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  1. Looks like there's a whole subforum on it, chapter by chapter in Daoist Textual Studies! Happened while you were gone probably...
  2. Intro

    Welcome home, Home... Pretty sure you're going to be fun to have around... So... glad you finally took the plunge and joined in.
  3. Eyes in esoteric practices

    Spotless had also suggested: "Fully turning head from one side to the other for at least 20 seconds. Moves energy from one eye to the other - this exercises the neck and it exercises certain channels inside the head. It may also work on the U shaped energy conduit in the forward of center brow chakra area of the head. This has a name that escapes me but it is very real and can eventually be felt very clearly." I started doing Spotless' head turning exercise just to lubricate my neck, lol, but found this exercise also produced immediately palpable energy sensations starting in the eyes and center of the head, which then spread throughout the body... Very interesting! Thank you Spotless...Always interested in hearing more about this..
  4. Gospel of Thomas

    So don't be multi tasking on this one.... That works. It really is pretty foundational... get that one, and the world is transformed... But the Taoist language works better for me in this instance...
  5. Gospel of Thomas

    Yes, but, specifically.... two ears?
  6. Gospel of Thomas

    When Fa Xin's question made me really look at the quote, I suddenly thought of the leaven as chi, and how this magical stuff animates the inanimate mineral world, enlivens it, and allows it the possibility of growth... only living things can grow.... But I don't think so much of chi as being easily related as such in "The Father's Kingdom"... so I didn't reply... But Jeff's post nicely frames it in the language of Tao... And now, I'm curious, Mark's question: Why two ears?
  7. Get plenty of exercise, preferably outside, and give up sugar and caffeine (well, cut them way down). Do some googling on the neurotransmitter GABA, which decreases anxiety. Your body makes it, but it may not make enough, or you just need more... You can take it as a pill (health food store), or concentrate on eating foods high in GABA, which you can find on the web. I have read there are some foods that inhibit GABA production, but when I tracked that source down, some of those foods were also on lists of high GABA foods. So, if that path calls you, consult Dr. Google. Definitely check out Gerard's link above, and consider giving Chinese medicine a try. Work with an acupuncturist who also specializes in herbs..... that stuff works! Good luck!
  8. Former Member with New Account

    Welcome Sol! Looking forward to hearing from you two new 'Old Guys'
  9. Becoming a professional healer

    Hello... Becoming a healer can take many years and a whole lot of work before you become effective enough to attract enough patients to support yourself. If you are really good, word gets around. Of course, if you're not, word gets around too, lol. There are a couple paths I can recommend. One is to get trained as a physical therapist, a nurse, or a massage therapist. If you have some kind of degree (at least in the US), you can get a license that lets you lay hands on people legally... and that's a start. Acupuncture is another possibility, if you have enough money to do that training... and it is more energetically oriented, so might give you a better start toward becoming a true healer... Alternatively, you can develop any other skill you have that will support you, do your energy/healing practice faithfully on the side, and then use that job/skill to support yourself through the long term training, study, and travel that will probably be required to develop your healing skills. Good luck!
  10. Required intro

    Welcome, Like Water. (Great screen name!)
  11. My pleasure to join

    Welcome Baby Lion! I'm glad you found us, and look forward to your joining in the TTC discussions. There are a LOT of them! A veritable goldmine! Enjoy
  12. Hey!

    I think heresy is pretty welcome here.. or at least accepted... as long as you don't start inflicting it on others... So... Welcome! Looking forward to hearing more from you...
  13. first introduction

    Welcome Daolander1! Looking forward to hearing more from you
  14. Juicing

    The old naturopaths drew a strong distinction between "juice" and pulverized food. For addressing serious illnesses (detox or cleansing), they were totally on the side of just juice– no fiber included. And for juice, I do tend to agree that the low speed cold pressing juicers would be better than the old Champions. But if you're just trying to add more vegetables into your diet, then no problem with blenderized food (vitamix style)....
  15. Yes, Marblehead... Dutch has been waiting for that EQ for awhile. His predictions and methodology are really impressive. He totally shares his methodology in making the predictions, so readers can do it themselves...Sort of. He's an incredible tech geek with his graphics... Takes awhile to really follow him, but when you do.. AMAZING! Last night he was repeating his warning that New Zealand had to have a corrective EQ, and then it actually happened while he was talking about it! Here's the latest on YouTube: