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  1. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    Sorry about your broken nose. However, I wasn't planning to use it for that purpose. But it's good to know anyway, thanks!
  2. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    I guess it is not so easy to find the right qigong. Walking and meditating definitely are two very worthwhile undertakings. Thanks, I wish you also the best of luck. If I manage to gain some benefits (may take some time though), I will get back to you.
  3. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    Thanks for the info! I looked at the udemy course trailer and I was not really sure about it. The 3 instructors seemed nice enough but I could not figure out how they had learned lcupcd in order to be able to teach it. So, instead I went ahead and bought the dvd from Luke Chan (Chi-Lel). I probably could have also just used the available youtube videos, but I first wanted a bit of instruction before relying on youtube.
  4. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    Well, I think in Fragrant Qigong you are not really expected to feel anything immediately. Maybe after some time you will able to smell fragrances during the practice, but I don't think all do (I certainly didn't). In fact during practice you should keep your mind otherwise occupied and not concentrate on the movements or any negative thoughts (or if you are ill you should not think about your illness). If I remember correctly, if you do not feel any benefits after 3 months, then you should look for another qigong. I gave it more than 5 months and now I think it is time to move on for me.
  5. Zhineng Qigong Level 1 question

    Thanks, interesting. I will have to read more about it for sure.
  6. Dear all, after having practised Fragrant Qigong for more than 5 months without even skipping a day, I have decided to stop as I did not feel any benefits (at least none that were tangible for me).As easy as it was, I was also getting a bit tired of the restrictions with this qigong. I would like to practice/learn Zhineng qigong, starting of course with Level 1. I see that there are 4 forms included in level 1. My questions: 1. Do I have to do all 4 forms each time? Or can I also only do 1 form (or 2 or 3), time-depending? 2. How long does each fo the 4 forms take to do? Any other tips are always greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robert
  7. releasing the diaghragm

    My back is fine. But you are right, it might be an emotional tension.
  8. releasing the diaghragm

    Thanks for your advice, much appreciated! I don't think it's a tear since I have been last year to a chiropractor as well as an osteopath, and I think they would have said something about a tear. Yes, breathing exercises are probably the way to go.
  9. releasing the diaghragm

    Hi! Some months ago I had a normal cold and on several occasions I had to sneeze very hard, where I got a sudden pain in the diaphragm area. Each time it took around 3-4 days for the pain tu subside. But since then my diapraghm/stomach area is under tension. I have trouble breathing. In fact, I have developed shortness of breath 24/7 and also airway/acid reflux (which I never had before). I am sure my symptoms are all connected to a contorted diaphragm. I went to two different osteopath/chiropracters and they both confirmed that my diaphragm/stomach area are contorted. In fact they said that the stomach was completed twisted. They did some treatment but it hasn't resolved it. I think after a short period period after the treatments the the whole stomach got stuck again. Although I have to say that after the treatments I did not feel much better, so I don't know how much they were able to release the diaphragm from the tension. Does anybody know of any self-treatment I could try to release my diaphragm? The whole shortness of breath/airway reflux is ruining my life, but I don't know how to go ahead and solve this. I looked at some Youtube videos for releasing the diaphragm, but they did not seem to work for me. Thanks, any suggestion would be appreciated!
  10. Flying Phoenix or Blossoms in the Spring?

    Hi Tao stillness, I was interested in learning Pangu Mystical Qigong., as I have a slight health problem at the moment. Could you please tell me if I can learn this qigong by just following the book "Pangu Mystical Qigong" or do I need some sort of initiation first in order for it to work? In other words, could I just learn this simple qigong on my own? Thanks
  11. New practioner

    Thanks Sean!
  12. New practioner

    Hello, I am pretty much new to chi kung. Some months ago i purchased the first 3 Dvd volumes of Chi kung for Health (Flying Phoenix). I had started practicing this March for a week, but then as summer came around, I for some reason stopped (time constraints mostly). However, now I feel ready to start again and have discovered that there is apparently a thread just on this topic here! But how do I access it? Thanks, looking forward to practice! Rob