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  1. Divine Truths from Master

    I just can't imagine that this attitude is very conducive to development long term, although to an extent I understand what you are pointing out about practice not being confined to the cushion... Yet I don't see how that is an apt excuse for all of the name calling and trolling... Can we try to stick to talking about what is skillful? If you are at the level of attainment you say you are, which i cannot tell for myself, I am sure you have enough discernment to realize how trivial and useless the discussions you're partaking in here are... It is a waste, but Surely you know this.. Be better than that!
  2. Divine Truths from Master

    why not dedicate the squandered energy to more practice and less nit picking?
  3. Divine Truths from Master

    let's fix that, then!
  4. Divine Truths from Master

    Well then I guess we will all have to start getting along with eachother.
  5. Divine Truths from Master

    No I do not make it here very often.... Enjoy your time until he is back. I have no goodies for you, troll. Be well.
  6. Divine Truths from Master

    I am honestly pretty split down the middle on whether i'm right or not, but i think GS might be doing a really job of trolling this whole site. Good by a trolls standards, it is not my cup of tea, but he has done a good job of getting a rise out a bunch of us. I would just stop adding fuel to the proverbial shit fire.. unless you're having fun with him ahaha. I think he might just be having his way with a whole lot of the other bums here. There are patterns he seems to follow that if you call out a flaw of his behaviours, he is actually just overdoing and overexpressing that exact same defect in the following post... If that makes sense. Anyways, I don't think this guy is as dumb as he seems, I think he's just a bored troll that we need to starve to death..... Or maybe Sean could just delete him from TDB existence @sean
  7. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    agreed m'friend.
  8. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    A HAIKU: what a waste of breath, a mere dick measuring match.. where the fuck is sean?
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    β€œGet beyond love and grief: exist for the good of Man.” -Musashi
  10. Wang Liping & Vegitarianism

    do you practice the alchemical methods of Wang Liping @Taomeow?
  11. Finding a master or school

    As someone who has had experience in this "international language" , i am surprised i put so much emphasis on wanting to be decently proficient in Mandarin before studying in China! One of my favourite women in the world is my former Boss Li's mother... we just call her mama. My first job in highschool was prepping at an upscale chinese place in St.Catharines, ON, and i grew very fond of the family that owned and ran it. She was in her mid 70's, and still more vital than some 20 somethings that i know.... she'd work 12 hour days 5 days a week, making noodles and chinese buns from scratch... The absolute best I've ever had! I was the token westerner, and everybody else that worked there was from China or Hong Kong :-) Some could speak English very well, and others just a bit. But Li's mum, or Mama as we all called her, didn't speak a lick of it, nor I any Mandarin. Yet I "spoke" with mama more than I did anybody else there. We would laugh with each other all the time and sit down and eat at break together. She always knew when I was hungry before I did and would bring me a bite We used to point at objects and ingredients in the kitchen, and i'd say the english word and have her try to repeat it, and then she'd say it in Mandarin for me to repeat, and we would just laugh at each others inability to get it quite right. We had a special bond I did not have with those that I hadn't a problem speaking with. But with Mama, I really didn't need to say a thing, and in some strange way, that said it all. All of our coworkers, and friends of the family that would frequent the restaurant, would see the connection we had, and it tripped most out. They just couldn't understand how we could possibly connect. Maybe the language barrier, or rather the impediment to communication, is language itself. β€œThe fish trap exists because of the fish. Once you've gotten the fish you can forget the trap. The rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit. Once you've gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare. Words exist because of meaning. Once you've gotten the meaning, you can forget the words. Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can talk with him?” -Zhuangzi
  12. There is no way in my mind that this is not the work of v-origen Thanks for the fun read guys. Haven't been gathering much cultivation tips or tricks from here lately, but these threads are good for a nice belly laugh.. and a nice belly laugh is good for my health !!
  13. What are you listening to?

    Usually not my cup of tea, but this really struck me tonight, whilst working on bent arm pushing on my gymnastic rings. Really put me in "the zone" let me know what y'all think. not much of an electronic guy but i enjoyed this in the moment.
  14. Such important distinctions to make. Without making such a distinction there would be no opportunity for refinement/cultivation at all.
  15. Just read this pdf and tell me that we are not controlled by those in the know with control and intent. While i do agree with some of your sentiments here, your sense on this matter is limited, which is not to say that mine isn't as well.However, Just go and read this book if you ever feel so inclined. And if you haven't the time, just google who is Edward Bernays? (Hint: Freuds Nephew) When man does not even understand his own mind, how is he to know when his mind is being fucked?