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  1. And now we are locked again, pending further review.
  2. Blue aura people

    Hi dawn90, are you referring to people who seem to naturally radiate a somewhat contagious joy of being?
  3. This worthy topic is being temporarily locked, pending moderator review.
  4. Organizing PPJ into Sections

    I added your request (and yours too cleansox) to the thread in the mod area with earl grey’s request.
  5. An opinion or observation of madness

    The other night while watching YouTube the SO clicked on a Tucker Carlson video. The bit watched before he grew disgusted and turned it off highlighted a likelihood Trump will not get re-elected, and started to discus how what should have easily been strengths going into election time had become weaknesses...
  6. Organizing PPJ into Sections

    Hi Earl Grey, I had to present the titles for the requested sub forums before they could be created, and presently the members of the mod team do not have permissions (to create sub forums) or I would simply work with you on this. At the moment admin or tech would have to expedite the request, so I’ll create a thread in the mod area, and see if we can get you the necessary assistance.
  7. I still ice my coffee before drinking it on the porch - where it quickly becomes luke warm. Just the way I like it.
  8. On Spontineity

    Oh my... Personally I prefer the Feng/English translation, but the sharing wasn’t about the translation. It was about the article which I do find rather interesting in a way which has nothing to do with the first line, but the duration of storms - in this instance correlated with forced activity. Which translation is this?
  9. On Spontineity

    Found this a bit interesting:
  10. Remaining Centered - Simply Be

    “Enlightenment is the exhaustion of error.” If I am remembering the quote correctly, exhaustion may be much more literal than one may believe upon first hearing it.
  11. Ok, So she either agreed with you, and betrayed herself in the process, continued to defend what she had shared at the request of an individual with actual interest in what was shared, or threw up her hands and walked away? She doesn’t give in, and then you present it as about her need for control? Over a topic you acknowledged not wanting to contribute to, and admittedly find to be vulgar? I would call this persistence, not spontaneity. And that it appears to have become individually focused bordering on harassment with the sheer persistence of what in this moment looks like an intentional derailing of a thread...
  12. When the quote starts with “the idea is” it indicates a sharing of what is presented for the reasonings behind what the OP is questioning. You are entitled to your opinion. She has presented reasons for her own - which she is also entitled to.
  13. From the first reply the OP received: From the second reply the OP (in this case referring to original poster) received:
  14. Seemed more “they” were openly sharing what information they had regarding a direct query in the OP for just such information. Do you have information to add regarding the topic?
  15. Remaining Centered - Simply Be

    By being an undisturbed reflection, without effort, and without clinging or aversion, “others” may come to see “themselves” - sometimes they see the created self, and react or respond accordingly, and sometimes they see the uncreated, unborn, etc. etc. and blah blah blah. The mirror doesn’t change, doesn’t dwell on ideas of good or bad or wisdom or ignorance. The reflections arise, and fall away, and according to it’s nature the mirror simply “allows” the play of reflections to unfold. Hi Dwai, interesting thread, to me the idea of mirror like wisdom points nicely towards “no mind,” and provides me with invaluable reminders of when I am not quite “through the door.” As a mildly humorous aside, the back of my foot is healing nicely after rather forcefully attempting to close a door I wasn’t quite through, while juggling myriad objects. I didn’t drop a thing, and injured myself while attempting to hold to much.
  16. Hi Song of the Dao, There appears a strong correlation between the liquid content of what is being ingested, and the desire/need to drink fluids while eating. The drier what is being consumed is, the more likely any creature is to drink fluids with or immediately after consumption. As the healthier food choices seem to be those with their natural moisture intact, it may in fact be a good general guideline to not drink while eating, and reconsider food choices if one perpetually finds themselves thirsty while eating.
  17. An opinion or observation of madness

    Then request the sources you are looking for, without making it about the individual you are interacting with’s personal credentials, and it will likely appear less as an attempt to discredit, and more like an attempt to converse. I look forward to it. Thank you.
  18. An opinion or observation of madness

    Please try to address the subject matter, and not to discredit the person. Such as, do you have information to share which contradicts what has been presented here?
  19. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 63

    Hi Rara, I actually like it translated as, “repay ill will with virtue.” And feel it correlates with what you were exploring in the amoral dao thread. Virtue/de when understood as dawei put it, “the action of Dao within you” points, imo, to not losing one’s inner connection when faced with ill will or hatred. One responds from “center” or according to their natural virtue.
  20. An opinion or observation of madness

    Hi Ralis, As far as I can see nobody has intentionally posted information they know is false, there is no violation here to act on, and any information which may be questionable in this regard is covered under the terms of service which hopefully everybody read and understood before agreeing to by joining. The bit which may be most pertinent here: In it’s entirety should anyone be interested: BTW I think in regard to the vitamin D thread you may have unintentionally misrepresented the position presented by the individual with the use of the word “prevents,” and I didn’t read the thread as presenting Vitamin D as being preventative of COVID itself, as the author clearly states in the opening post we are all likely to become infected. Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, and please feel welcome to continue to do so.
  21. And as this thread has quickly devolved into what could be called personal attacks, I am locking it for 24 hours - a brief cool down period. When it reopens please discus the topic, and not each other.
  22. This isn’t open for debate, and I have no issue with you calling something silly. The issue is with this: Please reacquaint yourself with the following:
  23. Even if the individual you are engaging in discussion with had no understanding of genetics or diversity, they would be welcome to share their views here. Please refrain from making the issue personal, and focus any disagreement you may have on the subject, and not the person.
  24. Haiku Chain

    only man makes them ever more elaborate labyrinths of mind
  25. New Moderator Team

    Thank you for presenting this, and I agree. Once permissions are sorted, and the back log of new ppd requests are handled, this can be added to the to do list.