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  1. Who doesn't love a bit of Gobekli Tepe:
  2. An opinion or observation of madness

  3. Now let's follow the science (as the current phrase goes):
  4. An opinion or observation of madness

    It stretches credulity a little to think that Hunter B. put two laptops in for repair which had both incriminating emails and compromising pics on them - but it's not impossible I suppose. What is def true is that he worked for the Ukrainian energy company while Biden was VP and was paid an enormous salary ... for what? if it was not for access. Either way I think Biden and Trump inhabit the same swamp ... and again I would suggest double your practice and pray for peace ... 'cos it might be helpful in the end.
  5. Suddenly it all clicks into place.
  6. Emotions are the path

    Good question. Well it was the OP of the thread so in a way I am just trying to keep on topic. But obviously there's more to it than that. My father is a scientist/mathematician and I was brought up with a strong emphasis on being rational - in fact I am fairly sure he would not even admit to emotions being a real concern. Which used to piss me off but now I find amusing. His hard rationality probably pushed me, when I was a teenager, to seeking a mystical/meditation path which I saw then very much as a path of seeing. What I mean is I was convinced there was more than ordinary objective reality and wanted a find a way to open up a world behind the everyday world. This was probably due mostly to experiences I had as a child with changes in states of consciousness. After some time practicing and through experiences I realised that what was key was energy - mostly energy in the body of the K type - and experienced some kind of awakening. This changed my view of things but it was quite unbalanced and lead to a number of problems I had to work through. Quite a number of years later I realised that my inability to make progress was because I was still clinging to the path of seeing and the path of body energy (if you can call it that). I realised after some examination that every position that people take up, even my fathers extreme rationalism, are emotionally based. That 'seeing' and 'energy' although valid are incomplete and that the path can be best expressed as emotion. By this I don't mean we have to be emotional - in fact this can be a big pit fall of self indulgence - I mean that we have to perceive that the 'terrain' we travel through is an emotional one. Systems for practice as formal presentations of the way can seem to squeeze the emotion out of the path - or demote emotion to disturbances or 'poisons' for example - but this in itself is an emotional position towards emotions itself, if you see what I mean. Without wishing to desiccate the word if we take emotion to mean a motion in life-force (if I am allowed that New Agey expression) it is something real, dynamic, present and alive, which is why tantra pictures it as female, attractive, threatening, amazing, inspiring and terrifying. This is not all I could say but perhaps explains my interest in the subject.
  7. An opinion or observation of madness

    Do you actually like Kamala Harris? She seems quite unlikable to me. But what do I know.
  8. Emotions are the path

    @Yueya thank you for that, it was quite beautiful, even though I'm not sure I understand it all - due to my limited grasp of some things. @Bindi, @dwai, @freeform - and anyone else - I think we lack a common agreed set of terms for some of the 'things' we are dealing with here. I have tried to stick to normal English and not go off into Buddhist tantra or Egyptian mysticism or other systems because sometimes technical language can help and sometimes it can obscure. I am not saying this to discourage you from posting as you will because I am enjoying reading it all and hope you will all continue but perhaps we need to accept among us as a group that there will be problems when mixing say, yoga terms with Daoist alchemy. If we accept first that we are all speaking from our own experience and expressing something valid in our own sense then we can look more for common ground and affirmation - and move forward that way. I have been thinking, in terms of emotion as the path, how Buddhism and some other systems characterise emotions as poisons or delusion or confusion etc. It is as if they are saying we need to get rid of them - and then we will get to some pure state. This to me is very dualistic. It is valid to a certain extent for a person who is in regular emotional turmoil to think about purging anger and passion and so on - because they feel sick with it all. And beyond that someone might look at their emotions and say I will transform them into something higher. But I think 'emotions are the path' is saying something even more profound than that and something more real and human too. What it is saying I can't at the moment access in words that make a whole lot of sense. So I'm going to leave it there for now and wait for a more inspired moment.
  9. An opinion or observation of madness

    I get the impression that Hillary was very unpopular and everyone assumed she would win easily - both of which cause apathy in Dem voters. This time neither of those things is the case. It does look like Biden will win quite easily. I think people think this will be some kind of reset - back to normal ... but I really doubt that. It's such a shame that you don't have an inspiring young candidate which could give everyone some hope. But still I hope America will regroup and find its self confidence again. The world needs it.
  10. Emotions are the path

    The two goals do appear contradictory - but I think they are actually complementary - or even sometimes sequential. Without wishing to be boring about Ancient Egypt they had two goals - one of witnessing (the sunrise) and the other of becoming an 'effective being' = an immortal spirit. Generally speaking they are presented as being sequential - i.e. first witness and then become. But in actuality the path is always some becoming and some seeing, followed by some seeing and some becoming if you see what I mean. Or you could say you can't become without some degree of insight and can't have true insight without some transformation. In terms of blockages I think you could say there are two main types. One is a restriction or opposition to flow and the other is clouds of confusion. Blocks of energy and blocks of insight. I would, in terms of Dan Tiens and wotnot place them either in the Dan Tien or at the intersections. So for instance the energy blocks (restrictions) are at base of spine, solar plexus, and throat/neck. While the clouds (or even storms) are located in the centre of the Dan Tiens i.e. belly, heart, head ... and if you add another cloud above the head you get your seven obstacles. Each of the blocks requires a different strategy/approach to over come - and one big mistake everyone makes is to try to apply the same remedies to all. For instance dealing with the base of spine is quite different to easing the neck. This is more or less how I experience it from energy work meditation but I am no expert in the intricacies of the Nei Dan process. I think that looking at this technically is important - but often what is overlooked is that it is all emotional energy.
  11. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    That time in the Middle Ages when you realised that dragons are real and your wife is unfaithful ...