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  1. Sitting and forgetting

    Nice to see you Steve =) Will mos def look into dzogchen. Read up on it a bit but mostly cerebral stuff. Good to check in. Hope things are well.
  2. Sitting and forgetting

    Thank you both for those valuable pieces of feedback! - Download complete - Will contact daxuanoslo =) h
  3. Hei på dere Since I´m getting older and memory lapses are on the 'plate de jour', Sitting and forgetting practice has become so much easier. Also, I´ve boiled down whatever I´ve been wasting my time doing for the last 25 years as just stopping the struggle. Question for all you people; where can I get good, evidence-based source-material on Zouwang? Preferably in Norwegian, but English will do. h
  4. The end of all things

    Indeed. You never know. However; past data does not predict future implications. What if this scenario is a true novelty? Although past events of a similar nature indicate that things will turn to the better, we have never encountered the scenario we have now.
  5. The end of all things

    It´s been 5 years since my last confession. With our without an enlightened perspective, reality as we know it is changing very fast. Even here in Norway, you do not have to be an epidemologist or climate researcher to realize that things are ending. Living in one of the richest countries in the world, with a solid 1000 billion emergency fund, and socialized medicine, things will dry up very fast. Even if we get out of the pandemic, climate change and economic meltdown will have irreversible, profound effect on the world. I can only imagine the devastation that will unfold in the rest of the world. Modernity as we know it is getting fundamentally reorganized. Its actually fascinating to realize that I was alive when it happened. Saddening and devastating to know I have a son who will live a life looking back towards his childhood as happy times. In such times, just as when a loved one is facing death or serious illness, I feel compelled to contemplate what is real and true. The forest, the mountains, the sound of birds, the breathing of my son when he sleeps. After the devastation, there must be grief for acceptance to grow, However, something miraculous occurs when you tune into the cosmic Energy. The more I listen to it, the more it reveals. Just as serious illness, this crisis is a form of initiation into a mystery. The price for such initiation is loss. Maybe its 5 year until next time; just my 2 kroner
  6. Bums I am missing

    My deepest respect for your Work and the monumental task in front of you and all other Health care workers... Will be sending you some Energy from Valhalla.
  7. Bums I am missing

    I was cast into the deepest abysses of the norse netherworlds, far away, beyond time and space, yet arose with only a slight thirst for beer. Great to see you are still active!
  8. Bums I am missing

    Well, Scandinavians are modest... Doing kinda well... in the midst of this thing. But a wounderful time for practice. Hope you are doing good, taking care of yourself and by all means; isolation is a gift!
  9. Bums I am missing

    Wow. I didn´t know I´m missed. For what it´s worth... I kinda miss you too
  10. This is my first post in TTB for some time and the first time I must fundamentally disagree with all previous posters. No disrespect. Up front, martial arts may possibly change 'karma' by protecting others, but beyond that pure martial practice is quite shallow. In my personal experience, 2 separate aims are emphasized in Daoist practices; - Cultivating Life - Cultivating Essence If you cultivate essence (basic nature of mind) you transcend the entire notion of karma or anything that is contingent and subject to time and space. Here Karma is seen as irrelevant for the only true self, which you allready are. So why bother changing it. However, when cultivating life, particularly through Nei Dan, you actually speed up karma. This means that you should be quite prepared and detached when cultivating Nei Dan practices, because they open the subtle channels and alot of energy that allready is conditioned, is given more energy, and will manifest itself. In my experience, I got "more bad karma" by cultivating Nei Dan; meaning things that were set in motion speeded up much more rapidly. So if you want to transcend karma thorugh practice, you cannot do so without not wanting it Either, you see the futile nature of changing the changing Or, you realize that stopping what has allready been set in motion by focusing energy there is also futile However, that insight is very liberating indeed. In both cases you´re allready "fucked". But then again, aren´t we all... h
  11. chaga and nightmares

    Thank you. Will take that into consideration. Chaga do have B-vitamins in them, so that may play a role. It´s nothing to be found on the webs, but melanin is (as I understand it) a component that is necessary for producing melatonin, which will make your dreams more vivid taken in excess... Interesting what you said about jinn/spirit. Makes sense from a Daoist perspective h
  12. chaga and nightmares

    Hi folks Long time since I´ve been here. I have a question for you wise people: During the last week I have been drinking Chaga tea, and for a couple of nights I have also been plagued with intense nightmares. I rarely have them, and wonder if there is causation and not only correlation. The reason I think there may be a link is that they were particularly vivid, and particularly dark. I have not found anything online that would support this claim. However, I know that mushroom-based effects may, if one "overdose" have a degree of dream induction through it´s high melatonin content. So; if there is a melanin - nightmare link, may I be overdosing on it? h
  13. Neidan on the rise in the west?

    Nei Dan will probably become diluted if it becomes "trendy", just like various yogas. In my experience, the greatest challenge is authentic transmission. The true texts, and lineages are difficult, if not impossible to discern as there are no way of knowing what is genuine and alive practices from mere techniques. If you find a good teacher, hold on to it like you´ve found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. My Nei Dan teacher changes his teachings continuously, and there are no emphasis on traditional practices. In fact, although the quality of his teachings have continued to evolve and become very direct and effective, people seem not to catch on. In fact, the better the teaching, the more confronting, and less popular it gets. To my own experience, Nei Dan is a process of slowly confronting the false energies in my system. The closer I come to the core pollution, the less I want to practice, and the more scary it becomes. Thus, good Neidan practice is like pulling out a wisdom tooth yourself. It´s really uncomfortable, and not for everyone. Be wary of false teachers. h
  14. Virtue is there in the evil man as well... Virtue is nothing to attain. Virtue is the opposite of gaining anything. It is the opposite of morality. The daoist sage who decided to visit his hermit friend, only to realize that he changed his mine only steps from his friend´s door, he has virtue. h
  15. Energy and Light

    It seems that starlight refers to the essential, core aspect of our presence. So if that is the astral, then yes