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  1. Experienced views on Wim Hof method

    It is actually the opposite. I have a good friend who is a practitioner of this have tried it and tend to agree with freeform. I will also add that it is taking in Prana from the air as an outside source of fuel and likely does bolster the energy reserves of the kidneys and or run the intake of prana / QI throught the Kidney system and as such is probable very unsafe in the long run. Retention of the breath is not something that is done on purpose in yoga, it is something that happens as a side effect of Samadhi and pure life force entering the system from the Crown Chakra. When the mind becomes one pointed enough and the absorption is complete and or very near complete and the zero point has been achieved from this zero point which is in itself like an inter-dimensional lens there is a great influx of raw life force from the other side of the lens. The lens itself is single pointed stillness and silence. The lens is made up of mind stuff that requires no visualization at all only profound stillness and single pointed absorption. When this happens the body does not require breathing for long periods of time and in very deep levels the heart stops beating as well. When you experience this you will know the most profound peace the most satisfying rest you have ever known. The problem is you will not want to come back either. Choose you Mahasamadhi well and have your earthly affairs and will in order.
  2. Tantra...

    There is a difference between pleasure oriented and pleasure seeking you have blended and confused this in your reply.
  3. Tantra...

    This is very good.
  4. Tantra...

    There has also been mentioned Sex in this thread in conjunction with Tantra. Did you know there are 3 levels of consort practice? 1st most crude less advanced practitioner level is between a male and a female. 2nd level is by meditative means where a consort is visualized and actualized. 3rd highest level is when the true consort arrives on her own by advancement in the practice of Tummo. This also happens in Kriya at the higher levels. The automatic arrival of the consort. In the automatic way there is no human body pairing, visualization nor sexual thought. The consort arrives when Shiva and Shakti are becoming in union within. When this happens you may rest assured that the notion of mechanical energy with no living emotive quality or living quality is wiped out. Even before the consort arrives through the practice of tummo or similar practices all such intellectual and lesser perceptions are replaced with direct knowing. I know now some people have their minds very made up about how things are and there is no changing that nor am I attempting to. You perceive what you do and that is good. I will not argue such things rather let this post serve to those whose minds are not already closed to the idea of Tantra and the practice of tummo so they may research and decide for themselves. There are active schools and lamas that do teach these things without all the controversy that surrounds others. Ligmincha with TWR is one such place people may learn from.
  5. Tantra...

    Tantra came from India and was neither Buddhist, Bon, nor Daoist. All these that followed are different. Buddhism and Bon due to Talopa who was taught by female Tantrics and his student Naropa of the six yogas of Naropa. The Buddhists saw it was good and added it into their ways as did the Bon. Where the taoists come in is a mystery how did it come to pass taoists make any claim to Tantra? Furthermore When Talopa was taught and initiated into Tantra it was by females. Tantra was originally a female Yogini System of practice. Later co-opted by men it appears once it took root in Tibet.
  6. Tantra...

    I agree with this and will say he is also being more literal than people might think.
  7. Tantra...

    This is correct as I have already responded earlier. If people have a guilt association with pleasure as if it is somehow in opposition to whatever they conceive of as Spirituality then they will find Tantra intolerable from this very start. I think the author is trying to make a point too strongly and do not agree if you are not oriented this way then you are automatically oriented to the opposite. Yes and he is saying it must be experienced and experiential.
  8. Tantra...

    It is exactly what I have been trying to tell people for years. On certain websites with certain made up systems of Yoga they avoid any experience like the plague with lofty words and nonsensical ideals. Oh but you will become attached to experiences. Oh really I say, How pathetic and cowardly. How Droll. Experiences come and you should enjoy them. Experiences go and when they do you can remember them with fondness. Nothing lasts it is all temporary and temporary cannot be permanently attached to. Take your ecstasies to the limit and beyond you will not get hooked what you will get is something quite different. You will not become like the drug addict ever craving the next fix that is absurd. The Pleasure orientation is very important indeed how else will you ever bring your mind to 1 pointed absorption. Through dent of will? Your will shall break long before mind will become one pointed and absorbed. By belief in setting up an inner resonance on the level of mind with Mantra alone? This will not work other than in a very shallow and weak way. Through years of practice which are likely only to culminate is deluding oneself and never comprehending Spaciousness and emptiness which must be done experientially and not intellectually. Tantra is not a path for the weak or those too preoccupied with silly ideas and it takes a degree of maturity and a degree of Purification of the Sushumna channel and the Chakras which are tantamount to what I am calling maturity because until you do it is all intellectual clap trap without meaning. If a person can not feel Divine Vibration and Electrical sensation, cannot hear Divine Sound, Cannot see divine light which is all a creation and after effect of the friction of purification then they have no hope of grasping the ecstasies of Tantra or the pleasure that takes one beyond mind and human limited experience of life. So start with Purification of the Sushumna Channel and the Chakras and cleanse them of the traits that are keeping one down in the mirk and the mire. Kriya Yoga is a form of Tantra. It starts with Global Purification of the Sushumna the Chakras and the Nadis. As time goes on the mind and emotions which are codependent on these Astral Structures to manifest in the material world and bond with an otherwise dead animal to living power of God. As time goes on the mind and the emotions change.
  9. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    Lol feel your pain Brother, Feel it daily!
  10. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Don’t recall respecting your opinion please feel free to keep it to yourself child.
  11. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    How about thanks for buying the book you can read it and believe it or Go Fork Yourself... Anyone serious contact me here... He He HeπŸ˜€
  12. Contradiction ?

  13. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Suffering is optional. Pain is guaranteed but suffering is optional.
  14. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    It is a far simpler answer. The royals have bread the stupids and they are born to privlidge unearned and live in a fantasy world where none of the conflict they create ever touches them. The β€œThem” are in charge, were before you were born, will be after you die or their retarded entitled, inbreed offspring will be after you are all dead. Any other elimentary questions?