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  1. A short story in Episodes kind of thing.
  2. That was really interesting. Thank you. Felt a little bit like the First Movie of a planned Trilogy, which never got finished because nobody else liked it.
  3. Haiku Chain

    I‘m never quite sure but neither always unsure Sounds like I am, right?
  4. Hidden content boxes

    Hi, how can you create that neat „click hide or reveal boxes“ in a post? Call me stupid, but I can‘t figure it out. Thanks
  5. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I'm late to the Party. Traffic was awful. Me too. A friend suggested it in a library and I went through his work like there was nothing else in the World. Probably the most beautiful rainy November that ever happened to me in July. Found this years later, I don't know why. Have you read it? That was a Birthday Present I gave last Year. And here are two books that wait here to be read: Patrick Harpur on Sören Kierkegaard? Sounds good to me. On how Victorian age People would arrange different Flowers to give specific messages. It's basicaly a Word for a Plant. I hope it will help me to get to know a few Plants I'll meet next Spring a little better.
  6. Paintings you like

    Very cool. They do have a quality to them. This one is wie us for almost a year now and it still catches me.
  7. Paintings you like

    Michael Alexandrowitsch Wrubel "Der Morgen" New Painting for our new Living Room
  8. Haiku Chain

    February sun from a Place besides the fire and I miss winter
  9. My favourite Mining Gnome Story is told in the Black Forrest, where the "VenedigermÀndle" pop up on different occasions. "VenedigermÀndle" translates as "small Men from Venice" and they are always looking for Gold or precious Stones using stuff like a Mirror that allows them to look inside the Mountain, interact with whoever is there and leave. Mostly friendly people it seems. What I like about this, is the fact that just some Italians coming for Gold could make sense too. Small Italians. Maybe the Black Forresters emphasized that in retribution for being called Giants once by the Romans. So there is a bunch of interesting possibilities. In my Area they'll tell you of the "EhrenmÀnnle". Couldn't find any English Sources on that, so here is one in German: And here is a summary Google translated for me: "If you go from Lindau in a north-easterly direction via Reuti, the Staig and the Wannenthal, you come to a narrow valley gorge through which a water runs, which further down in Rickenbach sets a mill wheel in motion. In the mouths of the people this valley gorge is called the "Beseriiter Tobel," because the parish village of Bösenreuti lies further up and outside the forest. From that brook up to the top, a very friendly path leads through the darkness of the forest over a hundred and several steps. In that ravine, the Ehre-MÀndle, a kind of elf man or goblin, is said to have been on the move. On beautiful summer days it used to carry all its treasures and riches - among them especially very beautiful silver spoons and plates - out in front of its dwelling, to clean them there and to display them formally without allowing itself a rest; there was always something to wipe and dust here or there. If you wanted to approach him, the whole mess was gone in no time. The bustle of this gnome is said to have always indicated long lasting beautiful weather; That is why in the evenings after "haying" it was customary to put a piece of bread on the doorstep in order to express gratitude to him. The Ehre-MÀndle was also seen in houses and stables in winter after dark, since its appearance always brought good luck. It is said not to have been seen since the Swedish War. It is also said that some young fellows, with the intention of teasing the good little man and luring him out, threw a live duck into his cave, which was seen fluttering again half an hour further east in the Lettenbach. But that can't be. Narrator made an effort to crawl into it but found no continuation of this cave or any other exit. In an old, very precise map of the area made by the painter Rauh zu Wangen in 1626, it clearly states "Erzmann-Loch," which led the narrator to think that this cave might be the entrance to an abandoned, now completely deserted one collapsed manholes. From the outside, the whole thing looks more like a badger's den, and is currently still called Ehre-MÀndles-Loch. Should anyone want to go to it, he would have to turn to the occupants of the farm next to it, where it is called by the "Wagner" in the Tobel." At one point they vanish, because some Girl stole a Spoon, I Think, and during the Swedish wars their tunnel was used for smuggling. With or without their Help, depending on who you ask. But what I thought of, when I read the Topic and the Tale I am planning on investigating this Summer goes about a set of Caves an hour drive away from my home. It's called "WildfrÀuleinstein" after a remarkable Stone, I guess, and few Hundert Years back a bunch of "wild Woman" is said to have been living in that Caves. From Story to Story they cross the line between wise women in seclusion, magic Folks and Farys, whit a Relationship to the people of the two neighbouring villages that seems to have been the classic Trick or Tread, depending on the peoples character and the Respect the women were shown. From Pictures the Caves look like the kind of Place one would Love to go in Seclusion in and I know of at least one Family who claims to have one of them in their ancestry. Not in a "Time before Time began" kind of way, but like "Paul married Gertud". There are some First Names remembered, but they shouldn't be said aloud. That was why Gertrud left in the End. I
  10. A Nuts Shell

    Thank you very much. I actually read those. Quote We're just coming out of a Picture Book Winter, that blurred the lines between the two.
  11. A Nuts Shell

    Holla, l stumbled upon this Forum a few years ago and read around for a while. So now, here again, I‘ll say hello and see where it leads me. Middle aged Man in the middle of Europe. I‘m into Martial Arts and my routine today centers around Kenjutsu and Qi Gong. I came to Gardening through Zen and, trying to find my own roots in it, I started to listen to the old Folks around, which gave the whole thing an Earthy, lunar, Witchy kind of taste. Pretty much the same could be said about my Meditation practice. Fairy tales and walking in the Woods. Family and New Honesty. Thank you for listening