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  1. Teaching authentic neigong

    Just as a Question, for ones that were offline a long time and missed the chance... (about 1 Year or so for me??) is there the possibility to get some of the "base" informations of these Seminars somewhere like on Patreon or Gumroad in a comprehensive printed (digital) form. I would have loved to attend the seminar, but due to this pandemic with endemic tendencies the work shedule for medical personel is such a mess, that there is hardly any time to go further into practices, without the danger to loose my job... So it would be much appreciated to get a way to acces some of the Information, up to a level where there can be no self harm of course. I know words loose out in comprehensiveness to meetings, but every tiny bit of a possibility for new knowledge would be appreciated.
  2. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Well, you certainly cant kill a person by hooking it up a respirator, as i was required while in university to be hooked up to a respirator for practical lessons, i can assure you, as long as it is not a self made one, but a certified one, there should be no problem at all. More of a problem is, that hooking up patients to the respirator is in some cases prooven to be of no help at all, as in the really heavy cases of infection the microcirculation of the lungs is affected, so even if you are hooked up to a respirator you don´t get enough O2 and suffocate to death.
  3. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Not only on the WHO ... i would even extend it to Governments, that pose themselves as opposing China ... Looking at Germany .. we are extremly dependent on China and politicians don´t even see a need to Change that Most apparent it became with the actual crisis, as instead of founding local manufacturers to produce facemasks, they were in bulk bought from China, as some of these masks were recommendet by the WHO additionally some conflict nearly started, because China gave the mask shipment our gvnmt paid for to the USA instead, and insted of recinding the paimend and getting the masks elsewhere our politicians waited paitently and crouched before the chinese to get the masks 4 Weeks later than promised. And it is worse to the US, instead of founding local manufactureres China is pressed through political means, to ensure production ... that is not how you change an autoritan regime ... tat is how you strengthen it.
  4. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    Interesting read, albeit a bit heavy it gives some key points that lead to some later Problems ... sadly i have to use the words like Influenza So basically they confirm: 1. The Spike Proteins of the Virus mutate, even with only one Vector (the infected pets are not counted in), so the infectability of the virus has already increased and may theoretically get stronger over time or find other Hosts/Vectors 2. You can be infected with both Virus strains simultanious, but unbeknownst 3. The Virus RNA can be exchanged between strains, which may lead to more diverse kinds of this virus Which leads to some Problems similar to Influenza: 1. There may be no "the Vaccine" as multible strains are and potentially will be in existance 2. The Vaccine most likely has to be heavy in Adjuvances, which may! make it also more detrimental to health 3. Developement of a vaccine will take longer as mutations have to be counted in Thanks for the article, it was an interesting read ... btw. at the moment elesvier and pubmed and some others let you access publications about Virus related themes for free ... js
  5. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    You are right and wrong, the news talk to easy on that. So first, you don´t die due to the Virus, but the Virus is the cause of death! Sounds weird right? The Virus itself does not kill you, it infects the cells in your body and reprogramms cells to produce more virus, which after a short time die and produce more Virus. Against that is your immune System, which either kills infected cells first or creates antibodies to coagulate virus particles and deactivates them. Which works fairly well if you are younger or dont have some other unseen inherent problems with your body. But if you have problems or are older, your immune system may be driven to overdrive due to the virus. which leads to inflammation. Most likely in the first point of Virus infection (Lungs). This is a secondary disease, caused by the Virus. Also the prevalent Virus particles may lead to your own immune cells attacking your normal cells. And if your body is too weak or reacts too strong, it basically kills itself (Much like allergys but much more extreme). How you find people die due to the virus? Due to the weak immune system of these people you find this virus in all states (including the ones tests works on) in their body, even in their brain water and muscles, where you normally dont find virus particles. So the cause is truly accurate, but you don´t know exactly which coffin nail was the bigger one. Edit: The Statistics are well quite a touchy problem, if we go by the actual available tests, we can say they are not correct, by this its more likely that the number of infected is higher, than the statistics say. And given that the politicans want to show results that possibility is even higher. But at the same, they want to show why they do the things they do, so the death toll may be true. Also there are funny things in mathematics that are called statistics, so you have a test, you know an approx. clarity of the result, so you set an confidence intervall, and then you take the needed parameters and calculate. And depending on your model, you get fairly accurate numbers, we are still talking about a accuracy around +- 10000, but with millions of people, it gives you a good estimate. But even then do you want to take the risk to unintentionally kill your grandma?
  6. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    Exactly, but there are also Problems, with these, especially with tests for viral illness. Most these tests search for Antibodies or antigenes, and not for the sickness itself, as a Virus uses mostly RNA wich has stability issues out of Cells and/or the Virus. There are indeed tests for the viral genetic code for some sicknesses, most of them are for ones that have no second vector or a low mutation rate, as these lower detection rate and accuracy (second host changes the RNA etc.) Also some of these Tests that work and are approved have been developed over a span of decades (Test itself and verification of conformity (FDA/CE/GS/FCC and how it all is named) The test that is suggested as the momentary most accurate is a qRT-PCR test at a cycling of about 40-49 cycles. And here is the Problem, most reliable PCR results can be obtained at about 35 Cycles at max. for RNA, anything more can lead to problems with the reactands due to exessive heat (depending on the process you heat up to 100°C in some cases higher), which can lead to false positive or false negative Results (due to unspecific Binding of the Polymerase). So given the Primers are right and they work as intended, the number of cycles is high enough to allow false results, and that with a greatly hightened chance. Some Scientists said that as well. BTW. The few minutes you mention can at 40 Cycles be about 2-3 hrs (preparation time included) which is still fairly short considering some clinical tests need around 2-3 Days Only a short side info for the test question: The Virus was first known around sept. to nov. 2019 . The genetic Code had been cracked mostly around end of march 2020 (first parts were decoded around February). Going alone by this information, with inside Info on biotechnology you can assume truly reliable Tests may be available earliest around August. The ones out now are most likely to only detect the Virus in a specific state of infection, that was found at the beginning of the crisis. sorry did not see that one while writing, its no attack against you i only want to do be a smartass and used your post as starting point SO to answer the Question about the tests: The tests available atm. are rushed tests, that may detect the Virus but due to the limited knowledge about it, you may also get false positives, as it tests afaik for the RNA that transcripts AES2 and ToR2 Spike Proteins (correct me if im wrong), which it has in common with other corona viruses. Truly accurate tests may be available earliest August 2020 in a number that allows Mass testing.
  7. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    Und immer deine Freunde, ihr nehmt doch alle Drogen - und ständig dieser Lärm(Was sollen die Nachbarn sagen?)Denk an deine Zukunft, denk an deine Eltern!Willst du, dass wir sterben? Edit: (@Earl Grey) if the song was reference for what you think it means ... well, lets say it was wrong
  8. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    you know the meaning of that text? ... just curious
  9. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    hmm, sounds like a song, is that "the more or the less"?
  10. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    i have a wife and children, and am not of this sexual orientation, but depending on your looks and what you pay i might consider it... times are hard and easy money is easy money
  11. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    ok my answer is directly translated and sounds horrendous: "proof load reversal" Edit found it: necessitas probandi incumbit ei qui agit
  12. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    I approved some of his statements, but also have written against the things of his that are full of BS and Bias ... so if saying yes to one statement that makes sense counts as supporting, then in your eyes i support anyone in this forum including you (and some things of you are completely disagreeable) , as i also approved some of your statements ... yeah go ahead, believe what you want btw. im a Medical Scientist/Engineer and know about what i write at least in medical/biological field, also i never said that anything i say has to make sense to someone not of the field, and as far as the expertise you show goes you don´t own a degree in this field. And i admit, my English is horrible, i like commas but suck at punctuation .... yeah i am an Engineer, and as someone pointed out we suck at grammatics and understandable speech (at least the more lazy ones) Well you answered, so doesnt that make you bored and bitter yourself? And yes im bored otherwise i wouldn´t even bother to answer. But Saying others tell bullshit about something you have no knowledge about ... well that shows you have momentarily some repressend psychological problems ... hmm maybe you are as insane as me but do not want to admit it?
  13. About Nazism, sheep and the virus propaganda

    All the things said up to now aside, the statistics are seriously botchered up right now, and have been since the beginning. 1. Every death where the person involved had the Virus is counted to its death toll (Germany around 15-20% are therefore falsely accounted (resource down below)), even if the true cause of death is cancer (at max the virus is a side factor that speeds up the death but even then Deathrate is at around 0,75-1,15% according to statistics accounting to around 30% of ICU patients) 2. The test for the virus itself is shit, a pcr where 45 Cycles are recommended is not really assuring (i learned and saw around 30 cycles is the upper limit to get no false positives, ok petter primers and polymerases can make up for that but not much) 3. The test is for a structure enzyme that afaik also is seen in at least 5 other strains of corona viruses, that are also common but supposedly not as deadly 4. Nobody here has written the statistics that are made public and going by logic, every govmt. changes the statistics to fit their needs 5. At least here in Germany only 3 Virologists (also 2 of em have not even a shred of knowledge in epidemology) are propagated, the rest is titulated as liars as soon as there is critic about how it all is handled 6. look at the swine flu and how it was handled and the persons that were the specialists then and the ones that are it now 7. politicians do have no knowledge that is essential to their post (our health minister is a former bank employee, and was most likely never inside a hospital even as patient) so they believe what their specialists tell em 8. Think for yourself, and don´t copy the toughts of some idiots at youtube 9. Don´t propagate bullshit 10. Try to think insane, it opens new insights you may never have considered Edit: Also much propagated need for respiration may not help, as it was found in a high number of cases where death was attributed to Corona that the microcirculation in the lungs collapsed, in which case respiration may speed up the death. (sorry its german, but i did not find it elsewhere)
  14. The translation is horrendous well the meaning is translated right ... but i still find it horrendous
  15. Sorry @thelerner, some things just are right and others are not, you are right, that big farms lead to a faster spread and new diseases. Also it needs to be studied, but not the way it was done by the scientists in Wuhan. If you Follow the publications of shi zhengly (bat lady), they begin fairly mild, she searches for coronaviruses in the population of china and in foodmarkets (like the one in wuhan) and correlates them to animals, and where they most likely originated from. Also She did warn about some strains of Viruses that can become inflammatory for the lungs (use google.scholar that helps). And in this context the science is needed, but what is not needed and what has been done is venturing to places where very few humans ever have gone to find bats with new strains and see what these strains can do. its practically doing what columbus did unintentionally, just in full knowledge what it could lead to. Were you are wrong is the risk for our food source. Our biggest Risk for the foodsource are we ourselves, we want cheap food and best in massive amounts, so corporates cut down on anything. If our food is produced in a reasonable way and the animals used for food are healthy, then the problems we face now are minimized to a manageable degree, so there would be no need to research viruses in animal farms. But how is reality, Animals have barely the place to stand and eat at the place they fecate in... do you eat in your toilet? Everything else is dictated by logic
  16. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Germany here: - Infection rate below 1 which is good And here it gets weird, at the beginning it was said we need the rate below 10 to lift lockdown, so that healthcare can manage it ... today we are at approx 0.75 and there are no talks about lockdown being lifted or partially lifted, at least some shops and the playground are to be opened again
  17. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Has any one of you even remotely looked at the creation date of the thread?? ... js
  18. The perfect weapon

    The independent .... yay and they cite reddit ... i will give you guys one hint and the title of a documentary ...sadly you need to know German swine flu (Profiteure der Angst)
  19. Divine Truths from Master

    Did somebody call for insanity? ... Well never mind, i just take this barrel of popcorn and read on your banterings ... yeah Quarantena ... no Srsly ... TDB at the moment reeks of boredom ... "the world is so interesting and full of wonder, and what did humanity ?... invent boredom" I just throw that in, and the one that guesses the author has my eternal respect (its not word to word cited)
  20. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    I find it unsettling how everyone Talks about vaccines, and that there ones are being developed, but at the same new mutation vectors are induced as it all is tested in animals before.
  21. What are you listening to?

    Gonna drive home soon and the radio will blast: