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  1. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    I find it unsettling how everyone Talks about vaccines, and that there ones are being developed, but at the same new mutation vectors are induced as it all is tested in animals before.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Gonna drive home soon and the radio will blast:
  3. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Yay ... normally i see that site only from anon linked at facebook, and most of the free written articles are trash ... But still that one is passable, as it has key points ... 1. there is no vaccine for corona type Virus 2. there is nothing else As i said somewhere before, its hard as fuck to find some Viable attack point for a Test for Covid at all, and even harder to find a Vaccine That Virus is known for around 4 Months now... we have normal infectious illnesses that are quite well researched where no vaccine is found up today. But there is one point in that article that is quite interesting: They tested it on monkeys ... yay second vector ... possible mutation ... and here we have the Problem, why a Vaccine is nearly impossible, every single person thats spreads it may promt a mutation, so that any found Vaccine and or developed immunity will get weakened or unusable Wait ... what did i want to say?? Anyways as i have a little knowledge in this field feel free to ask me some things Edit: Fun Fact: Most Vaccines that dont lead to immunity are equine antibodys ... so to say they infect a horse and extract the antibodies to inject them for vaccination
  4. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    So i will only speak of Germany here, as i cannot comment on other countries: It will not work here, because: 1. the last 12 Years that i work now in the medical field (Oo never knew its been that long now) nothing was done to get hospitals hospitable 2. Hospitals are completely understaffed, atm 1 nurse goes per around 10 patients ... ok 3 in ITC (also physicians have to take sometimes amphetamins to stay awake) 3. Things that could slow down the curve have been done approx. 30 days too late (they are in effect as of today) 4. Youngsters are egoistic and go out even thought they are not supposed to, they meet up to so called "Corona Party┬┤s" 5. People have next to no knowledge what they are supposed to do, and why that is 6. Most information sources are to pay for, and most people wont use them 7. Technical equipment rather gets sold to other countries instead of being used here (source ... i develop them) 8. most physician have specialisatiion in ways that make money (cardiology, radiology etc.) but wont help people 9. most people are egoistic dimwits ... i saw People buy a whole cart full of toilet paper without any reason at all, only to buy as much as possible .. that list can be furthered nearly infinitely Only seeiing what i can see for Germany i am on rides side, let it be over, since all politicians are yeah dimwits with no knowledge in what they do. looking at our parliament its like giving a group of blind and deaf people a flying licence for passenger planes and setting them on the steering on a fully loaded one.
  5. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Ahem ... no ? Flu shot is recommended because flu mutates fast enough, that you have around 4 to 6 new different strains every year. If you speak about immunity wearing off, you have more or less to talk in 10 Year timespans, the only problem is the kind of vaccine, as there are ones which build up something like perpetual immunity and these that give short term immunity. The problem with the perpetual ones is, that you actually have to get infected... also mrsa has nothing to do with vaccines .... Anyways, what started as a good point from you is starting to deteroriate
  6. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    You know, the sad thing is purely from the medical POV @rideforever is right. Also as mentioned before, the Lockdown as it is intended would only begin to show signs of working in around 14 Days, so you can at least expect exponential growth for the next 14 days.
  7. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Hmm, and why is that so? If i look at Germany ... sadly it looks like he writes the truth ... as the health system is so broken, that it hardly can cope with the normal occuring sicknesses, not to speak with something on pandemic level. And sadly or Politicians are total jackasses that don┬┤t know anything about what they do, seeing as our health ministrys head is an idiot that has no competence in this regard as he learned at a bank. As for toilet paper ... luckily i have a sink directly beside the toilet. And looking at Taiwan @rideforever has some point, as they learned with SARS and now are putting it to practice, and they are besides Japan the countries that afaik coped best with the Virus up to date.
  8. a thought on the title: why should gvnmt hate enlightened people? I mean truly enlightened ones mostly likely don┬┤t care for the mundane
  9. Just a grain of salt ... @Heartbreak if you really were unto the true dark forces ... do you think they would let you roam free? ... wait ... if i were one i would do this ... but i would give you a weapon and a list of potential dark sorcerers ... hmm how do you correlate to blades? as for the list ... anyone else some ideas?... my name can be put on it but somewhere on the end pls i like to be the last sarcasm off: Pls look into the story with the little girl that cried wolf... and as far as going for spiritual practice lineage plays a big role ... but even tough Earls reading concerning self initiation is somehow conclusive, as the question itself is open for interpretation, i believe there is a way, but it has to be paved with patience, step by step. Not following the instructions of books, but using them as reference for self contemplation. Then again im not seeing myself as initiated or self initiated, but as a seeker of a viable path. A wooden hut build on muddy ground will fall for sure
  10. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    And thus you are making someone the fool ... someone once said, "people tend to become what others or they themselves call them", and thats why i try not to shave ANyways there was no offense meant, i was just stating what i watched i Mean im an obnoxious "not knower" as well, as i jumped onto the bandwagon and commented on it
  11. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    For the whole discussion ... that is truly eye opening ... also sorry to say, @Earl Grey please read what you cited, in the eyes of the external watcher going by this citation you are also belonging to the "not knowing" ... no offense Also purely from the biological point ride is right, how it was handled the last two weeks they may have very well let it go without any measures at all. The main problem is the incubation time, the rise you see now are the people infected 2 weeks ago, as there are only true consequences by govmnt the approx. last 4 days, so you will not see a change in infection rate in the next 2 Weeks. WHich will promt gvmnt to go to more extreme measures, which is the true unsettling thing
  12. The perfect weapon

    Going by PCR Standard, after a certain amount of cycles you will everytime measure something, because of heat induced recombination of the DNA and or statistically random binding of the Primer, as well as the partial damage to the reagents. And 38 Cycles is a hight number, normally you would beginn to see if one is positive at around 10 cycles. The Problem with PCR is more to find a Primer that works in 90% of the cases, which is really hard (had to do that with several illness tests and most of the time you don┬┤t get something at all) Also Viral DNA is tricky in most cases, as it is a mixture of RNA and DNA, that is most likely only stable in a cell or the Virus in itself. If you crack it open (heat or reagents) it may very well denature and become unusable. Also you have to get a Virus particle into the test which is statistically hard as pcr mostly only accepts amounts of around 0.5 -1 ┬Ál of sample (which explains the bouncing) This is why most tests don┬┤t search for VIral DNA as it is nearly impossible to get a good reading. the most secure Way is to screen for antibodies, which is still in developement. And this is why atm the most secure way to see anything is CT of the Lungs. Edit: Also most Painkillers /Anti inflammatory drugs need a healthy gastrointestinal tract, as they are quite aggressive in combination with stomach acid, even for a healthy person there are sometimes problems. But seeing as Covid also attacks the stomach, and intestines, the logic dictates, that such medicines will magnify the problems and may give the virus a way to attack the cells in the stomach
  13. The perfect weapon

    As there are 2 Strains ( at least two known) you can very well get a reinfection just that it is another strain, much like the flu
  14. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Just be sure that the alcohol content is higher than 60% but lower than 85% otherwise it will do next to nothing
  15. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    At least they are far more farsighted than Germany .... 4 Weeks more strict regulations nothing else, and the ignorant youths are celebrating corona party┬┤s ... their sight is far too short