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  1. Well, no i don´t and sadly there are not many teachers in some areas of this world, so some people have for whatever reason ( ... and frankly most teachers here in germany i tried up to now are money grabbing fraud ) to resort to be self taught(lets call them loose cultivators ... ) but then again you have to differenciate these people ... as you said, there are idiots, that are disillusioned by novels or whatever they read and they take information they see as true to the point of reverence, which is in my opinion stupid and also overestimationg oneself ... and for these people there is the so called darwin award... you have to take everything with a pinch of salt But then again OP at least asks for opinions, while his meditation horrendously failed, and he seems to have overheated at least some of his upper meridians, he asks for help, and in my opinion, according to his questions, "right done" zhan zhuang may help him in resolving and alleviating some of his pains, thats why i would recommend cohens book, as it at least gives him a decent start in understanding what is an indication if he does something wrong. And i know some people do not like his book, since the stances he explains do not exactly match the ones of their school. Shrooms are also a way to let go of useless toughts and get into a state of selflessness, just that it tends more into the shamanistic systems, lets not forget that point.
  2. Well if you dont want to go to a professional for this, and like standing meditation, try reading the book by mark cohen, it may prove useful. And regarding the spontaneous internal movements, they seem more to be in accordance with realinging your spine and misaligned body structure movements that occur when doing Standing meditation. Also concerning damage due to self taught internal arts, personally i think there is no such thing, only if you overdraw your own potential due to overestimating yourself (and that is the only thing you need a good teacher for ... to hold you back if you want to do something you are not able to), the only thing that can occur may be that you may stagnate at some point. Because remember: Who taught the first masters and guided them? Personally i believe listening to their body did this, and if you can do so that may be the best way for you. And well purely from a medical standpoint let somebody look after your spine, spontaneous movements may also occur due to pinched nerves and have nothing to do with your practices Edit: this is purely my thought on this, and frankly im an inexperienced.
  3. First experience of Mantak Chia at Tao Gardens

    Just from Meditation experiences, i would recommend you to Look into the book of Marc Cohen about Standing Meditation, it is a good start and also provides some Insight into techniques that Work against what you experienced. As in some practises people tend to await fast results which will lead to imbalance and overwhelming Energy in the wrong focal Points, which May lead to mental instabilities.
  4. When does one "become" a taoist?

    Thanks for the advice with chias techings ... I read some of His books ... And tried First visuslizing them, but lets say my body Said dont Futter try it, so i left it alone thinking looking into it later may be better. But now well i think the books will grow mold.
  5. Hello to all

    Hello to all, i am new to this forum (just joined today) and want to introduce myself only a little bit. But frist things first, most probably i will stay a lurker, as i most often when starting to write will hang myself too deep in an argument, that in the end frustrates me for no reason at all which brings me out of balance soo now about me: Well i´m from German and about 30 Years of age, and i am an Engineer that dabbles into the medical field (medical engineering) from the official site. Inofficially i see what happens in hospitals and want to stay away from them. SO well i came to the concepts of Energy through Aikido and even though i have no time to practice, the field of inner energy or QI so to say fascinates me. Well and somehow i came to this forum through some sites i read, well and now here i am.