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  1. Such important distinctions to make. Without making such a distinction there would be no opportunity for refinement/cultivation at all.
  2. Just read this pdf and tell me that we are not controlled by those in the know with control and intent. While i do agree with some of your sentiments here, your sense on this matter is limited, which is not to say that mine isn't as well.However, Just go and read this book if you ever feel so inclined. And if you haven't the time, just google who is Edward Bernays? (Hint: Freuds Nephew) When man does not even understand his own mind, how is he to know when his mind is being fucked?
  3. Weather Magick

    Glad someone posted this in here... I was late to the party but was about to put him, but it seems you beat me to it. He has posted this shit in a quanzhen group on Facebook as well. I can’t tell if he is just taking trolling to a whole new level or ...
  4. What are you listening to?

    Too good. The Thai funk influence just oozes from em.
  5. I saw this quote from Camus today (check picture at bottom of this post) , and I started thinking about it for a while, and I started conceptualizing Kamma itself as Punisher / Teacher. I am pretty sure it veers away from Camus’ point, but I’m gonna pour out some of my inner ramblings and thoughts here anyways in hopes it stirs something up In some of you lovely people here at TDB. Soooooo... The mind that we have to live with is in some sense, the fruit of all of our actions. This is why we are ourselves are our own punishers / punishment. No outsourcing to a god OR fellow man is even required as far as I am concerned. It is much easier albeit, to shake our fists at the sky pretending the we had no part to play in the dramas of our lives , or in the state of mind we live with, preferring to instead blame it on randomness, fate, god.... the list goes on.. Why a good portion of the religious feel the need to point fingers on moral subjects is beyond me... and why people on the other side would point back at the religious, and fight tooth and nail over trivialities surrounding morality seems completely absurd to me, and like a colossal waste of time / life. Let Kamma (Karma) do it’s thing! people will be judged accordingly by the results of their actions alone, isn’t it so ? This sort of “justice“ let’s say might not be as swift as you feel a facebook comment section battle, or some kind of heated altercation is, but I think it is in some sense a much sweeter, and truer form of Justice than the form you think you serve from having opinions/convictions, that you spew venomously at your opposition. This world is not at all random, yet our feeble human minds inability to order it makes it feel very chaotic at times. I think we have all experienced this type of dis-order on some level. Your time is much better spent focussing on yourself and figuring out how to live your life skillfully than it is stuck judging everyone else but yourself. You don’t even know how to live your life the right way , what makes you think you can figure out somebody elses well ? I don’t think I would have ever changed my ways for any god I was just told to believe in on blind faith, or even at the outrage of my fellow man. What it took for me to change my ways was all of the negative Kamma i received from past transgressions and misdeeds, which led me to a period of complete suffering and pain, until I could no longer live with it. It was the birth of the “why?” An attention to detail needed to develop, paired with a brutal honesty about my actions and there affect on the life of myself and “others”. This could only come about because of the mistakes I made , leading to this immense suffering, which progressed into a need to understand the suffering in order to bring it to its end. I Studied the past to understand the present, and worked with the present to dictate and pave the future towards a more skillful and harmonious way of being. When we are judging morally , is it because we want to be right and feel righteous ? Or is it because you want to help somebody in some way shape or form, so that they do not have to live with the terrible consequences of their actions ? If it is the latter, it you cannot dissuade someone from wrong doings in an easy going and loving way, let them make their mistakes. Do not hold onto anger or resentment for this person, it is not good for them , and it is certainly not for yourself. Let Kamma kick their ass and mop the floor with them , it is the only way some people learn.. it was the only way for me anyways. Anyways that is enough rambling for now. Now it’s your guys’ turn !!! Hoping to get some interesting dialogue going. I hope this was coherent and clear, in a bit of a funny head space today so I’m hoping this did not come out as too all over your brother in dao, kyoji
  6. Letting go of attatchments

    You can lessen your unskillful attachments tenfold, but as long as you live in your flesh sack there will always be attachment. it is more about finding what is skillful and unskillful while faring the way. isn't it so?
  7. Do What Thou Wilt

    i don't think i disagree..
  8. Do What Thou Wilt

    what makes you disagree with the 'stopping thinking' ? in my experience, the more you can drop incessant egoic thinking, the more you can let a far greater intelligence work through you. no thinking required. thinking only inhibits this. curious to hear your perspective :-) Sounds like it to me too @manitou I am rather physics illiterate but so much of the little i have read gives me chills because of the almost uncanny similarities to things usually considered woo woo.. it is just a different language i am not quite familiar with yet !
  9. saw them last month in Toronto... put me in such a trance i lost chunks of time. amazing show.