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  1. I have a joint health issue so I think its that effecting it.
  2. Hey everyone , my left foot is wrecked for some reason , absolutely kills me when I stand in a static position so any qigongs where you stand in one place and do movements are out as is zhang zhuan, that doesn't leave me much I know but anyone know any good qigong where you are moving rather than standing in one spot ?
  3. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    who are these Russians ?
  4. I have kinda bit my tongue about this but seeing as someone has said it ,I have felt for a long time that his posts do not have the type of energy and attitude that I would want from a teacher.
  5. yeah thats where i saw it mentioned, i cant remember the name now though.
  6. Making videos

    there is also purple player which is pretty good against illegal copies
  7. thanks so much for this as i took one look at the book and basically gave up before i even tried ! can i ask , which part is the golden flower ?
  8. Just wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on where to look for info/books dealing with the jnanamudra aspect of karmamudra and what practice they belong to ? thanks
  9. Looking for celestial qigong dvds to trade , check out my list on the lending page as i have a huge collection
  10. Hey all , just wondering if anyone here stills practices s-m ? seemed to be a lot of people a few years back but not so much now ? if so , how has the system progressed for you ?
  11. im looking for a more simple practice basically, there is lots in this book for someone to get stuck into ,
  12. just got this and its not for me , if any one in the uk would like to buy it without waiting for it to be printed from lulu let me know
  13. just got the book and its not for me , if any one in the UK wants to buy a copy without waiting for it to be printed let me know
  14. i think so ,not exactly sure but my impression is its a lot better wrote and more clear