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  1. Teachers and political opinions

    ...and I think that's exactly the point I don't think it matters to somebody who is fixxin to be a great teacher or fixxin to become a great student.
  2. Teachers and political opinions

    that's great Indiken...neither do I
  3. spiritual traditions on fools

    Indiken man there is nothing new under the sun. I did this same thread years ago only worded it differently... How stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can become, and that the great modern tragedy to overcome is being as smart as we are stupid
  4. Teachers and political opinions

    that goes without saying...however Would that really be a compassionate move on the teacher's part? From what I've experienced, your teacher should show you how to augment and refine that which is too much, with something that is seemingly too little...if your teacher is a sheriff and you are an outlaw, and he finds you buried up to your head in the dirt and places a hand shovel in your mouth, it is still your responsibility to dig yourself out. I would still say that qualifies as being a good teacher
  5. Teachers and political opinions

    The higher the bricks get stacked the higher the skill level is attained... the correlation lies in whether or not the teacher in question can compassionately convey and prescribe to YOU the proper physical articulation necessary to execute transformative healing on YOURSELF. If they can do that, that's a good teacher...Politics shouldn't matter...Whether they are a copper or a robber shouldn't matter either. If Your teacher's art is enhancing your heart and your teacher Knows Your Heart. Why would you wanna judge your teacher's heart?
  6. Does luck exist?

    would any of you guys flirt with the idea that luck is kind of like a byproduct of cause and effect just like karma perhaps?
  7. Discussion On Immortals

    Shoot'em from the hip then, we'll oblige.
  8. golden age?

    to honor your thread though yes golden age all the way...don't know about you, but I grew up on an Indian reservation, it's been hell! lol if anything though I feel highly reassured...skinheads and cops get together end up killing their own...and I'm supposed to be intimidated by the two bullies that essentially were served wet willies up the butt...I can see its turbulence but keep in mind I'm riding coach on this flight and aware of the survival odds in doing so.
  9. Intellect vs Wisdom

    great heavens... I hope I'm not coming off like this...
  10. golden age?

    I don't know about that, pretty confident in a more sane world... confidence in fluid strides on humanity's part, might just maybe Kali Yuga will be over be in the near future...
  11. Intellect vs Wisdom

    Pardon the bizarre humor, in hindsight, it should go without saying the Biden people are also guilty of such wildly insane "bimbo thinking" the way I see it as far as Intellect is concerned...anyone can pick up intellect, not everyone is open enough to grasp wisdom. which is interesting because...to say you respect intellect and not wisdom is like some of these guys who are all about "respect" but have nothing but disdain for people who are "friendly" In my opinion, you can't achieve quality business/quality respect without being friendly...
  12. Intellect vs Wisdom

    ah yes, most certainly a group comprised of bimbo quality thinking for sure...big ditto they won't ever admit that. I on the other hand am quite open to the fact that I'm a truth seeker. thus always keen and enthusiastic to getting schooled, especially by other truth-seekers....forgive my weirdo analogies though To answer that question...I don't think they place a lot of value on Wisdom or smarts...they act like terms of moderate thinking are outrageous and unreasonable requests... nor are they people that have been factually slaughtered back to the stone age. I would say their way of life comes with quite a few holes, to say the least... "My way of life is choosing how I Iive to die! And if you don't believe in the same thing as me I'll Kill You!" Not a very compelling worldview to put mildly.
  13. Intellect vs Wisdom

    Keep in mind people, I come from something of a henchmen's walk of life, therefore there are certain bitch quality-based thought patterns at play, what trying to line my way of thinking with that of my superiors most of the time lol
  14. What brought you to your current path?

    Literally ancient toddler curiosity and a Dr. Evil upbringing... a family Lineage of failed and mildly successful rocket scientists and casino bandits. My great grandfather helped Russia build the first metal burning furnace, and once he escaped back to Finland, moved to the united states and helped Von Brom build rockets for NASA. My father helped work on the infamous Challenger ship that blew up. My other father figure was a brilliant leader in my tribe whose career was sabotaged by jealous charlatans, however, this gentleman was versed in magic, and during his illustriously spectacular fall from grace. In his desperate plight, he developed a pension for robbing gambling establishments moreover He would go about doing things like pee on a police officer's boots and get into a high-speed pursuits drive to various cliffs...and jump off them and escape, apart from scratches and the occasional loss of expensive shoes...he would come back home unscathed, my mom thought he was possessed by demons and left him and that really broke me, cause he was like the nicest guy I'd ever met when I was kid, ultimate dad, dudes one of my forever dads for sure. I'll always remember the bizarre things he would say about the inverted truths of Hollywood. "We shoot John Wayne and laugh!" I think the most profound quotes I got from him was while I was like five years old and he caught me watching Shaolin vs Lama and got horribly irritated over the equivalency of Indians in westerns and Tibetans in Kung fu movies. After that, I was like "WOW Tibetans are an oppressed nation of outlaws just like Indians". Of course, I didn't have any idea there was even such a thing as Anuttarayoga tantra/outlaw tantra at the time either lol... I remember he always liked to dress like he was a "made" guy, like in the mafia lol that's one way I try to honor him. He said his spirits wanted him to dress cool. Truly a guy I try to embody by way of fashion, but also got me into looking/thinking about warrior traditions from a fairly young age as Daoism...Tibetan Buddhism as I understand them are also certified warrior traditions.
  15. Intellect vs Wisdom

    Yes, you guys got the ball rolling, that's essentially what I was getting at. Sure you could have super predatory intellect...but if your just an ankle-biting pup whose sneakiness is quite transparent, I think it's a self-sabotaging approach...but again this is just me and my dealings with people on the ground level in the U.S... I don't know, sounds solid at first, but that's just as brazen, and absurd as "how stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can become." on that, you can trust me. I would say Intellect is augmented based on the development of wisdom and that wisdom is the intellect that survives the liquidation of unnecessary thinking. A drug lord who wants supremacy in life won't set foot ground-level operations ...just as his henchmen to whom he/she is sharing his/her compassion, aren't going to threaten or try to make jokes behind the back of their Boss. Sure we could do that because maybe we are "smarter" with better education and whatnot, but is that wise?