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  1. Video Predicting too much this year

    Hmm interesting the isochronic tones and the heartbeat in the first video seem to be trying to introduce trance ... Also i think its more of a symbol, look at their site, at least officially they set it to the actions that happened in the timeframe whilst the movie was made, so it is more likely that the actual happenings you see in it are more of a repeating history.
  2. The Type of meditation you want to do depends on your need. And that is exactly right. it depends on the mindset you have while doing some things and letting go whilst doing so. For example, the best way i can meditate is with a blade in hand and a whetstone in front of me. Also my way to work while walking in the right mindset gets close to a good meditation.... Well as i said, i believe the right mindset is all you need.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Well the full version of the album the following snippet is from, but it is by far the best song ...
  4. Climate Change

    ... as far as my chemical expertise goes, pollution is the cause of lower pH which in return kills corals. water takes up CO2 which is part of our extensive generated pollution. Water absorbs CO2 because of the higher partial pressure. This in return binds ions, which lowers the pH of the Water. Funny thing is it directly binds CO2 which counteracts warming, but at the same it would be less severe if there was no warming, as the partial pressure is dependant on temperature. But what kills the corals is sadly not the lower pH or temperature which are the numbers you can measure, but the due to the CO2 bound Ions, that are missing. So in a sense we are both right. i gave only examples where humans changed the balance of nature, Dubai is the prime example, a "green" city in the desert and new islands that were not rised by nature. as for the fish there is no clear cut explanation, some say it wanderd, others said aquarists brought it over, but clear is it needed some niche to wander, so somehow or other all factors played a role here (fishing, pollution etc.) Also there is no clear cut term for pollution, more CO2 in water can also count and that came up massively in the last 100 years and became truly apparent in around the last 50 years
  5. Climate Change

    That statement is not different from what i said, just that it is sugarcoated, as i said, the changes in nature may make her to find us bothersome, so well we will die out in one way or another if we don´t do something. But going by biodiversity, the main factor you mentioned, is still humankinds exploits of nature. Going by the mediterran it would be overfishing, and pollution. Going by the ncbi article climate change is "only" 4th place, main places are habitat degradation ( caused by different factors) exploitation and pollution. Nature could most likely cope with 1°C increase in temperature. But it can not cope with it if the areas are polluted and destroyed by tourism etc... Nature is in normal cases self regulating but only up to the point where humans destroy the regulating factors. Warming up the water would be ok, but not with a broken balance, where idiotic humans introduce steadily factors that further destroy the balance. For example ... Dubai (ok thats not mediterran) in its whole, the lion headed fish, tourists that kill coral reefs for wathever reason, fishing like there is no tomorrow, cruise ships ... and that list can be lengthened indefinitly ... TL;DR, Not the climate change is the Problem but human introduced factors that change/destroy the balance of nature
  6. Climate Change

    I know im somewhat halfway into this post an did not read it completely.... but why the Hell do all talk about climate change as the main point? I mean Yeah the climate is changing, but it is changing all the time ... historically seen we are in an ice age, and 80% of the earths history there was no frozen polar cap, so maybe climate just goes back to warm time or normal time... But what the problem at hand is, is that we are fastening that process, we can by no means stop it, even if we cling to that notion that it may be possible. What we can do is slowing that process down, so that we may survive a little bit longer. But inevitably it will get warmer, and the climate will change. But what we have to do is to clean the environment and stop the industrially made destruction, so that even with the changing climate, we can find a way to accomodate our existence, because nature will every time find a way to survive, but through our actions, nature may find mankind as bothersome.
  7. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    You are not gonna set martial arts as the same as forging? ... i Forged things ... and if you do it right, it is every time the same procedure ... matial arts is not, as it differs for every human, day, mindset, etc. ... you can not even try to set everyone as the same, that would be insane ... therefore interesting ... but it does not take you onto the way, even worse, it leads you astray ... anyhow, i´m not gonna argue with you about this as it is the way you have choosen ... and consistency is to even walk wooden ways to the end i am not confused ... just insane ... what i mention consistently btw., but going by what i and you again quoted it very much says what you deny ... so no arguing on that look at the whole sentence ... not one point out of it ... i am de facto not native in english, so some phrases do not have to be right ... and advertising does not mean that you need to sell something, you in fact advertise for your FAQ which btw. is not a FAQ... reading this thing ... even for me it seems weird and belive me i have seen weird shit... lets say if i am not knowledgeable and reading it i would make a detour of at least a 100 miles around a mopai practitioner What i am much more interested in is your stance on the other things i mentioned ...
  8. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    Is written in the Faq so yes it does say what i mentioned although not this extreme, which was more or less interpreted out of the stances that is taken in the rest of the faq Also for the levels ... sorry but it reads like a Wuxia novel ... From my knowledge, going by the levels you mention, to begin your training you would have to have a completely open body and system which you reach after years of correct Standing training in connection to yiquan or bagua. For a complete novice that begins this training just from my knowledge it would be devastating to his meridian system, at least the second step just going by logic it may bring the feeling of power, but at the same one wrong step and your energy system is crippled... i mean yeah i like the lets call it in Wuxia terms "body forging" system and the ideas behind it ... but just simulating the levels you mention in my mind gives you at least 60% chance to cripple your self in one of these "levels" You power up your LDT as much as possible, then you compress it which gives rise to pressure (here lies the first problem you never really strengthened the rest of your body at least by your description) ok then you practically break your meridians as they are part of the "cords" that hold the LDT and then you send your LDT through the broken meridians Oo ... sounds convincing ... and im by no means someone that sees himself as knowledgeable but for me it sounds insane ... what may be what i would do if i had the idea myself, but i did not so nope Only going by what is written over Mopai the stages i would have expected are different ... and to stay by the novels here you go (you can add undercategories to get to 72 if you like): 1. Well lets call it body forging ... train your body till it is healthy and all is connected 2 SOmething like whole body as one ... begin finding yor LDT 3. Yang Qi Bliss or so ... here add your first stage 4. Core building ... compressing the LDT 5. Core shattering ... the point in which you may cripple yourself 6. Dual Cores ... that ying yang unity thingie 7. HTF do you get from the LDT to the Arms without going through the MDT without completely burning/destroying your meridians? . . . . 72. Golden Mopai PS.: You got the sarcasm in the former text because of your Answer that is completely on an defensive and took it as my intention to attack you ... as i just stated some concerns which i see in your advertising and advising PPS: You still did not answer my question about why there is a need for levels? i mean yeah you can differentiate many things into stages, but levels say something yeah ... you are on track but your way is off ... lets just quote the dao de jing: "The dao which can be named is not the true dao"
  9. Please submit your questions for the Mo Pai FAQ

    Well then a Question from one who has never really heard or read about Mopai ... Why is Mopai differentiated in Levels and what do these represent ? ... Srsly, Levels make it seem like a game or Westernisation ... its like Karate or Aikido ... you only really have one level which says: " I understand the basics and am still learning" but to get Fools hooked they say differentiate it into levels, and make examinations on that... also in the presence of other Inner martial arts it seems weird, as you have the oh so often described stages of internal cleansing and inner connection of the body, which makes levels feel obsolete, also levels make one overly arrogant as you can brag "yeah i reached that level i can finish you in seconds", which is never a good thing in any martial art Edit: I understand you want to see which stage you are in, but does it matter? Everyone has his own way and if he can only be brought to cultivate by separating it into levels he should study something else. ... Also you call this Forum in your Faq as full of fools, idiots and misinformation, sorry that makes your seeking for Questions for a FAQ seem like a mummers fart
  10. Climate Change

    I have not read the whole topic ... but one tought, and i know its stupid but: When i look at weatherforecasts for the next week, and then go out of the house clothed according due to forecast, i will definitly wear the wrong things ... just going by actual data, the hit rate of the predictions of short terms for meteorologists is at max 30% ... so heightening the period to 30 Years or 100 years it will undoubtly be much lower. And going by simulations ... i made my degree on simulations of fluidics and its dynamics ... sorry but sience, at least what i know is nowere near being able to factor in all parameters, as some are not even known as of yet. So calling on simulations and saying it will happen as predicted, is just a wish. Yeah we are to nature like the biggest assholes you can find, and something has to change but our time on earth amounts to nothing but a minute, and our weather data around a second of the lifetime of the world, wanting to know everything is just bs. Politicians that denie that the climate is changing are plain stupid, but scientists saying what will happen and assuring that it will happen is the same. There are changes apparent, but ones we know not how they will proceed. What i see at the moment is a movement (like greenpeace) that started with good reasons, and will or is already be used for the monetary gain of the ones that are at fault for the problems. I.E. look at all the car companies and their battery cars, which allegedly are worse than the actual ones but will have to be bought according to new regulations.
  11. Well going by this, that is not entirely right but also not entirely wrong. This is the mentality of some big shot Americans. And in this point it is true, because who would be insane enough to deny American Government or big shots plans? ... They have Weapons, and people that believe in them, its like religious fanatics, you deny them and they come to you to get what they want. So the most reasonable solution is, give it to them, and get something in return, insteat of getting them to fetch it with force. Meaning: As long as you have the means to force something that statement is true
  12. Just a random thought on that one, basically you cannot buy anything, the only thing you buy is the justification in your mind and from your peers that it is ok what you do. Even the Land you own is practically not yours, since only the government says its yours, in case of a revolt etc. they could very well change their stance and it would not be "yours" anymore. Besides there is one simple thruth, and that is, that land cannot be owned by anyone, as it was there before you came and still will be there when you are already dead. The same goes for matter and most of anything else. Or how did one Philosoph say it: "The rules are made for the ones that are to little/poor to break them without consequences." So basically money can buy you everything, but without the backing to actually achieve it, it would be for naught
  13. What are you listening to?

    The Hu practically the whole new Album the Gereg
  14. Well, no i don´t and sadly there are not many teachers in some areas of this world, so some people have for whatever reason ( ... and frankly most teachers here in germany i tried up to now are money grabbing fraud ) to resort to be self taught(lets call them loose cultivators ... ) but then again you have to differenciate these people ... as you said, there are idiots, that are disillusioned by novels or whatever they read and they take information they see as true to the point of reverence, which is in my opinion stupid and also overestimationg oneself ... and for these people there is the so called darwin award... you have to take everything with a pinch of salt But then again OP at least asks for opinions, while his meditation horrendously failed, and he seems to have overheated at least some of his upper meridians, he asks for help, and in my opinion, according to his questions, "right done" zhan zhuang may help him in resolving and alleviating some of his pains, thats why i would recommend cohens book, as it at least gives him a decent start in understanding what is an indication if he does something wrong. And i know some people do not like his book, since the stances he explains do not exactly match the ones of their school. Shrooms are also a way to let go of useless toughts and get into a state of selflessness, just that it tends more into the shamanistic systems, lets not forget that point.
  15. Well if you dont want to go to a professional for this, and like standing meditation, try reading the book by mark cohen, it may prove useful. And regarding the spontaneous internal movements, they seem more to be in accordance with realinging your spine and misaligned body structure movements that occur when doing Standing meditation. Also concerning damage due to self taught internal arts, personally i think there is no such thing, only if you overdraw your own potential due to overestimating yourself (and that is the only thing you need a good teacher for ... to hold you back if you want to do something you are not able to), the only thing that can occur may be that you may stagnate at some point. Because remember: Who taught the first masters and guided them? Personally i believe listening to their body did this, and if you can do so that may be the best way for you. And well purely from a medical standpoint let somebody look after your spine, spontaneous movements may also occur due to pinched nerves and have nothing to do with your practices Edit: this is purely my thought on this, and frankly im an inexperienced.