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  1. Wow, great forum

    There are time travellers in this board
  2. Deception was my job

    How's life in bedsit land?
  3. There's a lot of threads on coronavirus already, I know, but I think it would be worthwhile pondering what a situation like this could be understood as in terms of say samsara and dependent origination (or in any other sense if you wish). Obviously I don't have the answers but I'll post a few thoughts to get the ball rolling. The key to me is in terms of my cultivation/practice - what I mean is that great yogis turn every situation to their advantage in terms of dharma. So obviously big changes in our social environment is a lesson in impermanence. Also we tend to have been living in a fantasy world where old age, sickness and death are somehow excluded (seemingly) - for instance we have the cult of youth and celebrity and so on - but samsara cannot be perfected and so after some time an adjustment 'needs' to be made to keep the ball rolling. I think that's what this is - our collective minds are correcting for an imbalance based on our ignorant grasping. Or to put it another way this is just the next event in the chain of causality. Our past actions/intentions in some way added up to this pandemic - and I am not saying that to apportion blame by the way but just to say that the 'cause' is our own past actions. This is inevitable because we are not awakened - so the answer is to get awakened
  4. The locked thread by incompetent MOD

    Dear everyone, particularly SongShuhang, The purpose of TheDaoBums is discussions along the way - that is about our various spiritual paths and mostly how we can help each other to progress, share ideas and generally and so on. The Mod team will take action to safeguard that environment from time to time - when and how it choses in line with a few general rules. If you are not happy with something you can report it. If however the Mod team don't take the exact action you would like to see, at the time you would like to see it, that's just tough. So while the Mod team may post occasionally explaining what action has been taken for the purpose of clarity it is not an invitation for endless debate over whatever is happening. Don't do it. It will be locked. And if you persist you will be banned. Have a very nice day.
  5. Please stop making asinine comments, it's not helpful. This thread is locked as it serves no purpose.
  6. If you are pushing it to see how far you can go - then you've already gone too far. You've only just got here and if you can't cope then feel free to leave.
  7. The Will is a trap

    I think you may have succumbed to some anti-will propaganda. Being wilful isn't the same as being brash and harmful. Social conditioning denigrates the wilful as being awkward and uncontrollable - because they want you to fit in - that is conform to some kind of rationalised version of how to behave. This is usually based on social safety to protect the nervous and those made anxious by experiences that they have not yet understood. Will in its true sense is action from pure unconditioned consciousness - truly free and without conceptually imposed limits.
  8. In both of the traditions you mention here Daoism (Internal Alchemy) and Tibetan Buddhism (tantra/vajrayana) there is held to be a relation between the macrocosm (the outside world) and the microcosm (your inner world) and that these two correlate, resonate and indeed follow the same patterns, such as the sun and moon cycles and so on. However it is not the case that one causes the other. There may be causative relations, such as for instance ritual magic aimed at a particular result and this would depend on carrying out specific actions in a purified state, inter-relating to certain forces which do have a causative functions and making offerings and so on. But again much of this is about using correspondences and alignments to bring about change in accordance with will. This is enormously tricky and also risky - hence the stress on purification of body and mind and also intent. Samaya vows are there to safeguard the purity of the transmitted energy/information from teacher to student. They can be broken but also repaired if you know how. The world is chaotic - more in the way of being so very complex that lines of cause and effect are almost impossible to detect or predict - rather than in the sense of being random. So that our actions and the results are connected but via a field of infinite flux. If for instance we piss in an ocean - our urine will end up somewhere and have some effect but we know not where. Cultivation begins with simple things to get your life in order, dealing with responsibilities and duties and also being continent emotionally and sexually. This why magical operations start with circle drawing as a statement of self-containment. We exist in a field of intelligent energy which will in an uncanny way reflect back to us things we need to know or attend to. How many times have people 'escaped' one situation they didn't like to walk straight into an even worse one - out of the frying pan - into the fire. So if you are noticing that your actions (whatever they are) are followed by certain types of events or patterns of some kind - you should not think 'I have caused this' but just ask what message am I getting and what should I change. The answer may not be always obvious.
  9. When I first came onto DBs in 2007 Drew was very active but his posts were completely tangential to whatever the thread was about. I was completely confused but Yoda (an old time member who recently came back) explained to me - its just Drew don't worry about it. If you donate then I'm thinking you have to immediately let go of it ... otherwise ... regrets
  10. Unusual post-ejaculation fatigue

    Yes some deep seated energy block could function like this. Not be apparent until energy depleted. But its only speculation - you need to find someone to advise you in person.
  11. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Rubbed it out, mate.
  12. Unusual post-ejaculation fatigue

    I don't know the answer but I won't let this hold me back from replying If you feel physically ill at these times it would be a good idea to see a doctor and maybe get a blood test (which could check out your hormones as you suggest in 1) ). Once in ten days is certainly not excessive and at your age its surprising that its causing you problems - although I think you should not practice any qi gong for at least 24 hours after ejaculating to allow your subtle body to normalise. If I had to guess I would say you are suffering from an energy backlash where you don't just get the usual slight lowering of energy but more like it gets sucked down the plug hole. The cause of this could be quite deep and maybe some Chinese meds or healing (from someone who knows what they are doing - finding such person being a problem) is the answer. Don't self medicate tho' (its easy to get the wrong remedy online by misdiagnosis - I speak from experience ). How do you feel the rest of the time? OK or still low energy?
  13. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    I wouldn't presume to tell you what to do, its up to you - but if you are cultivating in any system that I am aware of this doesn't sound like a particularly good idea (on any level).
  14. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Do you have sex with people without speaking to them then?
  15. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Don't have sex with random mentally imbalanced people.