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  1. Haiku Chain

    to our present ease peacefully drifting, a sea of our own being
  2. These posts point towards and highlight what was at first hard to put into words for me. The great connection between Marbs and Lima happened precisely because Marbs understood both the nationally inspired timidity and unintentional awkwardness, and repeatedly offered his hand to help Lima back up when he stumbled on rocky ground or fell into uncertain waters. And Marbs would have greatly disliked what happened. He never wanted anyone banned - time outs were ok, but straight up banning was something he spoke very clearly and directly against. Now, these hours later, we've discovered it was what was previously called a suspension, but while Sean was unaware of this distinction due to precedence in the eyes of the community between the terms (banned and suspended) things looked very different for those of us who could do nothing but observe, and a bit like a kick in the teeth to the memory of Marbs and what he chose to stand for. This has been "interesting" in the way my family uses the word...
  3. Connection between tao and christianity

    I suspect he meant to refer to the Gospel of Mark. Here is a brief overview of why the claim (attributed to the wrong gospel) could be considered spurious: And regarding other remarks made in this thread, here's a very short piece regarding "Zeus the most high," as a shifting point from polytheism to monotheism in ancient Greece well before the birth of Christ. The above being, or having been of, personal interest to me, and something(s) I felt like sharing, while I certainly acknowledge this contribution as veering from the intended focus of this thread..
  4. (((Hugs @Taomeow))) For some reason which is completely unfathomable in this moment, I thought I was the only one who got the "no's," and occasionally usurped this inner guidance only to find I would have preferred the outcome had I listened.
  5. Connection between tao and christianity

    There is no substitionary atonement in Daoism as far as I'm aware, and it would actually be easier for me to draw parallels between Catholicism and Daoism with say the intercession of the Saints and some immortals, the ritualistic aspects of both as religions, and the return to God or Dao as "goal" - however spurious some of these correlations may appear to others. Focusing more broadly than looking for a resurrected god figure may be a simpler and more easily traversed route. And I'm going to tag both @ralis and @steve, who have shared information and resources before regarding the work and understanding of Jesuit priests whose writings may provide some assistance for your friend in finding common ground and a way to bridge the divide.
  6. Connection between tao and christianity

    Oh sweet irony...
  7. Could we then call it a suspension instead?
  8. Someone will always be offended!

    How about we avoid the ban hammer for a bit?
  9. Someone will always be offended!

    Offense at the offense... and on and on it goes.
  10. Insidious implies harm is done, and as far as I can tell, while he certainly played part in the derailment of this thread, he's actually quite incapable of harming any of his fellow posters here. Regarding the eyes pecked out bit, in Crowley's notes it had to do with holding the wrong view. (The notes are fascinating BTW)
  11. The persona is accomplished, and trying to assert personal value, while interacting with people who wished to focus on the heart/mind integration of another. Since the persona is intellectualized and intellectually focused (not heart/mind integrated), this is a vague threat which the persona/ego must fight - for it's own survival. What else would someone whose credentials have defined them do when they find themselves in a place where these (personally) highly valued credentials are viewed as meaningless? Would they be able to just hang as equals? Or would they keep attempting to assert themselves and use this cred as a sort of armor?
  12. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Guess I'll never know then.
  13. Oi Vey You silly man.. you're still looking past me.. Have fun pretending you've won what isn't a contest. I bow to your verbiage and relentlessness in the face of curiosity and humor. I'll award you five points and a gold star. It's time for me to wander for a bit.. catch up with whatever you feel like throwing out there later. Till then, stay presumptuous.
  14. My thumb doesn't point back, even if I make a deliberate attempt to bring it into alignment with the three fingers which do. I just asked my SO to try it, and his results were the same as mine. Thanks for playing along though. BTW I would be a Mrs, not a Mr, if we're adding gender indicative titles, but just Ilu, or ilumairen would be preferable to me.
  15. Oh.. the opening for jokes is HUGE! But given what you said in another thread about being "looked into" and my own experience with the same I still find myself starting to write quips and jokes and then deleting them on occasion. Damn the patriarchal mindset and it's demonizing, projecting and cowardly portrayals... and damn me for just wanting some peace and self regulating as a means of avoidance.