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  1. new COVID discussion rule/s

    obviously nothing is happening
  2. new COVID discussion rule/s

    You could also link troubling posts to the disclaimer or provide an info link as per FB and Youtube do ... although I am loathe to suggests copying those internet giants TBH.
  3. simplify

    Deus vult
  4. Current Events Discussion

    After I read this thread .... this happened!
  5. new COVID discussion rule/s

    @Trunk and mod team et al, Have you considered moving all Covid related content to a separate sub with a pinned and prominent site disclaimer/position statement i.e. not a medical site, recommend all users to seek professional medical advice, follow their local government guidelines regarding social distancing etc. ... and please cite all claims with links to external sites. And that apart from this we support the freedom of individuals to reach their own conclusions informed by current science and the values of the system of cultivation they follow, and value the function of this site as free and frank discussions between individuals with their own views, questions or reservations. ?
  6. simplify

  7. simplify

  8. simplify

    Battenberg cake
  9. simplify

  10. simplify

  11. simplify

  12. simplify

    chew gum
  13. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    This year’s Fibonacci convention is going to be really special. Apparently it’s as big as the last two put together.
  14. simplify