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Found 2 results

  1. Relationship advice

    Hi community, I have a short story to tell and one request that please don't judge me. I know that I can get very useful advice here because many of you have read great scriptures and some of the wisest people on internet can be found here. I was in a relationship with a girl for last 8 months. She was from a conservative family and her mixing with boys was not liked. I was in relationship with her for last 8 months. Recently, I got to know she has been in a relationship with some other boy also for last 5 years. So she was cheating me and also the other guy. Her past is shady and has two or three relationships like this in the past. When I got to know about the other boy I was so furious and wanted to take revenge in some way. But a wise lady suggested me to control my anger and wait for a few days. I did the same but somehow I could not stop thinking about revenge and finally told everything to her mother. She was beaten and scolded, though I insisted to her mother that please don't punish her and let her free. Tbh, I wanted an end to this story so I thought that may be her mother will marry her with that boy and I will make my mind understand that she is no more mine. But things happened the other way. Her mother called me in the evening and said to me if I will marry her daughter. I didn't say yes but I know she is never going to marry her daughter with that person and I am always a option for them because I am highly educated than her and also earning a lot more. Now my question is I am totally blinded by the beauty of that girl. She has become like a priceless possession for me and I want her at all cost. Until I have that choice to marry her I can't stop thinking about her. May be I sound foolish but that's the true story. I sometimes think what if she stays with me for a short time (if cheats me) ,in any case relationships are not absolute in nature. Couples cheat each other so many times in life. Would I be wrong if I decide to marry her? because in any case she is not going to get married with her choice of boy. Moreover, I know her and love her too so please enlighten me on this situation. Thanks in advance.
  2. Social Media

    Hey guys, just wanted to gather some opinions on the topic of social media. No one has a thread on it that I know of. I used to use social media like facebook, twitter, and instagram (and even myspace back in the day). In the past year or so I've got some distance from social media deleting my facebook and instagram and using my twitter maybe once a week on average and not having it downloaded to my phone. On the other hand, my girlfriend uses twitter, facebook, and instagram daily. I feel like using social media creates people to think about other people, most of which are not currently in their lives. Based on what I've read in books and on this forum it seems thinking about something is putting energy into it, not sure if that's right. It makes me uncomfprtable knowing my girlfriend finds enjoyment in looking at hundreds of different people daily that she doesn't know or barely knows. So what you guys think of social media?