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  1. The pointy hats are reserved for the wizards and witches. Would a flowing cowl meet with your approval?
  2. I've been pondering this, coupled with the post Armando made. And my curiosity is now questioning whether anything "came out", or if it was created through your intent and pressured focus. Whose intent was revealed?
  3. Please clarify your differentiation here. From different levels within themselves? Or are you suggesting that those talking to us are also no more than our own voices speaking to us?
  4. I miss her presence here. And hope she eventually returns in all her feline feistiness.
  5. So I was right and wrong at the same time. It certainly is..
  6. I would suggest some are just touching different parts of the elephant.
  7. Perhaps he's referring to the 'wiring' of the manifest and subtle bodies? (At least that's the way I understood it.)
  8. Some individuals who arrive at this forum aren't currently doing any practices to be right or wrong about, and do create posts and entire threads in which they request others lay out paths to powers for them. For me, this is what came to mind in regard to the OP of this thread. I tripped myself up, and only stepped on your toes in that I didn't see what you presented as an attack - until you directly typed that it was indeed meant in such a manner.
  9. At this point in time, I only wish to say thank you for taking the time to address my queries. There is potential for this to become a rather interesting thread imo. But right now there's alot of defensiveness. Hopefully we can get past that.
  10. I stand corrected. Apologies to Zork and Earl Grey.
  11. I didn't see what zork saw as a subtle attack. It was just discussion. And didn't think the attack I didn't see was due to him being a know it all.
  12. What you quoted did.. And I was responding to both what you quoted and what you stated.
  13. The outside answers may not correlate with experience, and then the age old conundrum arises. Do you trust yourself or another, and if you don't trust yourself how can you trust the choosing of who to trust? Messy stuff..
  14. I didn't see a subtle attack, and didn't assume he was a know it all either. There's a lot of guard and parry here. Or is it parry and guard? Hard to tell...
  15. After giving this some consideration I find myself disagreeing.
  16. Perhaps it would be simplest to suggest that the people who feel lacking in power will seek what they feel to be lacking?
  17. Choosing your post because I know and trust you. Sometimes internal things occur, and they're curious happenings. There are people here with information I don't have, and yes, some people with lots of words and aspirations.. Sometimes I wonder about the power seekers, and then I settle back into it really doesn't matter.. either a foundation is there or it isn't.
  18. Uppaluri Gopala - The 'Other' Krishnamurti

    "I've nothing to offer that isn't already inside you, so why do you look to me instead of within?" It's a lovely sunny day here, and every once in awhile the wind kicks up. This thread, and what you previously quoted, reminds me that thought is soo very much like the wind.
  19. simplify

  20. Uppaluri Gopala - The 'Other' Krishnamurti

    May I have a glass of wine and sit with you guys for a bit? Honestly, I think this is what rideforever has been pointing towards since he arrived at the bums, and that it even underlies his posts in this thread. What he may be missing is the natural affinity to words that resonate with personal experience.
  21. Can anyone teach me Psychic techniques?

    Let's say the siddhis manifest in the god realm. It is said that the demigods sling arrows at the gods, and grow ever more frustrated as the arrows fall as flowers at the god's feet. And in this, your analogy is very fitting. However, for as easy as the gods appear to have things they are still subject to decay, death, and abandonment as their vitality and health fades.
  22. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    Will you be joining this Sunday's meditation?
  23. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 42

    I'm curious. Couldn't it also be said that "the first movement" arose out of stasis?