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  1. What We Think We Know

    Do you have a seperate tree floating in empty space somewhere?
  2. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    Yes, I certainly don't belong here, where any personal experience of mine will be so easily dismissed and/or trampled. Yea, you know more; you're the font of wisdom, and I'm just a happy idiot... Good luck to all of you on your paths, and warm regards. Peace out..
  3. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    I grew up as a person in rural area with well water.. and still prefer it.
  4. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    From someone without cred, and not soo much caring about cred... what the hell guys? : makes a confused face and considers the use of panhandler as an insult used by a socialist : I'm completely lost here, and feel this to be appropriate.. I've never even lived in a big city - felt a city of 50,000 draining the vitality from me. Rewilding? Yes, please. : looks around, realises I don't belong here, and crawls back out of the rabbit hole:
  5. Haiku Chain

    It's five bucks an hour And yes you certainly win I'm smiling again
  6. Haiku Chain

    They go round and round Little gerbels on a wheel Pretending they're free
  7. Haiku Chain

    Marking out our land Pissing on stationary Tires - going nowhere.
  8. Haiku Chain

    All in all is all All for one, and one for all Are we musketeers?
  9. Haiku Chain

    they're easy to clean if you find a running steam play will do the work
  10. Haiku Chain

    what's a mom to do! let them eat with their fingers they're easy to clean
  11. No more right-wing bullshit.

    There was a certain poetry and wit to his cantankerousness...
  12. What We Think We Know

    It's the acronym for "Don't know, don't care, but it's a sunny day and it's all good," or for short. Love ya, and sorry if my attempts to use our interaction to highlight the subject matter caused you any upset.
  13. What We Think We Know

    The story wasn't intended to be tragic, and back home would have been met with a "no shit," "suck it up buttercup," or some such dismissal because it's just life - which is kinda what I was intending to convey.
  14. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I'll actually miss you Chang. You were like a crabby uncle - set in his ways, and not worth arguing with, but viewed with some affection regardless. Best wishes in your journeys.
  15. simplify

  16. What We Think We Know

    The concept of eye rolling being rude was formulated by the authority figures in my life when I was young. And as such, I figured our short interaction could serve to illustrate what's brought up in the article, and CT's additional reference points. If the only reference points I held were those of parents and grandparents, I would not have been able to avoid sensing "rudeness." With more reference points, there are other possible storylines, lending to more openness, and less reactivity.
  17. What We Think We Know

    As it relates to the topic.. When I was a child rolling eyes would earn a slap to the face. It was considered quite rude. This instruction from parents, grandparents, and friend's parents remains a "reference point." With some more reference points, it can be understood as "playful yet dismissive" and more like a "no shit" in the language of emoticon. ***** Regarding the sentence I wrote however, there was more implied than simple agreement, and imo such expansion of reference points can lead to what a friend long ago referred to as paralysis by analysis. This isn't always such a bad thing - except when it is (stifling).
  18. Haiku Chain

    gone without glory without heraldry or song time pauses for none
  19. simplify

  20. Proposed simplification of forums

    One would grow accustomed to whimsical names, and considering the "welcome screen" as some sort of "map" may actually assist in navigation and understanding the process of navigating for those with troubles in this regard, imo of course.
  21. simplify

  22. Proposed simplification of forums

    Can we get playful with the names - working with the idea of "adventure" and this being a world with many "lands"? For example - General Discussion/ discussions on the way could be the Silk Road. A title which would express both the exchange of non-sectarian ideas, and a sense of "danger" to the "personal value" of strongly held ideas/ ideals/ tenants/ what not.. Taoist Discussion could be something along the lines of Realms of the Immortals Buddhist discussion seems a bit trickier to me, but perhaps something along the lines of Lands of the Laughing Buddhas, or the Pathways of Boddhisattvas. Vedic/Hindu could be something like Shiva and Shakti's playground or Where Brahman Walks. Off Topic as a bit of Wild Lands or The BadLands - to be traveled at one's own risk... Meta Talk would be The Matrix where the plotting and planning happen... Local meetups could be The Watering Hole.. Anyway, you get the idea.. I'm not soo big on overly simplifying here, although I'm certainly on board with the "weirding."
  23. simplify

  24. simplify

  25. Does the soul know the difference?

    Was just discussing the laugh/cry relation, and how due to repeated trauma a "sense of humor" can become a bit "twisted." Although in actuality it seems to be a way of processing and slow healing.