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  1. Alan Moore on Art and Shamanism

    Great documentary!
  2. has not set their fart

  3. Eating Flesh Pros and Cons

    I shall have to become a wheat berry. I hope that I will be sprouted.
  4. What are the right questions?

    Great question. There are some great results available when you google, "powerful questions."
  5. Buddhism and Taoism....

    This book blends the two in a way if you like to check it out . . . Tao & Longevity: Mind-Body Transformation (Paperback) by Wen-Kuang Chu
  6. Buddhism and Taoism....

    "When we talk about the tantric world, we are talking about this visual, auditory, sensory world, which has not been explored or looked at properly. Nobody has bothered to actually experience it. People just take it for granted. We may have been interested in our world when we were little children, but then we were taught how to handle it by our parents. Our parents already had developed a system to deal with the world and to shield themselves from it at the same time. As we accepted that system, we lost contact with the world. We lost the freshness and curiosity of our infancy a long time ago. And now, although the world is full of all kinds of things, we find that in communicating with the world we are somewhat numb. There is numbness in our sight, numbness in our hearing, numbness in all our senses. It is as though we had been drugged. The reality of the world- the brilliance of red, the brightness of turquoise, the majesty of yellow, and the fantastic quality of green- has not been seen properly. We have been indoctrinated, or we have indoctrinated ourselves. The point of tantra is to reintroduce the world to us. A direct relationship between teacher and student is essential in Vajrayana Buddhism. People cannot even begin to practice tantra without making some connection with their teacher, their vajra, indestructible, master." Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
  7. Who's a taoist who's not a taoist

    I wonder what you are if you think that you are some form of a Tao Bum?
  8. How do you self- soothe?

    Yes, This is the most consistent self soothing that I engage in, I practice daily and it is a pleasing, relieving, soothing and effortless exercise. I highly recommend it!
  9. Can anyone recommend good Tai Chi DVDs?

    If you can, I would really suggest to arrange training at this school in Denver. http://www.enetworkmarketing.com/tangshoutao/tangshoutao.swf Maybe even a couple times a month or something.
  10. tooth regeneration

    So I have to respond as I read through this thread, hoping I am not repeating something that comes up later in the thread. I have heard of rinsing and gargling with salt being very good for teeth. I brush with baking soda which I have noticed my grandparents and European visitors do, when I was younger. I also remember European visitors using tooth powder instead of paste and wonder if anyone knows what that stuff is all about and any word on baking soda.
  11. Opt out of "some" junk mail

    Opt out of credit and insurance offers . . . https://www.optoutprescreen.com/opt_form.cgi
  12. What is it without recommending it?