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  1. Unpopular Opinions

    Unpopular opinion: An oil pipeline…. A great way to smuggle Heroin. Nobody’s ever gonna shut it down to investigate. 😉
  2. Contradictory Behaviour of Modern People

    Highly spiritual! just low level by way of content😉 Contrarians tend to develop a lot of low level spiritual/physical achievements. That are supernatural in scope… that’s like super human strength type feats or abilities to call spirits for gambling purposes and such least by my folks perspective.
  3. Basic crude root thesis example. If you order fried chicken that has been cooked in grease, or a batch of peanut oil that has been sitting for about 24-48 hours, and within that time frame, has been used to prepare multiple funeral feasts. I would say as a pedestrian simply seeking some Popeyes or KFC, unless they change the grease immediately you run the risk of inviting ghosts to dinner. Especially if that oil sits longer than 48 hours. Not to sure if anybody else has a culture that believes fat/lard is what spirits eat but it’s a general rule of thumb to avoid fast food for about a week after someone who dies due to avoiding eating on oil or grease that will result in your physical body being siphoned off of by a random ghost! 👻 they will suck the living fat out of you! generally speaking from a cultural standpoint one shouldn’t have to worry about the spirit of one’s deceased family member doing something like this to you. To make love medicine, you actually need the brains of someone you care for dearly and if it’s coming from a sincere place with everything done right, you’ll receive their blessing in doing so, prior to crackin’em like an egg. Doing it any other way makes you just a grave robbing witch or worse a Witikoo. Just elaborating on the spiritual framework used to construct this theory
  4. Martial Arts

    The riddle of steel… I’ve been manifesting this fellas instruments of pleasure & destruction left and right for the past year, thankfully spared arm and leg prices by dudes who only wanted them for decorative value!?😳🤯 these are the ones I’m drilling and playing at present. And Omg this one feels just like handling a pistol I’m huge fan of this guys work! This one surprised the hell out of me with how light it handles definitely my favorite.she’s a real slim thick beauty! I am going to get another on of these too sometime… And let me tell you guys perfecting my cutting with these, is funner than blasting beer bottles! I gifted this one though; out of respect and circumstances away to my brother. Who in honor of me taking on the two spirit path in life, made me an awesome bone bead necklace with two skulls on it. So I gave this bad boy away for Father’s Day. Something awesome for something awesome.
  5. St. George and the dragon

    well duh. a horse in the picture is never real - it is painted. like, who knew ……Now that you mention it the idea of slaying a dragon with bother kundalini mastered, and lungta aquired. The painting looks more and more to me like a battle between dragons with one being less evolved and refined.
  6. St. George and the dragon

    Leading a dragon by the ring on its nose…Christianity comes from Gnosticism…are they referring to the might of wielding your kundalini in a disciplined and noble fashion?🧐
  7. aka the emotional charge of your organs! Makes perfect sense now. That’s why human sacrificial cults have such high demand for the fat! That’s why folks who make love medicine require the brain because it’s fatty content. What’s in that fatty adipose? Cortisol the stress hormone, what is stress? the physical manifestation of anxiety. What is Anxiety? Anxiety is…Dukha🤯 Anxiety as it is understood needs to be rexamined…you can build just as much anxiety sitting there waiting to get laid, as you would sitting in the doctors office waiting to get your foot amputated. Good anxiety good fat, bad anxiety bad fat all within context of what your lookin for I guess🤔 good…evil…just like beauty all In the eye of the beholder….keep in mind I’m only seeing how my culture’s understanding of human uniqueness stacks up to other spiritual anatomical framework respectively.
  8. In regards to the general populace dabbling in forces that some folks can’t quite comprehend, theres most definitely more sorcery being used now than ever before I believe. There’s more people on the plant than in all of history and everyone hates it lol. Gotta be some sorta mass hypnosis for such a condition to contend with lol. In regards to the rules of divinity being unable to throughly enforce heavenly will on humanity? I wouldn’t necessarily call it solid framework which to build upon I just notice there’s a lot of people that are able to pull off ungodly titan like acts, who some how slip past a harsh heavenly judgement by being, seemingly blessed by a concrete cocoon of unawarenesses…I guess you could say. I don’t know if you familiar with that guy General Buttnakeds story. Former African shaman general who attributed his powers to spirits that sought human sacrifice in exchange for magical powers, accidentally started learning about Jesus, and then bam! Loss of all black magic powers due to enhanced awareness of spiritual framework higher than that he was using. something like that. Low level vibrational saturation to the point of attaining isolation from higher vibrational retribution. In short
  9. No wonder all the angels got pissed when god said we’re cream of the crop😆. The Rules of the divine can’t harm you if your unaware of them, in fact your considerably unburdened by the heavenly laws least you concede to possession by one of its many “ordained” camps of thought. How terrifyingly hilarious. No wonder immortals are always lonely and buddhas be looking like babies
  10. What are you listening to?

    Jokes aside this might be my favorite track discovery as of recent…
  11. What are you listening to?

    Rip politicized youth of America. Don’t know how to stick it…the theme of courtship that is 😆
  12. Rates of Sexless Men under 30 hit all time highs

    Women don’t wanna sleep with incels. Plain and simple. Nick Fuentes said it himself “dating women is gay, having sex with women is gay” Can’t make this shit up 😂
  13. Yeah but he still legendarily disappeared. Does getting murdered nullify such abilities?🤔 Kinda makes me wonder. That is a good point though…the only other slain prophet coming to mind is Mani, who might actually be a greater candidate to having possibly possessed rainbow body…but your right Both prophets bodies did get defiled upon death ugh for some reason or another I wanna believe the gnostics ran away and survived on the steppes and the Tibetan plateau!? Pardon the regurgitation of academia been reading The Gospel of Mani. Quite a bit lately and just pondering Ancient Persian influence on energy work🤔 apologies if my previous posts sound erratic or hostile. Probably Covid brain lol
  14. So what say you guys to the notion of Jesus having skill and wisdom of the rainbow body, his body did disappeared upon his death if you recall…