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  1. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    I like to focus on each organ, gland, send it pleasure (make it orgasm) and think good liver, healthy liver, best liver ever-- Not exactly that phrasing, but more like "you are healthy and are great at your job."
  2. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Couldn't you achieve similar with HGA practice, just direct it to your organs? I don't know if I want my organs speaking to me, I wouldn't mind having a bit of medical intuition, like I think most ppl have on some level, but I guess alcoholics would do well having their liver yell at them, "mannnnn, you're killing me!"
  3. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Anything that can be cultivated
  4. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    It would be getting your cake and eating it too. I don't see it as a free lunch, tho. One would need to be able to create a construct strong enough to do it, there's a physical/mental aspect running in the background, the more things you attempt to do outside of practice would lessen the effect.
  5. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Interestingly enough, the same author has an ebook where you use a mix of NLP framing, resource state creation and a bit of western practical magic with the use of self-made gesture to fire specific useful states.
  6. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    The real magick, I hear, is when your navel gazes you.
  7. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    I have other ideas like using a servitor to fill dantians for you. I tried the above technique with a time limit and it was an interesting experience. Continous jolty jolts similar to how when I focus on any part of the body, but automatic. I have no idea if it is useful or not.
  8. I read Phillip Farber's Brain Magick a few times every year. He takes a secular, non-deity, non-traditional contemporary approach to invocation and evocation. In his frame, you can evoke/invoke almost anything related to your body or even constructs that you create. Emotions, diseases, desires and so on... Is there anything in Taoist theory that suggests that a person couldn't evoke/bind energy from their dantian(s), impregnate it with whatever (moar power, X form of chi, Y form of chi, a command) and then invoke it back into their body?
  9. There seems to be a few out of shape energy masters. It simply proves that you can gain success at one level of life without having the total package. Some will askew healthy social and romantic relationships, some will learn to throw chi balls but not barbells. Some will meditate all day but not master the outer world. If I have kids, I hope to live long enough to at least see them through their 20s.
  10. Why do teachers offer DVDs?

    Not confusing, but simple to use and navigate.
  11. Why do teachers offer DVDs?

    It makes sense based on age and not keeping up with the times. But laptops don't even come with DVD players one you start buying high-end computers. I have come across a few more teachers who have streaming and download options. I do think that all digital content should be backed up multiple times in the cloud and even locally, just in case. One risk we have is an electronic attack that destroys servers, we could lose decades worth of knowledge.
  12. How is willing to do the work without any extraneous additives lesser than taking on all the ideas that may or may not be pertinent towards reaching the endgame of such a practice? Or any practice?