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  1. Decrease sexual energy

    I just thought I would share my personal opinion on these Incubus and succubus beings. Are there potentially entities out there that prey upon people's sexual energy and excite them to get this energy? Maybe, maybe not who knows? What I do think is probably more likely is that some people experience guilt over their sexual feelings and find it easier to create an external entity that's responsible for these feelings then acknowledge that they come from themselves because of guilt.
  2. Decrease sexual energy

    Here's an herbal formula to decrease sex drive. I'm an acupuncturist so LOL
  3. Decrease sexual energy

    There's nothing that extraordinary about energy vampires. Every internet troll is one whether they realize it or not. They will excite what ever their favorite emotional energy is and then feast.
  4. Karma Visible in our Energy Field

    I just found that as I began to meditate a lot it just sort of happened.
  5. Karma Visible in our Energy Field

    I have noticed that people with more gross karma tend to have auras on the lower end of the spectrum so like red.
  6. Decrease sexual energy

    Ooooooor its just made you more healthy and raised libido is a sign of good health lol. Again mindfulness can help.
  7. Decrease sexual energy

    Mindfulness over time helps to decrease this. If one pays attention to sexual desire as opposed to the object of desire it can be seen it is indeed suffering, and when the mind realizes something is actually suffering then it lets go of it.
  8. The way the Buddha defined the ego was identifying with any of the five aggregates as being the self.
  9. Crystals - no effect ? good ? bad ?

    A noble career field.
  10. Crystals - no effect ? good ? bad ?

    Wtf ?! 😂😂😂
  11. This does not answer the question of what method is used to "find and nurture" these qualities.
  12. Crystals - no effect ? good ? bad ?

    I have found these two things are often related :-/
  13. Probably, but the elimination of ego would make discovering these people very difficult, because they would most likely feel no need to proclaim this to anyone.
  14. Dao Discussion

    Yes, the Buddha had accomplished this, he said it was possible through Jhanna states.
  15. Crystals - no effect ? good ? bad ?

    I went through a phase of selecting a crystal every morning and putting it in my pocket. Usually I would forget it was there throughout the day. I began to notice that if I had placed a red crystal in my pocket I would feel anxious that day, and if I placed a blue crystal in my pocket I would feel sleepy that day. There are other examples but that gives one the idea.