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  1. Chuang Tzu Companions

    Sounds excellent. I know I could use some extra perspectives. Chuang Tzu seems so far to be much less straightforward than Lao Tzu, but is definitely fun material. Love this approach.
  2. Chuang Tzu Companions

    Hello all, I've recently begun digging into the Chuang Tzu and am looking for some recommendations for companion material. I'm searching for some extra insight--especially thematically, as the text's purpose often goes over my head--but would be interested in any historical or miscellaneous background content as well. I would really love to have a firmer grasp on what messages appear to be conveyed through the stories. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!
  3. Hello all.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. I'm very glad to have ventured here
  4. Hello all.

    Hello all, I just came across this forum by means of /r/taoism on Reddit and in the interest of deepening my understanding of the Dao have decided to give this all a shot. About me: In April of last year, I had a total paradigm shift in my worldview. In a moment I felt (an initially perplexing) something which only through time have I been able to begin to explain through the framework of Daoist thought. I realized my longstanding inclinations to grasp hopelessly for material gain and personal recognition were hollow and unfulfilling and that my previous renunciation of all things spiritual may have been in fact, largely unfounded. I am a bit of a dabbler. I find immense value in works across belief lines, whether it be Daoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Zen, or works entirely unrelated but similarly inspired. I truly believe that in finding the way back to the workings of nature, the ultimate, God, or whatever personal conception one may choose, it is possible to find greater peace and equanimity in life. All that being said, my walk along the path has been largely in isolation so far. I've browsed this forum and it appears to be overflowing with energy and activity, which I believe fosters an excellent environment for learning. With your help, I hope to gain insight of where I may be lacking and grow to help others in turn. All in all, I wish you all great peace and hope we can grow together in our knowledge of the Dao.