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  1. Microwave bad effect on food qi ?

    Read this and then throw out the microwave
  2. Just keep doing your practices. If it's chi, the sensations will get stronger and more pervasive. Fun stuff!
  3. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    Ha! Found it! Here you go...
  4. Free Robert Peng Webinar, March 31

    It was good. I enjoyed it and picked up some new stuff that I will definitely use. Sounded like the vid will be posted somewhere... Thanks t the OP for posting...
  5. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    Yes, it does activate chi in the whole body, not just in the hands. although you may feel them first. The rocking back and forth motion in this version of the ruler practice activates the heel channels (some of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels), which carry chi up the body, and the belt channel, which distributes the chi horizontally (another of the EEVs). Here are links to some old threads on this, many questions answered
  6. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    Some say, and I have experienced, that Tai Chi Ruler practice is the easiest way to learn to feel chi. Best source for me was Masterworks International's DVD, which claims to activate the eight extraordinary channels. If you search, there are threads on it here on the Bums. Here's the DVD: You can do it empty handed, but I recommend getting a ruler. These people make my favorite.
  7. This lecture by Dr. Klinghardt is amazing. Lots of info here! Highly recommended.
  8. Deadly Viruses are no match for plain old soap. The article includes the science behind the claim. Probably way more than you want to know about it, but an interesting read as far as you get. Hooray for SOAP!
  9. Weather Magick

    Ilum, if you do more reading on research done by specialized MDs in this area (Broda Barnes MD, David Brownstein MD, Guy Abraham MD, Jorge Flechas MD for starters), you may find yourself agreeing with SJ on this issue. Or not. But you're not going to get the in-depth understanding from WebMD and the like.
  10. The perfect weapon

    I've been doing it for years, supplementing thyroid as well, as just iodine and some other supplements brought my thyroid levels up, but not enough. I get tested every year for blood levels (not of iodine, it's not an available test, but thyroid function reflects it). After 25 years, I finally had to go to an actual doctor for my hip, and she gave her blessing to my self-management of thyroid issues. I take so many supplements, it's honestly hard to say exactly what does what... but I started taking iodine when I realized my thyroid function was really low. If I neglect the iodine (it happens, lol) eventually my temperature drops and I need more thyroid... as well as to reinstitute the iodine intake. The 3 major pluses from my POV are weight, immunity, and fibroids. There are many others. Here's an excellent lay-oriented article on the uses of iodine by Dr. Jonathan Wright, MD, one of the first MDs to put forward the uses of iodine. An earlier version of this article was what turned me on to iodine originally. It's worth a read. (This article was written before direct oral supplementation of iodine became a thing. For more info on that you need to read Dr. Brownstein and/or Dr. Flechas. Many MDs recommend it now. And many don't. Again, your pick)
  11. The perfect weapon

    Just have to pick who you're gonna believe and go with it, see if it helps you. No problem. Taking lots more iodine has helped a number of people I know personally, Including myself . Whatever works for you.
  12. The perfect weapon

    Sorry, you're right. 12 milligrams of iodine. (Corrected the post above) Reference Iodoral, iodine supplement. Iodoral iodine supplement: Optimox › iodoral Iodoral® is a tablet form of Lugol solution. One 12.5 mg tablet of Iodoral® supplies an amount of total elemental iodine comparable to the average daily intake of this essential element by mainland Japanese.* General Information. Iodine is an essential element. If you're interested, do some more research. Or not. S'okay.
  13. The perfect weapon

    Ilum People in Japan average 12 milligrams of iodine a day. They are the longest lived country. We in American get less than 1 milligram a day and are lots sicker. That doesn't mean iodine is responsible for it all, but it probably means increasing iodine well over the meager amount in our average diet, will not be detrimental. One thing that can happen when you supplement iodine, is that it can boot out the bromine toxin out of our cells, and that can cause unpleasant detox symptoms, which people mistakenly blame on the iodine consumed. You want to get rid of the toxic bromine, but not so fast that the released bromine makes you miserable. So if you decide to increase iodine, it's wise to take it slow. Eating more seaweed and ocean fish is a good way to start. That also supplies lots of trace minerals, and probably more closely duplicates the Japanese experience than taking a straight iodine supplement. I do both.
  14. The perfect weapon

    Hi Ilum, The NC medical board reviews every doc that doesn't follow "standard of practice". Meaning no one can treat outside the known, accepted box. They tried and almost succeeded in getting rid of homeopathy, for one. They tried to crucify another doc for doing chelation therapy. And failed. If Flechas did something bad, he could not still be practicing here. And he is. Believe what you want.