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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    The Science of Kriya Yoga by Paramahamsa Hariharananda. This is a newly released book I thought would never see the light of day from the organization. In in the past this was only passed around in private between devoted Kriyabans because it was mostly written for those in our lineage. Very pleased to let others know this is authentic and worth purchasing.
  2. No point in talking to a clone by definition your just talking to yourself and even children know if you do that out loud you will be considered crazy.
  3. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Feeling crappy is the first step to correcting yourself and is extremely useful. It is also a very good sign when you have committed a Tamasic induced blunder of anger. If one can not feel this then they are a sociopath or deranged in some hellish unfortunate manner and or fooling themselves sitting in a sattvic state of pride illusion, delusion and error. If a person is so unaware that they destroy relationships with the burning demonic quality of anger, hurt others mentally, emotionally and yes even physically and feel no remorse and do not feel crappy then they are in a very Tamasic Hell state and this is not only not good but quite simply terrible. I have known those who feed their demonic nature and it is an unending hell for them. Better to allow your divine nature to hold sway in ones mind. All anger comes from one root source. That root source is desire. Soon I will be posting a very long explanation for this and more in a PPD. But for now Dear OP @Zhachev if you blunder then it is good, right and proper for you to feel terrible. Just remember as the Kriya Yoga Samadhi Master Parmahamsa Hariharnanda always said. " Mistake is not for MIstake, MIstake is for correcting is it not so?"
  4. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    I like Jeff’s version that would make a great movie
  5. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Pretty sure you both just said the very same thing.
  6. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Hmmm I Don’t know wasn’t there but everything I ever read or saw made into a movie with the tossing of the tables in the temple that was Angry Jesus. Pissed off Jesus too. Sad? Not so much Dissapointed and kicking butt yep!
  7. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Link please
  8. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Wisdom Speaking. Thank You.
  9. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Jonesboy I would enjoy reading more of this also please do write back.
  10. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    The Gita for Children https://www.amazon.com/Gita-Children-Roopa-Pai/dp/9351950123 It is a remarkably well written book that Adults can learn from as well. It is also in Audio-book format which I highly recommend. It is amazing how the author makes sens of the Gita in everyday plain terms anyone can follow and reveals the Spiritual wealth of India in a way that is comprehensible to all. Truly an amazing piece of work.
  11. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Thank you for the nice overview.
  12. "Righteous" Anger & Rage?

    Correct me if I am wrong but we’re there not some suicids associated with Browns work a few years back I seem to recall their being brought up on the AYP site. His books might not be a great example. Hmmmm will have to take a look at them. Thanks for brining this up.
  13. Tridaya vs mopai. And 9 palaces chi gong

    I thought it was a Jedi thing specifically Yoda.
  14. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Caution if anyone goes seeking this book it is not very well written for the average person interested in these practices. Some practical experience is needed to comprehend what is being shared.