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  1. A Journey is Needed.

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  2. Kalicharan Introduction

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  3. Hello from a Buddhist-Daoist

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  5. Narrator: But no one was actually PM'ing him.
  6. Impunity Watch

    Yeah, Uber is openly trash. I use taxis when I'm in a bigger city, and Lyft otherwise. Not sure how much better Lyft really is, though. Zooming out, I do believe it's important to boycott actively evil companies 💯. And also, I believe there's effectively "no ethical consumption under capitalism." 😬 Multinational corporations, convoluted acquisitions and mergers, staggeringly complex, fluid, global supply chains, the predatory, value-extractive nature of capitalism itself, etc., all guarantee that pretty much every purchase we make intersects with exploitation on some level. This is not to advocate a "what's the point of trying" malaise. Again, whenever possible, it's worthwhile to refuse yielding money or labor directly to certified ghouls. But I think the latter insight, while depressing, is essential, if only to deflate the hubris of believing that "ethical consumerism" can truly co-exist within capitalism. From this realization might begin the process of envisioning, discussing and fighting for a fundamentally better way. ✨
  7. Thank you @Alchemistgeorge I've also fixed the URL to the PDF in the original post: Interview with Bruce Frantzis and The Tao Bums March 2011
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    Welcome @knowledgeseeker 👋 I've tinkered with Franz Bardon practices myself, always seemed quite potent. Quite an undertaking though, no?, even just to work through Initiation into Hermetics.
  10. New here. Looking for some guidance.

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  14. Which books sit on your nightstand?

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