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  1. It's funny you would mention Bagua, @Cleansox mentioned Xing Yi. I've been reading 'The Way of Harmony'. It starts with Ba Duan Jin then Zhan Zhuang. Then it gets into the internal arts and it goes in the order: Hsing I, Bagua, then Tai Chi. It's interesting that Tai Chi is more popular when it's the last thing that someone should learn.
  2. You have no idea how the effects of Polio ravaged my family. You don't know how many times I've wept over how the cold steel of that wheelchair and the hissing and whirring of the respirator connected to my grandmother kept me from hugging and kissing her more. You don't know how effects of it caused me to resent my grandfather. There's no way you could know, so I won't hold that against you. I know all too well how infectious disease can ruin lives.
  3. I had composed a long response. I edited it out, never mind, your response is irrational. It would be a wasted effort. I have been away from TDB for a while because of just this type of thinking. I should have not got involved in this conversation. I'll just suggest you come out of hiding in your basement, turn off the TV and internet news and talk to people who talk to people. Your being lied to and manipulated by those who profit from your fear.
  4. And... Children's basic needs aren't being met by being locked up at home doing remote learning, "We are social animals." My kids did it for a while, it was Hell. Especially for my 6 year old in kindergarten. Thankfully, in my school district they have been in-person for most of the year. I think you just unknowingly reinforced my point. This is why the statistics matter.
  5. Thought Problem: If you were told that all you had to do is live in solitary confinement in a 8ft by 8ft room and all of your basic needs would be met then you would live to be 500 years old, would you do it?
  6. @Dainin Shibashi is looking really good right now. I am familiar with Shifu Wing Cheung and Fabrice Piche. I've been to their websites and watched their videos. I thought they were good, but just wasn't sold on Shibashi. Evidently, the depth I'm looking for is there if I just commit. @dwai I've looked at Wayson Liao's Temple Style. I have his book, Tai Chi Classics. But, from the website I can't tell where to begin. @Cleansox I have the book 'Xingyi A Means To An End' by Mike Patterson. I also have a book on Xingyi Nei Gong. I do like the idea of Xingyi. Seems like something that really requires an in-person teacher, though.
  7. The original post has its origins in Advaita Vedanta. As someone who has written a lot of software I liken the moment of enlightenment to an Event in a State Machine. In some was Predetermination may even be at play. Everything is in motion - cause and effect. You are born and things beyond your control happen to you. At every moment your conscience understanding is in a particular state. If the right event occurs you get bumped into a new state. The potential is always there. If you happen to be in the right state and the right event occurs then AHA! I get it now! Sometimes it happens sooner, sometimes it happens later. But, the only way for it to happen at all is to keep looking for it.
  8. @Dainin I've been looking at your practice log. Can you tell me more about your experience with Shibashi? Two years ago I purchased Susan Thompson's Udemy course, Easy 18 Qigong. I never finished it. I think I started to ask myself what the purpose of the movements where and why should I do this? I just didn't see where it was leading. I Susan is an excellent teacher, btw. She faces you and does mirror, so she moves her left while telling you to move your right. That makes learning the movements so much easier.
  9. Are you referring to Wu Dao Gong? That's one I actually wasn't familiar with. What's the relationship between martial arts (fighting) and spiritual energy cultivation? Although being able to defend one's self is a good thing I'm not so much interested in fighting systems. Being a good fighter takes a lot of practice and actually fighting. I can understand that fighting is good preparation for being focused. Keeping from getting your ass kicked or killed requires focus. My Dad once told me that my grades were always better during football and track season. Seems like even though I had less time to study, those intense periods of focus during sports activities prepared my mind for higher performance in intellectual activities, too. Can you recommend a system that can be done solo without needing a partner to practice with or combat? My grandfather was a martial artist. I learned some interesting visualization tricks from him that created physiological changes. Reflecting on that many years later led me to qigong. I'm looking for a system that directs energy through visualization that contains movement that strengthens the joints and muscles on a deep internal level and also has breath work. It doesn't all have to happen at the same time, just be a system that logically fits together, isn't a mish-mash, and doesn't contain so many different practices as to be impossible for a householder to get done.
  10. It is known

    I have young children. I've been to the zoo several times in recent years taking kids to various events, like friend's birthday parties. I always leave feeling drained. I can see the sadness in the animals' eyes. Why can't everyone see it? Can only people who understand the nature of consciousness see it? You would think that anyone who has a dog as part of their family would sense it.
  11. Fragrant gets a lot of love here at TDB. I followed along with a video a few times. I don't understand it. What is it doing? The advice as I know it is to just do the movements and don't think about anything.
  12. I have been looking for resources on Soaring Crane and they are hard to find. It was supposedly practiced by 20 million people at one time in China. What happened to it? I have found some teachers online, such as Torben Bremann, but books are basically non-existent. Dr. Pang Ming originally taught Soaring Crane before he developed Zhineng. I started seriously practicing Zhineng over 2 years ago, stopped for a while, then started again. I originally started Zhineng because it was supposed to be safe and effective. My research, including comments here on The Bums, lead me to believe it was one of the best systems. But, I'm just not feeling it. I think I had better results with Master Lam Kam Chuen's Zhan Zhuang and Ba Duan Jin, which I continue to do. But, I'm looking for more moving practices that are coordinated with visualization and breathing. I also practice Mantak Chia's 13 Movement Tai Chi Chi Kung, but I have doubts about his system as a whole, although, I do like some other parts of it. I'm looking for a really good movement system that gets the Qi going to counterbalance my seated meditation practice. Right now in week 3 of 10 of Wim Hof's Fundamentals course. To sum things up, I'm a married householder with school aged kids and limited time looking for an efficient system of practices to cultivate Qi, have a calm focused mind, and ultimately become awakened. So, back to the original question, Is Soaring Crane a good system with an active community? Or, are there other systems my fellow Bums would recommend?
  13. Zhan Zhuang Standing information

    Re-bump! Yes, I think we need this more than ever today. I'll just add that when I get contentious and start to look at others and blame them for the way I feel I know it's time to turn the focus around, look at myself, and start doing more inner work.
  14. @dwai I wanted to let you know that my wife got me your book for Christmas. I recently finished it. I read a lot. I have to confess, though, that it's the first time that I have read a book strictly for enjoyment and not with the intent of learning something (business, programming, Qigong, ...) in over 15 years. That's not to say I didn't learn anything, in fact, I learned plenty. I ended up researching the mythological entities that were described in the book. Also, reading the book strengthened my resolve to commit to doing more Zhan Zhuang. I enjoyed the story and look forward to the next one. Thank you for being an encouraging presence here on TDB and giving me the opportunity to realize I can read just for fun again.
  15. It does sound like he's revealed the secret in just 13 minutes. It seems like the understanding of it, though, is just beyond my grasp.