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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Paramahasma Hariharananda" "Mistake is Not for Mistake, Mistake is for Correcting."
  2. The interactions in this thread were brought to my attention. My honest reaction was wow Grandpa is off his meds again. Really stupid ass behavior for a grown man, go see a doctor, you need help.
  3. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Hi @dwai When it comes to people like Lahiri Mahasaya their degree of spiritual attainment was so advanced as to be incomprehensible to all but the rarest of beings like themselves. Lahiri Mahasaya met a sadhu wandering in the mountains where he was stationed working for the railroad. When he met this fellow he did not know him. The fellow then restored his memory to him. When his memory was restored that is the memories of his former incarnation he realized this fellow had been his Guru in a past life. He spent some time with him and took up his practices from the past until he was told he had to go back to his wife and live as an ordinary person. He did not want to, he wanted nothing to do with that shabby old householder life of the mundane with all it's distractions and responsibilities and only wanted to be near his beloved guru and practice sadhana. His Guru would hear nothing of it and insisted he return home and live the householder life as this would be good for him. Knowing of the householders plight always being busy at work taking care of a home with little to no free time he petitioned his Guru who he called Babaji ( Great Father ) to allow him then to do something to help the householders out as they had no hope of anything but plodding slow spiritual advancement. At first his guru said no but relented because he could tell how sincere Lahiri was. Then he set strict restrictions on who could be trained. Lahiri replied oh guruji if you place these restrictions then none will be qualified to learn or want to even. so he relaxed his restrictions with one caveat and that was that whomever he would teach were his burden and not Babaji's they were his to look after lifetime after lifetime until they achieved liberation. It was also his burden to take the 108 practices of Babaji's lineage and formulate them for householder use. This my reader is why even a flawed person like me has a sadhana he can practice. No one knows what those 108 practices were called or if they even had a name. Lahiri Baba made the groupings of the practices into different levels of Kriya based upon the students capability to practice them. When people hear the term first Kriya they think oh okay there is just one practice that is Kriya but the truth is there are a grouping of 4 main practices with a couple of auxiliary practices that comprise first Kriya and one who is initiated into the higher Kriyas and taught them in person as I have been never ceases to practice first Kriya, first Kriya the grouping of practices is always practiced with additional techniques added on as the student is able to practice them. Note: to learn 2nd Kriya without the changes first Kriya must bring is fruitless you will not be able to practice it correctly. For example If I tell you place this mantra at this chakra in this sequence you will think oh that is nothing who can not mentally repeat OM? Now what if I tell you you must place your focus upon that chakra then you must enliven it with life force by both doing and not doing and then you must feel the vibration as the life force strikes the gong and then you must hear the vibration and that vibration is the mantra and it must pervade your very being and you must dissolve in it and feel the bliss and seek that bliss's root that vibrations root that sounds root the light that comes from it's root until it all extinguishes itself in stillness and spaciousness at its source before moving on to the next chakra and doing the same? on top of that you must take the purified essence and washing life force and guide it to the next chakra with loving attention. What if I then tell you this life force is intelligent and has a female personality to her and you may not be rough with her but love her and appreciate how she is helping you and work in concert with her with respect admiration love and a feeling of sanctity? She is Shakti be humbled. _/|\_ What then do you have? When you can do all of this then 1st Kriya has accomplished it's work and you are eligible to practice second Kriya. This is true mantra until then you are chanting OM and so many mantras trying to imbue a vibration frequency of thought by external means and this is good as by this it can become as I have described are at the shallow level of practice. In Kriya however until you have developed sufficiently to do as I have told higher Kriyas which are even more refined simply will not work. The work of first Kriya is to get the person to the stage of greater perception so they can feel, hear and see the deeper inner realities so they can work with them in more than the shallow mechanical way of ok place your attention her inhale like this exhale like that etc.... and so on these are just the outer forms which ape the inner form like a crude pantomime. So many have argued over what is original Kriya and so many say only we teach original Kriya. I want to tell everyone one simple truth. They are different on the outside only when you actualize the inner practice do you see they are all the same, your hand has different bones than your foot no one can argue this different shape different appearance different way of functioning but the marrow of the bones is the same. So Lahiri went home and he was much changed as his wife could tell. Many think it is the body which must be brought to some exulted condition before one is a sage or advanced and nothing could be further from the truth. In this case all that was needed was remembering whom he had been in order to actualize who he is. In time she came to realize what an exulted being he whom she thought just to be her husband truly was and took initiation from her husband and became his student. Lahiri Baba worked allot and was also a tutor to the royalty and the wealthy. He raised a family and taught them Kriya as well and also held nightly satsang in his home with his students. There are many stories of his life how he would practice Kriya all night long and in when he was not working would still go to the market the next day and do the grocery shopping for the family. I often think about what he is doing right now and the answer that always comes back to me is that he is just a dimensional vibration away and he is with his Guru right where he always wanted to be and is active in the world even today and works with his students that he took on back then till this very day as was his pledge. Even as advanced as he is which you must consider is incredibly advanced for his Guru to place such a charge upon him and for him to be able to carry it out, His Guru towers above him yet in achievement. One such as myself am humble and bow before these titans and count my good fortune to have been blessed not only in past lives to have been taught but reawakened in this life and been made to remember the portions of the former life so I was able to pick up where I left off. Oh make no mistake I do not place myself anywhere near or close to these titans I am just a fortunate person who is frankly not all that deserving. In this life I have had a hard life and I developed a difficult personality. In the last 3 years I have gone through many challenges and changes within the last year the severity of this difficult personality is continuing to change and smooth out. A great deal of this has to do with the years of Kriya I practiced and growing into the changes. We never know the result of the momentum we build until later. My changes were such that I became incompatible with my former life and wife. A great big part of the change has also been divorcing someone I was terribly unhappy with and did not even know the extent of it until taking up a life with my S.O. I am very happy with her and her being in my life has given me the spiritual companion of genuine sweetness, intellectual acuity, sense of humor wit and just plain wonderfulness I cherish most of all. It makes not being an asshole allot easier when you have someone you like, respect and love in your life, she is a real blessing, I only wish we could have met much earlier in life. All that being said I understand what Lahiri Baba did and why he could do it and be a part of the world and not just a blissed out stooge going through the motions. Even thought he wanted nothing more than to be with his Guru, his Guru knew he had to go back to his life and experience it and not just go through the motions either. Having a job, a home to pay for, taxes to pay on it and taking care of maintenance and repairs, cooking, cleaning etc.... and maintaining a loving relationship with your wife and taking care of pets and or children is quite time consuming but if you can do this with more joy than not and learn to work with frustrations that come and team up with your wife and help with her projects she is charge of instead of sitting on the couch while she works hard on her project then with the family life and duties being discharged this is the practice of Kriya you are a Kriyaban. If all you do is practice Kriya you are not a Kriyaban. Kriya is about every day life and living it well and also about the spiritual blending the two as best as a busy flawed person can. Lahiri Mahasaya was very strict about being a householder on many occasions he refused to teach monks and told them get rid of those robes, dress like a person get a job and take a wife raise a family then I will teach you. His chief student was one such monk who became a householder and his branch of the lineage continues on till this very day. Lahiri Mahsaya has my deepest respects and love for he gave people like me a way to live warts and all.
  4. Only if you fail to cook it properly. If you use an instant pot which is a pressure cooker of sorts the extreme heat and pressure causes the otherwise detrimental to cultivation essences to become one with the steam and transformed Into harmless heat.
  5. Ohhh. Thank you I am very much looking forward to that! One of the things that is really great about this book is the pace of it, just when I was thinking it was slowing down and loosing momentum you stomped on the accelerator. Caught myself laughing a few times over that and thinking oh Gawd hah! As I feared the very thing I was afraid of with your book came to pass it ended far too soon even though I stretched it out reading and absorbing and savoring the pages. When I got to the end it was like having to say goodbye to some new good friends I had made while reading the story. Now I am eager to read the next book and think wow, what a monumental challenge you have created for yourself to match up to the first book. To those reading this I want to point out there are many spiritual truths that are made very clear by Dwai in this book in a very interesting story. There are even effective practices given, this book is truly worth the time and the money, without a doubt.
  6. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    HI Anand yes worth a thousand words and we agree.
  7. Just finished the First book. In a word excellent! Advice: Get cracking on the Audio Book. Know you are busy on the next book looking forward to it!
  8. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Ah I see where you are are coming from. And this is just something that made me laugh... Can be learned correctly from Donald Abrams
  9. Unfortunately this is not the case. Quit often the abilities develop to some degree without proper guidance or maturity.
  10. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Hi Anand I would like to read more about your perception of Chakras from the physical perspective.
  11. Yes there are allot of people who do. administration used to track IP addresses. I know as another member here is a member of my household. When questioned by administration I confirmed the I.P. Overlap was due to this when I was questioned by administration. Yes I.P. Addresses can be spoofed via a VPN if I wanted I could make it look like I was posting from New Zealand instead of Florida. I have never cared. People like to get fresh starts it is a flaw in character, better to own your bad behavior. How else can one grow? We all know Siddhis come from practice or are with us from birth due to practice in a previous life. When one sits and becomes still with a lineages guidance the siddhis come. Why? Answer: They are not meant to be used to aggrandize ones participation on any Loka. You are meant to use your increased perception and unfolding abilities to further your practice to further evolve. If I tell a novice practice OM, NA, MA, BA, GA, BA, TE, BA, SU, DE, BA, YA root Bija Vibrations in an orbital fashion in the brain Chakras in a specific manner they will experience nothing if they are lucky. If they are perceptive and unready it could lead not only to siddhis developing to early but cause great psycholigical and emotional harm due to the de personalizing effects of the higher lokas, even make one an alien to their own life. All things in their own good time. Learn, sit, practice, then life at every moment your practice, whatever comes use it to be a better you. Be a better lord of your own self not others.
  12. It is worse than that, he is an already established member using a different name drawing people in baiting them with conversation. He has done it many times. Why hello Mikey boy! I would recognize your foul stench anywhere 💩
  13. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Hi Anand, Regret to disagree. A. All are touchable. B. I experience no differentiation in more or less touchable between higher or lower. The frequency of each is unique as are the lokas they grant access to which modify mind and emotion. Best to remain the witness and not get trapped in any Loka but be free to wander through all of them. To be clear I never extend beyond my own being and make a point to keep to myself and not scan nor leak into others fields. My goodness I have enough to do improving me. The most expensive to touch is the Crown especially with interest because once you start getting comfortable their you are wrapping up human incarnations. It and the other brain chakras are not suitable for most to work with. In the 3rd and higher Kriyas we do but one often needs to take a break and work in the primary six which are in the field of human life. lots to do in this field before opening the exit portals, it’s why we take human births, very precious indeed. Some would say getting sidetracked by Siddhis and groups is not good, I am certain it is just a part of it all and in the short term cause difficulty and pain but in the long run is just not much at all. This is not to diminish the impact though, nor to recommend it.
  14. Can anybody scan my chakras please?

    Touch now pay later, interest on the price of satisfaction can be quite high indeed.