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  1. Encounters with the Nagual

    Torres, Armando - Three Books --- 2002 - Encounters With The Nagual https://great-grandma.com/aquakeys/toltec/node/60 Username: toltec Password: toltec ... 2010 - Secret of the Feathered Snake (Plumed Serpent) https://great-grandma.com/aquakeys/toltec/node/547 Username: toltec Password: toltec ... 2019 - Universal Spider-web https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wKFv0dWFEN_6ETDDYuJHBkaZOqs3damp ### End: 2020.12.22
  2. Please approve this Post.

    Oh. Yeah. Daniel, my brother, and my only begotten child. Yeah. He is 20 and taller than me. Back then though I would say to him, constantly, "I love you. Trust yourself. I don't give a damn what anyone else says. You trust yourself first; even before me." Yeah. The boy wisely avoids me-- who he thinks has a completely void-able view of life. Seriously, though. I raised him freer than I'll ever likely be. - Love Chris
  3. Please approve this Post.

    Dear Marbles-in-head: I do not understand what it is you are asking, my friend. - Chris ~ I who have lost my marbles.
  4. Please approve this Post.

    Never-mind. I am now able to edit my Siggy. - Chris
  5. Encounters with the Nagual

    Note: new Toltec Total Freedom home.. http://aquakeys.com/toltec New "Encounters..." page.. http://www.aquakeys.com/toltec/encounters-with-the-nagual-by-armando-torres
  6. Re:"You cannot change your signature until you have 1 more approved posts" Please approve this new topic so I can change my Signature which as I recall links to two other topic pages on this site with now-archived technical info relating to this forum. Thanks. - LOve chris
  7. Desert Eagle: Just to reiterate, the %20 does represent a blank-space, but this or any other code starting with the % character is only seen in a website address ( http://... ); and that %xx code is substituting for other characters-- as in the example that %20 is substituted for the blank-space since blank-spaces are not allowed per-se in a web address. Web addresses must be a continuous string of characters unbroken by spaces or carriage returns (line-breaks) Code like (remove the spaces between characters below...) & n b s p ; ...or... & # 1 6 0 ; is HTML code used within the 'body' of a webpage. The first example above is a name-reference, and the second is a decimal-reference. They both refer to a single character and are simply two ways of defining the same character. That character, in this case, it is a non-breaking-blank-space. A non-breaking-space is a special blank-spaces in that a non-breaking-space is intended to prevent the two words on either side of it from being broken apart at the end of a line-- or in other words they will not be automatically 'wrapped'/ separated in the middle of the two words if they run out of room together at the end of a line. In any case, I appreciate your posting the image; particularly since you have now inspired me to do what I would have liked to years ago-- namely gather the full list of 65536 decimal number character references for my reference. I could not find a list, so I made my own list of 65,536 items and posted it at my website at ... HTML Character Entities Decimal-Number Encoding Reference Lists HTML character decimal references http://www.great-grandma.com/website-building-information/html-character-entities-decimal-number-encoding-reference-lists My favorites are (remove the spaces between characters below...) & # 9 9 9 2 ; ✈ and & # 9 9 9 6 ; ✌ Check it out. - Chris
  8. Encounters with the Nagual

    [Correction Of Previously Posted WebPage Link Errors] The temporary home for "Toltec Total Freedom Books": including "Encounters...". Now with website "Search" engine. ===
  9. Encounters with the Nagual

    The YouTube video above is THE ART OF NAVIGATION - Travels with Carlos Castaneda and Beyond - Book Trailer and is narrated by Felix Wolf. Felix is one of the former acquaintances of Carlos Castaneda and is one of the several individuals who were in the Tensegrity classes while CC was still alive and who were featured in the video "Enigma of a Sorcerer" Please note that although the following link is to the "Enigma.." video, and although the video plays in my FireFox browser when I simply click the following link, that might only be because I have FireFox's Options set to a cache of 1024 MB versus the default of 55 MB; and so you will most likely find it beneficial to download the *.avi video linked below before you attempt to try to play it instead of your simply clicking the link below. Please follow the instructions below to download the file. === Downloading A File Onto Your Computer. When a webpage 'link' is a link to a file instead of a link to a new page, .. Using the mouse, 'RIGHT-Click' the file name link, and NOT the normal left-click mouse button. Then choose the drop-down menu item similar to the expression 'Save Link As' (FireFox browser), or 'Save Target As' (Internet Explorer). === Enigma Of A Sorcerer - Video (The file size is approximately 746 MegaBytes [MB])
  10. Dear Webmaster: As this topic I started is in danger of falling off the front page of "Forum and Tech Support", and hoping as I can only do that this information has been and will be of value to your readership.. ..this is another shameless educational bump. Let me know if I am irritating you, and it won't happen again as I intend to bump it again next time I am around, if needed, and if I live that long. << Likely. Love Chris.
  11. Encounters with the Nagual

    Manitou: You have elegantly stated that which I fully agree with. Thank you. - Chris ===
  12. Encounters with the Nagual

    Note: Temporary home for "Encounters.." - Now with website "Search" engine.
  13. I am very curious about the image at ..


    Is this a painting by you, or just something you ran across?

    I love it.


  14. Your Avatar image is presently based on an image that has a size of Width = 640 pixels & Height = 480 pixels, and is 51,887 bytes. I can Not get a copy of your original image to upload from my computer for use as an avatar although it is less than the requirement posted that it be no larger than 90 Kila-Bytes. Since that original image had a pixel size greatly exceeding the posted recommended size of 125 (w) x 125 (h), I assume then that large pixel counts prevent image uploading from a computer even when the size is less than 90kB. Therefore I am guessing that you originally added your avatar by using a URL online image link. In any case, your base image of size 640x480 is being reduced to 125x125 automatically but proportionately. If you enter "125" into the "Width" box, and enter "94" into the "Height" box, you image will display in the same proportions as your original. 640/480 = 125/94 - Chris
  15. cool vids

    DE: I saw in my eMail days and days ago a notice or two regarding you at this forum. Although I have not yet opened those eMails, I will .. but they reminded me that I wanted to find the "Bruce Lee" documentary I knew I had somewhere. I have finally gotten it uploaded into my website folder with the hope that you might find it worth viewing as I did. The folder is at .. http://www.aquakeys.com/ggm-p_h/vid/edu/sport RIGHT-Click a file-name, and in the drop-down menu, Select "Save Link As" (Mozilla - FireFox); or "Save Target As" (MicroSoft - Internet Explorer.) - Chris