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Found 5 results

  1. Chuang Tzu Companions

    Hello all, I've recently begun digging into the Chuang Tzu and am looking for some recommendations for companion material. I'm searching for some extra insight--especially thematically, as the text's purpose often goes over my head--but would be interested in any historical or miscellaneous background content as well. I would really love to have a firmer grasp on what messages appear to be conveyed through the stories. Any help would be wonderful. Thank you!
  2. Hello! So I love the many stories in Zhuangzi that talk about Robber Chih. Without the book at hand, just my phone, I decided to Google search and read some again. I ended up with, what I think is, Chapter 29. We only have earlier chapters in this forum but I don't think it's neccessary to start a chapter thread as it's more the character I want to talk about. So I will begin in summary and see where we end up, and I guess we can reference chapters if we like Mainly for me, Robber Chih is a wonderful character for his honesty and loyalty to himself. He knows what he is, under no illusion, and is quick to point out the hypocrisy of the "high class". The character also brings me comfort - we live in a world run by the high and mighty saying what is and isn't moral, duping us into fear and chasing noble status. "Criminals" are led to feel guilty for petty crimes (though many don't - I hope to differentiate between what we should feel remorse for a bit later) I am not perfect, by definition of the word, but I am perfect by my understanding of it. Robber Chih has his way...his perfection. I like to tie this in to the Taoist teaching of "returning to your own nature", and also, neuroscience experiments into the "illusion of free will". If we inherit thoughts and our subjective nature due to our genes, upbringing and social environments, it can only be natural to keep within these perameters, otherwise we begin a struggle to do things that we don't really want to do, nor have evolved to do! Discuss
  3. There is a beginning. There is no beginning of that beginning. There is no beginning of that no beginning of beginning. There is something. There is nothing. There is something before the beginning of something and nothing, and something before that. Suddenly there is something and nothing. But between something and nothing, I still don't really know which is something and which is nothing. Now, I've just said something, but I don't really know whether I've said anything or not. Chuang Tzu (c.360 BC - c. 275 BC)
  4. I finally finished the book a few days ago. I was thoroughly entertained throughout Now, I've realised something due to things that are repeated several times in the book. Of course, Chuang Tzu wasn't a Taoist as he was a pioneer of bringing the ideas into text. The Taoist came later - us who study the Tao. Ok, let me stop here for a minute. Isn't such study the exact thing that Chuang Tzu was ridiculing all throughout the book? Isn't this what Confucius and many others were doing and just not getting it? The idea of ritual is spoken against yet a lot of us sit in meditation daily as a routine. Many strive for enlightenment, but aren't we just chasing something that isn't there by doing so? A lot of us on the forum get caught up in metaphysics and spiritual ideas/dogma. Is this really being a Taoist? If so, I think that Taoism might be missing the point a little bit. The debates that are had are somewhat pointless in the eyes of Chuang Tzu, right? Do discuss!
  5. Quick Zhuangzi question

    I've never read Zhuangzi cover to cover....only extracts in various books. So I began yesterday and wow, I need a bit of context! Or your opinions even. Firstly, did he actually study/explore Lao Tzu and TTC or does he just so happen to have a naturally similar vibe? The writing seems inconsistent. As in, more obvious that it's written by a collective of people...some stories about him, and other stories directly from him. Either that or he's talking in the 3rd person for some reason for some of it... Are these parables/myths? Or are these said to be actual events and encounters? Answer my three questions and there is a grand prize