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  1. How to fix knocked knees ?

    I was too cranky with my reply!
  2. Only Comfortable With Paid Lessons

    I don't agree with that. My stolen collection of SFQ about 15 years ago served me well. This reminds me that I need to make a donation to Chunyi Lin. His techniques helped a lot when I was going through health issues back then. I'm about to send him an email. The whole you have to have a teacher and lineage trap is a presupposition that many have, a type of programming, people just need quality techniques, and a resource to lean on if they have more questions. Potentially, good remote teaching will answer more of the questions and provide solutions for the most frequent issues that people might have. I find that it isn't just ethical, it is the cornerstone of good business.
  3. This Gary Clyman Video. Any Thoughts People?

    I always felt like Waysun Liao, no matter how great, would probably slowball your progress.
  4. This Gary Clyman Video. Any Thoughts People?

    I'm no one's follower. I would probably out a## hole him. I've been around far more toxic ppl than what he displays. But I like the idea of the non-hippie Taoist master. Douchbags can have attainment too?!!
  5. This Gary Clyman Video. Any Thoughts People?

    I want to experience his personality in person.
  6. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    No, I'm framing it as you have a negative outlook, not that it is negative just because I don't agree.
  7. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    I don't think this is a good argument. The 'tools' that we have been talking about are quite subjective in the internal arts. We know very little about the details of them, we have only been told that they work, what to expect, and then we have our own anecdotal experience that sometimes is similar to others likely because of how the human body is constructed, but also because of priming. Priming is a huge thing, and why accepting the frames that others present to you can be dangerous. When our teachers do attempt to break it down on an analytical level, they result in framing it in modern neuroscience and the various nervous systems in the body (PNS, CNS, ENS) Now, modern analytical tools could be used to do more research into how these things actually work, and from there we could create a more refined understanding and set of best practices. Remove it from faith, myth and our own filters. Also, you moved the goalposts. You went from suggesting that the ancients were wiser when they couldn't even heal childhood diseases that we have eradicated, to changing the argument about the internal tools that we use without much data suggesting how they really work. I'm not against the ancients, I'm against the Golden Age fallacy. I'm often prone to say that science is slow to research these things. Modern medicine's/research tools do not destroy the earth, mining for the resources for us to have this conversation on our phone does-- We don't need to conflate the two.
  8. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    I am correct, if it doesn't fit your frame you suggest inevitable negativity. Shoot you even suggest the same thing when it comes to entity possession. The universality of your argument is what I am taking aim at, not that you have a POV that is different.
  9. I've done some of his free stuff over the years, but not for very long... Any long time students? Any thoughts on this video. His personality What a WWE character. Does he have the mythical magical 'juice' the bums use to talk ad nauseam about?
  10. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    @Earl Grey You are as I suspected anti-self-development if it doesn't fit your narrow frame. That is fine, just don't sell your point of view universally. Because someone can be subject to Dunning-Kruger effect as they undergo self-creation, doesn't mean that this is most often the case. If people focus on humility and self-awareness (not in just the go sit in silence version) but more a running assessment of who they are in all their dealings, they are less likely to come to where you suggest they have to end up. I find this odd, everything you suggest has to lead to some negative path, which to me means you have an overarching negative view of such things and possibly cannot deal with this subject matter objectively.
  11. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    The Golden Age Fallacy also exists as well My point is quite succinct: (1)We have far greater analytical tools and better research methods today. (2) We don't need to depend on legacy and faith, when we try, test and create far more objective samples vs myth handed down with cultural flavorings and hidden 'truths' and the such. I would love for you to attempt to refute my #1. I want to know how magically the people of the past had better tools and methods of analysis than we have today. Why didn't they wipe out polio or cowpox earlier, if they were so wise and had greater analysis tools and methodology than we have today?
  12. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    I gave a lot of options that would allow a person to develop self-awareness as they engage in self-making yet you still take issue with it. What is you overarching issue with self-making? Self-aggrandizement doesn't naturally flow from what i suggested. Then again, what is wrong with healthy self-aggrandizement?
  13. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    Do you naturally have an issue with people believing in themselves and working hard?
  14. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    Oh. I don't think they should be the same in experience. I'm just mentioning what has given the most awe.
  15. Spinal Breathing Gives Kundalini Awakening

    Perhaps, but it isn't certain that a person ends up aggrandizing themselves. They might just become a better version who is aware of their power, worth and limitations. Teaching self-awareness with self-making might be an awesome combination. Perhaps a lifelong never ending black/white mirror journal., wins/losses, good me/bad me, reality vs inflation...