindrances may not make that the 'right course of action').
  11. Am I doing something wrong?

    Freeform is writing a book? This is news to me! But great news!
  12. Oh look, I got covid

    It's not something I've looked into. Plenty busy with other things I'm afraid.
  13. Oh look, I got covid

    Sure thing. Smell is all back to normal now. Still have some heat toxin effects from the COVID, but besides that it's clearing out nicely. My recommended protocol, with just short descriptions of their effects and why I included them: 1-3g Taurine. Taurine is a natural amino acid and has many positive actions; it reduces reactive oxygen species, maintains osmotic balance, also has calmin effects through NMDA and glycine receptor effects. Vitamin D 3000-5000IU daily. Ideally you want your levels being around 40-50 ng/ml as too high levels can lead to hypercalcemia (high levels of calcium) which can lead to increased levels of calcification of one's arteries and also lead to depressant effects (muscular tone and mood). Vitamin C 1-3g. Essentially it's helpful for the immune system. Zinc 10-50mg. Antiviral effects. Positive effects on hormonal signalling. Immune system effects. CoQ10. Reduction of reactive oxygen species and important for the production of energy (ATP celullarly). Multivitamin. Just to make sure all bases are covered. L-carnitine. Enhanced mitochondrial efficiency through beta-oxidation of fatty acids. Green tea. Modulates immune system, blunts overactivation and cytokine storms. Reduced glutathione. Increases glutathione intracellularly. Glutathione is an extremely powerful antioxidant and also supports the immune system. Quercetin. Has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic effects. Serrapeptase. Anti-inflammatory, fibrinolytic and mucolytic and thus aiding recovery. 7,8-dihydroxyflavone. Naturally occuring flavone found in some plants. The important part here is that it binds to the TrKB receptor which is the main signalling receptor of BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. Thus it helps aid recovery and protects the brain from insult. I hope this was of help to you... Best of luck.
  14. Oh look, I got covid

    Antiviral cocktail appears to work very well! I added some serrapeptase as a mucolytic agent and also added a neurogenic compound to aid with brain recovery that upregulates BDNF... Have smell returning by a pretty big percentage in my right nostril already. So far so good. Just adding this information here in case people get COVID themselves and may want to speed up recovery. Not a blinded study or anything, but may be useful anyway. Mechanistically the addition of the compounds I've mentioned thus far make a lot of sense. If people are interested I can describe why that is, too.