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  1. Howdy Bums, I wanted to drop in and say I'm sincerely sorry for being AWOL the last few months. 😔 Some context on what's going on with me. Last year I was increasingly feeling pulled into some intense life crossroads/transitions. OK, turbulent, I can do turbulent. 😐 But then I received a few quite impressive combo punches. Most notably, an unexpected (albeit amicable) separation with my wife, followed up shortly after with getting laid off from my job thanks to COVID-19. Goddamnit. 😵 I'm OK. Not great, or probably even good. But OK. I've been marching through several demanding technical interview processes to find a new job which is consuming most of my mental and emotional energy. I've bumped zuowang to medicinal multi-hour dosages. Otherwise I'm just being my weird, aspie, hyper-introverted self in my mountain-hermit quarantine. Le sigh. Deepest thanks to everyone who patiently reached out to me in my absence. Sorry for lack of responsiveness, I'm just in "sick dog healing under the deck" mode. I'll survive and hobble back here in due time. 🤕 In my leave, I've given Trunk the superpowers to help with any fires. Please be kind to him and to each other (but not to fascists, always be extremely mean to them whenever possible). ❤️ Sean
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    Hey, so I can actually confirm that I'm extremely gay and gender nonconforming because of anthropocentric Western civilization technology Christian colonialist chemical Zionist feminisms.
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