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  1. Hello Hello

    Welcome Vernal God This was a pretty good thread that you might find interesting... And this google search will give you a lot more threads in this general topic that you may not have read yet. Maybe you'll get some of them going again...
  2. (-:

    Sweet! Sounds like maybe it DID "knock some sense into you" Just SO glad you're back!
  3. (-:

    Dancing a jig! Hooray Rene!
  4. Breathing comes from his heels?

    Hi wandelaar, Interesting, I hadn't thought about feeling the energy as being internal alchemy, but I guess it is, sort of a baby step. It feels so good, I'd be doing it regardless of whether Chuang Tzu approved... And I'd be willing to wager that, if you ever start to feel that energy rising up from your heels, you will never again question whether that's what Chuang Tzu meant when he wrote that true men breathe from their heels..
  5. Breathing comes from his heels?

    @wandelaar... You can experience this palpable chi yourself... one of the easiest ways I've found is a practice called Tai Chi Ruler. I used the method offered here: There are other versions, many even available free online, but I like this one especially because it activates the 8 extraordinary channels which JoeBlast referred to above. You might enjoy reading some previous DB threads focusing on breathing from the heels: (it's one of my favoritist topics )
  6. Breathing comes from his heels?

    It is not just breathing air... which of course does not make any sense. It is drawing a palpable energy flow up from the heels as you breathe, energizing the whole body. This is easiest to learn, or feel, when you breathe in at the same time, but eventually you can just start and maintain that flow with intention.
  7. *waves*

    Welcome! *waves back* Looking forward to hearing more...
  8. Hello from Madeline

    Welcome Madeline! Glad to see you here...
  9. Probiotic Appreciation Study Group

    Great topic, Daemon! Is the continuous brewing method described somewhere? I am very curious...
  10. Gospel of Thomas

    @Jeff.... and what about the part that the world is not worthy of that one?
  11. Introduction

    Oh, come on, metabee... surely you could tell us a little more! Just throw out a few of your faves... And, oh, yes! Welcome!
  12. Hi from the UK

    Welcome Sultani... Glad you took the plunge...
  13. Blood type and personalty

    Some great posts on blood type and personality in this thread from some time ago... (Taomeow... _Please_ come back... DB is nowhere near as much fun without you! )
  14. Paradoxes in Chapter 41

    Yes, developing an understanding of the TTC that you can actually apply to your life is definitely a challenge.
  15. Paradoxes in Chapter 41

    You may have to immerse yourself in some good TTC commentaries for that...Prof. Ellen Chen's is very good... she brings in the history, the meaning of the words closer to the time they were written... It's inexpensive used on Amazon now... or Kindle, if you do that... Others here may chime in with their favorite commentaries...