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  1. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Alan Watts was a favorite of mine long, long ago. "Each Ruby Moment" He helped me put my experiences into perspective somewhat.
  2. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Zen Mind Beginners Mind, By Shunryu Suzuki - Roshi
  3. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Hey that’s what I’m doing 😃
  4. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Confuse us says: Rule number 1. Wife is always right. Rule number 2. When in doubt remember rule number 1. Rule number 3. Remember long after you have forgotten whatever it was she has not, and was probably right anyway so remember rule number 1. If your woman be wise and smart, If she be fair and kind. You should bow.
  5. What is wrong about being judgemental?

    Oh now that is really good. So Discernment is wisdom guided decision making? Is that right?
  6. Energy flows during meditation?

    Hello, you have received some very good advice from people coming from different levels and experience as well as understanding. You are ready to do something with the energy you are experiencing. If you would like to learn Kriya Yoga or perhaps the Bon tradition of Tibet which works directly with the Divine Vibration, The Divine Sound and the Divine light, I will introduce you to a teacher. Just send a private message. I do not teach. Now what I would like to add mostly to all that has been said already is enjoy yourself Shakti the divine consort will take you from here. In my opinion these have been the very best replies, it would be good to re-read them: This reply will take time to grow into and truly comprehend. Agreed and this next set of practices could be Kriya Yoga if it suits you. Look up the term Hara Breath on google this is good advice but may lead to large uncontrolled energy flows, speak from experience. You have been told there is a danger and there can be, so learning to channel the divine bliss is necessary. Some do not need it. I most certainly did after receiving physical damage. The divine manifesting in you is transforming you even now. Chang, Change, Change be ready Very good. Very Helpful. Very good but might take a while to get completely. Erections are to be expected there are 3 chakras (Energy Nexis) located in the male sex organ it too is changing. Enjoy, in time when the sexual healing is largely completed they will not be so frequent. Many get caught up over leakage etc... forget such foolishness and where ever you find your self just be there fully. You have what can be a delightful and challenging road ahead of you. My goodness try not to be too serious. Get a teacher if you can and if you can not then posting as you have is very good for you, God knows when I was going through the initial transformations I did my fair share and it was good for me. Welcome glad you are here.
  7. simplify

  8. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    Hi Bindi so nice talking to you again it has been A while. I like talking to you because you do know and we do agree. Laughing, isn’t that funny? Anyway yes the channels do need prepared. Whe I was 17 lets see ummm 32 years ago now... I was practicing the violet flame by Elizabeth Clare Prophet. In conjunction with Yoganandas sparse instructions from Autobiography of a Yogi. This led to entering the Buddha land. Here all was known and the answer was all was so simple and perfect and oh so simple and perfect. This changed my life forever even though I could not hold all that became known. The rest of my life has been growing into that. In 2008 I took up ZaZen. Without proper channel preparation. I experienced the Divine Mother flooding into me, I sat in stillness, Silence and she flowed. I experienced Rock Hard erections and flows of blissful energy racing in my spine and brain. Before long I needed a cane to walk at the age of 39. The doctors diagnosed me with advanced Arrhritus of all the facet joints in my spine. I was restricted to lifting no more than 15 pounds. I suffered for 4 years. Later scans done with an MRI revealed complete recovery. In 2012 I received a visitation by Lahiri Mahasaya the founder of Kriya Yoga. He told me how to practice. Today I suffer no ill effects of the spine. I have learned much much after searching knocking on doors having them opened asking and receiving. In short the channels must be prepared. The links I would provide will lead to teachings that do just that. Kriya is simple but advanced and I do not easily reccomend it. Other practices with Bon teachers I do. This person sharing has found there way to the crown all of the things shared are of this. There are ways of mitigating what they are experiencing.
  9. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    Well then G’Day mate. Err I guess that’s what they say?? relying on Paul Hogan here, sorry if In bad taste love that guy... The Mother comes in several ways. But it is always in her own time. Chosen by the Mother. Well if you do practices dodgy or otherwise you are asking for her. When the baby cries the Mother comes. Practicing is crying. Anyone doing any form of practice is doing so out of a need. They without knowing it are crying. Mother comes. Fall out is a term used for a bomb going off usually nuclear ☢️ I am very surprised to read you writing in such a mechanical way fall out and dealing with, my goodness this is such a male perspective. The male perspective is one of resistance the trick is to embrace change be like water flow and accept the Divine Mother then she purrs inside of you with bliss. Fight this then may all the Gods help you.
  10. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    Hi Bindi Happy Thanksgiving. In light of my experience it was necessary to keep going. I was leaving the body via the crown and my goodness some days I wish I had. In my case I had no choice. Nothing I did was keeping me here. So I did my paractices as a Kriyaban and that was all that kept me rooted. Had I stopped I would have died. Seriously I was exiting the body every 30 minutes at one point, very hard to deal with.... Yet it was practiced and listening to the silence that helped. The silence gave me Mantra. Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Rama Ram Sri Ram Jay Ram Jay Ram Ram. This grounded me. In time I learned to be the new me Practices created. Lol I am not perfect but I am happy.
  11. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    Hi Luke happy thanksgiving and Love to you and yours. There are ways and means, you are most certainly right. The whole self attempt can lead to trouble. Even within a-lineage I experienced very extreme conditions as a Kriyaban. They fulfilled everything the lineage foretold and more. I know the breathless state. I know Mahasamdahi I know the stage without breath nor pulse. I know death and I love her like I love my beloved who is flesh and form. These are strange words but words fail, oh well so be it, this life we are here to live is so much more than all these things. Now to practicality. This person is awakening and there are steps, there are ways and means to make the process go much easier. If this person, (hello person) wishes help I will give them links to good teachings, good practices that will help. I do do not teach even though given permission to do so. There are those far better equipped than I. So when you reach a certain stage you have to keep going, stopping is ok but you will be drug back. Once awake going back to sleep is well not really all that good either, so you have little choice but to place one foot in front of the other. Kundalini is very misunderstood to sensationalized by teachers earning money from this ism or that. Kundalini is everyone’s birthright the divine mother the female aspect of the divine is a fierce independent entity and a part of us all. None May claim ownership. None should degrade her and make her a problem, that is ignorant. She comes when the time is right and was motivating each of us into practices before we ever knew about her. The divine Mother knows her children she tasks us at times but no more than we can truly take, she knows and she forces us to our boundaries to grow. Our reluctance is the biggest hurdle. There are skillful ways and means to adjust to all this. Stopping is not an option it is just delaying the inevitable and that is ok too.
  12. Microcosmic Orbit Questions

    Eat a heavy meal energy is required to digest. This will help. Stopping practices is not the way. This is not good advice. You contact me via PM I will send you a link. From this you can learn good practices to get evened out. Once on the path you have to see it through, sorry not my rules just the way it works.
  13. simplify