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  1. pyroluria acupuncture points

    It might be helpful to tell us a little about pyroluria and how you are experiencing it... Not an acupuncturist, but my understanding is that there would be a couple approaches to this. One is symptom driven, so, activating points (rather than "hitting" them ) that have known effects on given symptoms. Another approach would be balancing the whole system, from a five element or five phases perspective. Sometimes, balancing the whole system can eliminate symptoms that arise from imbalance without seeming to address them directly. Maybe a real acupuncturist will jump in if you give a little more information. And of course, making an in-person appt with a real acupuncturist might move you along most effectively.
  2. WOW! Welkin, thank you! Very helpful links, great graphics! So much to digest. Would definitely buy this in a book...
  3. Thank you, Bindi... lots of interesting and fun stuff found by following that link...
  4. Wonderful resource! Thank you!
  5. Will to resist the flu (and other illnesses)

    Get your vitamin D levels checked. You want to be in the neighborhood of 50-80 ng/mL to support your immune system. Some say it works better than the flu shot... Doesn't sound like you get much sun, so you'll need to take D3 supplements, best consumed with your highest fat meal. Also, 500 mg of vitamin C is not a lot for immune support. It's said the body can only absorb 500 mg. orally at one time, but you could take that 4 or more times a day if you are feeling flu vulnerable. Many people take way more than that on a daily basis as a matter of course. Good luck!
  6. Scott Meredith

    Hi Sebastian, Scott mentioned it in his first book, Juice, and has mentioned it periodically in almost all of his books. Packing is probably the next most useful reference, but I can't remember that he ever actually said how to find it, lol. I recall my experience locating and activating it in the thread Finding Niwan:
  7. Scott Meredith

    Hi Tao Stillness, I chose that image as closest I could get to my experiences after locating.. and activating... what Scott calls Niwan, the energy center in the very middle of the brain. Never in a zillion years would I have found that without Scott's input, and finding it was a transformational discovery for me. That said, I'm interested in all things brain, and will definitely have a look at Ken Cohen's piece on brain cleansing. Thank you!
  8. Scott Meredith

    He has said otherwise on the Merge FB page, even intending to close that page at one point. I haven't heard that he has changed his mind about stepping back, but I hope you're right!
  9. not showing as online

    Well, your name is on the list right now... but mine isn't.
  10. I've taken it before, intermittently, and I always started with 1 T... You could probably very safely start with a teaspoon. I have taken as much as 2 T in a day, but 1 T. just seems like a nice level for me. Usually take it at night with about 1/4 cup of water and a little vinegar, then followed by another 1/4 cup water to wash the somewhat chalky mouthfeel away. Seemed like a good idea to add a little acid, since I do it on an empty stomach, and DE has a really high pH (8-9). Just made the vinegar thing up myself, didn't read it anywhere, lol. A lot of people put it in shakes or mix it with food. That seems to be OK too. The boron lecture is pretty impressive too... Recommended for prostate protection, along with bones and teeth and pineal detox...
  11. And here's a link to the whole thread, which might be useful for people to read as we reexamine moderation staffing...
  12. I quote myself from back in 2013, from thelerner's thread "Who's interested in becoming a moderator" Posted May 27, 2013 Here's another aspect of this that I've been chewing on for a long time. Others probably won't see it this way, but here's what I see. Most of the mods have been people who were doing really high quality posting. When they started being mods, their Taoist content posting dropped dramatically. I know they worked hard on the board, devoting many many hours to it, and some in particular often were harrassed by pigheaded souls unhappy with particular decisions who seemed to think that all the mods had to do in life was answer questions and justify decisions. Moderating seemed to take a lot of time in technical or refereeing stuff, leaving mods (a lot!) less time for the juicy content posting they used to do. Finally they resign from modding, and then we don't hear much from them, sometimes for a very long time! That makes me sad! So I actually DON'T want Lerner and Zerostao to be mods! So who could moderate? Picking the most level headed, wise, and mature content posters may help the board with moderation, but I think it lowers the level of content posting, and even ends up driving these people away after the board "uses them up." Picking people who like to post a lot but don't seem to add much to content doesn't seem likely to raise either the moderating standard or the content standard... and certainly we don't want folks who tend to be contentious to be mods! If modding the board uses up all the best content posters, what happens when we run out of willing people? Do we need to pay someone to moderate? Of course then we'd all have to pay to play, or at least to post. Does anybody else see this as a problem? Or maybe there's some way to have moderator helpers, a way to take some of the load off the mods. More appreciation would probably help, and maybe even more pressure on pigheaded (sorry, that's the word that keeps coming up for me) folks who can't just surrender to the fact that thetaobums IS a sort of dictatorship, in that we are having a conversation in "Sean's drawing room", not in city hall! It is NOT a democracy. So get over it! I don't have the computer system, tech skills, or the time to help with modding, and frankly, I'd rather post content than try to make decisions about okay vs not okay. But I do really appreciate the time and energy many good mods have put into making TTB the great board that it is, and I'd like to see us find ways to ease the toll the job seems to take on these generous people.
  13. If you want to rotate the moderation... someone has to be willing to do it! If you want it to rotate, then be willing to step up. Yes, some of the "need to rotate" folks have taken a (short?) turn at it. I barely lasted a month. It is a very difficult job. Trying to get new people to volunteer (and stick around) has been very difficult. Any suggestions for solving that part of the "rotate the mods" equation?
  14. I started using these products after watching these video lectures by Dr. Jorge Felchas, MD: Boron: Boron tells calcium where to go in your body, so especially good for teeth, bones, osteoporosis, and arteries. Silica: (I have used diatomaceous earth for this, which is approximately 85% silica, and is MUCH less expensive than commercial silica supplements). Excellent for collagen support (skin, wrinkles, sagging, blood vessels, heart conditions etc.) Dr. Flechas also has YouTube lectures on iodine (he's an internationally recognized expert on this) and on my new favorite supplement, PQQ, which bolsters mitochondria, especially in heart and brain. Mitochondria are the tiny energy turbines in your cells. Encouraging them is a really good idea. Here's Flechas on PQQ: Here's an article from on PQQ:
  15. Demineralized teeth

    Something is remineralizing my teeth, but I'm not sure which new product is doing it. It's either the boron(@ 30 mg per day, 9 months) or the diatomaceous earth, which contains lots of silica as well as other minerals. (One Tablespoon daily in water or food, 4 weeks so far) Or both, of course. I got enthused on these products from watching these two videos by Dr. Jorge Felchas, MD: Boron: Silica: (I have used diatomaceous earth for this, which is approximately 85% silica, and is MUCH less expensive than commercial silica supplements)