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  1. Everyone has a bias, regardless of how learned they are. We are the sum of our experiences, or rather how we internalized those experiences. Our brains take shortcuts in reasoning based on those internalized thought pathways. It's the only way we can function, our physical minds are limited in this way.
  2. Movement Arts That Are Non-Martial

    What is your goal? Here is a long, well researched list.
  3. What is your warmup routine? I had to briefly suspended my ZZ practice because of knee pain. What was I going wrong? Instead of doing knee circles, hip circles, and arm circles I switched to doing Ba Duan Jin for a warmup. Bad idea. I was spending to much time in a static horse stance. Is your pain deep or more toward the surface? If it is toward the surface then myofascial release or trigger point muscle therapy might help. I also work in front of a computer all day and this has given me much relief. I see that you (the OP) are in the UK. When I went to that muscle therapist, that I mentioned in a previous post, being the kind of person I am I asked a lot of questions. I asked what style of therapy he was using. He said it was British Sports Therapy. Also, look up the Three Monkeys School of Qigong ( . ) to find a teacher. I have corresponded with John Millar. I am taking his course on Udemy. He was very kind with his responses.
  4. Many years ago I sought out a muscle therapist. I fell backwards and landed on my shoulder playing volleyball. I could not lift my right arm straight in front (like changing the radio station in the car) without a shooting pain going down my arm. This lasted for two years. After 3 sessions with a muscle therapist I was completely fixed.
  5. Step 2 is specific to the shoulders. What kind of shoulder pain are you experiencing? Even though I am a weightlifter I have experienced discomfort in my deltoids when doing Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down. Same for doing Master LKC's style of ZZ standing at the stake. In both cases, though, I think it is because I failed to relax. The arms should float up and not be moved by muscular tension.
  6. As a practitioner of Zhineng, I've found Gina Lim's videos to be very helpful. There are also shoulder exercises in the 'Body & Mind' method. Also, I think wall squats are helpful for correcting alignment issues all over the body. Perhaps adopting the Three Centers Merge posture for ZZ might help, too.
  7. Type of QiGong On-Line

    The 'Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down' course on Udemy by the 3 Monkeys School of Qigong is excellent. It goes into a lot of detail, but it's easy to follow. They are very good teachers. I gave it a 5 Star review. That is the starting point for Zhineng. If you want in-depth explanations of the theory behind Zhineng and additional methods then download the book, 'The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science' from Payment went smoothly through PayPal. For some free videos on YouTube you can watch Gina Lim, Luke Chan, and Mingtong Gu. There is another online teaching website - . It has a paid subscription, but I have been watching some of the free content from Master Liu. Also on YouTube is the 'Qi Channel' and talks/interviews with Ooi Kean Hin. Ooi has also authored several books on Zhineng.
  8. Type of QiGong On-Line

    I think Zhineng Qigong has everything you are looking for. It also goes by two other names: Wisdom Healing and Chilel. What I am using is a course on Udemy. It is very good and affordable, $11 right now. I've also ordered the book, The Methods of Zhineng Qigong Science, from here for $20. More free resources: I haven't used these (yet), but Mingtong Gu has online instruction. BTW, I'm an engineer, bought several books, tried a few things, and this is what I settled on. It's a very comprehensive system.
  9. Your Current Cultivation Practices

    I am working my way through the Zhineng Qigong system. I daily practice (usually starting after 11pm) 'Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down'. If I'm not too tired I will do '3 Centers Merge' Zhan Zhuang for 20 minutes. On the days I don't lift weights I do 100 wall squats, currently my feet are hip width with toes 2 inches from the wall. I'm learning the movements of the 'Body & Mind' form as time allows. I lift weights twice a week for 1 hour. I have a stretching routine that I do daily that takes about 10 minutes. I'm also slowly working my way through a Usui Reiki course. Reading 'Prior to Consciousness' by Nisargadatta Maharaj.
  10. "The only religion that makes sense to the modern, scientific mind is Advaita Vedanta" This is the real reason church membership in the West is declining. Now that we are a highly literate society people have read the Bible enough to realize that it doesn't make any sense. But, when faith is lost a void is created and hence all the woes of society that we see today (opioid crisis, mass shootings, and suicide).
  11. Yes, after doing my research that's why I selected it. I'm an engineer so I have a mindset that always looks for the most efficient solution. I'm married with 2 kids, too. So, I don't have a lot of time. I do weight workouts and do a lot of compound movements, once again, to be efficient. I have to do my qigong at 11 at night after everyone goes to bed. It's the only time I can get to myself.
  12. After doing Zhan Zhuang Zhineng style with Three Centers Merge for a few days I might have some insight now. I read up on Yiquan Zhan Zhuang and it seems like it's purpose is to create a steel wrapped in cotton body. 3 Centers seems more like a meditation and is not meant to be an internal martial art. Sinking down with toes pointed in seems more supportive and requires less work from stabilizer muscles. One other observation, the time seems to pass more quickly when I do 3 Centers Merge.
  13. What are you listening to?

    God Is An Astronaut is great for doing qigong late at night. It keeps me awake, yet it is relaxing.