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  1. Rickie, probably not what you are asking about, but this might interest you. It has been truly life-changing for a number of men around here.
  2. Welcome, Brigid. Very glad your feet alighted here.
  3. Something about the North Star and the Big Dipper? I thought you were going to TELL us, CloudHands...
  4. Hey jojomihijo, Don't do zhinneng qigong, but sure do like your screen name! So welcome!
  5. Gerard, thank you for these posts. I recently took an online course teaching how to apply Chinese understanding to massage therapy. (That's not a very good description of this excellent course). Studying the organ systems and five element theory was a real eye-opener! It was huge for helping me see what I needed to do in my own life to improve long standing tendencies. I had no idea they were all connected like that! Even after this illuminating course, it is still too easy to fall back into old habits and forget, so I especially appreciate your taking this up. I hope you will continue in this vein. Very helpful!
  6. Well, while I hesitate to mention his name , Mantak Chia has some interesting stuff about chi, the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands, cerebrospinal fluid, as well as how to activate them. The book, Craniosacral Chi Kung looks interesting. And at least the co-author is a craniosacral therapist, lol.... Some interesting hints about where the book goes here: Then there's JAJ's books on Daoist alchemy, where he describes the nine chambers of the brain and how to activate them....unfortunatley a very long and involved process... and the chambers he describes are more energy centers than the actual physical glands...
  7. Catholicism!!! ????
  8. And, Rene, maybe you also felt the heart energy pouring out through us! LOL Anyway, very happy you dropped by. The writings on the site have never drawn me much, with a few notable exceptions, and I almost missed the gold because they did not draw me... The energy work is a whole different story. But I do appreciate your checking it out!
  9. We just did a dive (group energy meditation, I guess we could call it) over at LU slack... I had a bit of steam built up from reading this morning's posts here... but still able to be mostly amused at the kafuffle... But what really struck me was having the experience of showering energy pouring down from above, a continuous blessing flowing down through my body... just an amazing space... And then coming back over here and reading what some people think the "light practices" involve, and how dangerous they are.... Of course YMMV... but, still.... does not compute.
  10. Well, from my POV, this thread has been WAY more interesting than most of the other threads currently getting traction on DB, and I have enjoyed ALL the comments tremendously. (Although I do admit to some surprise at all the attention this OP has attracted...) Please do carry on!
  11. Hard core, Rene! I lived for years without electricity, but we had a wood stove and buckets. So we fetched water and heated it with wood...But that still sounds like a piece of cake compared to living in town without electricity or heat! then again, in town there's always Starbucks...
  12. @king... So maybe you could say something interesting about this interesting topic to bring it back on track....
  13. Hey Dwai, Thanks for suggesting Zahler's Inflame-X. It arrived yesterday, and I am already VERY impressed. I've tried everything in the ingredients at one time or another (except the yucca... yucca?!... well, and the willow bark...), but there does seem to be something about the combination. Got up this morning and actually wanted to DO stuff! No waiting for the caffeine and movement to get me going... Maybe I'll try the moringa after this runs out...
  14. This TEDx on youtube is actually pretty encouraging in terms of being able to heal your brain... and also, fascinating!