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  1. Enlightened movies

    Golden swallow Cheng Pei Pei 1966 another shaw brothers This is another example of what im kind of implying.... this movie isnt so much about kung fu as it about a man exposed to EXTREME violence in his youth...He's acting out the form of violent abuse he was exposed to as a youth(his parents getting massacred) to anything he preceives as a "secret society"... EDIT* He is almost a witiko by my peoples definition...A Witiko isn't so much a monster. He/She is a combat sorcerer who makes a point of eating his enemies and using human flesh with a heavy emphasis on fighting....kind of the way old school chinese medicine uses the tiger, Witikos use human bone wine, and take human brains to create "love medicine" and various types of corpse powder. JImmy Wang doesn't eat anybody on this one, so he's diet cola evil in terms of Lo Wei(old Monster) but like the old monster in Raw Courage, he is certainly a combat sorcerer, and like the old monster he basically lives in a whorehouse, they share the lifestyle of "kill and party". Essentially people who play with human lives or human flesh for spiritual gain have a dramatic change in complexion.
  2. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    to answer your question yes...i think they are somewhat dangerous as they are sipping on your sleep, if that makes sense...
  3. Similarities among religions

    This is similar thinking i'd say... 400 × 20 400 × 201
  4. Given the OK I have decided to reel in this topic seriousness form level 100 HOLY SHIT! hopefully back down to level 10 mundane occurrence... I"m sure you guys all saw my spazzed out post on wanting to get rid of some dvds a ways back, all I'll go into there on that is that i had spell of extreme zealousness..scared the shit out outta my self really, and just kinda flushed about...300$ or of bagua related materials...come Christmas time I found out this guys wrapped up about 40 different dvds assuming That bought myself a Chirstmas gift. I freaked out somewhat given I just got rid of bunch vol 1&2 related teachings and so forth only to recieve the corresponding vol 3 and a ton of other related dvds. Couldnt figure out who the hell sent them to me, to this day i still only HIGHLY suspect it was the guy who i sold all my stuff to initially...cant confirm that cause the package that they came was thrown in the fire, and the contents wrapped and put under the tree(the grand assumption of my wife was that..."This greedy motherF*@$# bought himself a christmas gift!) so...she just wrapped it, anyhow given my temporal zealotry. I was just kind worried about whether its was some kind of cosmic test!... shall we say this went on for a weekk an then my woman was like "So..let me get this straight, you've basically listened to some guys theories who told you to add how many years you've been alive to the year you were born, and your acting like its all confirmation of something beyond the obvious!?" * NOTE: THAT IS NOT WHAT I READ OR LOOKED INTO( but generally when you think you found some thing so profound it seems enlightinening. like if you think you found a dinosaur only to realize you only found a salamander) so really its just been alot of laughter at my expense, and on going joke on the matter of WHO THE HELL SENT ME THESE DAMN DVDS!? that evolved into, " Oh shit what if someguy has been internet stalking you knowing your into kung fu and is just waaiting like five six years down the road to challenge and kick your ass to you and see if you studied his stuff diligently... Then she was like.. "Oh shit what if its just an AI bot trying get you to corresponding to it so it can steal your identity...and abut three weeks ago it snowballed into... "Holy shit! what if its an expiermental sex robot with a human like fluid temperature insulation, and a electro-biomechanical circulation system embedded with perverse and occultic related thinking patterns that wants to test itself and your kungfu skills five years down the road...but if you lose it will rape you to death!" Long story short after putting in WAY WAY to much research into the subject my woman started having incubus dreams of a shadowy figure having its way with her... all I can say is cruel and hilarious irony. I'm just like what can be said? "You been deeply studying as tho whether or not i'm going to have a satanic sex doll come to our house and fuck me to death!" I elaborated this to a certain extent on Bruce QI's SHADOW PEOPLE thread... given the terror and hilarity of this I just thought I heads you more learned folks up such matters, as talking bout it has made it much less spooky... hope you all have a solid one
  5. shadow people- do they have to be negative ?

    Would you guys scoff at the notion of self created thought forms...someone i know recently thought they where being attacked by an incubus in their sleep, but prior to that they were studying as to whether or not they have already developed or developing Artificial Intelligence programs with meglo-manical and satanic thinking patterns, basically sex dolls that could ritualistically kill you, they were on that crazy ass shit for hours, they go to bed next thing you know...literally a shadow being tapping that ass...I saw that story of that guy who fought off a mountain lion, and about four or five days ago I had all these dreams of a golden lion that would turn into a guy wearing a lion skin with blue eyes...perhaps there is truth in the idea that our minds become vulnerable to what we take in while we wind down to rest...freaky would be putting it mildly.
  6. excellent feedback, i think i've got enough to implement a decent plan here...if the bizarre nature of things don't let up on my end I'm pretty sure I'm just going to let sleeping dogs lie...but if things fizzle back down to what you might call "casual occurrence " I might not be so reluctant to posting a conclusive update, propers and respect at any rate to all you decent folks...
  7. Thank you guys for your input! ANY and ALL sides are welcome on this this one...despite my jolly nature, i'm usually in a pretty dark place in concerns to this topic...I'm getting ready to be busy for the next day and a half or so if i'm shy of reply, I'm just keeping alive I suppose...I leave it to any bums with a perspective on this one, propers and respect good folks...
  8. I'm really at loss for words other than the issue being " its energy that is not allowing you to do/be you"...by that rational I can't help but address the "problem " as nothing more than a spiritual one...or is that caveman, meat headed, throw back, uneducated mansplaining?
  9. Freedom or Bulls***

    BWAHAHAHA! I can work with that...yesterday considering the great coldness, was an exercise of the option "freedom is bullshit" cause the other option would have been hit someone up for wood and have them run the great wood scam( which is sawing up a load of frozen water logged dead n downs that are mostly rotten...they try to bring them up when the sun goes down so you don't notice) at any way you slice it.. the only choice was to freeze ass...hehe but yeah man middle grounded that sucker. a classic karma situation...cause the only other option would have been bullshit without freedom
  10. Freedom or Bulls***

    ...The funny thing is..its about -15 temperature outside where i'm from and I have about fiffteen trees to process up in to firewood so i don't have to pay 250$ for a load of wood, truly freedom vs bullshit!...heavens yes Rideforever! i'm out to the wilderness gentlemen...
  11. The Small Creatures

    Oh yeah! what ever leisure time is, it certainly must be refined within the scope of human SURVIVAL... Absolutely true as well...the middle ground is "balance" from what can be understood to much leisure time, we devolve to a sloth... Too much striving for the opposite side of the spectrum..we become an circus ape, just not a primitive one
  12. Enlightened movies

    Raw Courage directed by Lo Wei, Staring Cheng Pei Pei...Shaw Brothers What has really been grinding my gears for years is the depiction of the Witiko(Cannibal Sorcerer of Cree Mythology, Not a Wendigo, that is a totally different spirit creature that also comes out of Cree Mythology people confusion them endlessly, you bums are getting it correctly now) The main badass on the Qing's team is called "Old Monster" in the film...strangely enough, he fits the physical and behavioral patterns of a Witiko which is a person who is a cannibalistic black magician, they live lives of excess and after eating so much human flesh their skin turns blue and black, i believe science has already proven that humans get sicker than dogs on a constant diet of human meat. It just begs the question "whats a native american monster doing in a chinese hollywood movie?" The most spot on depiction of exactly what a witiko is supposed to look like...now that i think about it this one really touches home what with the whole "military trained sorcerer is killed by wino" during the final battle scene. 1
  13. Damn my ignorance! Fu dogs...just checked out the plant animal mineral book from Jerry Alan Johnson yous lot probably already way ahead of me on that one too...YFS can you do a consultation via picture or video?(like of my surrounding area) pm your price if that is actually a thing... i've been considering building few things...
  14. Propers and respect 2ndchance! yup as far as that goes we WERE are already there...the problem is that about 1 out of 2 humans are born sorcerers, I'm not just pulling this out of my ass. That has always been a HUGE thing about twins in every tribe as far I know, down southwest in ancient times if twins were born, one of them would get left in the desert, my tribe the Cree believe that twins are born magicians, and warriors...as you can see the attitude varies from tribe...however i like the Shuar(headhunter) tribe take on the situation, in that regardless of being born a twin , 1 out of 2 people are BORN Sorcerers and that generally this "World/dimension/universe" we in habit, is a time out zone for having shit in the heavenly pie in a higher up plane of being. pretty much across north and south america tribal cats think that is that scenario. Generally speaking we believe in higher and lower realms of existence , and how much of an A**hole you are is what determines which level your going to go up or down to...falls right into the scope of karma and virtue if you ask me.
  15. This just my greenhorn, Chris Farely stumbling down the mountain way of understanding...but does that mean static posture is the missing link as far as power development and cultivation of self is concerned?