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  1. Gospel of Thomas

    Comparing the GoT quote and the Romans quote, quickly reminds me why I so much prefer GoT to the Bible... and @ Daemon, in my (very) limited understanding, I imagine that recognizing myself as "The Magnificent Universe" would be leaving my own personal name completely out of it...not there anymore... not hubris so much as transcendence...
  2. Seeking something

    Thank you, Limahong
  3. Pressure Cookers & Protein Powder

    And that protein powder you like the taste of is full of nasty ingredients... including artificial sweeteners... would not eat it! Alas the best-tasting whey powder I've found is no longer made. Dang. It was Show Me the Whey, from a local health food store...
  4. Pressure Cookers & Protein Powder

    Protein powder—check Instant Pot...check But not at all clear why you want to denature protein... just for taste? I was under the impression that denatured protein is to be avoided... I'm loving cooking with the instant pot, but do wonder if pressure cooking is actually healthy, in addition to convenient....
  5. Relationship to food

    Including more healthy fat in my diet has shifted the balance of some of those factors for me... less craving, less need, less intense over food... longer burning fuel...
  6. DDC Chapter 6: 谷神不死是谓玄牝。

    Welcome Eric! You do know how to start things out with a bang! Please do carry on!
  7. Hello everyone

    And you get to read more stuff when you join, too. So, Welcome!
  8. Newbie

    Welcome Tanya! VERY happy to (finally!) see you here!
  9. Hi

    Welcome Tuesday! Glad to see you here!
  10. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 31

    Curious, Marblehead... Maybe you'll say more about the significance of lefthand/righthand position....
  11. Beautiful fellow! A neighbor has six of them! They do know they're gorgeous...
  12. Maybe so, but Sean did not create it with his own hand... Thanks, Sean!
  13. xianxias brought me here

    Welcome, naxius! Looking forward to hearing about your journey.
  14. Scott Meredith

    I haven't worked with him in person (he's on the left coast), but been following his stuff since 2012, when I first read Juice: Radical Taiji Energetics.... I'm not advanced at all, but have learned and felt SO much. There are a few people here who have worked with him in person. Maybe one of them will jump in.. Check out his group MERGE on Facebook... lots of people sharing their experiences... He's got vids on YouTube and Vimeo too..
  15. Scott Meredith

    Everything Scott does is directed at teaching us to feel the energy. So yes, his books and vids are totally in accord. Energy-Centric Tai Chi... (but once you pick it up, you can use that energy for any practice... or just ... living...)