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  1. Hello you all; just a quick question. You know better than I do but. What would be the best way to activate the third eye, if one had only the two eyes to work with. I suspect I'm close, and I've worked every part of my body except the hairs; and, all that's left is the two eyes. I've read that pineal gland activation could be achieved through somehow, working the eyeball, itself. Is that true? What exercises do you know about? It has to be an exercise that squeezes the eyeball, or something close to that. Thank you, and I await your answers. PS: Something just occured to me: Could frowning be considered a good technique to press the third eye. Because if I frown my face. And move up my nose; and sort of squint my eyes, I can squeeze it from all angles, and trap it in a sort of circle. Just a thought there.