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  1. i'm partial to weirdo sighthounds as my pup is a borzoi.
  2. Zuowang

    also zuowang introduction and santidao.
  3. I renamed it to "Thank you". I hope everyone likes! Sean
  4. Ordered a copy last weekend but shipping from UK so expected delivery is late March. Sean
  5. Do you have a blog or a website?

    Oh, just run of the mill revolutionary plotting, supersecret scheming, confidential shenanigans, etc. You know, ordinary shit webmasters do when they collude.
  6. Hello there, If you have any kind of blog or personal website and are at all interested in the possibility of (free) cross-pollination with TDB site here, will you please email me at somlor [AT] with a link to your site? Would appreciate it. Thank you, Sean
  7. Haha. Nice. I love Berkeley. Spent a decent chunk of my life roaming the East Bay. BTW, Andrew Nugent-Head recently relocated Association for Traditional Studies to Asheville. Sean
  8. Well, if you move to Asheville your school is a few blocks from my house. (FWIW I recently moved to Asheville from LA. Was in Berkeley before that. Funny enough, top three choices of where to go next were Portland, Austin or Asheville. Happy with the choice so far. Sunnier and way less rain than Portland. Milder, less brutal summers than Austin. Way cheaper than both. It is very small but also packs a punch above it's weight class.) Sean
  9. How do I learn Chinese well?

    Married to a Chinese woman + access to world-class Mandarin teachers? Sean
  10. Bumped into this post on Quora the other day, thought I'd share: Sean
  11. A Daoist Wood Goat!

    the accented dào is not english, it's pinyin. the accent here is much more than a pronunciation hint. it indicates tone, an essential component to differentiating chinese words. e.g., dāo, dáo, dǎo, dào refer to completely different words in pinyin. it's also an artistic flourish. blame it on the goat. sean
  12. we are now eclectic in general

    One of the things I bump into is that "Taoist Discussion" is already very broad, diverse, eclectic, inclusive, etc. So it doesn't feel quite right to make a distinction between "Taoist Discussion" and any of these. "General" might make the most sense. I'm also really enjoying the implications of "Potluck" as well. It has a kind of resonance with Taoist/Chinese culture. I can imagine a literal potluck gathering where the priests, hermits, shamans shared stew with Buddhists, Confucians, Muslims, lay folk, town crazies, etc. Sean
  13. we are now eclectic in general

    "Potluck" is starting to grow on me. Sean
  14. we are now eclectic in general

    Personally I was torn between "Diverse Discussion" and "Eclectic Discussion". Please discuss your preferences, I'm open to renaming. Thanks, Sean