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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    The Mahāsiddha Field by none other than our very own fellow forum member DWAI LAHIRI This is one of my all time favorite books. https://www.amazon.com/Mahāsiddha-Field-Book-ebook/dp/B081SPR24B/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?keywords=The+Mahāsiddha+Field+-+My+first+novel+By+dwai&qid=1579466920&sr=8-1-fkmr0
  2. Still reading a little at a time then digesting what has been read. The book keeps getting better and better and am reading slowly because I want the adventure to continue. This book is something very special.
  3. I am not surprised by this at all Lahiri Baba is quite a bit more active than most would believe.
  4. You are welcome I am reading it a little at a time, and that is a good sign because when I read something like this it is with an attitude of savoring a fine dish not wanting the meal to end too soon. Very much enjoying the first few chapters and how you are capturing village life and the attitudes and sentiments of the people of India, this very much matches with the Swami's I have learned from as well as the householders I have known, this book may very well become something more than you ever intended. Once I have read it all I will be certain to put up a 5 star review on Amazon as that is the direction this is heading in thus far. Thank you so much for your time and effort and one of the more enjoyable books I have had the privilege to read in recent years.
  5. Thanks Dwai. I just purchased the kindle version. So your last name is Lahiri? any relation to the Kriya Yoga founder, Shyama Charan Lahiri ?
  6. Aye yet again and you also reveal much learned over time. I love her as well and have devoted my life to her not only in the easiness of the internet but the here and now and say to you I respect you, true brother for how can we be other ? Hmm? This is why I have always looked at you with respect and so has she. No one may own another, all we can do is love respect and honor and when the time comes say I love you and I love you so much.... be free... be happy. This Cult of Jeff is something else. It is the spiritual antithesis the anti Buddha the Mara made prevalent via the agency of the internet. Illusion, Delusion and Error too much mind, too much lust without purification first. Tantra begins with purification otherwise you become something rather perverse, a curse upon those emerging rather than a boon. What shall you who are new and yet un-scarred decide to be ? Shall you take the quick and easy path to provided pleasure or shall you remain true unto thy own self and make your way via the path of self discovery? No one needs a false light full of twisty logic posing as wisdom,. Does not the Bible say Satan knows the scripture as well as the priest. Have a great caution whom you shall believe, whom you shall follow based upon what feels good. Making others feel good is a very minor feat. Beware.
  7. Oh I see because I write things you don't like, bring things out that should be especially in light of some of the things I have read recently, I am no longer a friend? Thanks for making me disposable says allot. What people really think of you? Seriously you want to go there? In recent times I have heard more than one females nightmarish experience with your cult, I have read what they experienced, and it matches with some of my own experiences. Furthermore it is the same as other females experienced and report. Too much matches up for them all to be making it up. In a nutshell shocking. I am really, really shocked, I did not think Jeff was like that and honestly you are implicated as well. What do I think? At this point I do not know what to think other than wow I sure hope this stops because you have some really upset people and they are sharing. So long and best wishes.
  8. This response shows a remarkable degree of immaturity. As does your Merry Christmas salutations. I have to also give you a break as this thread can not be comfortable for you. Jeff just because you can do something does not equate to the right or that you even should. Just look at how upsetting it is to Ralis who has voiced his upset quite correctly demanding his right to being an unhampered with sovereign being. He is correct in doing so. You can restrain yourself and pull it in dampen your presence and your senses but choose not to. In this thread you have bragged about how others know what you can do and went so far as describing what a persons potential is and that is rude you should not pry into people lives unasked like that. It is tantamount to a peeping Tom. How would you feel about someone watching your wife or daughters while they are taking a shower through the window using binoculars? That is really stepping across the line of respect for others and showing a remarkable degree of irresponsibility and immaturity and reading this leads me to believe you are trapped & lost and just can not see it. The development of Siddhis can be a great hindrance you know the rest, don't you think perhaps you are trapped by these things? Earl Grey wrote this and it is something you should consider. One of my favorite forms of non-consent is misleading: getting someone to agree to something that they don't know they're agreeing to, a bait and switch kind of deal and also a form of abuse. When you are engaging with others before you even start with the Hug stuff you really need to be honest and lay out the cards. In the past I always thought well Jeff is a good guy and is still figuring it out but you know it has been years now so the figuring it out should be over. I recommend that you become very honest about what you are doing and why and where it is all supposed to lead and yes do warn about the inherent possibility of interaction which you did in this thread and I commend you for that. You should also especially caution the females that you interact with them far differently than the males and it has caused trouble for them, more than 1 in fact and at-least 5 that I know of and one of them in particular I know very personally. 13 inches should say it all, highly inappropriate and will leave it at that. It is my observation that you have picked and chosen how you have interacted with certain females and not done the same to others who are associated with you closest cadre. Repeat behavior over a long period of time tends to reveal certain things. I mean my goodness there is an actual recovery group due to your behavior. I really hope you will change how you are interacting with people, causing harm to others either on purpose or by acts of omission. Enough years have passed now and I think you past the learning stage and making egregious mistakes with other sentient beings causing them mental and emotional distress. If you want to help others then please read what I have written and take it heart, when you offer help, when you connect, when you share space, when you look in on others, when you declare a persons level etc... you are getting into peoples lives. When you a person of great talent and accomplishment are getting into peoples lives you must hold yourself responsible to a higher degree, it is not responsible to twist words nor is it acceptable to say it is all your stuff, even if it is. How about just leaving people alone so they can figure out their own baggage? Either that or figure out which ones are ready before even approaching them, that a person is on a forum is not a good indication of preparedness nor is some degree of development Siddhis often develop in the advance of true maturity. I think the way to approach people in the future is with extreme transparency and a systematic description of what you are leading them into, let them decide and be careful along the way not to expose them to certain truths prematurely that are going to fire off the subconscious and other things causing extreme misery for them. This is a tall order and I for one think it is too much work as we are all arriving in our own time naturally anyway and the speed of it is sufficient, just because things can be accelerated does not mean the maturity or awareness is present for it to be either comfortable nor profitable for the individual.
  9. Hello S1VA I am aware of tantric practices. That which your cult is doing is not the same at best it is a System of practices mutually agreed upon and reconfigured from the structures and underpinnings of different systems not much different than what Yogani did creating his own cult of Yoga. Not knowing or taking responsibility for the harm that comes to others is the very definition of childish. My knowledge is first hand and yes second hand as well when you have complete strangers talking to you about large busted blond women and remote touching experiments and had endured the same nonsense for the sake of potentially learning you can rest assured they indeed were in contact and being processed and evaluated by your cult. I personally donā€™t care what you guys believe or do but sometimes when I see predatory behavior towards those exhibiting some degree of energetic awakening and what appears the wolf stalking these boards for fresh meat it gets old and then it is time to speak up. I can understand your not liking what I am writing. My question to you is if this is not predatory behavior then just what do you call year after year of prowling websites like these and every time a person with a certain degree of awakening and energetic ability shows up they are invited for a hug and told about themselves by the wise cult leader. What is that? Hmmmm... your a smart guy is it not time to wake up and free yourself??
  10. Member Sometimes wanted to know why Jeff was problematic. So he was told how it has been for others and I shared how it was for me with someone else (not Jeff) to give framework of restraint and why it is warranted. Whatever he does now he does knowing their is a potential for more than he bargained on.
  11. It is unfortunate but what you have written has been the truth and I truly believe he is so trapped he can not see it. I really do not believe it is intentional and I really do believe his followers have found a way of interacting that suits them but it is still a trap.
  12. Let me see if I can answer this correctly. Jeff stems from a branch that started at the AYP site years ago when Yogani was helping allot of people discover Yoga and some were getting openings and siddhis prematurely and like children were playing with fire. There was also the human element of extreme drama with the administration of that site as tends in my experience to be the case with all sites. Our mutual mentor was an administrator on that site and an in person as far as that goes. This is where the mental games and childishness kick in clans and clicks and cults. Very childish and the children had been handed fire to play with so they tended to burn down their own relationships not having anyone to truly guide them. What is the fire? Well some develop the ability to recognize that which already is and when they meet someone else who is waking up they say me too and before you know it they are connecting energetically and often with poor manners and a mind that is not mature enough to have such a relationship to begin with which can be an intimacy beyond what most people are even comfortable with on the physical daily relationship side of things. Divorce is the breakdown of a relationship this can be just as bad if not worse because when we connect to others strongly through the life force which is the background of reality it gets really emotional and personal on levels the subconscious rebels at. We all experience our lives to the degree we are capable of and it is always a flawed interpertation we can cope with as the reality of it all is too immense to grasp until we mature and gaining abilities is not being fully mature it is only a collection of tools and senses we need to experience the totality in a permanent way. Allot of folks are able to do allot of things before they are mature who among us will argue that when we entered puberty so long ago we were ready to make good parents? Just because you can does not mean you should and often it is the most immature that convince themselves they are ready and or at a level of development which has more to do with fantasy than a factual self assessment. He and I both shared the same mentor at different times. She and I had had a great deal of difficulty we really messed up each others lives and caused each other allot of pain for a period of a couple of months and things ended horribly with very hurt feelings. You see I knew I did not know what I was doing connecting on an energetic level with someone who I thought could teach me more, I thought I had found someone who could but in actuality did not know any more than I did. I think this is also a good point to make those who are and can make good teachers for us do not visit the grade-schools to interact with children on an potentially hard for us to accept level anymore than an adult overexposes a child to the world but rather protects them and allows them to grow. If anyone is offering to connect I say no thank you because you are a child an adult a spiritually mature being would not play games like this. She and Jeff had their private difficulties as well and there are others who have as well with Jeff. I have never had a difficulty or a negative experience with Jeff. After what I experienced with our mutual mentor I was pretty much burned out on this sort of thing. I do however wish he would be much more cautious with people, their are more than one who have been hurt badly and I would have thought one would be sufficient and if it were to be said I have a problem with Jeff it is that I am disappointed in someone I truly like continuing on with this cult which I believe is a dead end of a mixture of Bio Energy or the life force underpinning all things we all tap and allot of made up stuff from a huge cult personality making a framework of intellectualism that is trapping not only Jeff but those around him from further development and maturity by holding onto those structures. I learned my lesson with this stuff and I wish Jeff would as well instead of continuing with it as it is a dead end tat leads to nowhere save allot of intellectual traps. I always looked at it like Jeff was opening to new worlds and stretching his wings. Unfortunately with Jeff their is no real sense of caution and he tends towards great curiosity or at-least he used to and did not know enough to be cautious and later seems to not have grown into or matured to a point of being cautious instead telling people it is their own obstructions they are running into and not him. Well sometimes it is better not to tamper with people and let them work out their own obstruction and obscurations in their own way in their own time naturally rather than to set the seen for faster unfoldment than they are ready for. Jeff is in my thoughts someone who is very sincere, intelligent, charismatic and honestly worthy of respect. I like Jeff, always have we shared some minor amount of time together years ago and it was not bad but I could also see where it was heading and it was not for me. So lets summarize a few things shall we? Their is a life force call it prana, call it Bio energy or whatever you like we are indeed all expressions of it. We are each the same and unique at the same time some of us learn how to use this as the medium either consciously knowing we are doing it or unconsciously. This energy can and does advent at the level of the physical over any distance you wish to conceive of to this medium distance is revealed as a grand illusion. This energy is alive and touches all aspects of our being the mind, the emotions the subconscious, the stored issues we all have and our relative grasping to what we believe is our identity. When this energy is excited by contact with others we are effected deeply on many levels and beyond that things speed up not only in our personal evolution but in the physical as well. I think I have yet to truly meet anyone possessing the level of maturity or responsibility of an advanced spiritual adult that this would be beneficial to be in contact with in such an intimate and profound manner. If Jeff appeals to you as a teacher and a potential guru that is for the individual to decide just be aware even if he is ready and you feel good from being in his space you may not be ready for what comes of what I have done my best to explain.
  13. Lol I seemed to remember you were not but was not sure. Are you pulling my leg there is really such a thing as the ā€œJeffā€™s collateral damageā€ group?