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  1. A few months back, I made a few posts about the foundation of Cultivation: Stillness, Emptiness and Inclusiveness. Throughout my practice, I realized that I had brought too little attention to that which ties everything together because it seemed too obvious, and this vital flaw may very well hinder one's future progress. So allow me to fill in the missing part of my foundation post: The make-or-break in one's foundation is the Consciousness. Sitting still and being empty are great, but without a high enough level of Consciousness, one will not be able to access the next levels or dimensions in Cultivation, simply because one has not truly tapped into one's true source. There is massive intelligence that exists within every cell/atom of our body, that which we cannot truly begin to fathom. Without enough Consciousness, one can only look at the steps ahead without being able to walk them. One will continued to be trapped within the chains of limitation of the mind/body vessel and its compulsions. However, once one has taken charge of everything within, then one can move forward without any hesitation. In addition, without a strong Consciousness, one will likely suffer from the high intensity of energy that has been cultivated already. Hence, one will not only be unable to move forward but also suffer pains from the inability to handle higher energy states. From my experience, raising my level of consciousness and consciously practicing has increased the efficiency of energy absorption multiple folds. Cleansing my mind and body and creating the necessary conditions for advancement have never been easier. How does one raise one's Consciousness level? There are many ways. Firstly, Consciousness levels will naturally rise in meditation that involves stillness and melding with the Cosmos. Consistently observing that which is happening in the world and within will also help. However, the main challenge is how to be "actively" conscious, as weird as that may sound. The difference between being conscious and not being conscious is whether one has decided to take one's life into one's own hands, to be aware. It sounds easy to do, but one must truly be willing to take a leap of faith. Why? Because truly taking charge of one's life involves moving beyond the logical process of the mind and the natural compulsions of the body. The karmic nature of this vessel is a very tightly bound. Therefore, Yoga is a great way to enhance Consciousness and become truly Conscious. One will be able to consciously tap into Chitta, the boundless intelligence within. Then, one can create a Consciousness field that has a strong foundation, continuously expands to involve the Cosmos, and supports one in whatever path one decides to take.
  2. Again, there is no method in the post. Only a discussion of the natural way. In the Dao, there is no distinction, yogic or daoist, as there are only the natural laws. Attempting to discuss the Dao with a limited mindset is already a step towards failure. You are not wrong that cultivation requires precision, clarity, and order. Indeed, if one deviates from the natural laws, one will experience potentially immense suffering. Hence, I would like to think that we are on the same page. But if my qualifications are not meeting your "daoist method," then I shall not post any further on this thread. I wish you all the best.
  3. I respect your thoughts. It is that we cannot speak with utmost certainty, as words fail to express the nature of the natural laws. It may also do many injustice if we do not present our knowledge as accurately as possible despite the many flaws in our language; hence I stated to read with a grain of salt to filter all the nonsense. My understanding comes from learning from gurus and personal cultivation. All of my knowledge comes from my cultivating experience, what works and does not work. In practice, I have faced numerous obstacles, whether they are physical, mental, or energetic, to which I had to find solutions for. Walking the wrong path will bring immense suffering to the point of madness, while walking the proper path will bring bliss and joy, so I am sensitive enough to determine the byproducts of my decisions. At higher intensity levels, these obstacles likewise become more intense and require greater solutions, such as deeper levels of stillness or inclusivness, etc. I wish to help others unleash their potential and walk further on their paths, but I do not wish them greater unnecessary suffering.
  4. You are not looking at the bigger picture. Stillness is a quality of the overall system that allows for stability and balance. Without stability, one cannot cultivate to higher heights or intensities. You overestimate your understanding of the system, as its capabilities far surpass that which you can imagine. One can only understand the outer layer if one primarily looks at Yin and Yang. Let me ask you a question. What is your cultivation, level of intensity, and state of being?
  5. Indeed, there should not be a distinction in gathering and storing Qi as this is one collective process, as storing it is not simply non-movement. It is like a smaller water stream following into a larger one. It is all interconnected. Hence, exercises like Tai Chi that help improve circulation and align oneself to the natural flow are beneficial. I can attest that when one stores Qi to an abundant level, it gets very intense to the point that if one does not properly manage the energies, one will face difficulties, tensions, excesses, etc. However, one should not casually circulate energy. Instead, it should first be stabilized through stillness, meditation and steady movements that ground the Qi before allowing it to naturally flow through the body, MCO etc.
  6. Hi, here to help clarify some things. The videos are simply movements and breathing methods, so they have certain benefits if people only follow them. This is a simple form of Qi Gong that is designed not too intense for basic practice. As for how far it will take you, these techniques will likely not do much more. When they say drawing Qi, what they mean is drawing the awareness and Yi(will) in that direction. Wherever the focus goes, energy will follow. One must look at the body as a whole energy system. It can store Qi essentially everywhere, as there are 100's of energy nodes. Specifically, the LDT or Intenstinal area is designed to do absorb and refine energy. However, as the LDT normally has not been activated or specifically used, it has not been "stretched," so its capacity and functions should be at a lower level. It will be difficult to "store Qi" within and fill it up, but these exercises do in a sense gather a little bit of energy and help to slowly unlock the Dantian.
  7. What is this chi?

    If one's mental state is not stable and still, one should not be messing with the energies in the first place. Even if one had a stable mind, one should not be casually circulating energy like that. From your situation, it is difficult to know the exact cause, but one apparent issue is overthinking. It is important to understand that you should not jump to conclusions, as they will not do you any good. The reason is that the conclusion is not the solution but just another thought that can lead you astray. The first thing one should do is sit still, allow the mind to clear all the nonsense, and relax the body. The more one focuses or rejects on the the issues and causes, the more they will grow. So one must focus on becoming still and aware enough to allow the self to settle down and "become" the solution. Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”
  8. Sorry, I am not sure what that means. You can take it whichever direction you want. You must listen to your heart to figure it out.
  9. The question is what are you cultivating for?
  10. Heat in UDT

    Neirong has a point. It is truly dangerous territory. One must have a extremely stable foundation, mind body etc. The vast amount of information and intensity from opening the third eye can easily overwhelm a practitioner. But if one truly is truly stable and still and has made the necessary sacrifices in life to achieve this, one can open the third eye naturally through practicing stillness and emptiness to the highest degree.
  11. Stirling is on the right track.
  12. Here are some things I have learned from condensing a Qi core, and please read with grain of salt, as these words contain less than 5% of the true essence of the natural way. If one is not prepared for higher intensities of life, please disregard this. Also, please practice care, prioritize wellbeing and fitness, and see things the way things are with utmost awareness/consciousness, as most people cannot handle higher intensities without conditioning. Finally, please do not let these words limit your potential. These are simply just words, not truth. They are only a guidepost pointing in a certain direction. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The various methods to begin cultivation are many, and some may help one start cultivating, but they alone cannot take the practitioners to higher heights, or else the practitioners will stagnate in practice. One can breathe in Qi, consciously run MCO, bring Qi to the Dantian, and combine Yin and Yang Qi, but it may all be for naught. If one is sensitive enough, one can feel all the unnecessary stress that comes from unrefined methods. One might even kill or limit oneself in the process. Is there even a point for one to cultivate without the possibility for the peak? So, this presents the question: why is this the case? The method is that there is no method. The true method is that which cannot be defined. However, that doesn't mean that it cannot be comprehended and perceived. The only way to do so is to unlock and tap into one's divine intelligence/consciousness. One's divine intelligence is the "coding" that runs one's life processes without one having to consciously do anything. It is also same as the source of this cosmos. This intelligence can likewise be updated and improved by the cosmos, like a cloud server updating a software." Hence, to come back full circle, cultivation is the process of developing this "micro-cosmos" into its greatest potential. So, understand that the human system has an excellent ability to emulate its target. If the target is the cosmos, it will become the cosmos. So, how does one tap into this divine intelligence? There are numerous ways, but from my previous post, I stated three core aspects of cultivation: Stillness, Emptiness, and All-inclusiveness. When one is still, one gradually returns to one's true nature. For many people who have not returned to a tranquil state, it is important to sit down and be still. It may seem simple, but in the grand scheme of things, stillness can extend to many deeper levels. To keep things simple, one aims for the following: A still mind, heart, body and energy. When one becomes still, one is able to gain greater awareness of one's inner workings, the blood flow, heart beat, breathe, etc. Stillness is very important because high awareness is necessary to "see" what is truly behind the living process. At the center of our being is the "still core." Being still aligns one with the natural laws of the cosmos, making it easier to also perceive and connect with the "strings" or "webs" of the cosmos that connect everything and link to the still core. So what does it mean to be still? There is no need to do anything. Simply be. One is naturally relaxed and loose, releasing tensions in the body and mind. One's heart is cleared and pure, like a mirror. One's mind is calm and empty. One's energy is vibrant and tranquil, like a flowing river. One is like a stone in the vast world, experiencing nature in full. As one becomes still, everything will gradually fall in place, resulting in a Blissful experience. At first, it may be a tough experience for many because one must face all of which that is an obstacle to one's stillness, which may include tensions, obsessions/habits, thoughts. It may be important to discipline the mind and body throughout the day and increase awareness over time. When one is still, it will also be easier to be empty. In Emptiness, one essentially emulates, or becomes, the true nature of the cosmos, Nothingness or Emptiness. One's inner system will not only align with the natural laws but also naturally refine all the impurity or nonsense and unclog the system, conditioning a vessel to be more fit for cultivation. In addition, Emptiness has an attribute that naturally attracts or pulls in energy. The emptier one is, the more space is available and energy one can pull in. Emptiness is nothingness. Empty mind, Empty body, Empty self. One is empty space, void. This happens naturally over time. Likewise, one will face obstacles that prevent one from emptiness. Stillness and Emptiness stabilize and refine one's foundation. All-inclusiveness is necessary to consciously shatter boundaries and connect to the main server. This aspect has great potential and is a loaded subject, but can also be very dangerous, but so can the other two aspects. One's sense of self may feel "threatened" and feel uncomfortable, but in reality, one's sense of self is moving beyond the mind and body. In the process, one begins to see not only the vessel but also that which is beyond to some extent as oneself. As a result, one is able to gradually grasp more of the cosmos and its natural laws, unlocking one's true potential over time. This principle is important to touching upon higher dimensions, energies, and all kinds of esoteric processes. These three aspects are not really in any kind of specific order, but work in tandem. Once one reaches a high enough intensity practicing them, one will begin to feel and tap into the divine intelligence in oneself and naturally implement it in cultivation. One can then pave the way forward and do what is necessary to walk forward to the peak. I can provide insights on cultivating Dantian core throughout the process, but the way ahead and the steps must be taken, not given. In addition, here are two more critical core principles that one must consider: 1. Never falter 2. That which one focuses on will grow Faltering at high levels is like a speeding race car coming to a complete stop. It will have heavy, negative consequences in all levels. Look forward and be connected with the still core. What is focused on with one's consciousness will grow without a doubt. This is undeniable law of the cosmos. Decide wisely what you invest your focus into.
  13. Golden core

    No, even when a person has supernatural powers, that is not a validation to healing others. A person who utilizes his/her abilities for healing with simply powers as the basis will make no further progress in the future. This is incredibly dangerous for many reasons. First, the LDT is the very foundation of the system, where energies are heated and refined. Creating such high intensities at the UDT without the foundation or rooting will destabilize the whole system and potentially lead to various mental obstacles. Second, the concept of a core from my experience is connected to the energy center of the body, which is in the LDT behind the abdomen and acts as a center of gravity that balances the system. Condensing a core anywhere else seems significantly more difficult.
  14. Golden core

    Interesting. It seems that he is a good neigong teacher. However, the art of healing others with energies is in itself a truly dangerous practice in 99% of case. Not only does it require the strictest conditions and the highest level of inclusiveness, but also a great understanding of karma. It is good to teach others how to heal themselves, but if we attempt to heal others and interfere with their karma, in majority of the cases, it will hurt both parties more than help.