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  1. Heart break like I said you gotta come realer than that...I could probably snag the girl of YOUR dreams and sweep her off her feet...and in the physical world you'd probably hate one for that...you'd probably hate on a fella just talking to whom you'd perceived as the girl of your dreams. Broken hearts ARE for assholes...because ONLY YOU can break your own heart...nobody wants to be in possession of that kind of responsibility/burden from some weird ass guy... especially goddesses in the human realm...so ram that false sense of tender understanding pseudo intellectually up your poop chute and lighten up...
  2. The Ass Game

    What do get when you cross an owl and a bunge cord?(stares seriously at all other Dao bums)...My ass
  3. Rump nuggetry...are you even old enough to catch the reference?
  4. What is people what makes a person a human being PhD doogie houser?
  5. So wise guy...how does one determine how spiritual ones genetic make up is huh?
  6. Would you gamble humanity itself on such views buddy...I love and honor all woman and goddesses in the human realm...even if baby cakes had half her face mauled off by a wild beast. If transformative healing meant XXX romance to succeed in such healing...thy would be done...thy would be did Doesn't everybody like to be treated like a person?
  7. Common Heartbreak...you gotta come realer than that! I'm the mack when you see your woman on her back...getting did by me kid....but Mostly because I'm generally a pretty nice open minded open hearted soul...I'd consider even a open hand of friendship to even you had you started the thread decent and to the point off top. Like I said I'm a mack too...which means... chivlrous and valiant. What kind of a rump nugget art thou?
  8. Rump nuggetry indeed touche Earl Grey. Heartbreak sounds like he wants respect but refuses to deliver that which he desires right off top from those he's asking. Classic rump nuggetry
  9. Me thinks you could be tripping Heartbreak...i'm of the opinion that pretty much all twenty somethings are some boofin stick, up the upper lip, lonely ass people, who believe they're too tough to cry...you might disagree...but you probably loves alot of misery...simply put this crop of humans are rump nuggets that get offended and try to label friendly behavior as phoney. Can't handle being cussed out... Don't believe in exercising patience. And the minute you go upside their head.boom call the authorities ...broken hearts are indeed for assholes and... not saying your one...but I highly disagree with the notion in question
  10. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    You guys gotta acknowledge though...more than ever...insane reasonsĂ—psychotic methods=outrageous results. It would be even funnier if it were actually not true...but hey getting my booty hole dug out seems to be a recurring joke in my life. so by all means for you...laugh it up.. yowzza obviously no one remembers the Shadow being/people thread...
  11. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    Never mind the insanity... Obvious hack. Pyschotic methods used for obvious outrageous results come on guys...I know my heart is clearly showing heart flame madness symptoms...but an out right flamer..please...none the less. It's quite a hilarious debacle. So yeah guys the situation is a flaming ❤️...maybe it does make me a flamer...
  12. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    I am the biggest faggot ever. Just want my butthole destroyed during these difficult times (Edit note...I will wear this L on my sleeve for my duration of being a dao bum...Why?...because the person who wrote this was projecting... and through chivlrous charm and valiance...they are the ones who got their sweet cheeks marinated in baby batter...and that's the prize to those who's hearts are on. Believe)
  13. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    Or perhaps maybe you lovebirds can relate.....can anyone relate to adhering to a wonderful/terrifying relationship? can you recall the reason? Do you remember the methods? and the results!?....I rest my case....but just an example of what kind of deep seated motives drive humans....
  14. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    Example....the current popular trend that AI will takeover.(HUMANS HAVE ALREADY PROVEN THEMSELVES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE).. the trashing/abandonment of the planet(LIKE YOU"LL MAKE IT TO THE NEW HOMELAND AND NOT GET WIPED OUT BY BACTERIA WE WEREN'T MEANT TO HANDLE)....the examples get more Insane...I'm just saying....