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  1. I can think myself to orgasum. Here is how I did it.

    My belief is that it is all CNS related, so once you understand the 'networking' of the CNS and how it expands throughout the body, you can 'energize' any body part, make it tremble, fill it with sensation... I believe this is how we 'create' chakras and dan tiens, which are all or mostly located around large nerve clusters, plexuses, near major organs and glands. The not so richly connected body parts just take a little bit more effort to 'fire' up. The body might be the most real thing that we have that we can create subjective concepts to create real-world physiological response. Surely the greatest temple ever constructed just needs renovation via mind/energy work.
  2. Esoteric and Occult Discussion

    If it works please let us know.
  3. I can think myself to orgasum. Here is how I did it.

    Do you mean ejaculation (climax) or orgasm (brain, body, trembles, shaking, heavy breathing, flushing, heat, sensations running up the spine and throughout the body)? I use to want to think myself to climax (ejaculation), but thinking my way to orgasms is much better. It is a part of my practice. Focusing on almost any body part leads to orgasm. I call them CNS orgasms because it mostly emanates from the spine. Earlier, I was playing with the idea of a knee-gasm , ear lobe-gasm, elbow-gasm. Basically parts that don't seem pre-wired for pleasure.
  4. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Here's another book that I've read that is similar to the above concept.
  5. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    I like to focus on each organ, gland, send it pleasure (make it orgasm) and think good liver, healthy liver, best liver ever-- Not exactly that phrasing, but more like "you are healthy and are great at your job."
  6. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Couldn't you achieve similar with HGA practice, just direct it to your organs? I don't know if I want my organs speaking to me, I wouldn't mind having a bit of medical intuition, like I think most ppl have on some level, but I guess alcoholics would do well having their liver yell at them, "mannnnn, you're killing me!"
  7. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Anything that can be cultivated
  8. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

  9. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    It would be getting your cake and eating it too. I don't see it as a free lunch, tho. One would need to be able to create a construct strong enough to do it, there's a physical/mental aspect running in the background, the more things you attempt to do outside of practice would lessen the effect.
  10. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    Interestingly enough, the same author has an ebook where you use a mix of NLP framing, resource state creation and a bit of western practical magic with the use of self-made gesture to fire specific useful states.
  11. Can We Evoke/Invoke Our Dantian(s)?

    The real magick, I hear, is when your navel gazes you.