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  1. "CHI KUNG" for health

    Welcome @imanamvet66 👋
  2. Hi

    WeLCoME @BraiNdEAdEnigMA 😆👋
  3. Good Day seniors

    Welcome @Newbee 👋
  4. Continuation

    OK, finally caught up with latest posts since the weekend. 📖 Y'all, I'm missing the intricate details of previous dramas around this, but as far as this recent flare-up, I'm mostly seeing this thing from @MildMouse23 perspective. His stated preference is a complete moratorium on all Mo Pai conversations here. But somehow he's being accused of the opposite? My spidey sense says this may be part of a recurring crash against a long history of ideological anti-secrecy here. If true, I hope we can drop that. Secrets are fine and part of many traditions. Why not we simply let members contribute what they can and are comfortable sharing, and if someone says "I can't share more than this", we respect that and not press it? If the problem truly is that Mo Pai members dependably engage in a spam-level pattern of posting grandiose assertions in multiple topics and respond "I can't share more" when pressed for any specifics — well, if someone can make a real case for this, then let's just actually ban Mo Pai conversation. It's what Mo Pai members state they want anyway, apparently. Frankly though, I suspect this might be more on "us" then "them". We have an unfortunate reputation of being a fairly hostile and interrogative forum. Can we agree that this forum has not been the friendliest space to open up and discuss nuance, right? 😿 Look, I'm obviously game to collaborate with y'all on being downright cruel to alt-lite/right proto-fascists. LOL. 😆 But can we try harder to be kind and respectful to people that seem to be acting in relatively good faith? Peace, Sean
  5. About Microanimism

    Fascinating 🔬 Via "About Microanimism " —
  6. Continuation

    So is the root of the irritation maybe the sense that Mo Pai members are somehow passive-aggressively lobbing strong and/or controversial assertions but then refusing to engage in further conversation? Sean
  7. Continuation

    But providing proof for statements isn't at all a requirement for participation here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sincerely, what's the problem with us simply allowing members to contribute what they can without breaking vows, even if we find their ratio of assertion to proof annoying? Sean
  8. Continuation

    Despite the original title, was the OP a personal attack? It seems sincere to me but maybe I'm missing subtext? @Earl Grey did you feel attacked? Is it possible that members involved with Mo Pai simultaneously: Are not at liberty to discuss details of the practice Want to prevent egregious misunderstandings And that this explains their behavior and is not actually a big deal? Sean
  9. Continuation

    What is the "explain it like I'm 5" contention in this topic? I'm confused as to what's causing the escalation. Is this 7 pages about the pros/cons of learning from self-study of multimedia materials vs. in person? Is it about secrecy in traditions being inherently wrong somehow? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Sean
  10. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    Oooohh The Master and Margarita! 👏❤️ Sean
  11. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    I thought this topic was a safe space, free of lavender-aversion shaming?
  12. Reveal Weird Stuff About Yourself Thread

    I have an intense, visceral disgust of lavender. I'm not "smell-sensitive" in any other way. I can tolerate all manner of dank cheese, pungent fish, fragrant smoke, any other plant oil I've encountered, etc. I just can't stand lavender. Which sucks because hippies love putting that shit in everything now. 😤 Sean
  13. Greetings my fellow Magick Beings

    Holy Daimon does look intriguing. I picked up: The Red Goddess Lucifer: Princeps Apocalyptic Witchcraft The Brazen Vessel All by Peter Grey, except the last which is also by Alkistis Dimech. I'm almost finished Red Goddess. Enjoying it overall. Definitely renewing my interest in Babalon. Peter's tone is interesting. I feel like he's kind of low-key ranting at me in a bar, which is fine, but also maybe that I'm missing some backstory and British cultural context. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ BTW - I watched your recent YouTube video on the Tarot and the Hermetic Qabalah. Good work. ✨ Sean