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  1. Yeah, Denmark did the right thing. So here's what happening. The worst thing that is happening right now is that, even though the Prime Minister said to stay calm and not to begin hoarding food because there's plenty in supply, almost everyone went directly to their nearest supermarket and is panic buying everything. This is what it looks like: I went to watch the supermarket I have very near me to see what was up ... I've never seen that many people in my supermarket. Ever. Such an eerie atmosphere.
  2. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    You won't know. Self-isolate. Stay inside until you're completely symptom free.
  3. Thank you so much. Denmark just closed down... No more work for 14 days for all governmental workers, all schools, daycare, clubs, pubs, assemblies, etc. are closed down. Our university classes have been cancelled too so remaining lectures will be held online for us. Only a question of time before all of us medstudents will be called in to help so we don't end like Italy...
  4. I just came on here to see the reasoning made by @Taomeow on the herbs which were recommended and which were not. Now it's gone. And no copy of it on the prevention thread. Taomeow do you have a copy of what you wrote perchance?
  5. Medicine Buddha

    Really beautiful and profound. May all sentient beings be benefitted by the Light of the Medicine Buddha and all negative karmas purified. Thank you for sharing @Vajra Fist. Garchen Rinpoche's video made tears fill my eyes with the compassion radiating from his heart and all the Buddhas. Much love.
  6. Wang Liping Article/Method for Boosting Weiqi

    Thank you Nathan. In case others on here are interested and didn't know; earlier this month Nathan Brine published a book on Internal Alchemy called The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping: Volume One. And it looks great!
  7. Jing, Chi, Shen ~ 精氣神

    It's a whole video in Chinese. Doesn't make for much discussion for those of us that don't know Chinese
  8. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Wonderful post, thank you. To add to this, in my understanding, once one has reached this sort of level of development, one actually begins to see at the causal level of reality; meaning, when one does something, it's for the "whole", but on such a deep level that it's really unfathomable by our current minds - since it is based on a deep knowing of what the right thing is for that person or that situation at that specific time - that will lead to the best outcome for all involved, and lead to the most spiritual growth. I think that's also where the genuine stories of Gurus (think Milarepa...) comes in - where the master calls you an idiot, or makes you travel all across the country only to come back frustrated with absolutely nothing to show for it, or having you do hundreds of hours of one particular exercise even though you experience nothing but pain and suffering from it. All of that is done deliberately because they reside on a level where they can literally see the best way to rid you of karma (lifetimes of it) in the most fruitful way possible.
  9. I disagree. Controlling a weak body might be easier, but you'll also be weaker which has its own set of problems. Vegetarianism and veganism can be hugely detrimental to human health if it's not done right and without the right constitution. Even amongst the Yogis in India, the cow and all its products were heralded for its incredible benefits. So ghee, cow's milk, cheese, and so forth was all eaten en masse. Why? It supports healthy hormonal functioning and strengthens the body. Have a listen here (timestamp: 1:02:18)
  10. Please read the actual paper you sent. It is about the role of aging on mitochondrial biogenesis and reactive oxygen species. This says nothing about abdominal breathing, nor does it suggest that the mechanism by which meditation increases "energy" (which is an ill-defined term, to be fair in this investigation thus far) is through increased oxygen. In fact, in some forms of meditation, e.g. anapana, you gradually decrease your inspiration and the breath actually stops (breath cessation), which I would imagine leads to increased levels of carbon dioxide and not necessarily just increased oxygen as seen in hyperventilation or deep abdominal breathing.
  11. I hear you on that. Do you have any "research notes" on who is doing the manipulation and corruption? There are many different theories, but it seems that in most of the major religious and spiritual schools there are certain groups of beings that work against humanity's natural potential. To what end, I am not sure. Interesting topic...
  12. I think the OP is alluding to the esoteric idea that much of the greed and corruption that exists in humanity isn't humane but is actually an outside source interference - specifically certain alien species which drive humanity toward negativity, fear, anger rather than love, compassion, understanding, etc.
  13. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Did I imply that it settled it? It was more of an open question than a statement of fact. I don't know what's possible. I'm open to all of it. If you believe in Buddhas and immortals, then transforming and curing chronic ailments isn't much a stretch of imagination.
  14. Xing and Ming cultivation

    I think it will require a very high level of wisdom to understand the true nature of emptiness - which is what the last stage of the Path alludes to - and is that which the Diamond Sutra points to. Samsara and nirvana are fundamentally the same from the ultimate perspective, or in Buddhist terms the absolute perspective, but it is not that way for all of us who are still trapped in the relative perspective and have yet to awaken. Dzogchen also touches on this aspect at length. I can't speak from personal experience, but if we go by the teachings/accounts of enlightened ones, they claim that they look at a mountain and do not differentiate that as a "there" and a "here". in fact, they look at both us and all they see is that everything is One and from the same source. All dualities having completely vanished. For instance, the Buddha describes the fourth jhana as a place where dualities of pain and pleasure vanish. Furthermore, he describes the eight samadhi as the place where both perception and non-perception vanishes. So nibbana, according to the teachings, is where there is the unconditioned, which means that any idea of duality, even the idea of non-duality, vanishes completely and beyond a trace. That's because there is no self-nature in anything compounded. See the teaching of anatta. Another way of elucidating this point is to use the teachings of the Platform Sutra by Huineng. The story goes, that the fifth patriarch of Zen summoned all his followers and proposed a poem contest to demonstrate their stage of understanding the essence of mind. He would give up his robe and pass down the teachings to to whoever would win the contest and that person would become the Sixth Patriarch. Shenxiu who was a leading disciple wrote the following stanza: The body is the bodhi tree.The mind is like a bright mirror's stand.At all times we must strive to polish itand must not let dust collect. However, Huineng, having reached a much higher level of wisdom, composed the following stanza: The bright mirror is originally clear and pure. Where could there be any dust? Bodhi originally has no tree. The bright mirror also has no stand. Fundamentally there is not a single thing. Where could dust arise? And after speaking with the Fifth Patriarch and being told a verse from the Diamond Sutra, Huineng fully awakened to full enlightenment. He became the Sixth Patriarch. The above stanza to me speaks on the nature of emptiness. Where can any defilements be in the bright mirror? You say "as acquired personal nature and congenital virtuous nature are not fundamentally the same" - but the question would be what is the root of your acquired personal nature? Is it real or unreal? Does that mean that there's a difference between it and the fundamentally pure from the absolute perspective? As I see it, your view is more like the first stanza as I view it since it is based on a duality between pure and impure from the relative perspective, and thus does not show the highest level of wisdom and understanding. Anyway, just my thoughts on it... Food for contemplation for all of us