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  1. Baguazhang

    Wulaoxie(Sifu Chris Matsuo) and Sifu Ray Carbullido , Dragon Gate Sanctuary...mad skills fella.
  2. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    I like to believe that I have a right to be with as many women as I please. My wife just doesn't do it for me. I prefer women who are about ten years younger than me, or women who never gave me the time of day back in high school or made fun of the size of my dick.... EDIT Note: yikes....you know, I'll say this in hindsight of this madness. Never once has my wife made fun of my dick...and nor do I thirst after random ass years younger,nor after anyone really... yes I did have a psychotic episode where in which I wanted to for inexplicable insane... anxiety induced reasons wanted to just have a stable of women...and a an army of my own children...all I can figure is it was just an instinctually based electromagnetic sensing of the dark cloud of whatever that is going on .... honestly in retrospect i've been tasking myself to embody and exceed world leaders from ancient history...but I'm abandoning attempting to exceed them in their appetites...I prefer to exceed them by way of kindness, and if I'm sparking static it's wholly automatic...handsome divine amongst the pine live with it.
  3. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    Communication and respect of each individuals situation. Are you just trying to knock someone up or do you causlly spark sexual static in other people ...realistic tactical adjustment of all points of change during the meshing of lives is what determine s whether you just lust or love somebody...you know maybe a little conviction, commitment...being somebody... By the way please don't misconstrue my giberish as sage like...bullying or... flirtatious! I'm like this with pretty much everyone. Don't forget I'm the fella who said...How stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can beome...your life is as
  4. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    But from the heart and for real on a lighter note Heartbreak why dont you just take the lady...the surprise is where it's at...
  5. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    Oh yeah Im definitely a dude...my thirst is omnipresent...and yet omnipotentency is what I'm told clinically impossible still yet despite one kid(I'm sterile I guess)therefore illusionary potential...what makes me question Heartbreak...is the inconsistency..."apologies for lusting after women...western woman lack enlightenment credentials?"....its almost too specific to be random...a Timmy thick situation perhaps? 🤯😂🤣😭😆😁😄😃...that and accusing Earl grey...Earl Grey! of the same thing...
  6. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    To answer your new question though...if it was me in your shoes...I wouldn't let illusionary potential ruin my life and or shot...I'm also just playing with you so ease thy self...
  7. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    Hahahaha bwahaa HAHAHA! Lord forsaken! Heaven forbid...I'm right aren't I?
  8. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    By the way...I truly think you are a girl...like no offense. Based on the projecting you do i...TRULY Believe you have a vagina...in that regard do you want to be my dao bum girlfriend?😘 EDIT Note: you guys know how I am I take an L...you Take an L...remember Heartbreak...I interceded on your behalf and somewhat muddled the say something nice thread...and I DO love and Respect you in totally platonic sense...as you're correct...in the sense a current world leader doesn't have the privilege to fuck and inseminate all random ass... although I do suspect your some kind of psychology major...prying the minds of mystics..indeed kid Hollywood ass leadership results in Hollywood ass ruin of the earth...
  9. Loving Women vs Lusting "After" Women

    Heavens no! Like Ghenghis Khan my game is on...take your baby mama.take your mom...and then have you call me dad, even if you get REAL mad. Leaving Broken hearts...so sad
  10. simplify

  11. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    It is what is Earl Grey... Little fella had me wanting to swing on him! With the things he's been posting so I mob figured roasting him with a fiery heart...but at the same time my WHOLE deal for the last few years has been transformative healing...it won't occur if you don't address forgiveness and allow it to take root in your being...in that regard I love and wish well towards all the other bums on this forum. Y'all are very lovely people. And I love it when truth seekers connect with other truth seekers 😘
  12. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    I'm going to do the unfathomable.... I wanna forgive and say thank you to @Heartbreak Granted you've voiced alot of rump nuggetry (but we've all been there) so...you came through with the respect(at least in our discourse)...and got me thinking pretty hard on this baby fever insanity...yes a true leader doesn't pop off some mean bean everywhere and expect to have a million wives and a million kids...this damn life's a test...despite wanting to embody and then exceed Ghenghis Khan...there's absolutely no evidence I can have anymore kids...it's actually a real miraculous event that I was even blessed with one...so in that spirit. Thank you...and as some weird ass guy to another...don't dismiss the flower with a few scarred up leaves and petals...might bare the fruit your seeking...in that spirit, propers and respect to the rest of the bums...
  13. Heart break like I said you gotta come realer than that...I could probably snag the girl of YOUR dreams and sweep her off her feet...and in the physical world you'd probably hate one for that...you'd probably hate on a fella just talking to whom you'd perceived as the girl of your dreams. Broken hearts ARE for assholes...because ONLY YOU can break your own heart...nobody wants to be in possession of that kind of responsibility/burden from some weird ass guy... especially goddesses in the human realm...so ram that false sense of tender understanding pseudo intellectually up your poop chute and lighten up...
  14. Rump nuggetry...are you even old enough to catch the reference?
  15. What is people what makes a person a human being PhD doogie houser?