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  1. Spotting a fake master

    I went through a phase where I meditated all the freaking time and a couple years of that and no sex drive lol. I'm not that old either.
  2. Spotting a fake master

    Make sure they match.
  3. Spotting a fake master

    True I guess. Most of my learning has been Theravada.
  4. Spotting a fake master

    The Buddha didn't teach non-duality, not sure why so many people (including Buddhists) think he did.
  5. Spotting a fake master

    that's the standard procedure
  6. Spotting a fake master

    You just listed three different types of enlightenment that differ vastly by definition. You're kind of reinforcing my point about definitions.
  7. Spotting a fake master

    Think of it as a badge of Honor Apech 😂. It doesn't take much to get on that list. 🤭.
  8. Spotting a fake master

    This would really be the same question though right? Enlightenment by who's definition? Enlightenment is an ambiguous word that means different things to different people. So what does the OP mean by Enlightenment?
  9. Spotting a fake master

    Sometimes before you get an answer you need to understand the question. So in this case the question would be "master of what"? Someone that is a master at baking will make the best baked goods. A master of archery will hit the bull's eye more than the average person. A master a life I suppose would live a happy and stress free life for the most part. So the question is master of what?
  10. Spotting a fake master

    The best way to know if someone is a master is to sign up for my course on "who is a master" brought to you by self proclaimed and self taught grand master Maddie
  11. Dao Bums (here i am)

    I don't want to overdo it but I just went blonde and did bangs! First time ever!
  12. The chakra system is genderless

    Is it just me or does "solo cultivation" sound like it involves locking your door, a jar of lotion and a sock?
  13. Any alchemical experts here?

    By the qualifications of the Dao Bums I am an expert/master/genius.!
  14. Hello, I am a solo cultivator

    This feels like a Saturday night live skit lol
  15. How can I stop grinning?

    Ok so you draw God energy into your head. Why do you believe that stopped?