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  1. The Shen reverse process people could be perfectly deluded, it sounds too fantastic to skip all the years of very hard work. I haven't seen any attainments from these people who claim to be able to skip this and just start with Shen, just a lot of talk. Anyone can go to the initiation and get their crown open, skipping a lot of years of internal alchemy, even my mum could get this epic achievement just by attending! I'm quite skeptical about it, maybe it's as beautiful as it sounds tho, who knows, I just want to see proof, and videos of people having spontaneous movements is not proof. I'll go to the initiation because it's the only thing left to explore, but I find very improbable to achieve such achievements by just attending one initiation. I'll go without any expectation, I'll let you guys now. Daomode.
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    Thank you very much guys. _/][\_
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    Hello everyone, I'm glad to be on this forum with all of you, I'm very interested in certain qi gong practices that are on this forum, but it seems that I need to be approved first to be able to see the thread. Warmly, Daomode.