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  1. Enlightened movies

    Malaikat Banyangan this one is wild I had an uncle who used to holler at Al Coangelo(yes that dude)…it just had me wondering 🤔 is this supposed to be a Willy Wetzel Wee Kim Bun diss?
  2. Transgender Q&A

    Exactly 😜 this kind way of going about things is rooted in my peoples prehistoric warrior ways. it is deliverance through cultivation of Shakti, sacrificing thunder for lightning…to light that ass up. 🪬🍑⚡️❤️‍🔥 I mean her majesty Kuan Yin is both and neither too I believe 🤔
  3. Enlightened movies

    Forget about one armed boxer! This badboy is the one(at least one that adheres to the system I work with) That lays it down much coherently to the effect of iconographically depicting how each chakra is conquered and balanced in over coming the monkey mind!
  4. Thanks for the clarifications…but I still question if grandpa didn’t kill some kid named Seth. It’s obvious that it wasn’t Issac or Ishmael… also kinda shitty that Ishmael and his mom had to be exiled for Abraham’s decision to take her on as a concubine…any elaboration on this business as to how it’s not shameful to have a concubine least you knock them up? Had Abraham refrained from doing so where would the world be🤔 I wonder
  5. How is any of it legitimate by reasoning of a mind that didn’t/doesn’t believe, not Ismael nor Issac…got butchered on that hill🧐…isn’t that one of the major differences between the warring Abrahamic sects?
  6. Hermaphrodite Privilege in the Bible

    Apologies if it sounded the ravings of a madman…🙏🏼🤔
  7. Hermaphrodite Privilege in the Bible

    I think what’s kind of established in those of gnostic writings is that angels and demons are only less than or equal to humans in term’s if magnitude of existence too as is evident in humanity being shaped like that of holy divinity🙏🏼! the pregnancy effigies ain’t lying… not saying beauty equals omnipresent holiness…but we are the only kind of animal that can embody the divine feminine or masculine at our own choosing and have still be valid in the eyes of the holy🙏🏼
  8. Hermaphrodite Privilege in the Bible

    You mean deliverance through the cultivation of Sakti? Sacrificing thunder for lightning….to light that ass up!😆 ⚡️🖐🏼🪬🔥🍑❤️‍🔥 😵 yes that’s what I believe the early gnostics were into…as far as scholarly evidence goes my general belief is that most Abrahamic doctrine is a mashup of the gnostics scriptures that the late Roman Empire/Sassanid Empire wanted done away with…. The Prophet Mani had a Holy flame light twin did he not?🤔
  9. Unpopular Opinions

    Unpopular opinion: An oil pipeline…. A great way to smuggle Heroin. Nobody’s ever gonna shut it down to investigate. 😉
  10. Contradictory Behaviour of Modern People

    Highly spiritual! just low level by way of content😉 Contrarians tend to develop a lot of low level spiritual/physical achievements. That are supernatural in scope… that’s like super human strength type feats or abilities to call spirits for gambling purposes and such least by my folks perspective.