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Found 10 results

  1. I wrote this article a while ago this year, as we have experienced an influx of new-age star-seed (the chosen ones) practitioners claiming they have "Third Eye" already open without any training and just knew it from reading online articles. So, I thought to share the experience from an actual tradition of Ancient Arts where we develop those skills in Adepts. You can read the Full Article on the website. Those who came to us were thought to have Third Eye open due to having some sensations mid-eyebrow or being told so during a "reading" session by another visionary oracle. So short overview of what Third Eye is not. Sensations of a hole in a forehead. Feeling pressure in the forehead. Sensing Qi. Feeling that something is different. Feeling yourself special, different from others. Emotional Garbage Inner Voices Seeing colors with closed eyes Being able to imagine things Third Eye Development Simply opening Third Eye does not guarantee anything as its function is highly tied to both levels of meditation skill and level of Energy. Opening Third Eye without energy work and preparation is foolish, as you are draining yourself when it functions. Running Third Eye requires a meditation skill; if you have random thoughts in your head, you can forget about having TE. Developing Third Eye potential is done via a particular set of Visualization training. If you never did proper visualization, you may struggle here. Third Eye is a part of Magic tradition training. We don't train in Magic to develop Third Eye, we train in Magic, and Third Eye develops on the way. Third Eye levels overview 1. Fog - the most accessible and easiest level, you start seeing a dense fog; if you make a ball of energy between your hands, you see it; if you make an energy beam between your fingers, you see it. 2. Vibration - you see more than just fog. You see vibrations coming from above and below. You can see lifeforce glowing in objects. You can see other people as vibrating energy fields. 3. Deep Ocean - a state of a true Magus. Spiritual reality becomes denser than physical. You will not only see energy moving and rotating, but all the things moving around, energy creatures, parasites, and microorganisms. There are higher levels as well. But even level 2 is extremely rare, and I think level 3 is enjoyed by less than a handful of high-level cultivators on a planet.
  2. I've been reading about the fact that practitioners in the art of Dao like to have their hair long. And some. In a knot up top. Somehow all of this related to the pineal gland, as it is an extra storage of energy they say. Has anyone here manipulated their hair, and found that it activated the pineal gland. Squeezing the hairs on the top of my head have given me somewhat results but I'm not sure, I think I'd like a second opinion on that. Squeezing seems to be important. My hairs are naturally in a spider hairstyle that I maintain without training. Don't ask me how. It just stays that way. And the more I go along my practice; the more it stays that way. Morning nighttime - it stays that way. So it is easy for me to grab it and squeeze it. You could say. They are like antennas. But that hang about. Waiting around, like a spider's legs. Perhaps Wicca style. But I'm not sure.
  3. Hello you all; just a quick question. You know better than I do but. What would be the best way to activate the third eye, if one had only the two eyes to work with. I suspect I'm close, and I've worked every part of my body except the hairs; and, all that's left is the two eyes. I've read that pineal gland activation could be achieved through somehow, working the eyeball, itself. Is that true? What exercises do you know about? It has to be an exercise that squeezes the eyeball, or something close to that. Thank you, and I await your answers. PS: Something just occured to me: Could frowning be considered a good technique to press the third eye. Because if I frown my face. And move up my nose; and sort of squint my eyes, I can squeeze it from all angles, and trap it in a sort of circle. Just a thought there.
  4. Taoist GrandMaster Wang Li Ping will be teaching a ten day intensive in China, starting on the afternoon of Dec. 21st and ending at noon on the 31st. Mr. Richard Liao will be translating. Please email [email protected] for complete details. Our goal is to build a bridge between Master Wang Liping and everyone interested in Taoism. We wish to benefit all to communicate their experiences during their practice to learn the Taoist Golden Elixir system. We hope the heritage of Dragon Gate shall live on in the new era to enrich lives everywhere.
  5. Beautiful

    The food we consume - is the all that we take in We bring in through the eyes vast cubic miles every day The ears hear a thousand vibrations we never notice The nose speaks directly to our ancestry in each breath Our skin sinks to the marrow Please share here beauty that you have found so that it might be a well of delight and wonder
  6. Meditation Question

    Hi everyone, I would greatly appreciate any help with this question on Taoist meditation. In my studies I've noticed that the older texts suggest joining the mind and breath at the lower dantian to build the elixir, but in reading some later texts such as The Secret Of The Golden Flower, and Taoist Yoga, they focus more on the third eye and add more complicated techniques such as rolling the eyes. Some of this seems contradictory and unnecessary, although I understand the elixir moves upwards in the body after being vitalized in the dantian. Also, in Zen for instance, they do not stress any complicated techniques. I've heard focusing on the third eye will just give you a headache and focusing on the lower dantian is the classic method. I would be very grateful if you could give me your opinion on this topic. I understand there is a lot of information out there and it takes time to sift through to the essence. Thanks so much!
  7. I was browsing DharmaWheel the other day and I came across this post called: "giant pressure in between my eyebrows". The poster, "threeyears" posted this: So big deal.. eh? Well, the first response was from Malcolm, the very same Malcolm whom has been idolized and mega quoted by Simple Jack and others as being the 'end-all, be-all' in Tibetan teachings.. I was totally amazed. Here was Malcolm, a Tibetan doctor, supposed great scholar and authority, telling "threeyears" this: Then, needless to say, the rest of the posters follow suit and spew out a series of responses all implying that something is sick or broken and needs fixing.. Wow! I can't believe that the forumites on DharmaWheel have no idea about ajna, the third eye, the etheric body, the advanced thogal practices and that particular experience of feeling 'pressure between the brows'. In essence, the ignorant posters on DharmaWheel have probably succeeded in convincing everyone that pressure between the eyebrows is detrimental and something to be avoided. Well, it is not. Far from it. Pressure between the eyes is a sign that the third eye is opening. I myself am very familiar with the effect which resembles a magnetic black hole that expands and contracts, moves about the head, especially down the nose and is a very important experience to master and exploit. First off, Samuel Sagan talks about the pressure between the eyebrows because it is something to develop, nurture and bring to fruition. In his book called "Awakening the Third Eye" he says this: In the preceeding quotes, we have seen how the 'pressure between the eyebrows' is key to developing the third eye. Ah, yes, but what good is the third eye, or developing the point between the eyebrows from a Buddhist or Dzogchen point of view? Surprise surprise! In the book called "Natural Liberation - Padmasambhava" in the advanced practices it sheds some light on the use of the point between the eyebrows. So, you see, the 'third eye stuff' is very relevant, even to Dzogchen.. To me, the most important function is to separate the dual from the non-dual.. (my words.. read on) Yes, the "Lamp of Pristine Reality-Itself"... This is from the Thogal section: So there you have it. The third eye, or the "Lamp of Pristine Reality-Itself" is something to be developed and it has a purpose, and is part of Thogal practices. I have spent many many times feeling the pressure at the third eye, between the brows. It feels like a magnetic black hole. It can get bigger or smaller if you will it to rotate in one direction or another. If you 'suck' in inwards towards the area about 1 inch inside the head, it produces ecstasy as there is a connection to the perineum at that point. If you gently breath into that area, just above the sinuses as if you were subtly sniffing a fine essence, it activates the pressure. I've spent many a night feeling that magnetic black hole move around my head, move around my face, distorting the feeling of the physical form as it moves about. If you look at the area that becomes pressurized, you can see a very clear open space in which visions and thoughts are present. If you push yourself outwards from the pressurized area, you enter into other realms. It is quite an amazing area. If you 'suck' the pressure downwards, you can dissolve most of the body as it moves. It most definitely is a major key in the discovery and development of spirituality. So the next time you read about "avoiding the pressure between the brows like it was the plague", you will know better, unlike the poor fools at DharmaWheel.
  8. I found this to provide some valuable additions to my knowledge about the pineal. Enjoy!
  9. I wanted to start a practical discussion group on third eye phenomenon. I experience seeing colors and lights in my internal an external environments. I wanted to know other people with this "clairvoyant" sight and when it appeared, how it felt, and what helped refine and expand this vision. My experience is as follows: -A violet or purple light when I close my eyes and begin meditation, which often gets brighter as the meditation continues and shifts color. -Patterns of violet, green, yellow, and red light morphing in my external environment, especially visible against blank surfaces (ceilings, walls). -Flashes of pink and violet light in my peripheral vision when I do Qi Gong. -Flashes of violet light in my peripheral before and resulting in out of body experience. -A white glow surrounding individuals with flashes of colors along certain portions of their body (all colors in the spectrum show) -Complex patterns of light and geometry that last for brief, yet impressionable, seconds during meditation or trance states. What helps brings on these effects is a nice relaxed state during mediation, while I am bathing or in the shower, during gi gong, a bodywork session, or even when I am simply being attentive in my everyday life. I would like to expand this vision so I can see a wider range of color in the aura, and into the energetic and spiritual bodies of things (not just outside aura). This started happening to me 2 years ago and has just gotten more and more vivid. I just turned 20 last month. What are your experiences? I would love more advanced practitioners and visionaries to share their insight into this spiritual organ as well as reports from novices like myself. How old were you when in started, what were you doing? What helped expand it? Any tidbit of wisdom to share?
  10. Hello to all! I have been meditating for about 40 yrs. My third eye opened many years ago and I can offer comments on all of the tag lines that I have included in this topic. Currently I have taken up Qi Gong I am not well versed within this discipline though I can feel and follow fine movement within me and without. When I was 15yrs old my lower dan tien became very active one day and an intense warmth moved throughout my body - I was literally steaming (on a ski slope) with this hot ball inside me just below the navel and in a bit. This happened again when I was about 36 yrs old during a difficult breakup with my girlfriend. Recently I was creating Qi Gong exercises for myself before I knew they existed as Qi Gong - what a wonderful teaching it is! I appreciate practical discussion ( since the original post I have studied with a Qi Gong and Kung Fu Grand Master 4-6 days a week in addition to personal practice)