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  1. Bardon and Golden Dawn

    Thank you for bringing it up, I always find the material the Sadhu wrote to be quite dense, so thank god that someone talked about it other than coguina! That's one of the stuff regarding Sadhu that irked me, is that I don't know if he was intentionally trying to hide the information on Vortexes and Tourbillons or is it because his book was a direct copy of G.O Mebe's book of Major Arcana. I would love to hear more about the Vortexes, since the only only explanation about Tourbillons I found was on a youtube video that was even missing arcana near the end:
  2. I enjoyed Reichian therapy for period of time, but I think you're treading on a razor edge here. No need to take these systems out of context(?) or mishmash them trying to squeeze something that's not of their intended usage? The extent of my knowledge and experience is rudimentary at best and I feel like everyone else who knows better than me already said their share. I just wanted to add to what they said I guess maybe my ego felt like saying this. I think it could be more important to figure it out and consult other sources or traditions that work with Pineal Gland/third eye in the context of a whole system like Kriya Yoga maybe? I am probably less experienced as you said you had years of practices and experience, tho I hope my few words help a little?
  3. Reading/Study as a practice

    I did experiences something similar to what you said, I guess religious texts and scripture have effect that's deeper and more profound than what I know but I don't honestly know what it is or how it works myself, maybe the why of it is enlightened master, sages, and saints are trying to help people with these texts. The lotus sutra is very mysterious in it's function and wonder, that's anecdotally atleast for me . I remember a dharma talk/excerpt from a Taiwan Buddhist Internet Forum, edited by Dharma Teacher Ruying, written in November 27, 2003 The Ordinary Man, Translated by JC cleary(Clear View of Fundamental Mind_ - Yao-tsung, Wu )
  4. wish you could've left your Xin Yin(?) workout thread in your personal practice discussion subforum, but I guess it wasn't meant to be for me to read it :(


    In any case I want to thank you for writing it out, I will try to remember what I can from it.

    1. Earl Grey

      Earl Grey

      I will make it available again in the new forum and a paid premium version on my professional website with additional information, so don't say goodbye to it just yet. 

  5. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    Hi @JustARandomPanda, Wow that's really thoughtful of you, and honestly I couldn't just reply to your post instantly, it was so packed, sincere, and full of useful advices that I couldn't do anything but to read it more in a span of a week and contemplate how to reply to you. On your first point, I agree taking a DIY approach have a lot of bumps on it's road. Seeing oneself as someone who have little mastery and seeing oneself as a beginner is a good sign(?) of atleast for me of an honest cultivator. Your posts on this forum always ring of truth and I couldn't help but remember something from Liao-Fan's four lessons. That's a very interesting concept, I guess I would need to journal and reflect on my practice continuously. I will keep it in my mind and try to apply it to my practice. I sort of agree with dropping the practice if it is above one's level and going with something more basic. The more I work on merit and virtue accumulation and following Liao-Fan's Ledger of merit and demerit the more I understand the importance of Sila/moral foundation basis of cultivation. Benefits of a ledger of merit and demerit and moral cultivation is far-reaching in one's life, even when one wane off and "retrogress"(?) from cultivating the benefit of the ledger kept coming for more than 6 months period. Something Liu Yiming that really hit the point for me the importance of merit and virtue cultivation, he said "Great virtue can overcome ghosts and spirits, can move heaven and earth , can affect people and animals.". I found my sweet spot with Buddha-recitation by mixing formal sitting of buddha-recitation with mini walking meditations throughout the day and it is kinda giving more decent results for now. The Canned code/recipe analogy is an interesting way to explain it. I guess I should've said this, but I have been practicing the navel recitation for a while now and seeing good results with it. I try to be light, relaxed, and natural, focusing without fixation on my navel. Thanks for taking the time to answer me tho.🙏
  6. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    I have a matter in regard to Buddha-recitation cultivation dharma door that I wanted some clarification about. I am currently pursuing pure land dharma door, reciting amitabha name while walking, with rosary, etc. I wanted to deepen my practice and I had a pureland handbook by YongHua and the technique could be questionable(probably not?), he recommend reciting amitabha's name at the navel, as he say "just recite the Buddha’s name as you place your attention on your navel." What made me wonder about it was Nan talking about it in Guan Yin Dharma door essay translated by seriousbuddhism "When chanting the Buddha’s name, do not use the mouth to inhale, use the nose to inhale until it reaches the dan-tian (T/N: behind the navel) until the entire body’s hair-pores. Internally, continue this, with each thought pure, and naturally there will be good news." and in Hsuan Hua's chan handbook "if you can breathe through your nose, when you inhale, bring the breath down to just behind the navel, not below it." In Essentials of meditation Zhiyi(Translated by Bhikshu Dharmamitra) mentions something similar "This refers to anchoring the mind at such locations as the tip of the nose or the navel in order to prevent the mind from becoming scattered. Accordingly, a sutra states, "One anchors the mind and refrains from falling into neglectfulness."" All of these texts seems to indicate that there's no danger or something harmful(I think so?) with anchoring one's attention at the navel while doing nianfo/recitation of amitabha's name. My doubt was aroused by a video of nan Huaijin lecturing on the danger of recklessly focusing on the Dan-Tien [ ] which made me a bit apprehensive(?) of practicing focusing/being attentive to the navel. Yet I feel great results from testing/using this method, that why I am torn between the danger of focusing on it and doing the practice. Maybe for someone with better reading comprehension and understanding can clarify this for me? I think there could be a misunderstanding on my part... Thank you 🙏
  7. Chanting Deity/Buddha names and The Cosmic Doctrine

    Wonderful essay, whenever I read Nan Huaijin I always find myself understanding a bit more of what he's talking about. I agree that Buddha-recitation dharma door is a very powerful ones and it is one that I am pursuing a little bit on and off. Currently am using pure land dharma/nianfo to use it as a safety net for myself and as something simple that I can carry on without being too invested? but honestly so far I found myself able to get deeper into nianfo without feeling forced. I agree! I honestly found Cundi/Zhunti Dharani, Usnisa Vijaya Dharani to be the most effective/powerful in term of karmic purification, there's always this friction between oneself and the dharani that it make it worth pursuing. I am more of a lurker, but I felt compelled to post this time because your thread made realization click for me that what Nan Huaijin calls "karmic sickness" turned out to be a very real thing brought up by me chanting Amitabha's name. Your post made me realize something that I had a gut feeling about but couldn't articulate very well, thank you.
  8. Hi

    Hi, I am interested in daobums because of it's great amount of material on ZZ, qigong, and cultivation in general. My main practice is simple ZZ and Nianfo, nothing big or grandiose, just small steps sort of practice.