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  1. Prior to intent there was experience, and this experience correlates to what you've presented here. Thank you for starting this discussion.
  2. The day after a mid-term miscarriage, my SO of the time invited his friend to the house. This friend brought his wife and their baby. There were many emotions I felt on that day, but hatred of the woman or the child at her breast were not among them. My suggestion would be to look deeper into what vulnerable feelings may be underlying the more powerful feeling sense of hatred. Generally I've found it to be a mask one hides vulnerabilities behind.
  3. I understood that the people that hurt me the most are just people - with their own struggles. I looked at their struggles. For awhile I held what I knew of their struggles. And in the end, I wished them well and set them down. They're lives may be carrying on, while you're holding on to a specific point in time and ideas around it that are hurting you more than them.
  4. Interesting. A divorce attorney in Wisconsin where there is a large Asian population told me that most of his cases were Asian women divorcing their Asian husbands because they found out that other men weren't going to expect the same subservience from them. As a perhaps more interesting side note, I could not legally obtain a divorce at that time because I was pregnant. Actually think about that..
  5. Nature v. People

    Yeah, I'm the girl who poisoned my allies whole army to end a war...
  6. Nature v. People

    Thanks guys. As @rene would say, "both - same time". The dividing certainly assists navigating. I'll leave you guys to thrash out the particulars, such as what is being referred to as way of Nature and way of people.
  7. Nature v. People

    I think you may be misunderstanding his intent.
  8. There were a few I forgot.. Emma of Normandy, for one, and Eleanor of Aquitane for another.. both greatly effected the history of the country you now call home.
  9. I've been considering this, and two women who used their wiles to effect society come to mind - Cleopatra, who managed to delay the inevitable fall of Egypt to Rome, and the Empress Theodora who saved the reign of her husband. And there is also the Virgin Queen of England who ushered in the golden age - although I don't quite think that was what you intended. The government does not make me feel empowered. I wrote this awhile back:
  10. Aetherous, I wrote what I did about bristling due to the nature of the post I'd already written - there isn't something further I was warning you about, and I certainly wasn't trying to intimidate you.
  11. And if I said, I'd like to treat men with more dignity but they persist in shaming my younger sisters, and this is troubling to me what would your response be? A snapshot into the moment of a young woman who is labeled as hot according to the title of the video, doesn't actually tell me much about the young woman at all. What I've found myself curious about is how you came across said video. If someone were to access my YouTube feed, they'd find Bön teachings, guided sleep meditations, music videos and make up tutorials. In short, the things that interest me. And hot chicks and/or the size of dicks they may be interested in don't fall into that category. This thread is seeking to blame the destruction of society on females, and the opening of the video makes clear that this is due to women gaining the right (only through the giving of men) to choose their own sexual partners, and ability to choose how to express their own sexuality. Men talk about t and a, and the size of both, all the time. I accept this, and don't generally shame them for it. That some young woman decided to turn the tables and objectify men by the only size they could/ would feel less manly about is .. interesting. As is the reaction to such objectification. I respect you Aetherous, but hot dayum, in this moment my mama bear is bristling...
  12. Is this like the rigedness you attributed to women in the other thread?
  13. Only young women who like big dick can be shamed... get with the damn program Luke. ******** BTW Where I grew up young women didn't act like that, and it's just as difficult for me to believe it's some norm amongst the majority of young women as it seems difficult for you to believe it's not.
  14. I picked up some frightfully decadent cream cheese filled muffins.. my ex never would have accepted such in the house (there was some issue with cream cheese), and I certainly feel like I've come a long way in the reclamation of myself.. oops, I mean destruction of society.
  15. Yay me! I'm gonna start with some evening grocery shopping to avoid the crowds. Does that count as destructive enough?
  16. Yeah.. because if someone doesn't want to watch it, or are in anyway offended by it, then they simply don't possess the ability to construct valid arguments. Subtle and sneaky...
  17. I've taken a break from the watching - it was making me queezy. Thanks for moving it btw.
  18. Just paused the video (yes, I'm actually watching it), and I have a question. Why are the warbrides being addressed as disloyal to their tribe, while the men who married them are not?
  19. I'm now in my 40s and living over a thousand miles from where I grew up, and the lodge of my ancestors. Sorry to hear of your difficulties.
  20. Yes, my grandmother and aunts were Eastern Star. Thank you for the consideration.
  21. I have recent ancestors who were freemasons, but I'm a female - if this is what you're referring to with the pro-Mason comment. If you're asking about my screen name, a friend created it for me.
  22. Just closed my eyes while sitting on the porch, and yes the veins are still there. And yeah, 40% seems pretty steep - better to guide oneself if that's the price.
  23. What if one is guiding oneself in dream state? And of course I've seen the veins in my eyelids when I've closed my eyes.
  24. How did your paradigm, especially as it regards dream states (to keep on topic in this thread), arise?