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  1. Zhan Zhuang sensations?

    Lam Kam Chuen has great books and good videos. May be useful to observe his form carefully and make the adjustments. We never do it perfect the 1st time, 2nd or 3rd.....but don't let that discourage you. The same is true with everything. The path is a gradual process of becoming. If you'd like some help with your Wu Chi posture just PM me. I often help others with energetic adjustments.
  2. Energy Vortex

    Have not read any books on the subject. Just personal exploration.
  3. Energy Vortex

    When i was down in Peru, all of the pyramids i visited were on vortexes, but had gotten quite polluted (energetically) over the years. Some people say Machu Picchu is on a big vortex....but in the time i visited there i was too young too be aware of these things. Never been to Stone Henge, but a British friend of my said the energy there is intense. When i lived in Florida, i regularly visited a native american site that was wonderful. Like most sites it felt like your walking into a thick soup of energy and entering another dimension....in some sense you are. Usually local parks have vortexes. If your doing any kind of work with the land (Faeries or other land spirits), you'll inevitably be invited into these realms.
  4. Energy Vortex

    Experienced many of these spaces myself. There is a reason why many old Daoist monasteries are built on mountains. "Sacred sites" throughout cultures are usually built on ley lines. They are great places for practicing chi kung as the energy is super thick and it is easier to "ascend" to a state of stillness.
  5. Psychic vampirism and Qi

    Kamajayi Mudra is for alchemizing sexual energy if your dealing with excess. Typo....."sacred sex". Some forms of sacred/tantric sex involve ejaculation....many do not....but rather conserve the seed and circulate the energy for a powerful and blissful exchange. Never tried those that involve release so i can't say. Experiment and see for yourself. If when you "release" you feel a sense of emptiness, weakness and loss of interest in your partner.....you got the answer right there.
  6. Psychic vampirism and Qi

    I don't know of any particular processes of refinement that focus on vampirism.....its not my field. My experience with trees is that your cultivation does get an extra boost because your dealing with more than just your energy field.....there's more voltage at your disposal. 1hr of Tree work is equivalent to 1hr and 30 minutes of regular chi kung. Jing is rocket fuel for cultivation....i wouldn't look for "a way out" of utilizing this potent force to your benefit. Jing is the energy we extract from food....it's an important part of our nature. Whether Vampirism or Tree Gong will help you side step the Jing requirements for cultivation? I highly doubt it (complimentary perhaps), the path is one of deep and heartbreaking challenges. Those whom try to dodge the necessary difficulties usually don't get far. If your worried about not having enough Jing....then eat more Jing rich foods and moderate your sexual activities (or practice sacred sex, Kamajayi Mudra....etc). Jason Millers SS course is quite handy....highly recommend for budding sorcerers.
  7. Psychic vampirism and Qi

    My understanding is that there would be a need for more refinement of said stolen Qi because most people's energy is shit. Furthermore, be careful with drawing from other peoples Qi field. Free Will is not just some idealistic notion....it is a part of the fabric of reality. When you cross that line, naturally there are consequences. When it comes to exchanging energy for mutual benefit, one alternative is Tree Gong. Trees have very pure and comforting Qi.....much more harmonious and beneficial than the average person walking the streets. Furthermore there usually always open to exchanging if approached with good intent. Evoking Angels, Sacred Sex....etc. Intent is key in all different approaches.
  8. Lust - and what to do about it

    Your energy is quite frail, PM me if your interested in some healing work. Kamajayi Mudra done daily is helpful for transmuting sexual energy.
  9. Peter Ragnar Qigong Swap

    If you were doing it for several years you should know the movements. Why not just record a video of yourself doing the movements for reference?
  10. Complete beginner

    SFQ is great. The Secret Smile and Moving of Yin and Yang he offers are great tools to build a foundation for your practice. The interview he did for TDBs is one of my favorites.
  11. WW3 2020?

    At-least the memes are good. https://www.infowars.com/internet-memes-go-nuclear-after-globalists-try-to-push-trump-into-wwiii/
  12. We live in a sedentary society.....so it is easy for our back and other muscles to get locked up. Yet we only tend to notice the "locks" when we try different postures. Sun Salutations are a great tool for unlocking the tissues. By doing so it will also allow for easier flow of energy. Tension blocks chi. There are many different types of meditation forms and postures. There are even types of sleeping/dreaming meditations. All have there value. If there is no room for chairs then you can get a Zafu for your floor or bed. Lots of tricks available. When it comes to postures themselves....like a mudra different postures align the body in certain ways and thus trigger different responses and flows. Practicing being physically aligned is key to all forms of spiritual training.
  13. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    Feel free to reach out anytime.
  14. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    Congrats on your successful period of practice. Getting off the ground is the hardest part. If you ever want some help just send me a PM.
  15. Once you know or Gknow something (1+1=2) you don't forget. Gnosis is more than just an intellectual understanding or a momentary awareness.....its a process of Becoming.