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  1. New member

    Welcome @miwizi 👋
  2. Continuation

    Neither a moratorium nor a private dedicated area are gonna happen, for reasons already mentioned. So we can just put those ideas aside for now. A FAQ is not a fix, but I think it's hard to argue that it would not help? Isn't this a third best option? Houses concise responses to all common questions/criticisms in your own voice in a single location Locked so no worry that it will turn into hundreds of pages Helps other members make up their mind, regardless of any past trolling and misinformation Saves your labor of combing topics and responding to every perceived inaccuracy Assuages a primary frustration/criticism, that you're being disingenuous about why you never respond to anything I think not wanting to do a FAQ kinda hurts your stated case. Active or passive, what's the material difference? You are here on the forum and you are recruiting. Sean
  3. Continuation

    @MildMouse23 what do you think about a "Mo Pai FAQ"? We gather and distill a list of commonly asked questions from the community Your group responds to the questions that it's willing and able, on your own terms I'll post and lock the FAQ to prevent trolling and nitpicking (you can request edits/additions anytime) You can link to the FAQ whenever these questions come up without derailing other topics The community feels more satisfied that its questions are responded to, and we're not just being trolled Just brainstorming, but seems that something like this could be part of a solution to both sides of the tension around this. Sean
  4. Why hello there!

    Welcome @Gurney 👋 I have some close friends that practice HEMA and I've enjoyed myself some Ho'oponopono. Sean
  5. I'm intrigued by this proposed occultist vs shaman opposition as well. Might make sense to loosely define the terms, but I'm understanding occultism to mean the Western Theosophical, Hermetic (Anthroposophical?) traditions vs. shamanism being the animistic traditions of basically every indigenous culture (including witchcraft?). Am I close? Do you feel that there's something inherent to the goals and means of occultism that makes it a tool of oppressive governments and antagonistic to shamanism? In other words, is this organized, more powerful, "professional occultism" the "one true occultism" and self-guided occultists are clueless rubes to the actual real meaning of all their work? Or is it more that occultism is a tool that can be used for good, but also that oppressive regimes prefer for some reasons specific to the tool, while ignoring and antagonizing shamanism for reasons specific to it? Sean
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Ahh. You caught my post before my last edit, in which I tried to soften a bit and moved the transphobia piece to another topic. OK. I'll trust your intention. I'm sorry if I'm being knee-jerk about this topic and caused you any stress. 🙏 Sean
  7. Transphobia

    Transphobia. What's the big deal? Transphobia directly and materially impacts tens of millions of particularly vulnerable human lives. Transgender people are constantly compelled to explain and defend their very existence everywhere they go, often with valid fears of being ostracized, fired, attacked and murdered. The very least that I can do here, is be an asshole sometimes to ensure that any trans or gender questioning people visiting this one so-called spiritual forum never need to explain, defend, or feel shamed or mocked for their existence. Period. If the price for this sanctuary is that some, perhaps innocently, ignorant members are no longer given a safe space to confidently air their incomprehension of the world being more complex than they were assured as little boys and girls — that's the price I'm willing to pay. I recognize this can be an exasperating subject for newcomers. Modern life already feels so complex. Now you're telling me that gender, something surely based on the definitive, "hard science of genitalia and chromosomes", is being questioned? I've had this conversation in person with so many people, and the visceral frustration that gender might not be simple "anymore" is palpable. I can empathize with that. For those of you trying to understand this stuff, I can recommend the following two very entertaining suggestions: What is Gender? (9 minutes) Pronouns (32 minutes) ❤️ Sean
  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I only have a small horse. Could even be considered a pony. 🐴 Also, my role here, for better or worse, is to get on my little pony sometimes. 😆 I like giving you the benefit of the doubt. And it's sincerely possible I'm being too trigger happy, given how frequently I see this exact meme deployed by jerks in online spaces. In plain English, what, specifically, is this meme suggesting went "terribly wrong" in the "changing standards of attire over the decades"? What I see it suggesting is that, by traditional gender norms, men are sometimes now more openly effeminate and that this is the core punchline of the joke and what's gone terribly wrong. In other words, the mere existence of gender nonconformity in modern life is "very bad, actually", and represents some sort of aberrant deviation from our proper social course. EDIT: Moved my potentially knee-jerk transphobia part here: Sean
  9. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Hey @Apech this meme feels low-key transphobic and kinda sucks. 👎 I get why this might cause a sardonic chuckle. Gender nonconformity and transgenderism is a new, strange thing for many of us and there are legit funny things about gender in 2019. But good sociopolitical humor is rooted in: A deeper understanding of the issue being mocked than the audience Not punching "down", i.e., at people that are already structural targets This meme fails hard at both. It's also so overplayed that's it's basically a meme format, and one that alt-right chuds online love, by the way. Sean
  10. About Microanimism

    Listening to a podcast with the author of that site, and just learned that the human genome is 8% virus, i.e., 8% of our DNA has come from past viral infections, most of which have been retroviruses (a type that includes HIV). Placental birth, for example, would not be possible without a virus that infected our ancestors millions of years ago, inserting part of its DNA into our genome. 🐉 😳 Via: Microorganisms, your oldest lineage.
  11. Continuation

    Very helpful, thanks! 🙏 Don't forget the Ron Jeremy War. And the recent Alt-lite/right War. I wish I could say it's the internet, but humans seem to love war IRL too. 😕 Sean
  12. Continuation

    Just zoning out at work now, thinking about that Mo Pai crypto million to shut down these discussions. I'll deny it too.
  13. Hello and please help

    Welcome @Xiao San 👋
  14. More Cloudwalking from the Owl

    Welcome @Cloudwalking Owl 🙇
  15. Continuation

    I think I already talked about this insistence on proof. Sincere question, has anyone formally proved literally anything on this forum ever? From my perspective, it's all just storiiies in an informal language maaan. 😑 If this is super frustrating, what about this approach: You: I think the apple is red. Mo Pai Person: The apple is not red. You: How do you know? Mo Pai Person: I can't tell you. You: LOL. OK. 🙄 ** clicks ignore user button**