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  1. Cultivation in chinese comics

    Yes, this is recorded in basically all the cultivation traditions. There's nothing new to that. I'm not quite sure what you are asking?
  2. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Xuan answers @Walker who asked this very question in the thread. He replied:
  3. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Here's some stuff from the Xiao Yao Pai thread that maybe sheds a bit of light on this if Xuan does not have time to elaborate, @freeform in relation to their practices. Main thread is here.
  4. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    I think you misunderstood what I meant by possession. From what I've learned from @Jeff the possession that takes place is a sort of bond that happens in the higher chakras. This is like a hub on one's own motherboard which allows the Hu Fa Shen to take control when mutually beneficial. It is similar to what is observed in what Jeff calls a "true Guru bond". I'm not talking about possession in a negative way. Perhaps Jeff can share a few more words on what he meant by it. And maybe the two of you disagree on what happens during initiation, a process he has observed before. Regardless, it is claims and personal experiences of you both. It ultimately comes down to whether one chooses to trust you. There's no way to confirm or deny whether a bond is created if one is not at a level to be able to ascertain what actually happens during initiation. It would be like an alien inserting probes into you on an extremely subtle nano layer of your body, and then you say, "nope, nothing of that sort is happening". I mean, you can't really know. What we can observe is whether the effect is beneficial or not. And according to you and the testimonials, it is beneficial and certainly not harmful so that's good. The way you explained it in the past was better and is how I meant it. Your Hu Fa Shen is cultivating, your masters are cultivating and you are cultivating. The bond the beings make with you and all the other Dao Yu is a mutually beneficial exchange. Everyone cultivates and benefits. That's the way it was explained. Not that the Hu Fa Shens were perfect, nor that the master was perfect, but that everyone is continually refining themselves. Yes, I'm quite aware of all the testimonials, thank you. But there's unfortunately no difference between what is observed and what happens during Zifagong or Shaktipat transmission. I've attended retreats where this exact thing happens, spontaneous movement, visions, all kinds of stuff. Also having the feeling of being guided, at that time, feeling of being guided by the primordially intelligent Shakti energy. Dakinis or higher immortal beings flying in and taking control of a practictioner's vocal cords (something you also describe in one of the testimonials in the long Xiao Yao Pai thread) and singing a beautiful tune through an unknown language. Problem is that most of those experiences were temporary and didn't lead to lasting change, similar to what freeform is talking about. What would be very nice to hear is to hear from people that have practiced at least a year or longer and what changes they have observed. You come from a Houtian background yourself so your results can't really be applied the same way I don't think. I've spoken with some practitioners that have practiced for more than 10-15 years beforehand, and have been practicing Xiao Yao Pai for at least 2 years, and they say they are not even sure that they have a Hu Fa Shen or that they are being guided. They say it is so subtle. That it was very noticeable just after initiation, but then gradually it disappeared. My point being that maybe someone needs to be quite refined and advanced beforehand, to really notice and observe what is going on, and perhaps even to significantly progress through the Path. But perhaps you say it is different in XYP. It is like @freeform mentions, the one's he saw that were actually successful in the Shen approach were those that came with a long background of Houtian. If I'm not mistaken you also had before you started houtian a background in martial arts for many, many years. That by itself helps prepare the body for houtian work. It was only after your houtian work where you managed to build the LDT (which is something you now teach to beginners through immediate reverse breathing, squeezing of the perineum and more), that you were initiated into Xiao Yao Pai and began to benefit from that way of cultivation in my understanding. Please correct me if I'm wrong though
  5. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Xiao Yao Pai (XYP) mostly but also Stillness Movement are both based on this principle. Stillness Movement use physical practices in my understanding as a qigong form that Lomax calls neigong that opens the chakras and uses non-linear movement patterns that draw a lot of light into the body and with remote transmission one's LDT is "lighted on fire" and then one soon comes in contact with what they call "higher levels" and "high energies" which I believe refers to Shen stuff in Daoist terminology. XYP uses the contact of what they call a Fu Fa Shen who is allegedly an immortal Xian who binds to your higher chakras (basically possesses you in a mutually beneficial contract - like a Guru bond) and then you -- through their practices -- absorb primordial Qi in through your Baihui which is transduced/filtered down through the immortal Fu Fa Shen. The immortal Fu Fa Shen also allegedly guides you in daily matters, takes control of your body for the exact needs you have for your cultivation, takes control of your breathing when it's needed for neigong purposes, etc. According to them it's an extremely efficacious and fast system that jumps over the entire houtian pathway of transforming the body (the hard way, with celibacy, retreats etc.) but instead you just absorb Shen directly which is then transformed and used by the body to open its channels, build the LDT and then eventually even an immortal spirit comes and connects the Du and Ren meridians for you. Supposedly it was used only by the Huang Di and was hidden until the 1970s. They also say that Tai Shang Lao Jun watches over the initiation process and all the immortals.
  6. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Is the consciousness only stuff the same as the light crowd with dives, etc. that you're referring to? One of the things that's weird about me is how non-linear that stuff is. You have no markers to know you've actually attained a state. You have the level system that Jeff uses, but I'm not very comfortable with it, since it doesn't really signify your actual attainment, but more your "frequency" range as he calls it and not your clarity. IMHO, clarity is most important, because without it, it doesn't matter what level you are, you're pretty much just as ignorant as before. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.
  7. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    I guess it depends on what you mean by enlightenment Can you share some light on what you mean when you say enlightenment? Do you think Sri Ramana Maharshi could have changed his body at the causal level if he wanted to? Or do you think it's possible he was just in a samadhi type state (of which there are many different in my understanding)? In the Diamond Sutra for instance the Buddha talks about five different types of eyes. The Daoists talk about 5 different types of immortality.
  8. Jing-Qi-Shen vs. Shen based cultivation systems

    Thank you for the replies everyone. Very interesting food for thought. Does 1st jhana then mean the attainment of the yin or yang shen the subtle immortal body? Does 1st jhana mean the same as being a heavenly Immortal? Some of the systems I've read about claim to immediately create your actual yin-shen during initiation. They describe the flowers falling (one of the last steps described in Taoist Yoga by Charles L'uk for instance) and the amorphous baby-Shen beginning to take form above your head as it exits your crown. You then have access to the yin-shen immediately and it's wrapped in the golden cocoon of its lineage so not subject to harm from demons or negative influences allowing it to safely grow. Then, according to them, the 3 Hun and 7 Po souls are merged through Zuowang until it becomes the immortal densified yang shen that can be inhabited upon death and before. They say that houtian systems are based on throwing a ball into the air (jing->qi->shen), that is, working against gravity, instead of just absorbing primordial Qi through the Baihui and going the shen->qi->jing way. Meaning that they say that since you absorb primordial Qi through your Baihui, there's no use for celibacy or all the stringent body-training approaches (prolonged retreats, developing the body, etc.) since the Shen will simply deconvert into Qi and then into jing to support the body. Meanwhile you reach immortality manyfold faster since you work directly on "soul" refinement and even if you die before you reach the complete yang shen level, you can simply continue in the higher realms since you already have the yin-shen formed. Those are the claims at least.
  9. After speaking with many different practitioners and thinking about this topic quite a lot, it seems to be quite the conundrum. From what I've learned there are basically two different types of systems. Traditional systems and Shen systems. The first is the traditional Jing -> Qi -> Shen cultivation path. According to the traditions I've looked into it is based around firstly changing the body to make it a fit vehicle for later spiritual work. For instance, one way of looking at this schematic (in my preliminary understanding) would be something like: Conditioning and preparing the physical body, herein both stretching the body, learning how to hang muscles and align the body properly, how to "sink the Qi" and eventually connecting/changing the entire fascia system. Usually takes many years of work just to get this step right to my understanding. This is a state of vibrant physical health already and there won't be coarse physical issues in my understanding. Beginning the stage of jing to Qi, wherein jing is first stilled and consolidated. Usually, in my understanding, the 100 day virgin boy training or also known as the 100 day foundation. Awakening/building the LDT, which becomes an actual physical structure that moves and twists in your lower abdomen and is now an actual physical structure that also holds immense energetic properties. Microcosmic orbit Then movement of yang qi and yin qi and the mixing of fire and water Qi to Shen (leading to "white moon on the mountain peak") Shen stage where the yin-shen is created and erupts from the crown and then needs to learn how to move and behave independently from the body. This is said to take a long time before it is fully matured and is done in retreat and away from society. On the other hand, we have systems that go the completely opposite way. They say forget about the body, forget about physical body transformation, none of that is really most important part. You should directly work on the Shen stage from the beginning, then everything will follow nicely and your body will remain healthy and even transform to stay healthy. They say that the body is completely impermanent so spending time creating physical structures inside it like a physical dantien is not necessary nor helpful for spiritual cultivation, you're really only interested in getting to the Shen stage so you can begin refining your spirit immediately since that is the only thing that lasts and that you can take with you upon death. On top of this, these types of schools also claim that you're basically skipping decades of hard gruelling jing -> qi -> shen work where every aspect of your physical and emotional nature is changed. According to them, you simply get to the last stage immediately and then everything is refined much faster that way. So, my question is basically, are they just deluding themselves? Which of the systems is correct? Are they both correct, and if so, how or why? Thanks
  10. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Yes, 28. Gotcha, will let him know. Thanks.
  11. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Yeah, I remember reading that in Damo Mitchell's books as well in the chapter about merging yin and yang qi. Scary stuff.
  12. Celibacy, and also MCO

    Thank you for those fantastic posts @freeform. Incredibly helpful and really explained so much to me. It's scary how quickly things can turn wrong in these internal arts. Really gives credence to the whole idea that one needs a genuine Teacher to lead one away from an errant Path. Often one cannot see one's own errors unfortunately. I showed this thread to one of my friends who has been practicing celibacy, and he has a question for recommendation. He doesn't have a girlfriend. What is the recommendation for release in that case? Masturbation twice per week? Thanks again
  13. Enlightened movies

    Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring is absolutely incredible. Highly recommended.
  14. Book Recommendations

    @Gerard: Of course. That's a given. That doesn't mean that one cannot enjoy beautiful works of art or inspirational books that point to the highest wisdom - that which lies within us. Practice always takes precedence. But thank you for sharing that poem, it is beautiful.
  15. Book Recommendations

    Wow, thank you all! @Fa Xin: Ah yes, I forgot to mention that one. I've read it. It's great!