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  1. Lust - and what to do about it

    Your energy is quite frail, PM me if your interested in some healing work. Kamajayi Mudra done daily is helpful for transmuting sexual energy.
  2. Peter Ragnar Qigong Swap

    If you were doing it for several years you should know the movements. Why not just record a video of yourself doing the movements for reference?
  3. Complete beginner

    SFQ is great. The Secret Smile and Moving of Yin and Yang he offers are great tools to build a foundation for your practice. The interview he did for TDBs is one of my favorites.
  4. WW3 2020?

    At-least the memes are good. https://www.infowars.com/internet-memes-go-nuclear-after-globalists-try-to-push-trump-into-wwiii/
  5. We live in a sedentary society.....so it is easy for our back and other muscles to get locked up. Yet we only tend to notice the "locks" when we try different postures. Sun Salutations are a great tool for unlocking the tissues. By doing so it will also allow for easier flow of energy. Tension blocks chi. There are many different types of meditation forms and postures. There are even types of sleeping/dreaming meditations. All have there value. If there is no room for chairs then you can get a Zafu for your floor or bed. Lots of tricks available. When it comes to postures themselves....like a mudra different postures align the body in certain ways and thus trigger different responses and flows. Practicing being physically aligned is key to all forms of spiritual training.
  6. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    Feel free to reach out anytime.
  7. 405 days of Golden Flower Meditation

    Congrats on your successful period of practice. Getting off the ground is the hardest part. If you ever want some help just send me a PM.
  8. Once you know or Gknow something (1+1=2) you don't forget. Gnosis is more than just an intellectual understanding or a momentary awareness.....its a process of Becoming.
  9. Money, Money, Money.

    An important underlying principle worth discussing is that of "Wielding Power". Power comes in many forms, whether it be money, weapons, technology and knowledge. Wielding Power is a skill....if you have lots of power thrust upon you without due preparation....this can cause problems.
  10. Hi

    Kundalini is a wild force, not something you want to go into before you've cleared the primary channels of the body so things can run smoother. Lmk if you'd like any help.
  11. Hello I like to learn how to feel emotions again.

    Welcome to TDB. I do a bit of Healing work. Lmk if you'd like any help.
  12. "Black chi" (?)

    Specific types of Yin energy have a "darker" quality to them.
  13. Some Zhan Zhuang expierence

    There are thousands of different energetic and meditative practices. The important thing is to understand the root goal of your training and then align yourself with practices that are helping you reach that goal.
  14. Some Zhan Zhuang expierence

    When energy is running through the energetic tubes of your body it will naturally toss out unhealthy sediment in its path. This can trigger spontaneous movements in the body and many other sensations. It's part of the process.
  15. Damaged lower dantian

    Definitely whenever doing different energetic techniques, give it 30-60 min in-between each so that the energetics of each method don't collide.