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  1. I float down the Liffey

    Welcome geniii Thank you for giving us such a fun introduction! Very glad you found us.
  2. 2019: Year of the Earth Pig

    Yes! Thanks to Sean for keeping the DB Banner current with the New Year!
  3. Greetings

    Welcome, Lazgrane Along with Fa Xin, also interested in your "home brew" recipe...ingredients.... and what you've noticed so far from your practice... And you answered those questions while I was typing this! Good that your friends find you "fatter".... you have energetically perceptive friends...
  4. Newcomer

    I did that practice for awhile when I started energy work and got interested in JAJ's healing training. A group of us would get together to practice the tape (back when these were tapes and not DVDs, lol). It was very energizing. Curious what benefits you're noticing...
  5. Newcomer

    Welcome, Jo9 ... It'd be fun to hear a little more about you... should you feel like sharing...
  6. Newcomer, acupuncturist, herbalist

    Hello, HuangDiNeiJing, Welcome! First article in your blog is fascinating... although going from high range for me to over my head, lol I look forward to reading more, both there, and here, where I think you will have a lot to offer. Very glad you joined!
  7. Introduction - Working with patients

    Welcome, chunkstyle! Hopefully someone here can step in and offer advice on this for you. Michael Lomax, aka Yamu, is a member here, and talks about this. You can probably also find advice on this on the Facebook group "Clinical Medical Qigong"... a great bunch of practitioners, and very generous with their experience and advice. Glad you decided to join us Bums!
  8. Skepticism Shook by Sensing Chi in Yoga Nidra

    Hi soory, That first time recognizing chi is quite the rush! And it can be the beginning of a fascinating journey.... Welcome!
  9. New arrival

    Glad you decided to join in, AussieDaoist... Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/observations on the TTC, especially how it brings you peace... Welcome!
  10. enuffing - daoism in ordinary life

    That's a great screen name you got there, excellent reminder... Welcome!
  11. Old lady / new member introducing herself

    Welcome, Nunya... Glad you found your way here... You can connect with a number of avenues for opening up your energetic body here... Try searching the archives... (using Google is often more effective than the site search.) Enjoy the exploration!
  12. Hi Rara, These guys put out some very good vids, and here's a free one on tight hip flexors (and how to strengthen them too)
  13. Chi - how does it feel?

    wandelaar, you might find this thread interesting and/or helpful...
  14. Chi - how does it feel?

    Not sure where you want to go with this, but maybe helpful are the traditional indications of chi movement. Some of the common sensations people report when they feel the chi starting to move in their bodies include: feelings of warmth, extreme heat, electricity, heaviness, lightness, expansion, contraction, pressure, an internal sense of wind or water moving. Sometimes that is simplified down to hydraulic (fluid movement) or electrical (buzzing) feelings in the body. Re: "thought like feelings" you mention above, I can't say a I've ever felt thoughts.. but I have felt a kind of energetic chaos in my head. When you write "like if inside my physical body there is another more subtle body that is in a chaotic state" ...this is exactly it! See if you can track that "subtle body" when you do some simple energy practices... grounding and simple chi exercises can shift that, and you start to be able to notice the changes in that subtle body more.
  15. Pressure Cookers & Protein Powder

    Hey Redcairo..... Not IP, but....How about some keto pancakes made with protein powder? (also eggs, cream cheese, and flour) This recipe needs some tweaks, but SO filling! There's a link on this page to a recipe for the same ingredients made into muffins. Haven't tried that one yet, but intend to.