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  1. Taichi, Qigong, Neigong Advice Please!

    In your case it would be the best choice to start Internal practices (Neikung). Qigong will yield negligent results. You need lots of energy. I recommend you to read Waysun Liao books first and contact his notorious student Gary Clyman. Basically, it is a shortcut to your fast development.
  2. Book recommendation request :)

    Hi Dear!!! Here is the ones you need. I would recommend you to read books by Waysun Liao-buy all. And books by Gary Clyman 1) The Chi Kung Bible: Beyond Self-Help: Mastering Personal Power 2) The Nei Kung Bible, Chapter One Also ,please,consider a book by Scott Meredith - Juice: Radical Taiji Energetics
  3. Choosing Style of QiGong?

    Hi Missthang, You are welcome. As it seems you have the same symptoms I had in the past.This is common to yoga and chikung practitioners who don't really know what they are doing. I totaly agree with Vortex that you should contact Gary Clyman (Emotional Liposaction).Gary is the only one who can help people get out of great minus you are in. He cures all physical problems people have .Everything you have to do is to read his first book Chikung Bible(free). You are suffering from extremely low level of Chi, but with the help of Gary you will be able to gain an enormous strength:))) His site is In case you have any questions regarding recovery ,please contact me.
  4. Hi I am here

    Hi Wrandum! Welcome !!! Your health issues can be solved easily. Chinese energy work is built on sealing your body and mind leaks. So practising semen retention and neikung can tremendously benefit you. Check out Neikung bible by Gary Clyman for effective build-up of internal strength. Kind regards, B.
  5. Hello! I am a student from 99 Iron Crotch Qi Gong

    You are welcome 99IronCrotch!!! It would be quite interesting to get familiar with Iron Crotch practice. Drop a line about it. I collect all information that revolves round testosterone .
  6. Cultivation practice

    Hi Kris J, Have a look at posts created by Dorian Black. As you practice Chi Kung, so your next step must be Nei Kung. Please,also drop a line what your current practices are.
  7. Greetings from Scandinavia

    Heisann!!! Håper Du vil trives her og ha stort utbytte av forum.
  8. How to conserve sexual energy?

    Hi! What you have written here is quite a feat to accomplish! it is quite a long way, but basically you have to study what Mantak Chia has written in his books on sex subject,though his books lack detail, but you will have a general idea. Channeling your sexual energy in various states of excitement is a heavy task but with practice is achievable ,it may take a couple of years to master sexual techniques under guidance of a master, on your own it will take more, but the more mistakes you make the more you learn. I spent a fortune collecting pieces of jigsaw to get the right picture. Some masters will give you a real knowledge ,some not.
  9. NEW

    Those who procrastinates later will pay a high price for their arrogance.
  10. NEW

    More Energy? It is not Energy -this is a Conflagration.
  11. NEW

    To all who seek freedom from limitations either physical or mental I would strongly recommend to forgo conventional sex along with masturbation, sexual fantasies are to be kept down as well. We are surrounded by tons of pornography and other stuff that eats our precious energy which is to be used for strengthen ing ourselves.
  12. NEW

    Hi Basher!!! The experience is such that I practiced Tao Kung about 14 years and just in a fortnight after starting Nei Kung my life changed dramatically. I would highly recommend jumping on The Nei Kung bandwagon , in other case you will just waste your time burying your head in a heap of 3rd grade of exported chinese Qigong stuff. Please.visit this is the fastest and safest route and your hard earned £££ will be saved at least.
  13. I dare not eat meat.

    Not eating meat? You know I tried to forgo meat for a month and the results were just FANTASTIC: 1) Lost some enamel on my teeth 2) My desire for life lessened-felt like an office plant 3) Sex became a disaster-no hard-ons after two weeks 4) Became angry very very indeed So I would not in any case recommend going a long periods without meat. Try to eat Carpaccio , jerky but do not try to eat cooked meats. I am from Ukraine and my ancestors ate jerky, raw meat and drank blood.Nomad Try cuisine of nomads but not those who were ploughmen. Raw uncooked meat gives a real power. Avoid milk in case you do not belong to scandinavians , for milk and milk products are not suitable for 98% of population as it is the main cause of diabetes .
  14. Here because of Gary Clyman

    Hello Shawn!!! Welcome I belive that you can share your wisdom on Jing as I am myself joined forum for the sake of Nei Kung as it is a real place where we can share with each other.
  15. Gentle Wind

    Hello Gentlewind! To me it seems that there is some link/connection between those who like metal and Tao. After practicing nei kung my desire for listening heavy ,black,death metal becomes stronger than ever. I would recomment you Opeth "My arms your Hearse" this is pretty intelligent progressive metal.