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  1. The Cool Picture Thread

    My Good Nungali - would you be so kind as to throw us poor northern hemispherians a hint as to at least the genus of those cute tiny things? I daresay if I were to venture a guess it would turn out that they were Australian WompRats? walk in beauty shunka
  2. The spirituality of Cold

    very good advice Vajra ! shunka
  3. BUT if they are anywhere near something "not benevolent" (or worse daemonic) they find themselves in a new terrifying world of hurt for themselves and others. and remarkably, that can tie right into this thread: thus: be careful what you consume; be careful what you open yourself to. you might just become an aging immortal's next convenient "vessel" it's not all shiny rainbows and happy unicorns out there. walk in beauty shunka
  4. Actually, no, you are sort of interrrupting a thread about yoga... might be better in the future to open a new thread but it's ok, you're new, you'll get the hang of it. calling booze "wisdom water" is a sort of tongue-in-cheek joke -- read here for a good explanation walk in beauty shunka
  5. The spirituality of Cold

    cold water can be powerfully cleansing. Japanese Shinto do Misogi Tibetan Buddhists do g Tum-mo exposing oneself to too much cold, without proper training is not wise and likely to make one sick. I hope this helps shunka
  6. I am a Celestial Master

    Ah my dear people.... see what you've done, you have scared him off and now we will never know.... and I was looking forward learning about that taoist school founded by Zhang Daoling in 142 CE that TaoMeow mentioned. umm Cleansox? "Hitta boken iett blibliotek Alla foersaeljare" ??? was bedeutet das? or is it ancient Nordic? Wait! are you actually a secret Finnish Scholar hiding out here? Please Teach me the secrets of the Sami Noaidi Oh Great Sox! walk in beauty shunka
  7. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

  8. Vegan or vegetarian in Daoism

    My Good Harmonious - Thanks for posting - I appreciate to effort to find the article and it is gratifying to see that there is at least one attempt at a study . In the question of meat vs vegan in the context of Buddhism and Daoism- - I always consider the source, note that I offered opinions from advanced practitioners, then the actual scripture, then the opinion of the head of Tibetan Buddhism. These folks can well be considered "top experts" the the field of Buddhist spiritual opinion. I linked to one source of the actual Buddhist scripture (the original instructions, if you will) with the caveat that it is at least one layer of modern translation, since few of us can read the original language, and I look at opinions of "top experts" of the interpretation , based on modern realities - With the exception of the scripture, the others are a philosophical discussion, which basically seems to be saying "Do not think yourself so holy if you are not eating meat" and "Eating meat may not be the venal sin you are claiming" When looking at the Vegan Mythbusters article you cite, it is an interesting study, but it looks to me as tho the Vegan Mythbuster article put a deliberately skew on the article to fit their world view. They miss the point by cherry picking the argument to fit their ideal - in other words they are claiming that since it is not the machinery that is causing the deaths , then the argument is not valid I found here and the abstract describes the study (note, emphasis is mine): snip----------------------------------- Abstract The effects of cereal harvesting on the ecology of wood mice Apodemus sylvaticus were investigated at three arable study sites in Oxfordshire from 1987 to 1991 using both radio-tracking and live-trapping methodologies. The process of harvesting itself had little direct effect on the mice, but the removal of the cover afforded by the crop greatly increased predation pressure on the mice. After harvest, mice either emigrated from the arable ecosystem or reduced activity. Nevertheless, over half (17 of 32) of the mice radio-collared before harvest were taken by predators in the first week following harvest. Together with emigration, this produced an 80% decrease in the population. Post-harvest activities such as stubble burning subsequently further increased mortality. The dramatic increase in prey availability may benefit predators of small mammals in the cereal ecosystem such as tawny owls Strix aluco and weasels Mustela nivalis. andsnip------------------------------------ By conveniently leaving out the above highlited bits, Vegan Mythbusters avoided the fact that planting and harvesting methods indirectly caused the death of more mice by increasing predation. So the mouse deaths are still due to the consequences of the planting and harvesting . They did not address the deaths of insects at all, nor do they even mention the deaths by chemical spraying of various kinds. ------- There is also the misconception that "all cattle are fed grains so that destroys the arguement" I have lived in "corn country", "wheat country", "ranch country" and "dairy country " all my life. There is a HUGE difference between corporate run facilities and "the little guy" While it is has become common to "finish off" beef cattle on corn for several weeks it has not always been the case nor is it any longer the absolute norm. "Finishing off" on corn in a "feed lot" puts weight and fat on quickly. more weight means more cash at slaughter. But the feed lots are also a source of much abuse, pain, suffering, and pollution of the land . So the feed lots are part of the "evil corporate money chain" of the meat industry. "Grass fed only" is a different story. The steers never hit the feed lots, they ones I see are pretty damn happy cattle that go from their grassland to the the truck for a nice ride, to the slaughterhouse, and the main trauma is in the truck ride and the actual slaughter itself (death is nearly always traumatic). When done properly the an individual steer is taken from the lineup into a closed off slaughter booth, and shot in the forehead with a pnuematic "bolt gun". Death is as instantaneous as one can get. The hind legs are chained to a conveyor crane, the dead steer (yes it is dead, a one inch bolt driven 3 inches thru the forehead skull ensures that) is carried off, the next unknowing steer is brought in. The methods trumps shooting or slitting the throat to my mind. But is IS the deliberate killing of a sentient being. When done improperly slaughterhouses are a horror show. I completetly agree that "corporate factory cattle farms" are .. incredibly inhumane and evil in their treatment of cattle. Poorly run feedlots and slaughterhouses are another Horror Show. I agree that one must take great pains to ensure that the meat one buys is "as advertised" because corporate marketing uses lies and fabrication and weasel words as an integral part of its core business. I disagree that "grass-fed" & etc is a myth - I feel it is incumbent upon the consumer to do even the least bit of "research" and ensure exactly where their food is coming from. I myself have been buying locally grown pork which is "free range" and buy beef and buffalo from a local meat market that has their own ranch which I have verified myself that the cattle are actually "free range", "Predator Freindly" , and "grass fed" , and that they ARE NOT "finished off" on corn. And their slaughter facility is as human as possible, and is in fact both kosher and halal. I personally try to do "the best I can" in this existance and strive for "balance" and I try to take responsibility for the lives lost for the food I eat. walk in beauty shunka ,
  9. An opinion or observation of madness

    In my mind, if one has lost balance, one must first return to the basics. but that's me :-) So, on the one hand I would agree that " a return to or start with yama precepts or for Buddhists starting with their Nobel Eight Fold Path" is necessary. Now, if one takes 4 giant steps back and tries to look at "the big picture" , one can make a case that this current Global Pandemic might just be a first step to force such a thing. This pandemic is "resetting of the concept of normal" amongst the masses and forcing a great many to rethink "what is important" , then rethink "am I living a happy balanced life" , then rethink .... and thus just maybe , this is the kickstarter of the "return to basics" perhaps this is a "wake up call" that the great unwashed can't ignore. It cannot be a coincidence that "we " are simultaneously experiencing - the pandemic - global natrual disasters on a biblical scale ( earthquakes, volcanoes, drought, fires, floods, & probably localized famine soon) - simultaneously all the fascists, dictactors, empire builders et al are coming out of the closet( so to speak) just a thought walk in beauty shunka
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    That, sir, is an interesting question. which begs the further question, once pandora's box is opened (so to speak) is a "return to workable, beginning , or foundational Dharma" possible? And what will be the method /outcome? I keep reminding "the flower children" in these parts that praying only for "world peace" can be iffy- Red China is attempting their version of world peace, and I do not care for it. I am reminded of the America's Native American "Ghost Dance" movement, in which the proper practice would - reunite the living with spirits of the dead, - bring the spirits to fight on their behalf, - bring back the buffalo - end westward expansion, - and bring peace, prosperity, and unity to Native American peoples some folks have noted that the results were achieved, but not in the way they wanted. walk in beauty shunka
  11. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    GOOD for you on the ego! I am still wrestling with it suspicions: it sounds and "feels" suspiciously like something I had to deal with in the past. stay calm stay safe above all else, do no harm shunka
  12. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    This is probably what they call a "pivotal moment" for you. I highly suspect the true identity of the thing that has been talking to you , leading you, giving your "insight". do not let your ego and that thing destroy you. it's in your court bub. walk in beauty shunka
  13. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    My Dear Welkin.... there you went again. anger management is a real good idea. I know because I was like that too many lustrum ago. We can recognize each other from far off. here is some free advice. it's worth every penny paid :-) ( see, that's a joke son! a joke! ... foghorn leghorn, ca 1963 ) step back for a bit. do whatever you do to get grounded and calm. Then read this , calmly , and think about it. I suspect Nungali is like the Hopi Mudhead - a Sacred Clown that mirrors but amplifies your behaviour back at you. Some people find it funny. Some people don't like it at all, often because that tiny little zit under your chin that nobody else notices suddenly looks huge and disgusting. Here's the kicker - it only looks that way to you. You feel offended, but nobody else does... That's how you know it's the sacred mirror. Here's the problem - the Sacred Mirror deals out seemingly harsh lessons indiscriminantly. And in order to benefit, at this point, one has to work really F*****G hard to separate the message from the messenger. anger management work with Sensei and George (a Brown Belt) in the Dojo helped me a lot. I would come in there all full of anger and righteousness and "how dare they" and "I didn't do anything". Sensei would laugh and say "I don't care, come at me with the tanto!" and after about a half hour of taking real hard breakfall (we called it splat-waza) and a lot of hard take-downs I got the anger knocked out of me then I could practice properly, and after practice I'ld go over to George;s house ( the Brown Belt) and we would sit and smoke and drink seltzer and have 3 hours of "chat" that I later discovered was actually legitamit "talk therapy"... Crazy damn Nordic Buddhists are like that :-) ( that's another joke, son!) So, whether its a Sacred Mirror or a CrAZY Damn Nordic Buddhist, ya get the flaws pointed out right off. Not always real pleasant, until you learn to laugh them off and deal with them. And then if you're lucky you get some help to work on that flaw . Oh, and guess what? You are not alone. We ALL got flaws. But it's ok, becasue this place can be like an AA meeting to help you if you let us. Another problem with the Sacred Mirror? It doesn't go away. Oh, it's not like Nungali is gonna hunt you down or anything stupid... It's YOU. You have reached a point in your training where the lessons you need will pop up and follow you whether you like it or not. I am sure you know that old one "when the student is ready the teacher will come" . Well, this a little variation on that - when some of us reach a certian point, the lesson won't leave us alone. And this is where that little monkey on your shoulder is saying in your ear "WTF, how does he know, who the F does he think he is? why is he screwing with me?" Easy. I was you. Been there, done that, read the book , wrote the screenplay, skipped the t-shirt ( a joke son! a .... ) When It's lessons you need, so whether it's karma or The Universe or The Force, it's stuff you will have to adress one way or another. If you are here, Nungali may pop up. It will look like he is dogging you - but only to you. If not, you will get what seems like the same grief from elsewhere. Try not to blame Nungali. It is his geas, his calling, his curse... It like blaming a leopard for his spots. Now breath. Breath In slooooooow Breath out sloooooooow Round breath. let ALL EMOTION drain out with each exhale. repeat. GET CALM LET GO OF THAT ANGER IT"S ONLY GOING TO EAT YOU UP. We're here for you, when you are ready. shunka wow lookit that Nunglai beat me...