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  1. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    Or perhaps maybe you lovebirds can relate.....can anyone relate to adhering to a wonderful/terrifying relationship? can you recall the reason? Do you remember the methods? and the results!?....I rest my case....but just an example of what kind of deep seated motives drive humans....
  2. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    Example....the current popular trend that AI will takeover.(HUMANS HAVE ALREADY PROVEN THEMSELVES ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE).. the trashing/abandonment of the planet(LIKE YOU"LL MAKE IT TO THE NEW HOMELAND AND NOT GET WIPED OUT BY BACTERIA WE WEREN'T MEANT TO HANDLE)....the examples get more Insane...I'm just saying....
  3. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    For real though...This is starting to feel like an applicable state of human progress/development and the examples are endless....Why
  4. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    thats true..but getting slammed on your ass bedridden for a week and regretting ever participating in such actions(it wasn't even that bad. I mean I challenged this dude to a fist fight, grabbed a bunch of different material kinda over loaded my back and wahla watched that guy frolick all round the powwow in agony) Meanwhile your pops does the unthinkable and bam! lives through a widow maker, with a damaged heart and heals that sucker by way of a stolen dvd of mine(that and probably a really empty/obsession with avoiding the end)... that friend, has given me a much deeper appreciation for the boring bits...their not really boring anymore...alot of silence with a great surprise But yeah man...topic wise pretty much humanity in a nutshell wouldn't ya say?
  5. Insane Reasons....Psychotic methods...Outrageous Results!

    quite honestly from a the outside looking in perspective a few years ago...thats kinda how i felt about strength development/spiritual cultivation...probably because i sought to use martial arts as a means to beat on fools... which worked out really ass backwards, but using MA as a means for healing and strength development has worked out beyond expectations....
  6. Pretty much the state of humanity eh?....by all means not the cats doing the strength development and spiritual cultivations...but you know, from the inside looking out sort of speak....
  7. I know kind of a loaded question, but more so with what I'm getting at.... with value comes the nature of greed...it also worth noting even when people have only crumbs there's still the audacity of jealous and plotting behavior...have we as humans made any, hmmm balanced improvements... like me I go from one extreme to the other at times, and i kinda feel like its...a modern cultural thing, cause nothing really gets fixed as far as things go...just seems to be a swaying of extreme polarity. Not really balanced... however I digress
  8. and by organic human technology I mean, Tai chi, Baguazhang, Xingyi and all other arts and lifestyles that require knowing & feeling whats really going on the inside(physically) and how that plays out externally(in the universe)
  9. Most of you guys are spirit cultivation and power developmental cats. Who do think valued such organic human technologies more...cave dwellers or so called "civilized" and "modern" peoples? the Vedic thread is a great example for sure...
  10. Remote Viewing Tournament

    Yes, I know its crazy but at first I thought the guy was jason sudikus, in my dream but low and behold....sweet jesus theres my boss with a machine gun( we only have one photo of the guy) and its a damn shame...we got invited to a ski trip, but had -30 below weather approaching, you guys know how i feel about wood and getting it myself. kinda really wanna meet the guy now...
  11. Remote Viewing Tournament

    I think my whole post on being the bear paws was me spying on my boss Combat Karl. if you wish to peep game.
  12. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Kuan Yin and Kuji Kiri....but hmmm... me thinks you just shed light on something i should investigate....thank you jox
  13. first method you described... same here...been considering going straight edible but i notice, good lord is it ever hard to fight the sedation effect through that method...to me rest and relaxation/( relaxed state) are not the same for the most part...nor am i snoop dogg....for the same reason, i dont like being a sleepy zombie. sometimes. not ideal though...
  14. you gotta admit..."how stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can become...and if only you were as smart as you are stupid" is a lot more empowering than the current classic mantra of low income folks in america's "i don't give a fuck!" ...Ah man I don't know if this is the battle phrase in other segments of american society but just check out how many people use "I dont give a fuck " to escalate a disagreement. Seriously I heard like 10..12 people say that recently within about a 24 hour period and for the most part it is obviously a LIE. It really is rather shocking and hilarious how many people will say that to look tough. its even more shocking and hilarious that there are people who who live out that baseless way believing they are gonna break through the micro/macro barriers within life with that bit of banter...but that's probably another thread altogether. who knows maybe there is solidly cultivated individual who has "not given a fuck" and reached wholesome ends...certainly not me though.