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  1. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    That being said, the male and the female are archetypical principles playing out in different ratios and manners in different individuals, and I feel that's in accordance with nature's love of variety. Not every man has to be Rambo, and not every woman has to be Audrey Hepburn. But the way I look at this, explaining male and female away in terms of biochemically induced quirks or simply as the result of gender role conditioning is to disregard their divine grace. Yes, I agree to this. For instance, 'trans-women' are anatomically still men in many respects, and it's perfectly understandable that born women having to compete with them in power oriented sports would find themselves at a disadvantage. If this trend continues, additional divisions for trans-gender people will need to be introduced.
  2. simplify

  3. Your Current Cultivation Practices

    One hour of hatha yoga after waking up. This has been my daily practice since many years. And before going to sleep, reading a few pages of a spiritual book. That is, when I am not too tired.
  4. How would you infiltrate a cult?

    Replying to the OP, I would consider the Chinese stratagem of using a beautiful woman to undermine them.
  5. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    It has been stated in this thread that differences between men and women are due to there being differences in hormonal balance. But it would make at least as much sense to say that differences in hormonal balance are due to there being differences between men and women. For instance, in Hinduism, we talk about Shiva and Shakti. Other traditions use different names and terms, but I believe all of them make that distinction between the male principle and the female principle as one of the foundations of existence. And hormonal balances reflect that universal order - it's hardly the other way around.
  6. Another way to say this is that we are acting from what has been programmed in our subconscious mind. And only when (and if) new knowledge reaches that level can we spontaneously act based on it. And yes, that usually takes time.
  7. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    These are examples of far exaggerated modes of masculine behavior. But that doesn't mean that masculine behavior as such is bad. Any behavior that is unbalanced and taken to the extreme can become very destructive. Are you being sarcastic? There can't be a simple and general answer to what went wrong applicable to all cases of rape. What I do know is that men/women relationships are dangerously out of balance, especially in the USA. That is true, but everybody needs affection and appreciation. And it would just be unappreciative to expect my man to act in a masculine manner if I wasn't ready to act in a feminine manner. I didn't say or imply that at all! Again, you are using an extreme example; a distortion of commendable masculine behavior, really. No. Again, things are certainly not that simple. Even though I do believe that a lack of appreciation of men in some modern societies (including our own) and, as a result, male frustration can contribute to aggressive behavior.
  8. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I had primarily sexual/romantic relationships in mind, however, what I shared is certainly not limited to those. Of course they can be. I was simply responding to your question what constitutes a strong male. But neither are the attributes I listed limited to men nor was I claiming to give a complete account. And bear in mind that each human has both a male and a female side according to ancient spiritual teachings as well as to modern Jungian type psychology. I don't think we have found a simple answer yet to the question what constitutes patriarchy. And I was just trying to say that in case you don't know from your personal experience (sexual or otherwise) what I meant by my (obviously provocative) statement, I probably won't be able to explain it to you. That's because it can't be understood abstractly, only experientially, IMO.
  9. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    Yes, I started realizing that some of the somewhat harsh reactions from women here to what I shared likely has got to do with personal traumas. There seems to be considerable wisdom in this book.
  10. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    Rather a perception than a conception. It seems that way.
  11. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I am not quite sure what you mean by that. Is it really? How can you expect men to manifest aforesaid qualities if they are not being appreciated for it?
  12. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    One who holds his own. Leadership qualities. Confidence. Assertiveness. And yes, challenging and demanding at times. That would be an entirely different discussion. I am not talking about external socio-cultural pressures here, but about an internal drive that I believe many women have. Aethereous got that right in his comment on my post. And either you can identify with what I shared, or you can't.
  13. I often focus on one of the Hindu goddesses... Guess on which one! And it gives me a sense of peace and harmony.
  14. Gratitude for the Male Patriarchy

    I am sure some of you will think of me as old-fashioned, but there were times I was finding great joy in submitting to a strong male's leadership. It seems to be part of my female nature. And if women lose touch with that part of their nature, they should not be surprised if men forget what it means to be male. And the dance of Shiva and Shakti will become awkward... So in reply to the OP, yes, there is gratitude for the male patriarchy here... Lakshmi
  15. The world is Brahman's dream... And you are helping him dream it, since you are a part of Brahman. However, while you are dreaming, the dream is real enough to you! I hope that makes sense...