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  1. I only have time to listen to one at a time, lol. But I speed up his speech by 25%, which does help. Haven't started taking notes yet! I love the way he doesn't buy into any of the spiritual traditions as a religion, but uses the Bible and other scriptures to explain the energetic/brain stuff I'm curently into... totally about energy and spirit, not about "religion". DK if any of it is "true", but finding it tremendously helpful energetically.
  2. Thanks, lifeforce! Learning to speed-listen to these long vids, lol... I appreciate your pointing out the most interesting ones... there are so many!
  3. Leading Qi to the teeth

    Maybe it came from all that Taiji Ruler I was doing a few years ago. Had to give it up as my hip deteriorated, which would not indicate high kidney qi, alas... Not doing physical practice these days, but really enjoying the Niwan-derived practices that are blossoming lately... Maybe all this focusing on the centre of my head?
  4. Leading Qi to the teeth

    My last dental X-ray had something odd in it... the dentist confirmed that I was regrowing a wisdom tooth! It was extracted decades ago, and was not there 5 years ago. Alas it was not intentional (woulda done it on the other side first, ), so I can't tell you how my body did it, lol. Seemed REALLY weird to me, but the dentist says it happens relatively often... So it is possible... Have read that the old masters would replace their teeth as they wore out. I always filed that under myth, but... who knows?
  5. Salutations

    Hi newbie seeking knowledge Welcome to the Bums! You don't need to worry so much about being offensive... you are a loooonnnng way from having problem with that. Maybe if you talk more about why you are interested in meditation, what you are looking for, it will be easier for you to get responses to your request for guidance...
  6. Hello

    Welcome Jesse... Jump into some of the conversations that bought you here... and feel free to start some of your own to let people know how they might be of help...
  7. New here -excited

    Welcome Chrissy This forum is a great vehicle for expanding the conversation about almost any even vaguely related subject... which can be a real boon when you haven't found too many people into this stuff locally. Very glad you found us...
  8. Klonk ...

    Welcome Sea Turtle This is generally a pretty friendly place, and I, for one, am very happy to see you here, and hope you will soon feel comfortable joining the conversations that drew you here. And hopefully some of the conversations that drew me here as well
  9. Thanks to lifeforce, I have gotten intrigued with Bill Donahue's stuff, especially on the pineal gland. His vids are kind of long, but I did like this one: It's not specifically on rejuvenation of the pineal, but an understanding of what the pineal does, and how ancient scriptures seem to be telling us about it in very coded language... which Donahue claims to be deciphering. He actually makes a pretty good (loose, lol) case for his interpretation, and ties it all together nicely, if, again, loosely. What interests me even more than his theories is that, since I started listening to his pineal lectures, I'm getting lots more pineal activation myself! (Of course lots of other stuff is going on now too, but it does seem to coincide with listening to this guy's theories. Energy follows focus, after all. Curious if any other DBs are interested in this stuff, especially from Donahue's perspective...or anybody else's
  10. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Ekstasis! This is my favorite virtual place too... glad you found us!
  11. Yep, that's the guy... I could immediately feel the energetics of what he recommends, but can't say it fixed my life But, like I said, it's fun.
  12. What I think I understood from the article –correct me if you find otherwise – is that the more brain sand/calcification, the less melatonin is produced. And melatonin is profoundly protective of the brain. Also, the composition of the brain sand may alter its effects... These days there's a lot of unnatural fluoride (meaning not what plants would pick up from healthy soil)... this and other toxins were probably not a major component before modern times. Because the pineal lies outside the blood-brain barrier, all these toxins have access.
  13. Those who aren't convinced that pineal calcification is something to be avoided probably didn't read Bindi's original post here. It's pretty long and technical, so I understand, but maybe at least check out this section: 3. Pineal Gland Calcification (PGC), Melatonin Production, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Aging. "Large amounts of evidence, however, also suggest that the pineal calcification was indeed associated with human pathological disorders and aging. Decades ago several studies pointed out the relationship between the pineal calcification and schizophrenia [73,166,167,168]. The highest pineal calcium content was detected in the pineal gland of patients who died of renal disease associated with hypertension among other diseases [169]. Currently, additional studies have reported the strong association of PGC and neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer’s disease [170]. This association is connected with the melatonin levels synthesized by this gland. It is well established that melatonin is a neuroprotector with its potent antioxidant function and anti-inflammatory activity" It goes on.
  14. That's quite a resource! Thank you Drew!
  15. I think Drew is referring to that vid lifeforce posted above, The fellow had a stroke and lost the ability to speak... but then retrained himself through force of will... commanding his brain...and now speaks well... truly inspiring And I enjoyed the bit in the beginning about the pineal gland and religions... I loved Bill Donahue's quote: "I had to abandon religions to find God..."