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  1. Lets have yours jackass 😘
  2. It is my opinion they had no idea whom they were fucking with. Windwalker is retired army and respects chain of command and had he knew I believe he would have stifled himself out of respect for the owner the other one no idea. When I read the warning Sean was in a mood I thought oh shit I hope no one is stupid enough to take him on. He is pissed and looking down a barrel. I do hope Sean will give Windwalker a reprieve for the sake of humanity not his political views. I as former Army have respect for vets especially Vietnam Era vets like Ralis and Windwalker these troops were in the shit and the system fucked them when they came home, hung our boys out to dry and left them with conditions like PTSD we are only now coming to terms with. I believe Windwalker like many of us found a community here and he needs the human interaction. I reckon some will say fuck him and good riddance to them I say. Hope you never are considered that way. Karma is a real bitch and she is taking score. I respect his fighting spirit, have disagreed with him plenty but all in all he is a decent Joe. Dissenting voices are needed otherwise people can just walk around in circles going yep, yep, yep , nope, Nope, nope hope this site does not become another AYP.
  3. Warning!!!

    Lol πŸ˜‰
  4. Not sure weather to hit Lol, thanks or a yet to be produced button that says wow! Lots of material in this reply. As far as the pain and widening to it been there done that in spades not an issue. Have been among the disenfranchised not knowing where the next meal is coming from or when I could get a bath or even wash my clothes. I literally do cry over the plight of the homeless having been homeless it effects me deeply and I do not turn from it but have even recently done what I could to help a homeless woman. A short story. I went to a convenience store a woman I had seen many times with her belongings in a rolling suitcase was standing in thenthreshold not panhandling but trying to stay dry as it was raining like crazy. I asked her if she was alright she said I am okay, I am just homeless. I replied I understand, are you hungry? Why not come in a get a sandwich pick out what you like? it’s my treat. She replied no, no I am fine so I let her be. The rest of the night I was a wreck reliving my own homeless days. The next day I got community leaders involved to see if they could help. The lady disappeared. The problems with this nation vex me sorely. No one should be homeless without work and the ability to lead a reasonable life. The whole description of polite politics is spot on and yes everyone since Ford in my lifetime has pretty much been a shit bag. The way you write reminds me of 3Bob but far more coherent. It also reminds me of stuff I saw growing up in the early 1970’s Hard to believe a 43 year old who was only 4 years old in 1980 knows how to talk like this. This type of talk is pretty old and is route indoctrination, I recognize it, my cousin in her 60’s does it also. Lots of my old Hippie friends and free thinkers now mostly dead due to old age and massive drug consumption used to talk like this. Don’t get me wrong this is just like saying I recognize country music or Rap when I hear it. Could care less what music folks like. Biggest thing I see with this mentality though is this, it can point out everything that is wrong but never offers a solution. It also never does anything. Surly if the things that are wrong can be pointed out in a public discussion so also can the solution. You are very spot on about the things that are wrong and have described them better than anyone. Is the far left as you represent it wrong? I do not think it is and the far left is an odd term. I do not think it adequately describes something that on all appearances is a radical departure from the current world climate. The way you are writing has more than a hint of the old but I Also sense something new. I sense the pressure of a younger generation circling back and picking up where the older left off and we’re ineffective. Who says you have to unpack it in a soundbite? Why not just take your time and unroll it here on your site? There are more people willing to learn and evaluate than just myself. I gave up on people like my cousin, the old original hippies and others because though they could talk really well that is where it ended and usually devolved into rhetoric and politics. Politics are poison as far as I am concerned and a way to manipulate the masses. When you say β€œJoin a local democratic socialist, anarchist or communist group and meet real people. Decide for yourself if their ideas resonate with you and if they feel like good folks. Ask for book recommendations. There's a long, deep history to all of this. Find ways to get involved. Start small.” I will not because I do not think I will hear anything of the caliber you are saying. I would much rather hear / read what you have already digested and have concluded. The reason for this is you are the first person identifying yourself as a leftist who has ever in my experience Pointed out the glaringly obvious issues with the elite of both parties. You condemn Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump all with the same correct brush stroke and by goodness I agree. So please do continue this is interesting and not the same ol my party your party blah, blah, blah. I freely admit I voted for Trump and not because I thought he was the best thing for our country but as you say as a reactionary vote to be free of the onslaught of Obama era policies like having the IRS take money out of your tax return if you do not carry health insurance which only got more expensive and provided less. That nonsense alone was enough for me to never vote for anyone who intended to further those types of policies. Fact of the matter we are wealthy enough and technologically advanced enough that there should be no hunger, no homelessness and no lack of medical care but capitalism is not getting us there. Democracy is a failed experiment the world over. Socialism I fear is just reducing all to poverty and promoting elites once again. From what I have observed a Representative Republic does not work either. It winds up corrupted because only the extremely wealthy IE: Elites who do not represent the masses always do the same thing, the logical thing they represent their own class and by shear money alone make it impossible for a person who is a part of the masses to ever yep you guessed it represent the masses. Our Representative Republic has been subverted by capitalism, Via legalized entities called corporations which have been given the status of persons without consequences for any actions and has becomes a broken Democracy of sorts and is falling into a nihilistic dysfunctional form of socialism which is just another form of thinly disguised monarchy which I define as rule of the elites. Where am I going with this? One simple conclusion. It is human nature for a ruling class to take hold, exist and protect it’s power and ensure its continued elevated position at all costs. This has always been the case and is just hidden by different ideologies of governing until the masses suffer enough and revolt, happens pretty regularly throughout history. The whole thing is rather droll. We live in an age of undeclared Empires that have learned how to placate the masses and put controversial puppets like Obama and Trump in place to give people an outlet to blow off steam that would otherwise build into revolution. The thing that shocks me most is the degree of controversiality of people like this. The low caliber of their cultural personality lacking all dignity and decorum and making a Mocary if the office of the President of the United States. For an Obama or a Trump to have ever played the role of president and the things that have come from it tells me one thing. The members of Congress come across as a pack of idiots as well. The pressure of the people is getting very high and the elites are doing there best to put relief valves and distractions in place. Relief valves IE: Obama and Trump. Both are only possible in a country that I suspect will have a revolution well within the next 50 to 75 years. What is the solution? Search me I’m the one asking.
  5. Yes of course but Stosh has a point and Sean has a place of power over the interactions of many people and not just the ones who share the same ideology. I totally get how people of like left minded persuasion have been shit on, on this site observed it particiapted in it to some extent when it can to certain people who were ranting loons that should in my opinion been banned for outright insanity yet tolerance on the part of Administration who held different views permitted it. This site is a mess. If Sean wants to return and recreate it in his vision after being an absentee landlord for so long well it should be interesting to see what comes if it. You however Nungali are riding high right now with support and it is shameful. You are better than that.
  6. He just did. The site owners actions and words define the site. They carry a strength no admin or participant can.
  7. Best laugh I had all day thanks Pilgrim! 😁
  8. Yes it is being protected for once is nice isn’t it? Been a hard run for allot of folks. Glad you stuck it out, yours is a voice I really respect.
  9. I am reminded of how much I respect the degree of clarity Stosh brings to topics and scholarly wisdom. Perhaps his track record should be reflected upon?
  10. I participate on other forums and quite honestly the stuff that goes on here would have gotten people banned long ago. Even the whiff or a hint of a whiff of political talk earns an immediate warning. This site in my opinion needs some stricter guidelines but hey what do I know I am only trying to learn Daoism and it seems the chaotic the disrespectful and generally uncivilized behavior is part of the TAO or DAO as well from this site, so meh not too impressed. I will say this much other sites not even dedicated to spirituality conduct them selves far better than the behavior exhibited here. Food for thought? I doubt it.
  11. Ok went back and reread and both you and Sean did a good job of explaining how things have come to be and filled in some things I have wondered about. Great job both of you. I also agree with Sean’s view of capitalism but am not so sure socialism is the answer. So what Sean is the way foreword? I would be glad to be rid of Trump but Biden is certainly not the answer that would just be a return to Bill and Obama and I for one have had enough of that. So what is a better way forward? Do you have a view of how Socialism can change things for the better? I thought socialism was just about as bad a system as one could hope for where everyone but the elites are reduced to a common level of poverty. Kind of the way way things are going now. Is this view wrong? if so if so please do educate me.
  12. Hmmm have to go back now and reread the posts somehow I am mixing you two up. Either way it is good stuff to read and comprehend.
  13. I am certain he is just pleased that the owner of the site shares his ideology. In all fairness the ones calling them self's leftest have not had a strong or clear voice on this forum and I am finding what Sean has to say interesting as the leftest view has never been presented the way he is doing it. My Own Cousin in California calls herself leftest and she is so left she goes in circles but honestly as much as I love her she does not present as well as Sean. I for one am genuinely interested in hearing more of what he says, anyone who sees through Obama and Clinton and so direclt and clearly describes not only them but the Regan era the way he does clearly has some valuable insights.
  14. This was how I was trying to quote Sean. Would love to hear more about what the way forward is as Sean is writing things I have never read before and it is sounding hopeful.
  15. Sorry Ralis it was Seans I am trying to multitask and got it mixed up some how.