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  1. How to stop leaking of Original Chi

    Tip #1 Stay away from Mantak Chia Tip #2 You got some serious shit going on that needs healing. PM me with you want.
  2. Novice experience - any thoughts?

    Those sensations your experiencing are quite common. It is good that you know your weaknesses (impatience, distractibility...etc). The key is to take the time to intentionally remove these obstacles from your training so that your path is open and free. Cultivation is a process of internal landscaping....trim the trees and plant the onions in a way to allow your cultivation to grow and your life to blossom. Using the energy that you generate from chi kung to blast through these internal obstructions is a potent tool. Where awareness goes....energy flows.
  3. sean gone?

    Will the God of the Tao Bums ever return? Sean, a mind away Will the Lotus collapse in the mud? Another site form? -Anybody want to found another site if this one collapses?
  4. Putting it out into the Universe

    In normal times, train diligently and with intent.....in chaotic times.....train diligently with intent. Train to surf....on the waves of the Dao.
  5. Vision of Kali

    Kali is a lovely lady. Always found her to have a strong kinship with the kundalini force. She enjoys offerings of "red stuff" such as peppers and flowers. Vedic tradition has many mantras, "Om Kali Ma", is particularly potent IMO. Mantra can be a form of offering for a deity. Any other questions, just let me know.
  6. Am I feeling chi or just deluding myself?

    Chi sensations come in many forms. The examples you mentioned are common. The best way to feel Chi is do a 2-3 hr session of Chi Kung, then practice projecting chi at your hands or just pull your hands together and then apart. You'll likely feel some distinguishable sensations.
  7. sean gone?

    Finding Sean?
  8. downward energy flow

    Pm me, may be able to offer some help.
  9. Skeleton Meditations

    Looks like those old Tibetan Buddhist deity paintings.....care to elaborate on what painting this is?
  10. Skeleton Meditations

    Lot of different ways to approach any cultivation style. I mentioned above how to find the Bodri pdf. Today i was thinking of how i could use Da Mo's Cave meditation (Path Notes by Glenn Morris) to create a doorway into the bones or using the Uruz rune to cleanse the system could be fun. All potential options if you like to play...for more traditional methods Bodri and Taoist Bone Breathing are options. The methods i use nowadays are my own and not shareable. Mantak Chia did some early books on Bone Breathing....which i have not read.....and nowadays am loathe to trust anything by him. The most powerful forms? Don't know...that's probably the least important part when it comes to getting results with cultivation. Sincerity and the intensity of one's training is a much greater determining factor on gains made. Were often our greatest enemy. Give the greatest cultivation methods in the world to an insincere student....they'll treat it like trash....give average methods to a completely sincere person...they'll become a Buddha.
  11. Skeleton Meditations

    If you google his name and white skeleton you'll find a free pdf.
  12. Skeleton Meditations

    What would you like to know?
  13. Think you caught Covid19, What to do

    What you should do...not gonna say. What i would do.....go into quarantine, start water fasting and then do internal work as long as possible till my energy is fried. Rinse and repeat.
  14. Skeleton Meditations

    Skeletal based practices are a common method in several traditions and for good reason. I've been exploring this area for a bit now and am sharing some of the benefits below. Skeletal cultivation helps stabilize awareness so your less likely to be "touched" by divine madness. Martial Artists will find that it relaxes the muscles and promotes alignment. Increased vitality is the most immediate benefit, so if your an "older" individual whom lacks the juice of a young whipper snapper....this practice is quite helpful and worth the investment. The only downside to this kind of practice is that it is a bit "slow moving". Other practices give much more immediate benefits while skeletal work is like a slow turning ship....but after many years of training the dividends began to multiply exponentially. William Bodri is one of the primary Buddhist sources i've found and Taoist meditations are also scattered about on the net. Best of luck to my fellow cultivators.
  15. Quarantine Training

    Awesome. This kind of opportunity does not happen too often. While the whole society shuts down....play in the Qi as much as possible. Most internal work also boosts the immune system.