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  1. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    had an interesting event happen two nights ago , and a lot nicer than the shadow people ! was lying in bed when I felt this energy coming in and around my body , then this tiny little sphere of golden white light , about 1 cm in size started to float around me, was quite beautiful !
  2. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    I definitely feel it was watching me as it was right next to my pillow and if it had eyes im pretty sure they would have been staring at me ! haha , now if it had bright red eyes that would have freaked me ! when it saw I was awake it walked (floated?) off and disapeared, I forgot to mention I had the exact same thing happen about half a year ago , didnt feel any negative vibes from both of them although im pretty sure they turned my dream into a nasty one.
  3. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    very interesting , no major life events at the moment , I have had quite a lot of run ins with beings and they seem quite random to be honest.
  4. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    interesting , The fox cult has a long history is Asia, the nine tailed celestial fox , when they get to nine tails they have attained oneness with the tao. I have 3 volumes of the books by alex Anatole who is a master in the creed of the foxes., very far out stuff. I had a few experiences with a dog man and it turned out they also have a long history.
  5. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    I have felt negative draws of energy before , , and anyone who has experienced this will know what im on about , in terms of this , my dream suddenly turned negative , luckily i can wake myself up from dreams easily , woke myself up and it was there a few inches from my pillow , but in this case , very neutral in feelings. regarding that if you are negative in emotion you attract them i dont believe this is so. again , we would have to know exactly what they are to assume that. I am sure a high level master could identify what they were but at my level far from it.
  6. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    Hey ZEn pig , yeah man , there is way more things happen in real life that are not supposed to happen ! do boundries get crossed sometimes due to certain situations ? what are these mathematic events thal all line up every now and again and open reality up ! I have had lots of what I call multi-dimensional dreamtime experiences but I have saw 2 major events with my physical eyes that led me onto this path , they were full on and real , and i have wondered about them ever since ! orbs are a big part of this , not the bollox digital photos that capture dust and moisture , but the real orbs of light , which you see with your physical eyes .
  7. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    thanks my friend , how would one actually do that when you have just woke up and they are there ?
  8. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    just thought i would mention the astral spiders here , they basically look like a kid had tried to draw a spider , they are all squiggly like scribbles and jet black , but these fuckers can appear all over a room , coming down the walls and hanging down from the ceiling , i had an experience last year where i woke up for a few seconds and saw then all over then drifted back off to sleep, the next morning my partner said god there was spiders all over the place last night , thats the only time i have had me and a partner seperatley acknowledge the presence of these spiders which made me realise they are real , low level i would assume but there feeding on us no doubt.
  9. Last night , I woke up after having a bit of a negative dream , and standing a few inches away from my head was a jet black "thing" , thought it was my eyes from just waking up so had a good blink and its still there , then it moves away towards the bottom of my bed and disapears . Once it moved i realised it was not in any way my eyes. I know that when you wake up sometimes there is an imprint of your last dream image or just a change in waking up and this can seem real , but , in this case you can move your eyes and the image moves with them , always use this to check if what you are seeing is a left over image from a dream , if the image moves with your eyes then no worries , if it doesnt , then you have something else going on ! so , this figure was black , i mean jet black ,the room was in total darkness yet you could see this figure easily it was that black. I did not feel any serious negative vibes , as those who have experienced that kinda thing will attest , when you feel a real negative force its powerfull on the human system. so , just curious , i have had multiple experiences with beings as im sure many who get into energetics do , but , always interested in ideas/ ah , so kinda forgot the whole point of the post , just wondering , do these type of experiences have to be negative ? I mean what could these beings be ? actual shadow people ?, jinn ? skilled magicians and astral travellers cloaked ? when you acknowledge these things are real you are then left with a whole shit-storm of questions which , as in the ufo community you arent really gonna get an answer to apart from they most certainly exist.
  10. Nei Jing Tu

    whats his site , cant seem to find it ?
  11. Sons of Reflected Light - where they Druids?

    so these are the same people as "the shining ones " I assume ? great stuff, wish there was more on them
  12. Anyone read this ? Internal Alchemy for Everyone By Chungtao Ho
  13. video trade list

    got a few vidoes for trade INTERNAL ARTS DVD LIST variuous 1000 hands - buddhist qigong taoist esoteric qigong tai chi ruler taoist hua shan 36 circles qigong vol 1 and 2 CHUNYI LIN ---------- Spring forest qigong level 1,2,3,4 DAMO MITCHELL -------------- Dragon dao yin dvd DOO WAI -------------- bak fu pai iron body iron thread form lotus daggers 1 , 2 ging meditation pushing ging small tiger fist form flying phoenix chi kung for health terry dunn fp healing meditations (doo wai flying phoenix level 2-5 disks flying phoenix level 2 section 6 fp golden lotus fp level 2 fp level 3 golden fp DOO WAI golden fp wbbm fp chi materialisation iron palms meditations 1 living energy 1,2 san gong white eyebrow 1,2,3,4,5 wind above the heavens 690 ad moon on top of the ocean 10,000 budhha gold light -1,2,3 siting meds, 1 standing med 18 advanced meditations anti cancer 2 sunn yee gong level 1 dim mak heavnes blood form and meditations doo wai chi demonstration - bringing things back to life goddess spreading her flowers heaven fire 1-6 iron palm level 2 ,3 - form and meditations iron palm 3-8 meditaions standing meditation and white lotus one finger burning palm son ton ging meditations bak fu sun yee gong 17 levels tibetan lama burning palm meditaions 1-9 white lotus - white tiger standng meditations 1-3, 4-6 white tiger tai chi 18 taoist palms- 18 taoist palms - 10 disks vibrating palm meditations advanced iron body 1 , 2, winds above the ground standing moving meditation springy force hay gung SUNN YEE GONG 17 levels doo wai , full level 1,2,3 sitting 1, 2, 3 standing 1 level 1 doo wai/lacy DRAGON GATE SANCTUARY --------------------- kwan yin magnetic qigong hirai family healing mudras wudang vibrating palm heart of bagua iron shirt shen gung kunlun flying needles DR GLENN MORRIS --------------- Meditation mastery HUNYUAN SYSTEM -------------- chen zhonghua- hunyuan qigong way of hunyuan book grandmaster feng zhi qiang- chansi gong feng zhi qiang video series vol 2- hunyuan qigong taiji internal training hunyuan qigong book huan yuan dvd series-5 dvds JENNY LAMB ---------- Yi gong RELAXATION QIGONG audio meditation JEFFREY YUEN ------------ Alchemical qigong JERRY ALAN JOHNSON ------------------ chi kung the healing workout chinese medical qigong pa kua chang tai chi the empowering workout books daoist exorcism encounters daoist magical talismans daoist magical transformtaion skills daoist weather magic and feng shui daoist nei gong MASTER LU ---------- 5 elements breathing method superior joints MASTER TU ---------- Animal spirit qigong dragon bone qigong iron crotch MICHAEL LOMAX -------------- daoist medicine 2 DVD gift of the tao 1 gift of the tao 2 sequential energy activation Quantum qigong -------------- ROBERT PENG ----------- Elixir light healing The Master Key Audio Series SCOTT MEREDITH ------------- bare metal iternals SHAOLIN -------- shaolin dhyana exercises Shifu Yan Lei ------------- Shaolin warrior-the way of qigong vol 1,2,3 WANG FENG MING Special taoist ruler internal dan external dan WUDANG ------- yangshen gong taji quan 18 form WILD GOOSE ---------- VOL 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 WIM HOFF -------- Wim hoff method YANG JWING MING --------------- Eight pieces of brocade undertsanding qigong 1-6 taiji ball qigong nei gong various books ZHONGXIAN WU ------------ Cosmic orbit qigong chinese shamanic tiger qigong fire dragon meridian qigong hidden imortal lineage taji mother form cosmic orbit qigong book XUAN TONGZI ------------- 8 SECTION BROCADE TAOIST STARTING TECHNIQUES TAOIST CLOSING TECHNIQUES TAOIST DYNAMIC AND STATIC QIGONG Primary Health Preservation Secondary Health Preservation Advanced Health Preservation Taoist Neck Exercise
  14. Haha , classic Doo Wai drama. When will all the nonsense cease around this stuff !