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  1. Video as an acceptable form of evidence

    If you were required to do so under law, and were not given a choice. How would you provide better evidence? Ahh sweet pea even Steven Segal just recently said on video when it really matters…the law doesn’t… bringing us back to the whole bias thing structuring understanding to fit one’s narrative on an agenda leaving a scorched earth in the event one’s truth can’t be! A lovely female Sasquatch encounter just nothing I suppose🧐👄🦧but isn’t nothingness something to be striven for in this whole dao thing turtle’s? I find recalibration back to zero is might be what sages might have been getting at when comes to the dao being nothin🫥its also great way to divert negative energy it’s not just mathematically savy buddy. - x - = + don’t try to think of it terms of selfish x selfish equals my way. I’ve seen a few dum dums try to be arbitrarily slick with this concept given the English terms but if you don’t fall under that category one should be able grasp the concept clearly. Negative x Negative =Positive … apologies as I digress but how can you even make this argument as a Mo pai cat? Least the argument of spotting ghosts and dieities on camera is more so about how real life visions is more muppet like fleshy vs the watery fuildity of digital manipulation 🫠 narrows down the ultra fake videos I believe. But then you gotta go through old special affects 🤔 still doesn’t change the fact that the famous Paterson footage of Bigfoot is that of female Sasquatch have you seen her breasts😳… check’em out 🤫😉
  2. Burning of Shaolin Temple

    Apologies for the late reply Mig. Im somewhat familiar with the narratives provided but there are bizarre inconsistencies as far as Tibetan involvement goes. Lamas used key shaped rope darts. Flying guillotine is always presented as a long distance circular bladed assassin weapon,it’s also Baguazhang iconography and is even mentioned in the old movies as an instrument of centrifugal and centripetal force… National Geographic did a small piece on it and it looked pretty dang difficult to use. Not really a siege weapon if you ask me.🧐Other depictions say it was sharpened up cymbal,Then throw into the mix that the flying guillotine used in the siege of shaolin temple turns into eyewitness anecdotes of people who’s whole existence becomes questionable 🤨 a lot of cats say these five individuals were fake but then these same guys who say those guys weren’t real at all are like “oh yeah the flying guillotine gets you can’t do nothing about that!”🫣(personally I think they did exist. Why even go about the whole propaganda campaign in Kung fu movies just to establish the notion of “these three elders good, those two elders bad!”) in 1639-40 you had the Tibetan civil war that resulted in Tibets unification. After ward according to some scholars The great 5th Dalai Lama went into neighboring kingdoms in what seems like seminar works? What If the Qing Empire hired Sikh martial arts experts disguised as lamas and their “flying gulliotines” were actually just throwing chakrams. Dang…😱🤯what if the real reason behind the burning of Shaolin was to fracture the regional relationship of the two nations🤔 Sorry Mig, I’ve been reading the fifth Dalai lamas biography apologies if this seems conspiracy theory. Just doesn’t seem like something the 5th Dalai Lama would endorse…he didn’t even endorse the faction that supported him in the Tibetan civil war! they faked his approval and apologized afterwards. Which is kind of hilariously cool. Interesting to say the least. But yeah man I think Tibet was innocent of this one.
  3. What are you listening to?

    Reel to reel recording on vinyl the only way…I agree
  4. Burning of Shaolin Temple

    Ah timeline, good point 1644 pretty sure fujian.
  5. Burning of Shaolin Temple

    Given how terrified the Qing empire was of the fifth Dalai Lama and how dirty they did the Sixth Dalai Lama. what if the destruction of the Shaolin temple was done in order to prevent the fifth Dalai Lama or any other group claiming to have a maitreya on their side from gaining influence over the Buddhist segments of society within China at that time?
  6. Order is freedom

    So if order is key and discipline is in good tastes perhaps choice is what’s free for dinner. Get you an ugly burger with the works should you like the chaos
  7. Enlightened movies

    The One Armed Boxer, although it’s a fairly generic Kung fu revenge movie on a iconographic basis I think it’s about taking charge of the eight psychic channels of the chakra system and doing what ever needs to be done. Again they kept it pretty simple cause all Jimmy Wang Yu is up to is some revenge slayings...but they also went Power Rangers in terms of depicting this. Each fighter or team of fighters Jimmy Wang Yu goes up against are supposed to represent a specific chakra. Once he’s done putting his 🦶 in everyone’s ass he is able to explode open his eighth chakra while also blowing up his main rival in the process and then makes it right for himself in going after the guy who took his arm off
  8. Voices from 'Murica

  9. Voices from 'Murica

  10. Example in pure technological terms if your a violent nut why would/should anybody be obligated in showing you, say... how to break a coconut