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  1. Oh look, I got covid

    So this site is simply a safe space for people to air out whatever they want, with little to no talk of cultivation anymore… got it. earl was actually given some sound advice by blue. we are dealing with grown adults who prefer being pandered to vs given methods that would help said condition. This is the same dynamic as those who are “ mental health advocates” all these types actually promote is the normalization of disease and degeneracy… but once a friend comes to the table with actionable steps and methods to ameliorate mental condition, the wounded bird identity only wants to remain victimized but be heard. this is completely out of line with the Promethean spirit of the arts that were once discussed here.
  2. Oh look, I got covid

    Alt facts... Good lord this place has gone down hill.
  3. Are you two beyond becoming? @old3bob @stirling
  4. Perception is always limited. Idk, the Jhanas are pretty darn repeatable. Of course it was always there... But it means jack shit to one, if one never finds it.
  5. "I" like that you're welcome, m'friend.
  6. but does this seeing mean that self must be abandoned just because it is temporary, and not lacking ultimate reality?
  7. It seems to me to be a repeatable experience, and the methods are few.. However, no I cannot say with absolute certainty that I will have that same experience again, although I could certainly recognize it should I. I didn't ask, but I appreciate you stimulating thought/conversation nonetheless Hmm, I do find your thoughts hard to follow 100% , so figure me in my novice ways. Is movement not always present as well? Is the seed of one always contained in the other ? (i.e. the taiji? )
  8. It seems to me that a lot of time voidness and emptiness do indeed get confused for one another... I guess it mostly just depends on context, but what doesn't !!! I saw the emptiness ( I think/believe) in my fleeting glimpse, and I can only conceptualize it after the fact as the all ground of everything in it's unmanifest form, and when the light entered myriad things were born of it. I don't think that makes the realm of the manifest any less real than the ground it emerges from. This is all I can offer further on this specific subject, and I don't know if this remark stays on topic or not. Language is tricky.
  9. I'm not sure I follow really. Is this similar to the idea of two truths, the ultimate and the conventional, and not leaning towards one extremity/ the four extremes? Where is your silence while engaged in thought? Where is your stillness when in motion?
  10. Is it weird to believe in a personal will, and complete determinism at the same time? @old3bob @steve @stirling Is the skill in which we use, adapt, and react to such a force important just the same as our perspective?
  11. White Bird must fly, Or she will die!
  12. It is known

    っ ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)っ🎔
  13. Shoshin (初心) or Beginners Mind was the most important thing for me to cultivate.. For the expert, the possibilities are not many, whereas for the beginner they are aplenty.
  14. Elucidate ? are you underhandedly calling me nothing but a result of cause and effect, without any imperial self? I would myself consider that to only be half true!