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  1. I pm'd you, Hannes, but just so everybody knows, I can't register anybody for this series! If you want to register, I think you can just send your email address to <[email protected]> with a request to be added to Circle of Qi.
  2. This looks really good! Deng Ming-Dao is offering a free six part Zoom series on Qi. Qi (chi, 氣) has been defined as breath, lifeforce, or energy. For anyone interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), healing, meditation, qigong, or Taijiquan, it can take years to understand and cultivate qi. So it’s important to learn from the tradition that was established by healers, martial artists, and meditators over thousands of years. The Circle of Qi is a simple idea: we are in exchange with the world; we circulate energy; and our bodies, minds, spirits, and the cosmos are all linked in a circle of qi. The series will take place biweekly on Thursday evenings. 1. June 24, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT • Introduction • Qi in Taoism, the Yijing, qigong, martial arts practice, meditation practices, Taiji, yin-yang, the Five Phases, and the Eight Trigrams (Bagua) • The traditional definition of Qi • How Qi is used in healing, martial arts, and spiritual practice • Relationship to prana and other traditions 2. July 8, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT • The metaphysical Qi • Qi as energy • Conservation • Recursion and cycles 3. July 22, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT • The Day and Night Circle • The Four Seasons Circle • The Yuan Heng Li Zhen Circle from the Yijing • The Tao Circle 4. August 5, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT • The Taiji Circle • The Yin-yang Circle • The Five Phases Circle • Qi and Emotio • The Eight Trigrams Circle 5. August 19, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT • The Three Treasures Circle • The Microcosmic Circle • The Taijiquan Circle • Relation of step to breath • Lifecycles • Youth, Adulthood, Middle Age, Old Age 6. September 2, 2021, 5:00 PM PDT • Reflections on the centrality of Q • Returning to the breath; Qi and Taoist longevity techniques • Reviewing its goal in practices • Returning ourselves to the cosmos DOWNLOAD THE FLYER TO REGISTER Please register by sending your email address via direct message. ZOOM LINK An email with the Zoom link will be sent to you the day prior to each event. There is no charge to attend. RECORDING The talks will be recorded and a link sent out a day after each event.
  3. For Ralis: This was recorded on a CSpan video "Hot on the heels of the release of thousands of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails which point toward a lab creation of COVID-19, a CSPAN video from 2016 has surfaced, featuring the president of EcoHealth Alliance, a company that received millions of dollars from Fauci’s agency. In the video, Peter Daszak explains how his organization experiments with deadly viruses, and describes how his “colleagues in China” insert spike proteins into viruses. “You create pseudo particles, you insert the spike proteins from those viruses, see if they bind to human cells,” Daszak says in the video. “At each step of this you move closer and closer to this virus could really become pathogenic in people.” EcoHealth Alliance “was one of the primary proxies funneling the money to the Chinese Communist Party lab” in Wuhan, China, according to The National Pulse. “Over a dozen research papers carried out under a $3.7 million National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) grant list the Wuhan Lab’s Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases Director Shi Zhengli as a co-author alongside Daszak. Shi has included these Fauci-backed grants on her resume."
  4. Chyawanprash

    A decade or so ago, I used chayawanprash for a couple years, just a spoonful or so a day. I loved the stuff! Can't remember what benefits there may have been, but I pretty much stopped it because of the high sugar content. I liked the versions made with honey best... Totally yummy.
  5. Dark chocolate question?

    @old3bob Are you eating the specially enriched version? I eat an awful lot of dark chocolate, and don't have bleeding problems. If I did, I would increase nutrients that strengthen blood vessels, especially vitamins C and K. A few other nutrients that could be increasing bleeding tendency would be garlic, fish oil, and vitamin E. But like chocolate, I'd work on strengthening vessels before I'd give up any of those.
  6. Dark chocolate question?

    I'd probably pass on the "specially enriched" and just eat more, lol. Love me some dark chocolate! Funny story. Preparing for lots of possible company for Y2K (remember that?), and thinking chocolate was one of the things we'd be missing the most, I prepared. I bought fifty pounds of Dutch chocolate powder and vacuum-packed all of it up into 2-quart jars. And yes, even giving lots of jars away, I still have a lot left, and still use it regularly. For awhile, I was calling it old chocolate, but now I am referring to it as aged. And 20 years later, it still tastes great. Ah, the many wonders of chocolate.
  7. Dark chocolate question?

    Do you know what the chocolate was "specially enriched" with?
  8. It is known

    Yup. (None of the emojis quite do the job on this one....)
  9. Retro Tech

    Reminds me of the good ole (hard!) times, lol. I lived for five years on a farm with no electricity, no running water, etc. We carried water from the spring and kept the goats' milk in a water race in the basement. After a few years we got a hand pump in the kitchen! And then a few more years, a kerosene fridge! Ice cubes! I felt were like we were recapitulating civilization! I'm soooo grateful for having lived that way for a time... but wouldn't choose to go back to it now...
  10. Black fungus in india

    Nebulizing hydrogen peroxide, diluted iodine, colloidal silver, or hypochlorous acid (NOT hydrochloric acid!) would all be worth a try. Also, drinking SSKI iodine in water on a daily basis. It spreads rapidly though all the fluids in your body and protects the mucous membranes from bacteria, fungus, and viruses.
  11. Thanks, Bhathen! That's a great find. And if you'd rather read than listen, you can go here: I learned a lot!
  12. It is known

    In case there's any lingering question about why the FDA would try to make NAC prescription only, check this out: "NAC reduced ALL Clinical Manifestations and Consequences of influenza." Well, can't be havin' THAT!
  13. Welcome euro! You've jumped right in with a great post about a huge topic! For starters, I'm curious what you practiced to develop this ability, as you wrote "I was not born with this ability however it came quickly, after about a year of regular practice." For myself, my family never talked about feelings/emotions, and for various reasons we learned (by example) not to notice or respond to most of them. It's been a long time learning to recognize them consciously in others, even though I clearly respond to them unconsciously. The biggest thing for me is in allowing (like I have a choice, lol) people to just be where they are and letting their emotions just pass though me like wind, no judgement. Obviously, not always easy, but helps to just recognize where they are, what they're feeling, and let that just be ok. I think getting older has made that easier. I understand your body takes them on way more than mine ever has, and that's tough for sure.
  14. It is known

    NAC is still widely available everywhere but Amazon and Whole Foods. iHerb is a good source, but it's available almost everywhere. This case will go to court for sure.
  15. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    Boron is supposed to be good for the prostate. Check out The Boron Conspiracy online, and have a look at Dr. Jorge Flechas' YouTube on boron. Haven't followed it re candida, but it kills all the baddies. It's cheap and you can DIY.