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  1. How/why does qigong work?

    Looks like your communicating abilities can use some improvement. I remind you that this forum is NOT guys only. There are ladies around who definitely do not act with a snarky, passive aggressive commentary. so I ask you to curb thy tongue.
  2. Bums I am missing

    sometimes lurking, still sick
  3. INFERNO !

    grateful to know your still alive and well.
  4. Potassium

    When i remember well potassium in pillform can hurt the lining of the stomach, that's a reason to keep the amount in pillform low. Further when you take too much you can get problems with your heart-rhythm. Plus most people do not need it. I don't know why you would want to take it but would do some bloodtesting first. I do take potassium but I am ill and body needs it, like @redcairo I take a powdered form.
  5. What is Patriarchy

    never said anything about that
  6. What is Patriarchy

    first it was something about inclusiveness now it's comrade?? implying that I want ( or need) to hold up my hand for my living, I wonder what you read between the lines. Its far beyond reality.
  7. What is Patriarchy

    I have not said or thought that. of course we are, and equal, that equality is not yet recognized by many men, hence my vehemence. especially as I see ( in my country) that things are reverting backwards. you're repeating yourself for the third time here, it is not a valid argument.
  8. What is Patriarchy

    thanks, that looks interesting, long read though. It's some thirty years ago that I've been reading on the subject. Maybe it's time to freshen up my knowledge.
  9. What is Patriarchy

    enjoy, I'm having oolong Ti Kuan Yn, it's delicious, a gift from my grown son.
  10. What is Patriarchy

    I live in Western Europe you try to divert me to countries where women's rights are all but non existent, is not gonna work. That things are worse somewhere else is no reason not to work on bettering things in the place where I live.
  11. What is Patriarchy

    I have many thoughts about that, but it does not belong in this thread.
  12. What is Patriarchy

    as I said, women have fought for that, it was not given to us by oour mighty benign male counterparts Looks like me you dunno what you're talking about. Granted, much, very much is improved, but much in the way of equality is not there yet. And women will keep fighting for it. ( take a look at statistics about being poor for instance, or not having access to medical treatment when needed, or to the paygap et cetera)
  13. What is Patriarchy

    I would like that, we'll do it in spirit
  14. What is Patriarchy

    yes, indeed, my granny and her contemporaries have fought for that, My mom and I follow in her footsteps. It's worth fighting for. In 1916 there were demonstrations for voting rights for everybody. without fighting we would not have gotten what we have now. That freedom was not a gift as you seem to imply. And happily more and more women are joining, these women were not allowed to enter the temple...oh, that benogn fatherly societal structure. ( India january 2018) Indian women were advised to stay inside their homes becuase of the risk of rape, again, that fatherly touch...They got rightly angry and protested, the males should keep their dicks in check and police should do what police is for. ( india, august 2017) you stated the comparison with animals, not I again you imply I'm stupid, happily I'm not impressed. manfasted is a nice slip of typing. It's always interesting to hear males telling about what females look for in a mate