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  1. large qigong video trade list

    sounds like good stuff , have you practiced it ?
  2. daMo qigong home correspndence course

    tried a few sessions and it is quite strong even at the start
  3. daMo qigong home correspndence course

    if you do a search on dao bums you will find the teacher is authentic as is the practice
  4. daMo qigong home correspndence course search on here and you will find nothing but very positive reviews I am looking into kriya yoga more these days
  5. Just got this yesterday and its not for me , cost me £150 will sell for £100 includes 2 books and 4 dvds , shipping from uk so no waiting for chinese post
  6. which version of 8 brocades?

    thanks for the info guys , I have the way of energy book so will have a look into that , I also have the yang jwing ming versions of the standing and sitting and was also looking at the shaolin version on you tube
  7. I want to go back to basics and for the first time I am looking at 8 brocades , dammm man , so many versions ??? any recommendations on which one to do ?
  8. Potent Systems

    why do you keep looking into qigong after all this time ? I know you are getting on in age , find some peace , look into something else that may bring about some kind of shift.
  9. Really interesting topic , shame not much was shared here but really think there is more to this

    I should mention here if anyone is looking to study syg look for the original tapes of gm doo wai doing them , hearfield has changed the forms and added his own kind of stamp to them meaning to me they are not authentic syg. watch doo wai doing the same form as hearfield and notice the difference as they are quite big !
  11. large qigong video trade list

    anything I am curious about
  12. I have a joint health issue so I think its that effecting it.
  13. Hey everyone , my left foot is wrecked for some reason , absolutely kills me when I stand in a static position so any qigongs where you stand in one place and do movements are out as is zhang zhuan, that doesn't leave me much I know but anyone know any good qigong where you are moving rather than standing in one spot ?
  14. Jing to Qi - a Technical Question

    who are these Russians ?
  15. I have kinda bit my tongue about this but seeing as someone has said it ,I have felt for a long time that his posts do not have the type of energy and attitude that I would want from a teacher.