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  1. A question about cultivation

    I see and as I know even Kung Fu guys train there physical bodies since they was kids and after they achieve certain level they can learn internal arts like shaoiln for example
  2. A question about cultivation

    I actually checked his website and he talked about it when talk about niedan ((Nei Gong is the systematic process of developing the three core ‘body’s of man’ so that they function at their most efficient level according to the teachings of the ancient Chinese arts. Focus begins upon cultivating the physical body so that it may serve as a vessel for energetic practice. From here, it progresses onto practice with the energetic matrix of the subtle body and then further again into evolution of the mind’s capabilities. To the Chinese, they knew this as the three step process of: Jing Gong, Qi Gong and then Shen Gong))
  3. A question about cultivation

    I see thanks and I don't mean body building tho it's more like mic of fitness martial arts body building etc but thanks where I can find that book tho I saw alot of stuff I searched about damo talk about and his courses is good seem he is the real deal you can find in public internet thanks again
  4. Hi I had a question about something I wanna make it clear cuz there is alot of deffrent opinions about it Before starting cultivation should one train his physical body to a good point first or no ?? I have heared and read from some people u should train you body as it would tighten the medirian and make qi travel harder and block it etc ........ At same time I heared you should train you body well to near limit to your body can handle and store qi and when body reach limit it have enough reserves in Dan Tien to start cultivation and store qi So which opinion is right and thanks
  5. Hi I was asking if someone know a source or something to start building the foundation I don't want any practice or foundation that just do the job I want almost perfect roots and foundation and yes u am serious about niedan and cultivation wish someone could help with that )))) a question how does people do those online chat healing or watch disciple s improvement and problem and guild em
  6. Questions and ask for help

    I already do martial arts under a master but that's external ones I wanted start cultivation since long ago like neidan etc but I alway find wrong or un complete practice which can lead to harm
  7. sexual exchange

    Lol so I would just do it with an advanced partner 🤣🤣 for a boost xd
  8. Questions and ask for help

    Sadly I am not I am from Egypt
  9. So guys I will be honest and open minded since I read all kind of stuff and people was open minded wouldn't luagh or offend someone so 1- I started training long ago and was doing lil inner training and cultivation since until now I didn't find any source all would agree 100% and I really wanted to do a good start a cultivation with really excellent foundation my goals I will be honest my primary goals isn't immortalty wisdom engi or healing they are just sub goals my main is for inner martial arts get stronger and for that I know important of basics and foundation so I can advance well since I do martial arts but I really can't find any real life master and most of master in online can't really trust one 100% and they all do for yourself not that u would have that very good foundation and stuff so would anyone have a book or topic or anything can help me start it's been years asking searching around get experience bout qiqong niedan etc but it took too long and until now can't risk with something I am not sure of and thanks guys wish you help)) sec is I had some questions 1- is that phone and video treating really a thing how qi could be send from a distance or control patient 2- could a master see your qi flow and your mistakes etc throw online video chat )) and wish you try help me start my path for cultivation for real. Sorry again for my long topic
  10. And here I was very careful that I was rarely training because everyone find new tech try it I feel it have a problem or I need a guild I would try stop and search more I was hardly doing internal training
  11. So I heared that horse stance for qiqong and niedan kinda dangerous cuz those much gained qi can go wrong and damage you and not good for beginners and same time I heared it's better start it to absorb yin qi as qi will be norched in legs nods for a while before you can use setting medidtion because ocean of sea need some time to adapt new qi first so what is right and what is wrong sorry for using hard meaning but I really forgot the names that everyone understands
  12. Well it happen mostly when I stop training and I feel like I wanted to do more it's like I quitted early but I don't know how stop it without being there for quit sometime
  13. I see 40 isn't really big problem and what is FB group link !
  14. I do martial arts and train fitness I a. 24y and have good health I think
  15. U said something very true I know that feeling when energy stuck at head can't get rid of it and u feel headache still not sure how remove that or end training