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  1. Geez...after giving it a thinking... Feng Shui almost flirts with being sorcery as well, if implemented smoothly into propaganda...think about what is deemed classic by way of almost all theater/televison/movies(obviously subject to personal tastes)... Certainly found it captivating yes?... using Myself as an example victim of these methods, just before joining the dao bums I had no prior knowledge of Guy Williams Zorro, I'm only 30 Can't begin to explain the captivation on the ridiculousness of Zorro. However the attraction doesn't make sense considering if you were to ask me about zorro...I would say Antonio Banderas. All i'm saying...Feng Shui... does it go beyond home and battlefield? and if so, capturing the human mind by way of putting a battlefield in your home...by way of a televison.
  2. aha...thanks for the heads up, all the more intrigue.
  3. Spot on Indeed, I guess thats what is at heart of my inquiry. What was the ancient human take on these matters, what came first Geographic strategic needs? or the actual need for home lair empowerment from a energetic standpoint...or both?
  4. Whoa... glad i'm no the only one thinking about it.
  5. Prior to decorative value, and well being for home health....I feel like this is a concept that could ensnare enemies just as much as it can entice real estate agents, family and friends... quaint thought but it just stuck me as odd as to how many functional insane people there are that have their houses spotlessly and pristine...yet if you were to have a drinking bout with these kind of cats, you'd run the risk of being rolled, molested and waking up dead, were you to fall asleep or pass out early...Beware the dark side of Feng Shui....or rather look to the mind of the individual who's palace you visit perhaps
  6. Wouldn't that imply that such a land or nation is in a state of spiritual chaos?
  7. Well I guess and suppose since these teaching came my way..and I ended up proving to be wimp lo rather than the chosen one....i have decided to trade these bad boys for Classic Chinese Literature in english format, specifically Zibuyu What the Master Would not Discuss (Brill edition) Strange Tales From Liaozhai( 6 volume Sondergard Edition) or The Sorcerer's Revolt(paperback edition, Feng Menglong) not asking for all of them just maybe half of Strange tales set, or a very good condition rated copy of the other two...or if thats not your thing and you wanna just buy em off me they are on ebay as we speak...I Just know a certain number of you bums like to take the middle path, as do I... Merry New Year!
  8. Over about the last 8-9 months or so I've begun to sincerely look into what the Dao Science is comprised of... and most recently I've decided to start doing the gradual plunge deeper...and deeper, into bagua, both bagauzhang and the triagrams, I-ching and what not....but most of all lately I was watching the college fencing replays, and kind of see why cats with actual swordsmanship skills frown upon modern fencing...that being said if one were to establish a kill point system and allow circling...anyway, would it be completely outlandish to suggest that a epee/rapier could make for a very neat baguazhang tool?