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  1. I am. In a good way, they said. So, I was sitting on our couch a few hours ago, when one of the two cats who live here casually strolls by, jumps on my lap and starts delivering her babies. Four fuzzy Feline. A true compliment.
  2. Relationship advice

    That's what I thought. Talk to her. If you can discuss the things said in this thread with her, honestly and on equal terms, and you come out of it as a couple, marriage might be an option. Otherwise it seems as if your question implies you have already decided what you feel to be the right thing to do, right?
  3. It is known

    Can anyone tell me why be isn’t king Phillip? The short answer would be enough..
  4. Exercise suggestions for seniors

    Ba Duan Jin It is what a former Shaolin monk I know teaches at workshops for people with health issues.
  5. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    Fair point. For me she is scrubbing a part of herself. Her Wild Twin so to say. I guess that brings us back to that point about initiation? About when and in what setting to tell this story. I liked that one too. There is beautifully edition illustrated by Kay Nielsen. Like this:
  6. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    My book of the Year. So far. The Wild Twin, as I understood it, means the part or parts of us that were lost in the process of civilisation. What would an initiation into adulthood have given us? What attitude to keep at heart if the Underworld (or Otherworld or whatever) is something we're already in, we just didn't recognise it yet? With this questions in the background the author tells and interprets two stories. "The Lindworm" and "Tatterhood". I will link the first one below, but it was the second one that really got to me. I'm certain there is somebody here that needs to hear that second story, if only for admiration. Whoever that is, she or he should buy the book. Give the man his well earned money. (All my interpretation, of course. For all I know it might be a complex metaphor for sport fishing.)
  7. Life Changing Books

    Albert Camus - The Plague The Book that got. me thinking Raja Yoga - Swami Vivekananda. The one that helped to stop it allready I couldn’t believe the Beauty of „The Picture of Dorian Gray“ when I first read it. Sounds great and the best part is that’s all true, but the truth is the most life changing book for me was probably one of the first I read on my own. I‘ll give it to this one: The only thing that comes close is a little brochure a friend gave me to read when I was twenty. I had just picked him up at the airport and he wanted to stop at his mom‘s house, so he took it out of his breast pocket and apologized for the time this would take. And I waited and waited and read the whole thing. “Love and Meditation“ by Osho. Or something like that. That started it. I read everything I found from him and then started with the ones he was writing about and, I don‘t know, that’s how the journey began.
  8. Oh, and if anyone is lacking sperm, there is lots of it in the male sub- Forum.
  9. I think the correct term is „kill all the white men“. Because of that song, please don‘t kill me.. But honestly, removing bad traits seems to me like something to do with myself. When I think about the population, I‘d vote for adding good traits instead. Wich brings me back to sperms. We‘re having our third Baby this year.
  10. Nietzsche Quotes

    „Ich liebe die großen Verachtenden, weil sie die großen Verehrenden sind und Pfeile der Sehnsucht nach dem andern Ufer.“ — Also sprach Zarathustra That Book was important to me. I would have used a translation if this was a new thread, but, as it is, that‘s the quote in my head..
  11. Haiku Chain

    The Way of the Sword A belly to kill Buddha Bowing down upright
  12. Haiku Chain

    That old hare, Rabbit, can outrun Nine tailed foxes. Sit silent. Listen.