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  1. Golden core

    No, even when a person has supernatural powers, that is not a validation to healing others. A person who utilizes his/her abilities for healing with simply powers as the basis will make no further progress in the future. This is incredibly dangerous for many reasons. First, the LDT is the very foundation of the system, where energies are heated and refined. Creating such high intensities at the UDT without the foundation or rooting will destabilize the whole system and potentially lead to various mental obstacles. Second, the concept of a core from my experience is connected to the energy center of the body, which is in the LDT behind the abdomen and acts as a center of gravity that balances the system. Condensing a core anywhere else seems significantly more difficult.
  2. Golden core

    Interesting. It seems that he is a good neigong teacher. However, the art of healing others with energies is in itself a truly dangerous practice in 99% of case. Not only does it require the strictest conditions and the highest level of inclusiveness, but also a great understanding of karma. It is good to teach others how to heal themselves, but if we attempt to heal others and interfere with their karma, in majority of the cases, it will hurt both parties more than help.
  3. Pleasant stomach burning?

    Emptiness or warmth in the abdominal area as a result of energy practice can be a symptom of the (partial) activation of the Dantian. When there is enough intensity or development in the energy center, it may become more active than in normal states. Hence, cultivating the Dantian is essentially increasing the energy intensity there. After the energy in the Dantian rises above its normal intensity, the potential energy capacity has essentially risen, thereby improving vital functions such as digestion. Also, as the capacity increases, there will be more "space" to fill with energy, which creates an "empty" feeling. It will naturally seek more energy, like a pothole on a rainy day, so energies will gather there creating a warm feeling.
  4. Golden core

    From my experience, a Qi core forms when a sufficient energy condenses into a single, miniscule seed in the Dantian. One prerequisite would of course be a field of Qi that has reached a peak saturation point. Forming it also requires a certain level of stability within and comprehension of the natural laws. I think the best way to describe transition from a field of Qi to a single condensed seed is thus: a substantial change just like the transition of one phase of matter to another. The seed is then developed over time, growing and eventually forming its own pressure field of Qi. The level of the core and field would depend on its density.
  5. Golden core

    True. We can only theorize based on the natural laws, unless we have someone who has reached that level.
  6. Decrease sexual energy

    Many of these posts are interesting, but I think that a more practical answer might help. When one starts doing energy work, it is natural that one may see an improvement in one's sexual energy, as one's awareness grows and blockages starts clearing up. The system will start feeling more vibrant, and so will sexual energy. Understand that it is very normal, but now you might need an outlet. Sexual energy is very potent, so it must be refined and utilized for some purpose, digested back into the system, or released through ejaculation. You must consider which is your goal. 1. The first thing I would recommend is stillness meditation. When one is still and empty, it becomes much easier to calm the system and the mind. Naturally, the sexual energy will also be refined and flow upwards, bringing greater vitality and exuberance, perhaps even possible spiritual breakthroughs if you wish. 2. Go work out or do something to tire yourself out; drive yourself towards some purpose. Your body will naturally burn the energy to reenergize you towards something you are passionate about. When you are dead tired at night, you will not think too much about sex. 3. Cultivate the Dantian. Condense the energy into your lower Dantian. 4. Go jerk off if you really do not have any use of sexual energy. The recommended healthy timeframe is every 2-3 weeks. The longer the more health benefits.
  7. Golden core

    Hi. One way this relationship can be looked at is that Jing, or vital essence, can be refined into Qi or be used to enhance Qi and Shen, the spirit. Vital essence is extremely potent, sexual energy for an example, so it is a valuable resource that can be integrated into the Dantian to help form a dense core of Qi. Vital essence can also act as stimulant to supercharge the natural state or development of the spirit. The Golden Core stage is an advanced level that I cannot say I have much experience to describe it. Essentially, it is a core that has gained a level of divinity. In other words, it contains a denser essence of that which is the basis of all life and has high intelligence. Hence, a Golden Core cultivator can easily live much longer because the core acts as a "energy factory" that refines and absorbs energy and supplies vibrant Qi to the vessel. To form a Golden Core, the amount of energy required would be massive, exponentially greater than the amount necessary for a regular Qi core. Just having such a potent thing in the human system will require great mental/physical stability and tolerance, opened and stretched energy pathways to handle all the energy, and a profound understanding of the Dao to reach this level. Otherwise, the person will be dead before they can even stabilize such a core.
  8. I can support that the Dantian core can be formed between the navel and mingmen. I think what they might be describing as the Dantian is naturally formed energy spaces in the body. They allow for the creation of energy core.
  9. I see your point of view. Thank you for sharing. I think that what I have learned from certain Indian gurus about the consciousness and life process allowed me to enhance my awareness and spirit and cultivate my Dantian core further. How is your progress in cultivation so far?
  10. Interesting. Would you mind sharing your progress so far in your cultivation journey?
  11. I think it depends on which definition of the Dantian that is being used.
  12. My aim was not to present methods to nurture these qualities. It was an attempt to bring attention to them and the essence of cultivation. I do not disagree that methods can help in the foundation stage. The general message of the post was that methods can only take us so far. If one were looking for a "how to get started" guide, then this post is probably not the right fit. Hence, let me clarify again. Methods will not necessarily create the essence, but the essence will eventually create the method. I might make post to share methods. However, I think that this is dangerous, because in many cases, the method presented can either truly help or great limit the practitioner. If I were to share my methods, they would need much time and effort to be reviewed.
  13. You have misunderstood. The "body and energy system" is constant. I did not imply that different systems should be mixed. All I said is that they are related. Learning from one system, Indian for example, and its fundamentals can bring greater understanding of the human system as a whole. Greater comprehension can then be utilized for training in another system.
  14. They work in tandem, mind, body, energy, spirit. One cannot stabilize at higher intensities without the other. A still mind is a great resource to have when working on the body, as one will make significantly more progress in comparison. If the method leads a person from stilling the mind, that means that either the cultivation method is flawed or the mind is not stable enough to handle the process.