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  1. Are most Daoist practitioners solo ?

    skill problem
  2. Transgender Q&A

  3. Transgender Q&A

    yeah i'm pretty sure this lines up perfectly with traditional ideas of enlightenment!! Jhana who?? haha, silly Gautama. you could've just watched love on the spectrum LGBT edition why did you struggle so hard silly little shakyamuni
  4. Can jing be replenished?

    ahahah gluttony is so funny.... there's my literal queen again, casting pearls before the swine. your attainments never cease to amaze me, so high level. i know multiple terribly obese individuals who use this approach too.. sad to say it isn't working for them very well. Discernment is banned, it's not the goyslop 5000kcal a day diet that's the problem... it's the shame again. Being skinny is literally fatphobic. It's funny actually, one of my best friends girl friend has really blown up in the last year, and she talks this talk too. But she is the most passive aggressive and obviously fake about it after a drink or two when her ability to mask her real face starts to dwindle. she'll throw out backhanded compliments towards the other women in the group who are all in shape, or a never ending monologue about how she wants to lose weight but has simultaneously never been more comfortable in her skin ( fatty cope, literally nobody believes it and pandering to this kind of self delusional and insecure monologue is "idiot compassion" a la Trungpa) anyways, I guess what I am trying to say is i obviously have a lot to learn from the both of you.
  5. Can jing be replenished?

    absolutely agree. however the frocio here can't stop cumming!!!! oh well. at least you'll be welcome in the land of milk and honey. these others don't know a thing about cultivation obviously. They think they've out smarted every ascetic from most every religious tradition who takes the vow of celibacy. don't get me wrong, most of these traditions are empty husks now as well, but your ceiling is much higher if you're practicing abstinence and combining it with actual method. i think their idea of enlightenment is being vaguely nice and injecting as much copium as possible so as to forgot about their lack of will and inability to temper desire. they will arrive here in one fell swoop to psychoanalyze this again and tell me i'm projecting hopefully by then @steve has already deleted my account and i don't have to read anything they have to say
  6. Can jing be replenished?

    why do you think daoist priests and nuns take vows of celibacy.... any ideas at all?
  7. Christianity

    typical western brain rot psychoanalysis take.. " all homophobia is the return of the repressed" bull shit. it's funny that you guys just hide behind your sarcasm , passive aggressive petty ressentiment, and suffer from the inexhaustible well spring of post modern irony ( hard for y'all to escape obviously, NGMI ) , and somehow think that is better than me making a troon joke....In a christian thread..... Sorry you should have been clear this is a protestant reformation universalist rainbow church christian thread i would have steered clear. make fun of jesus in christian thread: heckin wholesome and hilarious!!! make fun of troon in christian thread: :@@ !!!!! :((((((( UR BANNED
  8. Christianity

    Imagine me going into the LGBT thread and making some less than savory troon jokes? this is exactly what happened in this " Christianity thread" , but of course nobody in here is going to talk about christianity in good faith. hmm, i wonder why that is.
  9. Can jing be replenished?

    yes but you act as if it is some cultural instituted problem and not the fact that we as humans can be quite weak, and sometimes lack the resolve to seek the good. Should one not feel guilt when they know they've done something that is a disservice to their higher ideals?
  10. Can jing be replenished?

    the only guilt that arises in me regarding sexuality is when i let a lesser desire ( such as sex, lust) hurt my ability to act on my greater desires of serving others and true attainment. If I feel sloth as a result of imbalance or excessive sexual activity, I have failed my Daena and I have failed myself it is really that simple. I may be lazy and not do the things I'd like to ideally be doing because I need more time to regain my strength. There is a reason why you don't cum before a big lift day, or a fight. If one prioritizes sexual climax over life destiny, maybe a little bit of guilt is the natural feeling to arise. don't dwell in it, or feel despair, but one must allow it to point oneself towards higher values than the gratification of ones sexual desires. Despair will lead you down a dark road, but when one can focus on selflessness and acts of service to ones community, there will be a higher value orienting your path, and it'll make it clear why shooting arrows constantly is an unhealthy practice. your attempts to psychoanalyze here are something else.
  11. Can jing be replenished?

    I was not raised remotely religious, and I would feel the same as you do RE: cleaning. I think this is just called hygiene. Who in their right mind is going to sleep in a clean bed with a greasy dick and balls? I mean heck, people do it, and i have done it in my youth!! But i would not say i was in my right mind! That is something a horny teen does and one should grow out of I imagine? personally, i love clean bedding, and being clean before i sleep. I work part time as a gaucho for my second job a few nights a week, and it gets hot around the fire, and with all of the grease and sweat on me I'd never think to hop into my bed without showering! I think this is the same. You can overthink the symbolic meaning of cleanliness vs dirtiness in relation to jerking off, but I don't do this because i was raised secularly. I just feel more comfortable being clean and having fresh smelling linens that don't smell like dry cum or sweat from the "bedroom arts" , and my woman feels the same.
  12. Can jing be replenished?

    Thank you for clearing that up for Maddie. I don't claim they have secret therapy.. the power is in what they don't do. No such thing as mental illness? Critical reflections on the major ideas and legacy of Thomas Szasz - PMC (
  13. Can jing be replenished?

    BILLIONS MUST BE MEDICATED that'll solve the ills of unbridled crony capitalism and colonialism ! heck ya
  14. Can jing be replenished?

    i take this back actually, you either have or had a penis in which case your testimony holds more weight, even if it is only the weight of a couple o'testes.