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  1. you gotta admit..."how stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can become...and if only you were as smart as you are stupid" is a lot more empowering than the current classic mantra of low income folks in america's "i don't give a fuck!" ...Ah man I don't know if this is the battle phrase in other segments of american society but just check out how many people use "I dont give a fuck " to escalate a disagreement. Seriously I heard like 10..12 people say that recently within about a 24 hour period and for the most part it is obviously a LIE. It really is rather shocking and hilarious how many people will say that to look tough. its even more shocking and hilarious that there are people who who live out that baseless way believing they are gonna break through the micro/macro barriers within life with that bit of banter...but that's probably another thread altogether. who knows maybe there is solidly cultivated individual who has "not given a fuck" and reached wholesome ends...certainly not me though.
  2. I agree with you guys and cat entirely...bizarre fortune has found itself in my lap, so i'm just keeping it humble and remembering that i could be worse off and much dumber lol but indeed... cheerio peoples.
  3. I'm telling you guys t shirt this bad boy! a gift from the dao bums to humanity!
  4. anyway you slice it falling to the top or grinding you knuckles on a steep and deadly climb to the bottom. I think its a great verbal tool statement for self reflection.
  5. I had this weird dream quite some time ago ... I was riding around in the Bear Paw Mountains with what appeared to be military goons and a doctor in the classic doctor get up. In this dream i was like damn, what did i do to be deemed a military prisoner!? I rarely remember dialogue in a dream but recall asking one of these military guys if i was under arrest and being taken to Warm Springs?( a mental facility in Montana) and i remember all the people in this hummer or paddy wagon whatever just laughing at me and explained "we're in the land of milk and honey fool!" the vehicle pulled over at place that looked like the Bear Paw Battle spot( the place where they massacred Chief Josephs sleeping band of Nez Perce with canons and gatling guns , who thought they had made it to canada) and every body just hopped out and walked around. I kinda recall saying something to the effect of "Damn can we get going this place is depressing as hell" and one of these commandos just laughed at me rather hysterically and said " You better like being here, this paradise of heaven and earth! " and then we got back in the military vehicle and left. Like i said earlier i thought we were in the Bear Paw Mountains... but as we got deep into the mountains, I finally realized that we were on my body, what i had thought was the bear paw battlefield was infact the left side of my body flush with pine forests plains, ravines, mountains, the works... went up the back of my head and remember just seeing that my hair was all made of trees... really reminded me of this... I know Im non initiated but is there anything in the daoist cannon of thought that indicates divine and demonic beings see humans as this image? ...you know like a vast unexplored wilderness of resources...
  6. Enlightened movies

    Jade Raksha Ho Meng Hua starring Cheng Pei Pei another weird weird one. A parable of sorts on the rights and wrongs of violent revenge...given she kills every man with last name yang. I would say the film is about a serial killer, Essentially she's just like Jimmy Wang Yu's character in Golden Swallow minus the ashy skin.
  7. Enlightened movies

    Swordsman And The Enchantress Chor Yuen film starring Ti Lung This ones a trip in a half...Imps dare i say " Evil fairies" abduct something like a provinces worth of human lives, and thrust them into violent conflicts at their own twisted perverse pleasure, except for the hero Ti Lung, who is for the most part a non compliant drunk oblivious to the world around him....seems to be a parable on the notion that the human world is run on the agenda of divine/demonic beings...except in this movie there is no divinity guiding human thought. Just human thought ensnared by evil wilderness/rock/stone imp/little person beings brought forth into the world by human lust for supremacy of all that lives through the creation of the Deer cutting sword. Anthropologically speaking...
  8. I shall clarify the profoundness of this absurdity...Honestly I felt the whole chickens and shit remark sounded like...what it sounded like...hence the faceplant remark, which i might add is somewhat synchronicity on the universes part since i just discovered that beverage after posting something to the effect of face planting off the mountain from time to time. That being said back to the initial thesis..."how stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can become...if only you were as smart as you are stupid." consider it a mantra of hope for humanity! By all means DaoBums if you felt so inclined, this could be a t shirt! As far as duality is concerned...its a bit too concrete in application of life to adhere to such...hmm labeling of thought eh? It really is more of concrete statement, I kid you not...and it sounds just like what it sounds like...If it tears your mind apart in rage and confusion...geez were you really as smart as you think you are? I think the real litmus test for Intellect in regards to the audacity of this notion is either it made one smile and laugh at themselves or made one deeply grasp inwards and reach for the truth in frustration.
  9. So what your saying is... A stiff bowel full of Chicken rice soup...without the faceplant!? thats a shame...damn good beverage...it had better be good for the soul...
  10. Likewise man...solidly put.
  11. That being said this makes a great deal of sense...
  12. That's exactly what i'm saying is...How stupid you are is a reflection of how smart you can be...if only you were as smart as you are stupid... take into account this coming from someone who face plants off the mountain from time to time moaning and groaning in pain thinking about wtf just happened!?...yeah There's hope.
  13. Enlightened movies

    Golden swallow Cheng Pei Pei 1966 another shaw brothers This is another example of what im kind of implying.... this movie isnt so much about kung fu as it about a man exposed to EXTREME violence in his youth...He's acting out the form of violent abuse he was exposed to as a youth(his parents getting massacred) to anything he preceives as a "secret society"... EDIT* He is almost a witiko by my peoples definition...A Witiko isn't so much a monster. He/She is a combat sorcerer who makes a point of eating his enemies and using human flesh with a heavy emphasis on fighting....kind of the way old school chinese medicine uses the tiger, Witikos use human bone wine, and take human brains to create "love medicine" and various types of corpse powder. JImmy Wang doesn't eat anybody on this one, so he's diet cola evil in terms of Lo Wei(old Monster) but like the old monster in Raw Courage, he is certainly a combat sorcerer, and like the old monster he basically lives in a whorehouse, they share the lifestyle of "kill and party". Essentially people who play with human lives or human flesh for spiritual gain have a dramatic change in complexion.
  14. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    to answer your question yes...i think they are somewhat dangerous as they are sipping on your sleep, if that makes sense...
  15. Climate Change

    THIS ENTIRE CONVERSATION IS SCARY AF..... what if communist weather magicians are bumping heads(russia vs china, and we're all caught in the middle of this...