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  1. I haven't worked with him in person (he's on the left coast), but been following his stuff since 2012, when I first read Juice: Radical Taiji Energetics.... I'm not advanced at all, but have learned and felt SO much. There are a few people here who have worked with him in person. Maybe one of them will jump in.. Check out his group MERGE on Facebook... lots of people sharing their experiences... He's got vids on YouTube and Vimeo too..
  2. Everything Scott does is directed at teaching us to feel the energy. So yes, his books and vids are totally in accord. Energy-Centric Tai Chi... (but once you pick it up, you can use that energy for any practice... or just ... living...)
  3. This is one of the DDJ Chapters that originally drew me into the DDJ... through Waysun Liao's translation in Nine Nights with the Taoist Master... He comments on it as the importance of maintaining the connection to Dao or source (the heavy baggage, or, better, the supply train), taking care not to be distracted by changing external circumstances... I love this chapter!
  4. Hello the elchemist... Nice to meet you... Care to tell us a bit more about yourself, and what interests you in DB? (Love to hear that stuff )
  5. Do some research on circadian rhythms, and how they are related to the amount and timing of light (and exercise) you get. Try getting outside into bright light as early in the day as you can manage. This can help reset the rhythm. Light therapy can help, that is getting an artificial light that gives you the necessary wavelengths at the right time. Seem to remember something called a Go Light, not necessary to get that device, but read what they say about influence of using the light at different times of the day. They had a questionnaire to determine how your rhythm was disturbed, and then told you when to get the light to optimally reset it. Good you've noticed this and that you're wanting to change it... Good luck!
  6. Take a deep breath. Drink thirty two tiny swallows of water without taking a breath. Works every time. (Very impressed CT only needs SEVEN! )
  7. Hello Qi is Me... Curious about what you've been practicing for twenty years...
  8. Yes, his huge textbooks are amazing.... and all 25% off for the three day sale.... I have a number of them, but can't say I actually use them much, alas. Still, they're really hard to resist...
  9. Hey y'all, Don't know how Mo Pai got in a topic about JAJ and Redwing Books. Please take it elsewhere. Thanks.
  10. For those of us curious to read JAJ's voluminous (and expensive) autobiography, Redwing Books' 2017 Black Friday sale looks like a chance to get it at $30. This is less than half the price at Amazon. That might tempt some of us... (Check out the TOC at Amazon— it's all over the map!) If you don't know Redwing Books, do have a look. They carry a gazillion books of interest to DB types. Both eastern and western healing modalities, Oriental and ayurvedic medicine, qigong, sexual energetics, sustainability, veterinary arts— you name it.... This is a GREAT resource. ALL their books will be 25% off for this 3 day sale. PS. Coupon code for the sale is BlackFriday2017
  11. Welcome truli zhen! (I love your screen name, but auto ed has a hard time with it!) Looking forward to reading your posts...
  12. Hey CloudHands, I've studied the health effects of light quite a bit, and that article from the Daily Mail is an excellent summary of the most important facts and precautions. Thank you!
  13. New research exposes how biophotons may be responsible for the transmission of adverse effects of radiation between individuals, and illuminates how the fabric of human consciousness may be based in light. The first part of this article is kind of sobering, but maybe just concentrate on the later part, talking about biophoton research and discoveries, which is where light-based human consciousness is discussed. You can scroll down to The Bystander Effect: Biophotons as a Central Player
  14. Rickie, probably not what you are asking about, but this might interest you. It has been truly life-changing for a number of men around here.
  15. Welcome, Brigid. Very glad your feet alighted here.